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Doc Rivers: confident in Celtics going forward without Rondo

Jan 30, 2013|

Doc Rivers: confident in Celtics going forward without Rondo

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Still others are presented by Alexis can figure from the garden it is the Celtics and the Sacramento kings of airports are now the first our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers rusty is always by Harvard pilgrim healthcare Harvard pilgrim. Count us in law has three days and about 45 minutes Max medical over everything happens on Sunday. This was of all the things were curious about this warms them up -- What was going through your mind as she talked to the team Sunday -- about twenty minutes on the clock when you had I'll ask you first -- just got the work and literally a minute before that. Yeah I mean there earlier countless. Walking in the last evening -- Year and I literally at the time. -- just -- The -- she didn't know. It didn't matter to me and obviously. -- -- I just -- And that ordered mine right about talking. About Miami. But you know you can have your situation is not a black and -- apple. It's UT TS are also regular moments as the game is going on there are so much that you have to do in the last three days and beyond here in terms of what we call playbook. Whether moments during the games of these things are going on that you or external blind was working. Really I tell you because maybe maybe it helped someone -- -- what department. Point and so you kind of a look at my team a lot of ways and -- acting outward and boy oh and so. You know maybe that helped him. Obviously on that standard alone it was to feel good performer so a lot of levels and you'd ever want to put too much -- any one game Pakistan. But it did make did it make the last three days. Feel any better watching the team played the week. Did and especially. With the fact that we gave up that the they -- cute dump three. And the ego overtime you know everyone probably. Okay now they've they've had their run but you know -- -- practice -- -- it -- it's pretty. I'd have a lot of rights of its last nuclear Toronto has been out and we always discusses the playbook how much of it you lose when he is not here so how much of your. Sunday night's -- -- 4 o'clock in the last couple days has been if not starting over may be for lack of better work renovating the place. It almost went reverse. Talk to our coaches Florida Miami game I thought that the things. Would be Q Eric Morse. That fits this group. So we basically -- a lot of stuff. And -- -- what they run well and simplify -- -- the children and then you would have been. When you do that to you combinations. A player lineup combinations plea in more meaning if if are posting is -- of -- when he would be better with these guys in this -- -- plea in the year ago. Really go. That negated by you know in a lot of ways dirtier so ways can hurt us and we may have to not if but you know it's the right combinations with the right guys right -- Right place. You're almost universally optimistic about a one than circumstances are you have a confidence in what you have in the locker room now going for are really do. You know I think a couple of pleases the -- it's been showing great linesman. Oh now play more like the village pool time because. You know they are playing well because really what the primary bar revelers powers -- -- it happened at that. Our real quick on the kings they play well they won in Washington Monday which is no big deal is a big deal with if there was some plan wealth to walk up back when they win. As they have done the last time you've seen -- how do -- -- Well make that they used deterrence is points. They agreed to fast break the use to attack the pain in the office parks. That's that go to the -- which he -- next -- WEEI Celtics radio network.

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