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Winter's World: Ryan Leong, SFBay.ca, provides some San Fran perspective on Super Bowl XLVII

Jan 30, 2013|

SFBay.ca's Ryan Leong joins Kevin to take a look forward at the Super Bowl. He'll break down some Xs and Os but also describe how Jim Harbaugh has changed the culture of the 49ers since taking the reins.

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Kids yeah. When there's world we went there featuring all the things that shoot injuries fuel in the world of sports hero on WEEI. I get a what I'm Kevin White you're welcome to another addition of winters looked podcasts you. You on the WB yeah I got double audio on demand page he should every week. Which. Or something -- although I really haven't tackled anything new I'll be perfectly honest to call myself now -- a -- -- I've tackled a lot of football since we've started this it's enjoyed a WEEI the Dennis Kelly at morning jumped. Why my -- but ball. Because I love football and as I've told you many times football is almost done in there will be plenty of time from left handed reliever talk. I'm going forward but educated. I'm also serious I will miss football. Truth be told I listened to the Pro Bowl the other night driving home from ESPN. Make your comments now but I just hope you don't -- let's get -- I'll we're breaking -- Super Bowl 47 answers elicit the probable. -- -- on title global I don't I found myself wondering. That heck are you doing but again it was football it was a Sunday night that's kind of what I'm trained to deal. We continue to break -- -- ball 47 the good news about a two week -- we have to have an awful lot of fun on an awful lot of conversation about it even here in the New England area. Last week neck strap ratio we all take our medicine we got the Baltimore raven -- side of things little more fun. This time around a and not a lot less painful I think a lot of people may even he were to England. Worked for the -- efforts -- forty niners maybe -- -- for Rudy for good game. On I get the feeling a lot pats fans to root for the miners shell what had Sampras his -- out good buddy of mine who have gotten an awful lot on. Many times speak of the -- the air Ryan -- on the sports editor from SF -- Dot CA all longtime sports area reporter in the Bay Area the weather beat the raiders the niners the -- the giants. I exit the giants all last year did their local all World Series run. To -- -- joining us here out of additional podcast Ryan so what's it like Sanford -- is jealous that writers Dell for their sixth Super Bowl title and a wild since they've been in this game but -- like in San -- Well -- right now the good that the buzz here at all about the niners I mean. It granted barely started to play pretty well warrior doing pretty well. All that people on the back burner it all matters all the time so many media our descent people of New Orleans I don't cannot come to Seattle -- -- -- -- -- that you know all season long right wolf every home game I didn't go to practice but to cover everything all -- game. And I played it a lot of reporters I know one -- particular not involve him. Either sport bigger world all news station radio wise. -- cover any better game OPEC is even -- -- ya know -- is -- I know I know this about about sports fans a they don't wanna hear sports writers and reporters Richard -- cell. -- all -- parts of the slack on outlook but I will say it is Ryan. I've been in your shoes in 01 my first year cover the patriots well we all know what happened in all want. And guess you was on the couch sport February 3 2000 TO that -- bit me actually out is that the Celtics game that afternoon I would. Which they had moved the start time of that game. -- that the Celtics game. Did the stringing -- for the Celtics that afternoon. And it flew home and I mean flew home everyone mailed in their post in that day to get -- to get home and watch the patriots. Super Bowl. Critical IE the question. Are you talk about it will be excited I think it's Snyder's team isn't it -- that kind of they gave us a taste of what this was supposed to be like a year ago when they meet the NFC championship game right my biggest question -- and it said. Alaska a funny way so that helped Jim Harbaugh still want to replace Alex Smith with -- jeopardy. Yeah I think your question I think it really just play out that the -- I I think -- -- waiting -- -- opportunity if nothing else. But obviously. And I personally interviewed on that. The -- had a very well happen indeed get him in the first place would do why they did a trade with Denver apparently people but I heard. He made it special visit with -- -- -- Ball deep and a white Catholic but he really want this guy. But everything worked out you know worked -- it worked -- follow me -- Ryan. How much are they. What kind of the of -- move on the bowls factor. Why is this -- to it among the niners fans admit I was look at the numbers today -- cold hard football facts -- up there. Alex Smith was 45 of 27 for 390 something yards four touchdowns no picks yet of 153 rating and that was -- its final two games before he got sent to the bench. From the fan's perspective -- always this move received. And from the guts factor how big how much got what did you think it took Jim Harbaugh ought to make this move. I think it but it -- I got I mean I mean out there. A look at the longest I -- a -- I would like public enemy number one this guy's got these terrible all the other guys never gonna be. A good quarterback and of course you know not a -- got released forward Joseph Montana and then of course these young happy that able to Jeff Garcia it was pretty didn't go right by itself. If you look outlet that got a group like you have. Weak spot. All the doesn't. You know are all come then. Basically weather records got career you know -- -- in the second coming of ladder right and now with resident you'll come back from the dead. And April doing my game against the saint. But as we all know these are Catholic but I mean the guy the -- -- -- got the tremendous running speed eight got a white we have an arm and he basically -- -- -- -- -- broke out debris -- it dislocated one of the fingers. I know I know we had a hole it's right I mean I don't -- -- And like -- I'm not even just joking because he has the edge noticed a thousand times you know told us that he used to play. Yeah but he was ready to be drafted in the minor leagues and all that is -- he's got. Everything cap -- and young guys like JaMarcus Russell who kneeled down the thirty yard line at their pro day chucked the ball into the end zone. Cap predict actually has skills if he -- hit somebody down fields. Right yeah he's got tremendous skill I mean he really blow you away especially with the way you build you up to run with the ball and you know I probably already here let the other the you the falcons in the NFC championship game were so worried about how what would -- -- the read option. Basically that would not gonna -- -- -- that way or YouTube are. Yeah about a -- right -- one thing I've learned about about you know my podcast went usual podcasting is as we alcohol here at WBI. I don't care which direction we go as low exits out that we can go we'll go eighteen different direction grinder in there in the course it -- so it it doesn't matter a great point. So if you're Jim Harbaugh the niners. That your concocting an offensive plan. For the Baltimore Ravens it looked like against it landed they tried -- they want it to run the read option. Cap predict he's decided he's got. What do you anticipate what you -- plane four as to why the ravens are gonna do you comes on. Yeah it'd be let's not because this thing. Our John -- all the little older brother and of course the original are all -- of the year ago. And 111 and the ravens beat the -- meg game like you would play in Baltimore. I say. -- for the future but they believe in fact so Jim that -- were actually guys that that -- older brother reprimanded like I believe. Offensive coordinator and then dug in Greg Robin and the video he basically had. Both those guys -- is that I believe they were fired and then somehow they you know they they rap video market. Jim and the recruiting numbers yet burden now what the other on a minor stuff. So what do you think they've got a -- I mean you know what it you'd think John's got tricks up its sleeve and I thought I. I agree with you you've got to have something up your sleeve heading into this game you can't. You can't just try to play but now law. In this kind of game against I think it hi how dolphins like that if you had to take -- Is this -- team which column under center are better. Suited to -- you I know they can beat you both ways that the easy it'll pop out on I think is -- a better -- for them to beach running or throw. What do you think her strength lies. What is it a bit like I've been running -- question I mean I you know Frank Gore for the longest time was getting frustrated and had a run like because he couldn't figure out. It could barely fit into the read option right yellow eventually got so what we're like okay. You know he -- it -- he might not get the ball -- of course there was agreement finally on the third. You know getting it touches than an end and -- proceeded to beat up pretty for the miners. Well at this point honestly I think it's gonna happen and be kind of a mixed -- medics sort of commitment. The -- for the niners I just don't think that it W that. This goes -- -- that we growing and it got to get I think Don look at other pretty well -- it got to think I have I I've not been predicting the ravens might actually win the game. I was does it say you almost sound like you're rooting for the ravens now and it doesn't want I don't. I you you're you're part of a bit of the greater -- your first -- you don't want the raiders don't have student at how well I think got. I got a pretty -- -- these -- in that -- a little bit. You probably would you Bay Area Olmert. Haven't. It isn't a funny. You almost get the sense is niners' defense. He's now getting overlooked and overshadowed. And they're still damn good to know what's talked about this niners' defense. I got a feeling they may steal the show on Sunday. Possibly pop -- or. Let me -- you probably knew what that is well. Just to let had to beat that game against the patriots and -- real -- gains -- -- -- -- really all that out of ninety an app that. Well because just is that. Really hope that a boat walk and and and allowed -- did he get -- them and they got backup quarterback. He's really the -- it really Diego that -- bat either he's a veteran -- been a long time. And you got that partially. You know porn tried that but I think it is surgery in the off season and right editors are you whatever it and all that together. I had did -- don't -- -- when it comes to torn triceps -- we don't worry about surgery. Mitch Ross at slots scattered all taking care what you got to do with his dog gets -- -- Jews and deer sprain your phone I get the -- crapping you'll be back on the football field and you know -- lot. But it definitely relook at about right we won't know everybody. Exactly. What is the great perception when Jim Harbaugh took over from Mike Singletary. On it as as the head coach there's not a football team what was what was it would -- -- -- -- -- There's the York actually took over the ownership and irreverence or not but the guys -- the -- for the profit of over. What's been very edgy and ever convinced that he would not be -- for the niners as it is thought that and that it in the playoffs. Back in you know three -- Jeff Garcia he got he had. And tonight is really went on this spiral downward and I play -- it was -- it was extremely -- well they did they'd be like from the top to bottom bat in the stock market. And you know they I really document that are all the way over head he was picked on to bigger the challenge should it can't hurt. I don't know what I know revenues as well. Let's turn around thirteen and three. You think that this simple all the debate and the wide receivers you know Kyle Williams and you know what it was basically the most hated him there was that built and he thought there was going to be. You know. And they know it you know. And so anyway yeah that you have pretty good receiving corps. And they they noted that kind of political hole and I think that's going to be you know that's really what made -- different that what it mattered in the there's direct elevated to -- up here. Right -- and in the ironic part right I actually thought. And yeah you joke this is what -- you know this what I now. -- military could work and I still think Mike Singletary someday may be good head coach and I you know sometimes you need to fall on your face Belichick did -- in Cleveland. A lot of successful and great coaches who sometimes around their first job ages coach -- tragically wrong. -- singletary would work are still thinks he may. What it -- if that was that was that was the one saving grace to me that I thought Jim Harbaugh added. Wise yeah ought to be guided that replaces the guy well when you're replacing Mike Singletary and the way just appeared from the outside looking in it. And it looked like Harbaugh -- want you we c.s don't you don't be worse than what he was and -- seemed like it was impossible to do. Right all of -- debt remember Mike Singletary. What does Obama think he ever said was that the quarterback is not the most important for the moment. Yet that doesn't work out here in 201213. And going forward bear. Bomb yet it's not that that that's not good it. In other guys -- it probably initiative prop in the former coach that we it'd singletary met Mike Nolan. You know he's basically what -- guys like Frank Gore and pat Patrick Willis. And Vernon Davis and and look at those guys now keep it secret for some of that. You think at a high scoring or low scoring on Sunday. I just hit it and -- what would the niners prefer. Comparable scoring. I don't think it's going to be -- score you don't get it and you know it's very well -- The team that's supposedly. Similar yeah similar -- similar still and again that -- Harbaugh Brothers. Having been forced out -- your. I think it'll be somewhere maybe -- that one is I don't. I -- any shot I could see that I -- its -- any -- I'm telling you right yup it's funny we we've we've joked about this from afar that. Sometimes when you get that two week layoff Emmy we did a lot of -- the data for the national title game but hey it's college seeking duel with college did you never know. Yells at forty something days. You almost convince yourself to go the other way. And now -- people aren't you wonder how much people try to convince themselves and for the betting standpoint it appears they are to go for Baltimore and pick the ravens. The more I think about it. -- what we talked earlier about their defense could we saw the Snyder defense a close and personal hero into where England's letting a lot of people can. Can relate to them it is that you'll sometimes you'll see an NFC team. I think about a defense may play with chip on the shoulder because that's all they are heard about it Baltimore. Of course absolutely and and the -- -- -- -- rallying -- from -- what you know -- as you know so it wouldn't want to -- overlooked but when -- -- for the -- the -- that's certainly important board material. And you know I admit -- a lot of people in the Bay Area aren't aren't archived on the remotely doping back that. That incident that Atlanta nightclub in the a lot of unanswered questioned including those myself about that in -- that. Did they is that these exact get a lot of playback back at San Francisco are now. Now I get a lot of -- let anybody know -- -- -- remembered that -- so my breath put the update brought them railroad. Eight. So much about the guy and a. Adding that we had a text it to the shell. The other day say. It if anybody alive you know Jim Harbaugh wants to get it enemy of the of -- of the ravens. He needs to Wear a white suit with red with red ketchup stains on -- particular state to eight months on the and it it. Out arts says that's average sports fans. Rightly object about SF -- dot CAA's sports Saturdays also he has efforts is -- -- a Bay Area sports reporter. I anytime you can anything to get a whip around it. Big stories on ESPN radio whatever you always hear Ryan the -- -- series sex and the all I'll work podcast among the -- I could say the horse himself out for all kinds of money and stuff I used to do the exact same -- thinks that's why put a month -- buddy thanks appreciate kind of get some sleep play. A look at overlapping don't forget also that there were to go native. Native born -- San Francisco native born in racing we like people like that I you know mailman to -- they're born raised them on Boston born and raised to you know -- and analogous efforts is the guy born raised that's right we put GI -- breakdown that neither side of Super Bowl 47 hey buddy -- game on Sunday. Thank you have you -- the -- Leon. -- on sports editor SF Bay Area dot CA now a tremendous nice guy -- -- I say that. I'll be brutally -- -- it's I'm not speaking at a -- either. Ryan does a lot of stringing mark I used to do the same thing. We get to know what the people all a lot of people this is it happens in this business quick little pale yet to know people. -- not even never meeting. But I walked into a dark room and only heard is that -- and attacking who we must and I and I heard his voice -- I would know who he hits. Sometimes that's business that's that's how it works itself -- -- tell the audio. Business works -- -- people my voice and you get shot with a mind -- different forms of social media. A truly one of the nice guy someone that you've never met. But an opportunity to get to know someone you gave the gods on astute our -- and done you know -- -- You get a chance to catch up for a beer I hope all of you enjoy Super Bowl 47. Up my prediction. Last week on now identity -- and I'm probably gonna do it again kept up on Friday. 37. Now. I get a change like the niners defense. 31 of seventy. Let's go 3117. That's my new -- my new prediction may associate producer all the niners gonna wind and it might. Associate producer Tom I thought that tells me you know he's just whispers to work who. 3179. Niners get a win I've always like the niners and I think that matters defense got them. Dropped down a little bit more I think they're gonna -- have a hell -- it niners when -- hope all of -- -- very Super Bowl 47 we will talk to you. Next week and another prediction of what they're called.

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