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John Ryder & Jess Camerato: Celtics hyped at the Garden tonight

Jan 30, 2013|

John Ryder & Jess Camerato: Celtics hyped at the Garden tonight

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Halftime at the gore in the celtics' hammering the kings right now 59 to 38 John Ryder -- you are now joined with. Joined by CSN any -- comes just camera around -- suggests sands Rondo terrific first after the Celtics on offense but. How much do you look into it kings last in the league in points allowed. Well within the Celtics are coming out absolutely tight tonight the understand -- could be a very long road ahead -- on Rondo. These guys especially in the back where are running on all cylinders. To fill the role as best they can't without their floor leaders that right now I have a team that's very very hyped up. Looking at the road ahead and of course like you magic going against the Sacramento Kings team. It's not like they're out here beating the Miami Heat again but they are still playing together without. No question about it and you caught up with the -- -- doing today and you have a report up on CSN anything dot com -- will not be joining the Celtics you could discuss that also. Will we really think they turn if they threw anywhere in any direction report for. Look he -- not coming back as of Sunday. You know it was a lot of emotions going on their feet Rondo goes down -- Him having conversations with Scott for everything maybe I can come back he started increasing exercise yesterday that you can expect the guy that had been. Away from the game for a few months is to come right back in to gain seats that he will not be coming back. This season. And if -- do you -- is fine art you know what they don't necessarily have to do they can go point guard by committee right now. It all depends and they have out there they have players where he couple of filling the role in you don't necessarily have to go start making moves just for the sake of it because there's injury. And it in the first half we sir a lot of different guys handling the ball the expect better on most occasions -- depend on the match. It really depends on the match at the defense out there expense without trouble I -- that it will be point -- like to -- you have guys. Leandro Barbosa Avery Bradley -- Heatley Jason Terry -- players. Who are capable of handling the ball and they grow up here in the airplane the point forward with that over the years. And it will be M amid a mashup -- different places you write great -- just appreciated. Thank you so much.

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