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Wednesday, January 30th Whiner Line

Jan 30, 2013|

And the Lord told Ray Lewis to inject two of every animal antler, and he did, and it was good.

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Music music views expressed and expressed the white -- these cars like AT&T. Proceed with caution. -- discretion advised. Really Morris. And now goes warning airlines. My name is not running my name's Diane and now did you have any involvement. And creating a scam. And I. Think -- People don't realize is. That's the same to -- and everybody else found out about this situation I found out WEEI. War in your line and. But the thing I am most sad about it it is. Sorry. That's the single most trusting human being I've ever met. We'll never be able to trust in the same way again in his life that's an incredible tragedy dial 6177793535. Y two -- Real girlfriend he can actually. Spend real time -- in person yes well. This is the main person. There's so many similarities. I found a lot of you know peace. A lot of comfort in it for him to talk to somebody and they knew my standards they knew my college -- they knew what is expected of me and I know what's expected of. Her whiner line Burton. And his Sullinger and now we'll hear from -- and I -- person on the planet or businesses that his story. Ever Clinton's WEEI. Lawyer life. That dude dude that don't comply and I I thought well. Bob I don't know I don't know oppose it do. He's admitted doing I don't -- Sent a lot of things he's admitted that he was the voice yeah she's doing because he had a scheme going for three years that you believe country. So he was lying to Iowa is where I really do. That -- is so stupid that he could affect different people. The voice the woman you know the difference felt I was lying for three years. And now -- suddenly got to tell the truth about everything. It's -- I still think he has so here's a few weeks ago you you lost your keys and Macs obviously took them yeah I didn't even though even though Max doesn't have our day to UK's android. And that last that a publicity Q had you you lost yourself what what happened there. Smartphone. Activity and turn it recycle my phone about two years so what did you closures. In this building whereas. The Smartphone I don't know it's a Smart losses here is that he's saying ago loss which. Is that. That's what you did last. Week that -- -- guy -- guys clean halls on iphones and reminds adroit. It is our right to withdraw yet really. Point out so I but he -- just like that. I like him on his robot. But it in this building you know it's still it's because. You can't go find its iPhone I can actually go out that. Shall be hammered them. Thing I don't know Mike Johnson. Like Joker and the Max is -- -- This day. Today. -- program eligible for new phone till December and -- -- In default there's some of these recycle -- stupid Smart and maybe should show him people's role. It. You went on about AT&T. Oh that's an interesting track of all of England journal. I'm the only guy so I you have -- legal settlement that you'll fall yet feel poignant W I -- It's. W I I live it's available on your iPhone which Mikey doesn't. Android. Level. Or Blackberry device -- brought to you by AT&T AT&T -- LTE was up. In times past. Three jurors will be about ten times slower -- three -- -- asked -- -- -- many questions yet to see everything and eighteen saves rethink possible -- and it's still. Hack at it and you know why. And not have new model that an employee in the. And -- it's one of the mentally detailed. I -- -- his own stuff yeah and come and it was a red balloons. To imagine super friend that is that's appropriate eleven year old human right here. I won't watch Brokeback Mountain. Would probably. Bet I bet -- I have ever heard on the wire line I don't -- believe brother did. You know. I thought oh boy it was paid. All -- God and that. Why aren't you that pad apple black. And just let it skip moved out. Pet food that little boy -- -- gamble boom -- putts. I can't gallery and -- the -- that showed up budget a couple of ordered that a 180 degree of purple today two of the greatest -- for the our bread and typical Harry Callahan. And then we didn't hear the entity entity to a -- heard us yesterday was -- his typical so I'll I'll object. -- -- I always like that it was -- that we've that had its creation. Of that notorious. Case. Kind of the -- that he didn't do it and it was good that. And that -- Yeah he's he's just out there -- McCain's way out here. 15 AM John Bennett I thought ahead of the -- -- open up to abort them. Because -- -- about it. What you can see the head of the sausage sticking out of the force get a lot of the -- right right right -- -- -- -- not a whole lot and so the single -- -- the same -- Johnson. -- You can see the head of the sausage to the worst of the right right right yeah right hand -- is not about the sausage on the it's. This part is -- cash equivalents. Comment about not -- Well how. Well the one and ended only. I didn't believe that a guy who would not doubt on the ice and -- Can't. Maybe the mind that one time credit the scarlet that. Hey advice I hope and it comes out and it -- -- that -- that they. And message. But criticism like that he's best known as quietly added that's the red joke -- and -- Present maturities it used to be in it but put that on the -- -- note came out of breath smelled absolutely did. So who's who's more mature a month ago the eleven year old kid Texans fan or friend -- calling. -- But always the guys grow up and -- little -- -- vote when you have a North Shore up on Friday at midnight and hundreds of people. -- work and they've all. Been aggressive. It's it was probably would be. We use that big know what they had a lot of them I hope that the. And that meant to replace the old you get brigade I don't doesn't like Fatah -- now it was 500 dollars lost he went -- the crowds of well. So when you're marksman is -- gang celebrate -- -- -- When you -- working and -- oils. Little oils and a little girl's girl com or call it moral error and so when you're working there what was your name and I -- Diego and affect every. -- -- -- Gallup -- go to -- that's -- big east and all. -- -- -- -- just this very large -- where at best they can't learn. And it's bloody and wife who has come forward that. Have never heard of great -- ever heard of Amanda know about what happened to his aunt learn. And -- It that I did an interview today that it has an -- you're ever wake up to cover up on the blog but that's not. Then ran away from it if you are an Atlanta highway speed -- -- the question of what before disappearing into the -- just -- -- -- are possible. Well I don't want of people I doubt contributed. I got up -- -- And I met and it's. It's good. And the had -- the only time. -- okay. No I felt like that beard it create. Just not -- me. God I can't -- it okay. Here. -- It's. And I can argue it's Saturday Night Live this -- -- -- -- -- and stuff under the tunnel under the -- you know you don't put them under the toward Moscow oral right under the private parts under the deal. And I call. It right. He has no one cared about it would have PD. But let's get even more -- there that perhaps impossible. And Vince Wilfork. Caught you know and performance enhancing. Rocky mountain and we don't tactical. But yeah it would give -- point 47 coverage until they've replaced the gun control -- with patriots really go Matt -- And they pick up I was back dead at the -- like we gave it back. And a Marshall -- would be all over all all always that now it was that lady isn't going art he has -- -- god he can't you know let's go guys -- guys who lose Super -- they don't get -- Rodney Harrison you know we had it yesterday and said. He's still talking about 2007 and what went more what went wrong -- that final drive was talking about yesterday to the -- sixers. Everybody -- -- the six years ago but it's. So for now. Kind of -- you -- Obama Marshall fought to Marshall -- and it tells you all that's right -- thought that that was -- strike thing he typically -- that is really did it in a TV studio be great but it's a radio show Marshall -- and Carl -- Chris Carlin progress that's necessary whenever I -- stars -- Edward -- I don't know -- dart about and they picked up the rocks and somebody's driveway. That's what is pointless picked up -- runs. I won't applaud me. Tower on the radio and back the old fairy had been knowledgeable. Then you watch them on a quick quiet show expect that. Although green ball. Would not put back. And that meant to -- personality you know little civil he's got over the used car salesman on the TV show. Just like the Jim Cramer thank you so cars want to apologize and did he would you think he did good cars don't know -- turn out too much hand just speculation maybe one of those guys -- -- I don't -- -- in his -- to your parents we have crazy -- the -- you -- -- trying to tell -- right. Let me go talk to my manager policy but I couldn't come up -- Oregon State right -- look at what gets you out of it gets your body here in an article tells -- -- when you went into the -- to the general user reported to really talk replace got -- and we know what the numbers were. It would work they go with Ahmad did go in the background. We're very pats defense can't cover anybody. Mayo missed the tackle. Got blown out. The dollar but would much. And that message I had to come back into the -- for the contrast we can compare. LLC all different types of butterflies. Chat. -- -- -- You know all due respect to -- -- -- didn't know Eric created back up to go -- -- hike -- Hey somebody had to walk. And listen -- to you you got to. Leaving hygiene of -- we gotta gotta be resourceful to focus. Sausage eating -- it a loss. -- -- is nothing better that a woman could floss once. Yeah that's the cash -- -- -- -- -- -- go to the net -- preferred date he needed because of this program it is. Should embrace of a great point blank Jacobs sausage was for. It if you charge for that sausage that would destroy it down on the ice free -- Jacobs and what do John devastating in its rhetoric. Then handing what is it about the response -- the secret court. You can head of the high you know for last call yeah. I'd do it the -- -- about got a -- -- because I happen that pin. But I doubt about the protesters of the more. But because -- that it didn't -- that came out and. We'll ask and I have got that -- that it could -- I don't then. I could get north. It didn't make not fat but that what I said well I don't. And I still have two days here I -- going to weigh together that guy's -- slowed -- them. -- Emphasis efficient -- what he's trying to go back and forth but it two -- I attitude ignoring ways to serve all match it got picked off. I I should 49ers -- -- better team yet but I don't think the better team always wins and he had to run seven hit two great he'll definitely. I don't know -- to stop -- from change your mind on Twitter so he's not he's not anymore not after. About 615 extra daylight why why you so mixed up a body could harm her to a greater volumes could not give a rat's ass who would it be enough. So Bieber Brady has -- -- around Apple's head with itself -- Maybe within this area -- -- felt we could happen in football. And just met his job he had castle Clinton. Hey Moe Howard and I'd do. But didn't think I got it okay sparkle. Job -- Impose their most are great guys you know -- and I do not is a terrific -- he's fit to balls were used most chief of staff couldn't it couldn't nice guy. What about Barney Frank and John Kerry. Tried everything I -- -- because he did bill I. And -- tension. That's what you did the last -- how I've -- A text and I'd. Right and they're sure whiner line it was -- hard by -- it's okay. I of the out of it now -- -- the AT&T is actually -- delta name be a professional athletes please dubbed him ten times watch yourself. -- ten times faster than three G-8 -- into a rethink possible.

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