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Comparing how PED use is viewed in MLB and the NFL

Jan 30, 2013|

Merloni is not happy with the double standard in professional sports where PED use in baseball is looked at differently than in football.

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Yeah yeah yeah. -- two years ago those same employer I would give I would give their report or him in the in my press. He's now worthy of that so the next question. A guy does not worthy oppressed is apparently worthy of talking to you tonight that Ray Lewis. -- -- seven month low 93 point seven WEP -- made the point before the break about yell. Of football players in the rules in the NFL I mean. I feel like it's too -- I feel like the basic quality of football. And the excitement of football. Is something people want to see and feel like that whether TH DH or steroids. It helps fans see what they wanna see -- that is fast hard hitting football. And because of that. NFL players nationally. From open media and from fans. Get nowhere near. The -- baseball players do you. Baseball players can agree I don't wanna watch everybody don't 96 and in home runs. But Agassi is -- an individual sport Alex Rodriguez amazingly bright Ray Lewis the Super Bowl -- -- -- is getting more attention for the steroid use in this Miami story. Then Ray -- is this connection to swaps well it adding it's because the stats and baseball are so ingrained of people binding old Alex Rodriguez. Is gonna break the home run record -- I don't think at a pissed off but I don't I don't -- I don't by the stats thing I need another excuse and no other reason for my my point is that. You've views. On people that take performance enhancing drugs. Should be consistent. It should be across the board. It's their bodies. They can do what they want I wanna be a detained a watch the game. I want Wes Welker back in seven months. I want AP back in seven months. I want these guys on the field. I don't and it that's your opinion. And fine and bring it over to the other sports -- ball -- particular to baseball it's the only one that gets hammered. You don't sit here and look -- -- of those states accepted. And then cry -- what records of Melky Cabrera going after. Baton average. What records is Bartolo Cologne going after. I mean it isn't just about records. So every single person that has a problem with Alex Rodriguez is one of those theorists. -- look at say yes yes records mean something to meet every single person. It feels that a certain way about baseball players taken steroids. Feel that way and quite a -- -- it's not a coveralls not gonna count for urban and just telling you I think that a majority of people. Care more about steroids in baseball yes because of these statistics you can tell me you know where Ray Lewis ranks all time in terms of tackles aren't you could name that nobody agreed Peterson was Jason Eric Dickerson records -- 1984. Read a good time I don't know what that one didn't think. James Sanders the guy's been business for how many years -- -- said yeah this is just this amazing I've never seen a football player Dennis before. Defying all odds. Doctor enters in as for a year ago -- -- -- for a long long time. Again I I don't have a problem I wanna see I'm one of those guys what you multiply it. I -- era and sort of look at -- but just just be consistent. You know for years it was the argument of baseball players was records what was the other argument. Our what do you tell the kids. What about all those kids in high school. They're kill themselves taken steroids. Isn't about being a role model you know that kids argument in how steroids in baseball -- kids was something that was pushed on April correct. Yeah why isn't pushed down NFL's throat. Why isn't it more people want to be Ray Lewis. What do people wanna be all these other guys a lot more people wanna be football players now more kids -- looked at football players and a baseball player medic at the time. Baseball was seized -- -- quote national pastime he can't say that with a straight face right now it is football. And and football is the biggest sport in this country. Through it's taken the place a baseball at some point you're right and it argument will come up. I was different about Adrian Peterson is that people CA. AD comeback BP it's AD all day all. They see a guy that. Police have not been linked to a publicly. Alex Rodriguez came out and admitted. He used steroids. Emitted that he cheated the game and I -- that back in mid eighty used something you would and its apparent tell Gammons it was steroids and want an assault to believe. Stop it when it took advantage loose rules on baseball and I stopped. This report comes out and boomer comes back up -- a liar. He's -- -- New York Yankees he's cheated baseball fans due to the records. Arrive to this is a new attitude towards -- Alex Rodriguez because of the story this wasn't there before -- it's bringing up the old feelings about Alex Rodriguez -- Ray Lewis will no matter what you felt about him. There's no real steroid -- before yesterday's SI -- correct. Your -- it publicly your your group. You're reopening a -- that was there in the public mind when it comes Alex Rodriguez and I think you understate. The importance of a lot of people's minds to be -- in Major League Baseball they are the end all -- as a kid. EU grew up knowing what those numbers were you like sports back a baseball cards based they'd just something that was agreed football's different you know what stats at football. Touchdown passes. In 2000 yard rushers -- of any better and better argument than that -- Stats. You know stats matter Steve Buckley stats -- history matters to Steve Buckley. But the kid -- street -- Ripken baseball players for steroids in just accepting football doesn't care -- stats. All I'm saying is be consistent. If you accept in football just accepted in baseball. You know and and see what is going on baseball you know it big guys like me that played this game clean wash to go -- called cowards. Right reporters it didn't reporter called cowards. Just sat around that it happened. The owners to let it happen general managers let it happens that -- -- what ratings are high. Baseball's back there to make in money. To stall -- money to -- cares about safety these athletes that was an argument. Now. We LS snipes -- elicited you know and I love Greg Bedard buddies that will be cares -- care about wins. And now you've gut. Nobody's learning from anything. Negative fellow reporters -- NFL owners and GMs here with their players taken. Sport win it was the same attitude. In baseball in ninety Internet steroid era. That. People were ripping for -- were getting ripped for now it's just accepted. In another sport. I was a different how decayed argument different -- the role model argument different the -- arguments. I'd be the same I would ask this question for Japanese phone calls and -- Ross a corner swat is gonna join us here shortly. We'll get his -- -- these last 24 hours for he and his clients. Is the fact that we are talking in the football specifically about things like HDH and IGF one. Things that -- some level natural and human growth hormone. Is used to treat other things -- found naturally in the body. Is that any part of it that it's not seen as a -- -- public life first drummer as a kid. Thinking about Jose Canseco in steroids that he thought of a guy with a needle stick -- in his -- Couple of self -- -- of the that was cheating. We're -- DH are people trying to make the argument not speak to them that a -- good point about all leagues and other viewed. Understand what would people look at HGH as different -- natural. That we is that as anti aging how does that really help steroids make you really ball cup you saw that would that the rampant steroid use and how big guys like Canseco got. In football full hearted tell Wright the agent Peterson this year physically looks like -- Peterson to before he got hurt he's like he's ball up. I don't feel cheated as a fan I rutz looks the same agency came at a high school. I'm a -- rod ball up a little bit. When he got to the Yankees army look at where it first came out when he we will look at those first two years a Seattle Seattle and Texas any athletic kid and eight -- nineteen -- -- work -- monster you grew up a little bit of a picture and kiss and himself on that -- It looks Jack not all -- Texas is always jacked. He's the only team in the league in nineteen year old kid at six -- -- Nineteen years old is gonna grow up so it looked natural. Again -- gonna gain twenty pounds both in the next three or four years it's gonna be natural. He was always big. Always. So I ended -- You're saying that there's no steroids in football. I'm sure there -- steroids. You know by -- today they are. I the use just a little different now whereas people call it when will we talked about it baseball it was guys bulking up the hit a ball further talk about it football. It's guys trying to recover an eight and about public it is. Public the linebacker that faces the running back that comes through the Brian Bosworth conversation sure how much steroids or stop -- so is mine yeah I don't -- not on the stuff. He goes through me to the -- you don't think speed and power has anything to do with the NFL and the reason why maybe it's getting so violent. No I think the people that. If you city are one breath and say the NFL got to care about safety of their players are concerned about the long term health concerns other players. If you're also say you don't care about steroids. That year year talking -- sides here now because the steroid use. Is part of a health problem and TH DH he's part of -- problem baseball untimely doubles advocate -- you bring up a good point about. The difference the way people think about these two sports and the usage. Dave's that a car is up with -- -- and Lou won 93 point seven WEP I'd idea of. I'm with you -- on that -- -- -- crazy. The double it entered because I have long he tries he -- he traded beat all in all the ridicule -- spirit and nobody cares. Including the media for the most part about about football players you expect -- And that the degree artery and I called it yet. It would it really hit the -- would land during all those congressional testimonies when McGwire and all those guys were on the air. They were at the parent the testified because their their kids died teenage kids. Had died and it was linked to they used steroids put together all those parents that can work. But they weren't baseball players get baseball who got it is that is The Who -- ridicule. Baseball that's where it became light you were quiet if you wore baseball. Error is it to charity trading that there's there is no consistency there. None deservedly none Dave dynasty ended baseball they got a noxious with the right I mean they just. Barry it's Sosa and McGwire -- threw it faced him in absolute blocker at the sport. Yeah you know I mean so there was a big big jump in drew more attention to individuals. But I am I'm with -- you know -- -- thing with the kids and steroids -- kids -- that was a huge argument. And I had a -- stand by that argument just goes away all of a sudden when it comes to other sports. It's it it and I Ike -- I'd being based on Jackie try to trade because I I kind of looked arrival it looked at the baseball player I think. Yet it was wrong I think until baseball -- rule against it. I kinda think they are not that -- -- and -- -- at spot yeah I think patient population eat whatever part that I yeah I have trouble like. You know I know certainly it's a treat for me or to look like I think -- are looking at -- and we look -- I just you know. That baseball is my -- is much more like any but. This is why this is why -- as said the -- MLB has agreed to HGH testing. And admitted I heard death by the NFL. And I said okay how how long before they pressured. Endorsement came out and said you know the minute the NFL owners met the NFL comes to us and says they want it will do. OK and if owners you -- They have a big problem. And -- that they don't take away from the sport but I'm just say for everybody wants to be even here. You know and in and really judge across the board consistent. And do it. They'll just say it's okay in what sport and not and you know all I don't I don't can't understand it marks in a car talking about this mark -- Alamo Lou. And Monica you got -- -- -- earlier but you know I think -- -- your perception of the sport and that aptly. The top -- that the majority NFL I think you look at Logan Mankins who plays a full season with a torn ACL. And I I just can't imagine an MLB player doing something like that looked at Italian sport I can't understand the need. Ticket whether Peter recover or to just get by and that's what where a lot MLB dot that you look at her just due to the personal glory orders should expect or what they've. And because there is not physical contact -- sport that you are running it or get taken out by your center fielder. You know you can't really understand the need to do what our identity knuckled personal numbers. Markets a great point and -- brought up Brian Bosworth I think that's. That's the minority of people think there's multiple watch and say yeah that course they need to take this stuff. And again and beat up every week I understand I would take it if I played. In baseball you see him sit around most of the time doesn't look like a real sport it's a sport but it's not be an athlete to play. And you go geez. These guys are taking -- just pump up the -- numbers in football but taken it to maintain. They're taken it to be warriors get back there in the field and you're right there is an absolute double standard I am I'm trying to play. Devil's advocate Connecticut the you bring up a great point about people view this differently managing plain -- why -- look at differently. -- -- that it's one thing but do you believe. Believe -- -- that that those reasons why this because of stats. I thinks that's -- -- treason that's adding it's a huge reason the stats and musicality I told you the two reasons why -- be able look at this differently. And I look at some other reasons it's it's using steroids know what's what are different. Okay I'm just wanna let -- -- -- don't care what the fans think I'm as guilty as anybody when it comes to football. And is coming close to try to relate with these guys it's not fair. But I hear when fans say that I mean and -- and let's make it right. But I look at it go yet to get their asses -- week in and week out of course they are. But also look at league it's got a huge problem now to have a goal that connects to the white -- the rescue weakened Rica. More now. Because guys are on stuff it's faster and more physical Diego totally vicious game to point out and try to keep up as an -- to give Dell's got a look at this he's got to -- if Roger Goodell gonna sit there on a soapbox and all about safety CPC the he is got to convince the owners to go to. The NFL PA and start blood testing for the stuff. And blood testing for eighteen -- specific.

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