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The Manti Te'O story lives on... now featuring Dr. Phil

Jan 30, 2013|

It just gets stranger, and stranger... but Dr Phil is sure to get to the bottom of it all!

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Here we have a young man on. That failed deeply romantically of love is that as you say that -- solo career I ask you straight up. Was this a romantic relationship with view. And he says yes. That's. Are you via of their forger. And he's well. When you put it that way. Yes. And then he caught himself and said I am confused. -- -- and I'm not confused about. Any of this right now we talked a lot about the so last couple weeks about a way. Tuiasosopo. Claims that he was the voice and if you listen to his voice -- outpouring if you listen -- his voice. There isn't any time you're. An anti and they have broken but it. Something we'll bring them back together whether it was something going on his platform in the maze like in this case in my life. I'd -- decent same. -- here in our New York in an email and Aaron is he's ebitda. Aren't he said something would bring them back together yeah. What you know hook up they're back together. With your fiction. Stories not done this more to that guy she did he she goes straight. Hollywood. Hollywood after everything had gone through. I finally realized that. I just had to move all of my life and how to get here it's my real need for an act to start. Just living in and and let this go and it didn't let this go. Why does he says this is incredible and I think it tomorrow or Friday by the way two part series with Dr. Phil at all Sears is he's got confused he's got confused. -- you -- -- if you -- relationship. With a man easily in the oral not up not only the door open to you what a relationship with a man your man. And you feel like you're deeply in love with him afford and you get and that's fine so. Well we're we're confusion. What you asked this of fusion you do -- the hole and hey you know I'm really -- even if somebody else would know it's what you have certain you have feelings were -- so well. Now the question is. How much did -- much that meant I -- -- And I am not that to me is still it would just go out -- that to me is the fascinating part of the players here and have. I maintain here I maintain the same opinion of on this -- from the get go and that is that I think this was a hoax. At the beginning that he was taken in by all of this but I'm story. You don't stay with this for three years bush you're -- it or you via of their forger. And he's well. When you put it that way. Yeah us. And then he caught himself instead. You -- few news. You don't you don't stay within the Fuhrman tell -- you do not stay with this for three years we already know he had numerous opportunities. To meet up with this girl he had numerous opportunities. To meet up. All all of facetime. You know this guy to do other things that broke down -- the last second and he was OK -- for. Three years they were in the same city could showed up at her hotel she did have a partnership that's okay we'll do -- Sinatra actually stopped -- think -- plus drop. But it usually dominant as well there's no on the that was a girls what can I can't argue this legislative. Yes we did important there was -- I think god I am an answer either Mary right now did you hook line and stake out it was a team I think he's married got into early. Very out there and they are still about the war on broads over there I'm still not sure but there was a very. Yeah that's part of -- are saying that. There's a very funny bit about doing radio. About how you can't tell the difference between the public does something I'll be proven right with our final tomorrow they're creative we already know the answer we already know the interview was already been done. But he's he's already admitted that he was with -- was but but don't -- -- suspicious. Detail lets this go with all of the opportunities he had. To connect with this person. And three Escobar Michael. Lamar had a number of life sciences. That. Damaged this young man. The and some very serious worries. And by the way they don't she's. -- didn't get together with two assaults -- are mad that they they were together one time. We're going to go while -- -- -- there was ma but like they were a group setting and her kindergarten. It's a good beginning that was a male I've got to -- Kidman. You guys buy into. -- decline in the restaurant. When you when you hear Houston voters I don't know when you hear his voice recorder you Celtic woman until I heard his voice on that interview today the -- -- everything had gone to. Finally realized that you relax is just don't want market how to get. You know my -- -- he gave voice -- -- and alienating and and met this -- One octave. One -- -- -- -- I don't I don't. I really don't know what do we do not ashamed to say I don't know. -- Norway's got the answers your your definitive there's no question. I don't like I deserved a shot and it here and I you know currently at that looks like I was right in the day maybe but what about -- -- -- this guy also. Engineered this fraudulent. Not only a fraudulent woman. But friends. Cousins. He was able he was the brains behind this for three years so. That is an MR mind easy. Audience. He's a screenwriter. So the screenwriter sometimes a screenwriter does things that are convenient for the stories so maybe -- convenient for him to say. That he was the voice I'm not sure. What is fact what's fiction. Maybe the screenwriter says it's true I don't know I. In the end this will not be as sophisticated. As as is being presented. And you will will will all be sitting here saying how was that that -- -- three years went by we already know by the way that he knew about it. For a month and didn't reveal anything and was actually out. Dealing with marketing firms try to get commercial endorsements. And it was all going to play awful of him and he G. We know he was doing I'm telling you he's still a big part of this doubt it was theater from the get -- doesn't make sense that he was in. At the get go and what he's gay. And the other guy's gay and they had a relationship and it. That the relationship goes deeper than just these phone calls were invited to find out what war another layer to this story tomorrow starting neverland aren't certain. -- --

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