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Ray Lewis blames the devil for the PED rumors... no, seriously

Jan 30, 2013|

'Nuff said. Ray Lewis' need to assign religion to every topic continues, as the Brother Ray Revival Tour in New Orleans carries on.

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That's it's huge -- you know. Don't let people from the outside their performance it's there with and stuff. You know and and that's the -- of the -- -- -- of this government the Q was doing destroyed that's what becomes too. It comes to distract you put everything you're trying to do. Journalism little -- paths with the devil is there. Contract contracting -- spray it that's what which. Get -- pot and it's staying out. We're getting a much interest in text in the -- to excellent AT&T four GLT because it is an interest in argument as to why baseball. Is treated one way while we spend so much time. Chastising major league baseball players. Certainly we talked about it a few weeks ago we have the hall of fame vote and nobody got. And yet football you can do all the stuff you get caught they can of the video in this case they've got all of the evidence against Ray Lewis. On the week of the Super Bowl game in which is a participant. And and if he wins this game on Sunday and let's say he's the MVP. Nobody be talking about the sums up our right. But -- bringing up the point. Civic and finest next as the machine is is what went through I -- it is football players play sixteen games. And it is extremely violent Tellme already baseball players can speak or walk after the career is over don't be silly. Well if the football players for all of these years. Weren't doing all of this stuff and we're building their bodies to well beyond. What the normal body should should play with a game is violent. Would they be hurting each others badly with a concussions these bad if the guys were to -- instead of 340. And built you know. Mica like a brick you know -- It's changed the game it's big game or -- that. There's no question about it -- these guys are well beyond. What what a normal. Body should yet it's always surprising to me when I hear people say that. Steroids can't. Can't make you hit a baseball. Well technically that's true if you're not a baseball player if -- just take I take somebody from the sales department here. And I say here take some steroids. I go to Fenway Park. Personally go through the open bar like between five minutes fifteen. But there's no way they can not create steroids does not create a baseball player but you have somebody has the ability to play baseball. In you given steroids they become better. It's a fact that's what it did it that's what we have the steroid era. It doesn't create players. Out of nothing. But it takes somebody who has some ability. It either takes a triple -- player and put him in the big leagues it looks at that -- a bench player between that guy in makes him the seventh guy. And it takes the seventh guy makes him an MVP always -- what happened 640 home run hitter and he hit sixty you're seventy. It takes a guy who's a marginal player at best like Melky Cabrera. And make some you know bonafide star. Usually they're eight and also just just for perspective always liked his point about Barry Bonds in and -- the defense Barry Bonds that he was a hall of famers on -- -- and -- just theories true confront. What he did steroids. He became. One of the greatest his greatest hitters. In the history of baseball if not the greatest -- One year. Barry Bonds. Just -- season. Walked 232 times. He hit 362. -- an on base percentage of six -- nine. And they slugging percentage of 812. So he hit for power in the home runs and the fear that the opposing pitcher had. All of him clearing the bases forced them to warmer Kim an awful lot -- -- which was. Still benefit to a -- Barry Bonds was great. Before steroids with steroids became otherworldly. I agree here's JJ you know what structure for AJ AJ. You don't -- Remarks. You just are all what I wouldn't talk about I have a lot of friend and knowledge in the Dominican Republic. And what happened is you get 1415 year -- Who was trying to get signs and take Stanley out of poverty and it's just a little bit I don't you don't try to get over that all. So -- -- -- okay look we're gonna look at these substances. You're gonna give it initial issue in Munich at one point five million dollars. Okay and and it's. They don't know what -- that it ought to you know I'm telling you because I know what goes on down. OK so. These players that make it's the big leagues and report back to where they start. To cool again and say well if I want a big contract I would stay in the big leagues for a long time I got to do this again. Because I don't wanna go back to life that I had all. So. That's -- you see Melky. You know recruit an old guy who you know -- your ears and almost certainly come back and actually it's good that still -- opted not educated they don't know what's going on. You know they signal that it's illegal. -- but they but they know that it's the difference of them. Living a life of may be hanging around Dominican Republic for the rest of -- life -- may be having -- industrial job. As opposed to being in the major leagues of making a fortune. And that's why they note that there's motivation for them to do I can't blame. Do you -- yourself in that position. Some young kid in the Dominican Republic and he sees all of these are the kids doing he sees them getting to the big -- to -- you've got right now is you get caught. And the testing is much more difficult and it's all in baseball. Because now we're conditioned to the point of its a no no baseball got a greatest players in the game aren't getting into all the flames right now because they did it. And now the whole culture is changed here. Yeah but I I don't think it's a question of education. And -- that it's -- it's it's -- did you motivate. -- -- Obama and you know that's what's been -- because everybody got a code and they're they're doing in secret to -- behind closed doors of course.

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