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Tom Curran, CSNNE, talks about Marshall Faulk's comments about Patriots

Jan 30, 2013|

Tom E Curran joins Mut and Lou to discuss Marshall Faulk's comments about being cheated in Super Bowl 36, Randy Moss's statement that he's the best receiver to ever play, and Ray Lewis.

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And then. -- -- can -- -- nine -- and no bugs no handle bars in the know all handled bugs. Do I -- I'm not buying when you know handle bars no handle bars. Dell and -- times. You -- -- not every morning seven instantly WEEI yeah. But I'm not -- -- -- -- -- -- it's not the Super -- be ravens' forty niners but there. For Comcast sports are good friends Tommy earnings brought to you Viacom and Wes Welker or doctor. Doctor Robert Leonard called 1800 get air. -- goes the world so far -- -- lot of work to do get -- worked -- Now you get what brought the beads and you've been okay read a good boy down their comment about Larry but sometimes. That's -- have been a bit around 10 o'clock full night. It Monday night -- month 10 o'clock Monday Tuesday right right that she guilt or. What does that change this curfew change for you as the week goes on Tom. That's a mistake it would be at a time right now much. You're cluster reconvene with you when that up later. Are you a part of that circus yesterday Ray Lewis news breaking Sports Illustrated story. Believe any of it I mean it in the stores and quoted -- it talked to the -- the -- before. Yeah I mean it all seems plausible it's not like you know it's. Joe's contract with you know -- Sports Illustrated which has been investigated team including two which dormant David Epstein look very good. It was well reported. It was well documented. And I GF one which is portion period where extracted advance substance so. Yeah it took a lot of weight to it I think it is. The the move on to dismiss it and stop the -- story and don't discount. The person. They trust who. -- to the story or who helped break story. The owner of the company who's an opportunist but. Regardless of where he's coming from regardless of what is motives are. If the guys that are banned substance to come back my triceps -- little. Not supposed to do that. The next question becomes of the league response to this comment and day come out as of any sort of buzz in terms of what they might do with this connection. Off from swat an NFL players like Ray Lewis Richard Seymour others. So far they've distanced themselves by simply not saying anything you Rappaport. Who -- From his time here and work NFL network you know was on NFL network yesterday in the league -- And he spoke of the difficulty you have excepting the trusses that has incredible. Person I'm not sure that's a week mandated can't. -- -- -- -- Personal stake but again. The guy says he has the videotape. In which real loose. Asked what he should take -- full -- Hitler extract apparently squirted in the -- couple times during videotaped phone call. Which obviously would be the trump card to drop. If here. We trust. At some point to videotape but you know it's. It's being marginalized. And I think. It's not surprising that it is. In -- -- -- Randy Moss is dressed in the media and had to assist the -- listener Randy Moss but you know anywhere 49ers uniform. -- -- there for a year and you kind of underperformed near -- going to call and -- of the greatest wide receiver of all time. That fan base at that might have a difficult time with a what was your take. In just listen to him that day. -- stream of consciousness and even though there. Is a lot of intelligent to what he says. And it a lot of insight and there's so we've kind of been deprived by his choice. A few more interest in guy he can be. You you have to take things regretful for instance in the portion of the interview which he -- I don't like my it will not happy with -- leader and -- treated like -- role. So. You know you'll get. Things that pop -- that let. That he might not necessarily understand what the ramifications are and I grabbed an after reception did you in and that is go play in Peoria when you say. I don't like my role. But he wouldn't bet that helping them equally at that point I think in the playmaker and I don't understand why template miserable. Right now I accepted to win a ring but I don't understand it. So between that and you know this comment city's greatest receiver in the history of the game I think that there has been no more dangerous receiver and history of the game. So whichever way you want to use and find the greatest secretary the great football player I've ever seen. But you can contend that there are aspects of my game and Tom -- to say it he's created a home field. Player in the history of the game and that's I think without doubt when you look at the threat -- -- to opposing defense is loose Pete deteriorate couldn't do. Is she still in some ways Tom broken up about. The way his relationship with the patriots and it seems like it always comes back to when these conversations stream a Koch is he talked about. Him being remorseful about the patriots in the way things and there. I think he regrets. Steaming up after the win over Cincinnati and he's an opener. And for about four and a half minutes going on soliloquy about. Hopefully he'd been treated. And I think that in hindsight you realize is that. -- another way to do it but you know keep doesn't do what conventional people will do. In terms of weighing. With the impact of his words will pick on the road he thinks he gets to play by different rules because of -- he is and I think DeWitt smacked in the face reality doesn't he goes. From New England to Minnesota to ten feet out of football for a year he realizes he'll let. Maybe it should have kept my mouth shut after that Cincinnati it. An immediate should've given a better effort against the jets from next game where he was targeted ten times caught two and had two interceptions. -- also he didn't fight -- I remember talking to -- the Miami game which which is asking. And I saw the effort that came -- and he ran as hard because it on every single -- and we targeted one time. Just flat out on the actual the Soviets on -- complete the states here really work in. Like faction marketable and it worked so hard to -- if he could see the writing on the wall. The company was about to happen and of course it did so I think that he regrets. The situation he put himself into no -- No wonder if you're in the Marshall Faulk on nick is discussed a pest and you. He was talking about how the other plays that they -- it's doable that ahead run all year that you put it that one game and yet the patriots were still ready. For them me is that got it's still pissed off but that's super pull. -- appropriate for the NFL network. Talent wasn't available in between the comedian gave him. I want all the marshals the end and I asked them both be back in the superdome for the first time since that standard. Didn't think about that came in Kabul though the wind. Would they beat the titans. In Atlanta. And -- people bought some think the air pressure Estes to Boston and New England in general and the culture -- -- perception. And it says to me -- will this Super Bowl. That I was cheated out of one is something -- let -- forget -- we're -- quote PS and any dot com. This morning to talk your legs and you know this point is if you mentioned milk. They were red zone plays they had practiced all year that they executed at the walk through on Saturday night. For the patriots were ready for new formations. That they hadn't used all year. That the patriot picture for now. We all have our perceptions of what. The videotaping scandal. He -- for the patriots. And everyone else has appeared to in -- so far is never gonna be removed from his stance. That the patriots gathered until at the walk through. Can help them unsuitable Sunday and I'll say this is well you know. Brian people and Matt law -- the last two -- there. It was established they didn't videotape anything. But it was also established. That formations. And tendencies and kick our comfort stuff. Was spoken about -- So -- that beat the -- to lose twenty to seventeen I don't know but you know. In the interest of having all the information on the table that was established established there was no. Videotape. Matt Walsh actually said that didn't happen. But it would also establish who didn't help you out now one other thing is that. John and it is different monies were on pat fox sports he was there previously game. -- remember and tell me just didn't do anything during that walk through 200 people on the field they were taken pictures. They didn't really do anything of any note whatsoever. Previous. To the game in the -- group. That would appeal decreed it from me but Marshall -- feel differently it clearly does it hard to move to market opinion. When you talk to talk about the history of the problem at this point all these years later or is he willing to just. Sort of give this stuff up comments still talk about this this many years after the fact. What all access to more people bought and have a perception. That you don't like New England. And that she never got over the comparable and that's not a whole congress that -- -- I didn't say what do you think about spy gate. What do you think about the patriots grew when you guys over. He's still mad about the panel these. All I have to deal with the outcome of -- reception in Boston. And the gas truck started flying now on the hill with no breaks. They under San Fran is a rumor is that -- after actually report I think it was just more of in thinking out loud at Revis to San Fran for Alex Smith in the second round it would make sense. If -- to from the jets I would definitely want that pick with that any talk at all about San Fran what's Alex Smith elect this week European. -- grin -- solid approach he could possibly be. You know we candid about. How he feels. That it -- Let it be credited by effort is incredible irony marketing credited by Jim Harbaugh is being indispensable in -- coach capital. I think it's still play into the -- and definitely 100 point four. 204. Quarterback rating and completion percent to 70% I don't but he could play I got the Mike Singletary. -- -- the surrounding weapons in the tenor of that team was disastrous. For Alex -- But you know he's not upset and -- -- the top twelve guys and someone will do well to get up now and can 49ers accept previous contract. -- as is who they have to restructure I don't know the ramifications financially but. Yet that is closed -- to make a lot of -- as does indigenous move cross. You know state line to go into Nevada -- in the Arizona Oakland geography and go play. Pretty Arizona cardinals' Larry FitzGerald. Top -- -- -- Super Bowl pick here your first thing year old I think this week as part of current Super Bowl week -- wrote about the safety of the league and in his party of stories at once the NFL. Gets the HGH testing into the sport will see how many guys gave you a quote local bigger faster stronger in nearby when is that is that. Is Goodell do that this week in drop that bomb is -- to be voted on the you know at the meetings come spring time before next year even do we HGH testing in the national football. I would bet against being HGH testing in any kind of what testing before next year the two players. The NFL PA continues to rally around -- notion that they need eight healthy keeping it safe and reliable test in place. You know -- has -- on the World Anti Doping Agency. -- Major League Baseball which. Agreed to HGH testing after the NFL agreed to it. That article in one place they have in place that the Greeks do it they just haven't established which tested it since. No surprise to me that while these guys spend their time trying to figure out you in the number of -- area where extract. Holograms. And whatever else can help player grow to exponential science and go from delivering pizzas for the NFL sent to player of the year. Were recovering from a -- UCL nearly -- at the NFL rushing record. In astonishing amount of time I mean it again this stops the sides. Our ability with the players are doing and when Ray -- is old enough to sit there. On. Super Bowl media day and explain how the doctor told him no player has ever come back. From an injury but the torn triceps before the end of the season and Ray Lewis doesn't have the self awareness. Tips to understand what the ramifications of and saying no one's ever so see where it was before or my determination. The lol what is amazing Tommy. They -- -- hear amazing you know awesome but I just don't think he's. That we're able we will support our steps that you usually that's -- -- empowered to I think you get better start with. -- -- port -- -- ready I would agree much -- -- if you're a real quick school we got. I like different Siskel liked them all -- down. That Baltimore offense which I think has been. Look what you have been gifted throughout these playoffs LE if Francisco's 31 certainty in and the guys -- the. Who Smart man atomic current line of the super boy can check this stuff about CSN Andy dot com is reporting every day Tom we appreciated as always we'll talk decent. -- Tommy current joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LT. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible -- before the game when they announced that the Baltimore Ravens 34 defense they -- announced the line backing core is dasher dancer printer and fix it. The -- do that I could do that short one out. A lock -- in its Suggs and -- Louis Spector. Couple guys who -- deer antlers are quick break come back at your -- call 617. 77979837. Don't go anywhere.

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