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Bruins win, fan throws sausage on ice

Jan 30, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Bruins win and the sausage that could've cost the team the game.

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It lets you may be defensive but this guy's got a bag of tricks. Yeah and. They get the points. They keep the -- going what do start to the Bruins here muck Lou not a three point seven WEEI your calls. On last -- I shoot out win 6177797937. The phone number text that's on the AT&T Texas line at 37937. We talked yesterday about Milan Lucic you know I think from -- standpoint biggest surprises this year. He is that player you know be overweight talk prior to this season now the way he's playing -- on its again last night a strong round hitting everybody. Last night's game was continuation of something we saw from Nathan Horton a couple years ago during the the Stanley Cup. It was Sunday is -- and it's important score that overtime winner against Montreal we saw him get the only goal I believe. In that great game seven against Tampa when it there were no penalties called over the course of sixty minutes of hockey. Any developed this this clutch it's about any lost half as you last year when he got hit. And left in January never return and he's come back this year and the question was what are you get Nathan Horton. He is he going to be tentative of their going to be nights where you wonder is he completely into all the -- the ill effects and the offseason was not -- to -- feel good now on the crisis is first and third goals you score so far this year. Having huge third period goals including knuckle last night in -- starting to see they support you saw during the Stanley Cup brought up a guy that. Not only is complete player but has. I call kind of -- news to him he's not David Ortiz but you need about all a big spot he's happy he was there and brought back to that Stanley Cup run. It was during that run and BO one of the pleasant surprises. -- and throw for awhile last year we talk about that first line this year and they're well plus fourteen it's got fifteen points. Is a lying to us through six games. They have been exactly what you needed. You know because they are the count it that the -- line I mean just because Dellucci is out there against that is a Cali because we think of speed you think -- on Sagan. The Bergeron surrendering no line but those guys to get it done and last night. Just another example Leo four minutes to go in the game it's a one nothing game like you said you would set -- have been lost the game one nothing. You say about -- was impressive. Tired legs Hedberg was outstanding you thought you -- -- broad or didn't happen he was -- first game I think since last April. -- Guinea played in so impersonal all yearlong. He chalked it up doubles are good team. But late -- -- the jet that feel like you missed are the gonna tied up especially with a came on the third period. They could've easily just what does that had that attitude of short season back to back legs tired -- well one nothing. They'll pull the goalie -- tuneup that one nothing whatever might be. This doesn't happen with this team. It's -- it just doesn't happen now is impressive but you're right Nathan Horton. It was under strict the end of the year -- that one play this thing out future really wants to do with him that he. -- tied up a lot of guys last year during the season they did you know how much do you wanna watch Nathan Horton played this year. Before you start thinking about sitting down talking to his. His agent try to tie him. Well you look at the entire first line now you know that the Horton comeback stories while we're gonna talk about quite a bit. The third goal the years now getting four game points streak with three goals and two assists during that span. I'm David crate she also extended his point streak to four games he had an assist on the -- goal on me -- to -- Is playing physical is it everything that moves and he picks up an assist as well. On that call me that first line right now is doing everything you want them to do when their questions about two with a three players on that line. What -- to be in shape and would Nathan Horton be ready to go on a game like last night. You look at for that goal late you know he just he felt like that would break -- with something they do when it was wasn't the Rangers goal you talked about on the play the Rangers that great skill. Gold they had that line so while forty million dollar line ridiculous what else pretty good. Ice vision and quick rush the other way between -- each -- important to get that the -- -- last night the equalizer. It's on the other night -- at those Hamilton decree geo and -- couple nights ago. Was beautiful goal beautiful goals set up moving the -- goes look different -- up in the rangers'. It's your right to sort of forget about it you forget about it because. You basically won the cup about the guy right he went down -- have been rallying point last year lost the game of the year probably more practical to little more time. On this team but yet they need that's that's the one area when you look at this team right is is offensive punch. It when you look at got a defensive minded team. Not very good the power play. We don't start again last night -- -- better than the first but they're not very good the power play they play close games. But the deal more offensive punch more skill out there before -- at high levels night talk about a team that it's dangerous because. And we saw that stretches last year last year one point in the December when it was just an absolute joke when they're put up six goals tonight. They want an unbelievable run the best team in hockey in Minnesota slid over -- arranges it wanted a year fewer early member and -- idea that question up there's well. But -- the skill the scoring things like that that's probably the only question. With this team. And and you look at the Stanley Cup run into question it through the -- punch it power play it was awful. But Tim Thomas was just playing a completely different level. But it it was another level both beyond like great B alt delete. He was playing at that global do you like to see the offer to punch a little bit last night just impressive to second showing to a different ways. 6177797937. Your phone number text the show is the ATP text line. At 379837. John is in Boston would not Lou 937 -- job. -- -- there yeah I don't what's up but. Am I if you dig a lot and I ordered the game we watched via. Younger guy early -- hostage. That looked like soaked it in mar the sports -- on to be. -- He sold and in Europe actually Bruin and I am sure -- -- tomorrow I don't know what happened to the actually -- chance. To dig into this John your close not to see him actually soak the sausage. In water. It's -- -- received -- threw it onto the ice. And -- do -- recruit people sub point tomorrow. We know the benefit a scientifically guys in terms of soaking a sausage before the end of my idol will be better in the management. Water role for I don't know it didn't pay for. It was a frisbee. On the road. Trip it. I think they'll garbage -- truthful. Why is an area of -- these last night's showing. Up and cents. So let's say that's John Boston a meticulous work for you wouldn't sit and wait on hold for a half hour to make something up and mine and so he took the sausage dumped that water they do that in the the hot dog eating contest right when Kobayashi -- because they hate the -- that put soap and water and -- it down. A killer wonder not Alex. It was a bigger felt he could have been before back. On your thoughts -- Bruins and devils last night and the third period 61777979837. The phone number text. On the eight TT tech flat at 3793701. Question. Strategically for Claude Julian -- IQ coach hockey team I have no clue. The weight organizes its shooters in a shootout. -- look at that and wonder aloud why certain guys go ahead of other guys talk about that next soaking a sausage.

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