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Jan 30, 2013|

We talk to Jack for an extended look at how the Bruins have started the season... namely as one of the hottest teams in the NHL.

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Our sentiments he meant he would defenseman -- this guy's got a tanker trucks. After our weekly get together without buddy Jack Edwards -- -- a TV voice. The Boston Bruins mr. Edwards how are you today. Well I'm just don't find -- are -- I download sounds yeah jockey OK and try to. It just trying to maintain here you know we got four games in six days and at a record at all Rwanda and so in order. Just try to maintain that the great energy here. So so what happy Tyre group is that your sausage that you lost that ended up there guys. -- It implies that that probably -- and a -- -- I don't we just misunderstanding yesterday you can't tell you you have tremendous support out America's. We -- Michael I would kind of joking at the beginning talking about you that we are talking about US so much pent up conversation. That you called like nonstop in the Carolina game and it was where workers averaged about how much it would -- We're not we're not we thought I was I was a little -- we've got to have a process of race itself good odds are. I'd go I -- hagel probably that's that's life NN. For some reason this -- given the one where you know your friends and state they love you and they they thought we were beaten up poignant personal. Though that's all I understand that you were talking a lot and you're all you out. A couple of the -- it was phenomenal I mean it was absolutely phenomenal because. Carolina tried to play it he gave me remember how the Canadian Stephen Saunders artwork and improved such that by setting their little wingers into recorders and you know really giving it promotes a lot of trouble and Carolina has tried and take a page out of that book. They swept the -- last year they try to come out of with the same kind of thing in their first meeting this year and in the broad ripple throughout the playoff -- tempo game. And then -- the very next night in what really about it Q like a power lifting contest totally deserted. Yeah yeah are completely different couple and to be able to win. Back to back gains in completely different styles. Tells you something about the depth and breadth and quality of this -- analyst in the there. It -- to win in different ways on consecutive nights in different cities in a compressed schedule that's really old son from coach. So Glenn was really critical view -- what is going on and on. Do you feel like. It's like bullets on his -- it in my first job in Boston back like in 1981. So you know it if you wanna find fault folks you know and I know. They say well -- -- light jet -- should be happy with me today. And if you don't well Australia but you know we were -- at worst at earlier Jack the team didn't have a training camp and no matter. What they call it a weeklong training camp is no training camp in my opinion. How how about you just take as a inside broadcasting for a second the fact that you didn't have. Not your normal time you were normal scheduled to prepare for the season. Has that affected you at all and an Audi dealer. The first period of the opening game against the Rangers I felt so hopelessly behind the play that. It was uncomfortable -- by. I gotta tell you. The same way that Joseph Torre. Stop that yes at the manager's office door prize to Cilic does that works -- not and he just -- -- -- will be broadcast the game and you know no matter what might have been hit the sand in the trucker. All the other complications of television production just kept it. Simple and in pure forest and it rarely get on track. -- do it had to do so far with the islanders game because it was -- stop and start and I didn't feel I had my rhythm by. The Carolina game kind of you know it's sort came together so it's. Yeah you know there's a period of adjustment there but. There was it was like so real hyped up or -- -- let it pretty high quality. Are -- a million good things to talk about through these first six game certainly the system that they played the defense of system. Has done them right three of the four lines seemed to be clicking right now. Important as playing like we remember room Lucic surprisingly. Has been tremendous and we thought maybe he would be overweight. The power play does it concern you this I mean we talked about this year after year after year. Does it concern you that it eventually. It's gonna catch up with the object. Yeah where you know you've gotta you gotta Pletcher all the Wear and they take penalties and and give you the chance either fully convertible that'll lead. And beyond that there's this symbolic importance to it also. What's link back to well you know -- I ordered last year the -- -- -- savers in the Boston. And a mile -- teach. Knocked over. -- Ryan Miller and -- the sabres were never the same now the sabres had a power play because of that Lucic got basically saw. Miller vulnerable and got -- two minutes works well yeah I got -- that because he effectively. Knocked the sabres so far off the rails that they never got there. The train back on the track and missed the playoffs. If the sabres had scored. On that power play and repeatedly that scored on power plays to punish the -- and robust style. Then. The -- and got to stop committing acts that are gonna get satellite. Or almost biblical account tomorrow night. And they are not exactly it'll play in 1990. You know and if the boot -- polish them with power play -- get their revenge on the scoreboard as Rex says. You know. The that lost so sure it's got to be able to. Search teams can teams take more chances against a team like the Bruins figuring it a big deal you don't. We can take that opportunity. Yes yes it certainly it certainly invites the mentality. That you can take liberties against the team that has an independent power play and you'll have brought more than three brought our political this year. Is an empty -- so you can count on this -- He's the the thing that that -- pointing out -- the broad needs. The house or guide how -- sport guy. The plates you know midway between the Blue Line the goal and went along the boards. The cold hard off the boards and threaten the shop or take the shot. Because that forces defenseman. Who were -- to begin with because it's a power play to make. A decision. And inevitably it's going to be a bad decision they're gonna leave somebody open it's gonna create a 211 and that they move their seat and move their bodies. It kept apart in the open man by the way. New Jersey it. Excellent problem over the -- around. And in such horrific examples of that throughout the game last night. If the brought in -- that. They at least will sustain. Attacking old momentum even if they're not able score. Is it is it okay exit system because they do seem like they're standing around on the power play. Is -- the system may have on the power play or is that the personnel. Well. I I respect Jeff ward a lot as a coach and I can't imagine. That you know I'm not part part of the power play meeting but I cannot imagine that you're not telling these guys to vote. And that he is not making this suggestion there were making it. Keynote an awful lot more about hockey and I do and the stakes are an awful lot higher were in the console me it's his job. You know he's a power play coach I cannot imagine he's not told these guys to do those very things and at times you know he's never gonna showing disrespect for the players on the team because. That's what kind of guy he has that I've seen some pretty frustrated -- on this stage so. At a certain point. You you got the sources the personal got to do better job and you know I'm not I'm not making. A total black cloud that I don't think it's gonna rule of April and season but it's something that they need. To work he can't count on winning the Stanley Cup like a lifetime but the let's -- gains in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They Jack we are planning more room to talk to about including. I'll what do you think should happen to somebody who throws things on the ice but we have to take a break stay with us to the break and we will continue in just a couple of. Yeah I mean how I -- To get back. Apparently thought it was just waiting in those. You -- -- I'm -- and and think about anything. Gonna get back. Space part of it and. As -- a big show target our buddy Jack Edwards. Carjacked. A references before the break. What do you think should happen to people droppings of theirs and cannot talk about Detroit when they didn't -- was part of their whole routine but like last. Well do you keep your receipt of Woody Allen sold sleeper yes. Well you know Woody Allen a jet that they -- considerable power -- saw the Internet that sit Groban was enemy. And we're gonna -- -- gold raking in saying. That it. -- -- you mortified by it -- that I was talking about it before he Keiwan it was like to Michael and so I think Mike -- that they should be thrown out of the garden and never allowed to return. You know what I'm I'm frankly amazed. That. The people around the guy didn't how to. I beat him if they lost the game Jack I think that would have happened. Yeah as yet old garden tech guys missing wallet keys before he gets out of the building there's no doubt and and you know the house there are decided to become so civil and sophisticated. -- -- No question. Not advocating violence folks are public -- got the guy Nvidia now so hopefully he won't be back in you know that. Help with their gut organ that's what he ardent Kennedy -- he shouldn't you know I mean as emotional as we get and as we don't know like it is emotional than anybody hockey games -- You can't interfere with again. And -- if you consider that every game. Is two point 1% of the entire schedule which for -- just an enormous. Stake for each game to carry. One point could be the difference between home -- in the first round and and not having people like the first round or making the playoffs and not making the playoffs. That you consider that the defending Stanley Cup champions from LA. Well it's the playoff spot in the third the last -- of the season last year finished eighth seed in the Western Conference and one at all. About one point that the guy could -- the Bruins. Could make historic difference and a -- -- around here that's not only that you out. That's fair statement fair statement that's been about four years or maybe even longer. That we thought. About the backup goaltender and a what you gonna do is he going to be an issue because what Tim Thomas and -- or grass you never even thought about the position really. Now with what we're told -- and what did you reasonably expect coming into the season and what do you expect from now. He's a really interesting guy. I expect them to be an effective back up. -- -- A spirited sport can. Kind of that's the -- -- is the real good athlete and he did. Astonishingly well and it is late season start against Ottawa last spring and shortest that you're ready to play in the NHL and and the team -- confidence. The other thing that we have to note. Is that and this takes -- away. From. Who collapsed or the guy as quote Julian describe the player who left. It you know a lot of mention that guys name ever again. This system hopes the -- in Boston haven't got huge number 33 out there. About half the game and -- forty or who super reliable. You know the Chara Seidenberg thing. Police -- that vacancy that shot really well. -- goaltenders have a one I'd say percentages in the NHL. Since culturally and system really contemplates and it's not they get a report last. -- -- -- -- When the Bruins are playing well in front of their goalie they're going to looks pretty good most of the and from what Goldman has shown. He's certainly get a deal that earned it and carry that whatever you know fifteen game -- -- say keep to erupt from being part out with Welch or. Or shark gets the winner in the shootout. He goes and obviously celebrates. In front of the New Jersey bench did you see. With four minutes left in regulation he and Clarkson did you did you get a chance to go back and look at that. Our performance that I don't know his gesture but yeah about four minutes left in the game. -- on its it is getting into it with -- a little bit. And Clarkson kind of separates it and then he mixes in his forefinger and Islam and some like. It's over it's the colts. If you're playing your prayer rapid fire pack so you know what that -- that. I mean why would you why would you go forward march shot you know yup. Got paid. Exactly and you know Clark wanted to record player at thirty goals last year had a great game plus. -- grade has 38 -- minutes yeah I thought it was the most effective player on the lights were virtually or game last night and and -- -- that -- that was great but. That was the strategic error let sleeping dogs -- I don't give marched on all of that marks our governor pretty tough game up to that point. Why why is it that they don't use him -- -- Because he blacked out. -- you know early ordinary -- -- into the capsule you know so -- sensational the shootout because. And so -- was optimistic he's got no clue about we'd get a bill. That Rick. Has -- many times you don't have an idea of most of the time these are quality goaltenders and and they've most of the studies the blows of the players and they know the tendencies of players. What makes they insult effective is that he's got three different pitches he can throw strikes in any situation. You know he's beaten go to the the snap. Forehand and he can go back in -- can do that torture chamber removed that he a couple of games ago so. You know that's that's really really difficult. Most players only have one real good -- may be true. And march on sort of what under the like not knowing what it was in Cuba -- -- but I think that's probably why they don't use them more often they practice shootouts. In in practices. And -- keeps on the plot is not. Spent a lot of functional -- talk to you next week good stuff. And I'd get some -- -- you got to basically work every other night Jack. Started to a regular playing well I'm looking toward this entire winter and spring -- got. It's -- -- better than doing windows and sweeping back -- your body although pretty good you -- that signature act. Jack Edwards -- --

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