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NESN's Barry Pederson: Despite their solid record, Bruins haven't even hit their stride yet

Jan 30, 2013|

Barry Pederson joins D&C to break down the Bruins' shootout win over the New Jersey Devils. Pederson also credits Bostons' solid start to good defense and some veteran leadership.

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It's seems to me you'd be hard pressed to nitpick and find something you don't like about the Bruins squad so far early in the season joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. You friend Derek Anderson joins us good morning Barry how aria. I don't -- you don't want -- -- question for you does the energy and the pace that we're watching here in the first 456 games of the season indicate overall. A need for a quick start or is this a result of the 48 game shortened schedule that it's a sprint right from the opening faceoff of the very first game. Well I think early on this season here where we're seeing kind of the advantage of the Bruins we thought and hoped they would have they had. You know tall players over in Europe they had worked on in Providence and of course they had Doug Hamilton in the world junior so they have they'd like nobody else the league they have the most players in ball and playing so. You think it would have a good start to the season because so many guys were active viewer also think with a veteran team. So all the goal well coached that that they should be able to get off to a good start they have out -- It's good to see that they've done a -- because they have struggled the last two years so at home. They've got -- going I think from the Bruins standpoint you do you what are your words are an introduction of -- I think the exciting thing is is that they've got eleven of twelve points and not getting anywhere near on all cylinders right Dick. Well what what is hitting her also on who's gonna look like -- when will we know when we see. Well I think we've already seen it fecal bacteria remember. -- when the -- and 2011 you have the that -- cup hangover star and all the sudden to me what I saw in November and December. Of that year. Was to meet the best I've seen the Bruins team places you'll be -- that particular days where they were just totally dominating those two months and it kind of ran out of gas. That to me is when I see that happening. That's when the Bruins are getting off on all cylinders where their team defense is good getting contributions from their special teams. -- the team with the best -- up there at about five on five team and National Hockey League. It doesn't take much to contribute on special teams to put them over the hump but I think more importantly. When you see this team playing physically. And dominating teams before kicking game that is when you'll know that -- difficult. Does in your mind as the 48 games. Help or hurt the Bruins. I get helps as long as you're healthy because I think it's -- team to get off. Like they have to a good start because the is in a shortened season especially if you look at the teams that are struggling right now in the east that we thought wouldn't -- Let's say Florida. New York Rangers. Pittsburgh Penguins. There at the bottom of the -- out defensively. With the team to Iraq to the good starts like the Bruins they're the top of the security there at the top of the goals against because they're veteran teams. They play good sound defensive systems. Very obviously it's a very small sample size in six games Bible -- one we hear the phrase all the time find a way to win. During his first six games but for the most part we've seen the Bruins find a way to win. Does that really exist in hockey and if it does the that -- upon itself and become a self fulfilling thing. Yet -- to the can also go the other way you know to me see. That is the exciting part is that they have won these close games they found a way to win. You know as I look at the big surprises so far to me that it kind of allow them to do it it's Tuukka Rask. Looks old so comfortable there was a little bit question mark of course with the going to be able to fulfill Tim thomas' shoes and Thomas was -- a security blanket for the team for the last 45 years. So far he looks extraordinarily. Comfortable proved opened Iguodala to Carolina and get to a point when your backup goalie in the -- that is huge. But again to me the what I'm looking forward to it to reimburse her on line get on all cylinders of Cooper Chris Kelly applied to get a little bit that are older more consistent. And hopefully the continued maturity and growth of that -- blind -- important coming back. Obviously concerned with him missing the entire year of mortality you're playing here. Wondering from the concussions that he would come back a little bit -- hesitating a little bit Donald and not hesitating -- -- initiate contact it just a great great start. I'm not sure what rave reviews does too late nineteen year old defenseman fresh into the league but must we should week. Ratchet back our praise for Doug Hamilton and you don't think that Doug you have got yeah it's just one he'll be dug bunker and you think -- is uncomfortable with all the roses. Rose petals thrown at this kid skates. No I don't think so I think you're talking about a veteran room led bush on board that has a tendency to. Kind of take rookies under there are -- wings and keep them the on the narrow it straight and narrow here where they're gonna keep their head. Down working hard and not paying attention to some -- actually that this kid deserves and as you're introducing a talking about ducking and Jerry wanted to go to Doug it's hard to believe in this team that's so tough. Around the league right that you're gonna have a -- you know Gregory but. Without -- that I think this situation with the Doug Hamilton I think that's really surprised me. This is poised defensively I knew he could move the pocket I knew he was a great skater he's going to be the future quarterback this power play for years to come. But to me his maturity level what Seidenberg out he was forced to play against a lot of the other teams top lines. And he really I thought I have a -- extraordinarily well he's great transition. You know they've also allowed the defense position for young got a break -- was always very difficult but now even this year they tweak the rules a little bit more on interference work adopt the pot -- And you even stepped in front of anybody who spoke somebody down and get a penalty which even makes that much more difficult for young. It's gonna be hard to not raise this kid because -- he looked like the real deal. How much thought do you think went into his defensive pairing with Seidenberg with parents have been a consideration would -- been a consideration what plot rusty I think a close applied to where he's gonna put the -- Well I think he's got a with a veteran that I think complements his game very very well which is strong any physical. I think he could've played with and you would -- my other choice do I don't think I'd want to do it right off Tibet. With -- because -- court has that -- on assignment every single night right. You're trying to be that shutdown defenseman that we don't know. I think he's with Seidenberg that you with the right guy do you cut the guy that Lola. Gonna help them along he's the guy that indeed there defensively form and allowed don't need to jump into the play and try to create some offense. In eight years Barry who's going to be who's gonna be a bigger star. It was gonna more all star game appearances is gonna make more money Tyler Sega or Doug Hamilton. I would just say Doug Hamilton right now just because a it's hard to play deposition. Getting help finding them mobile. Defenseman that can create offense in this game and day and age it's also important. He's a right handed shot which helps the Bruins need that desperately back there in the combat power play. It was especially he's been so important right now with. Teams getting better five on five on a yearly basis I think it's gonna be the key for him. That are stated to me is off to a very very slow start I think once he went over to switch over in Europe. Playing over there I think the game was a little bit too easy -- a situation where view of the ice is bigger and not as physical. I get back to that grind of the the National Hockey League like guys hang on need to rape and all over -- holding you grabbing you take in the body. So much different game I think he has to adjust a little bit more and and outline a particular web look at the top line of creativity what they've done very very well as they have promote. If they are checking line that could score right now I think that second line trying to be out. Scoring line that can check and get back to their their -- could they are. Even last year they were the most consistent line Bergeron went all your log -- -- got out of that. -- this might be requiring you to do a little bit more nitpicking to steal that word yet again but what does Doug Hamilton not know he doesn't know yet about the national hockey. Why I think what's gonna end up happening is it's a grind it's especially this year where you're having you know 48 games almost to -- in every second night. It's going to be games where you're not feeling a 100% physically mentally your little dig up. You're gonna have to go out there and play a little harder as we all know whether it's footballer -- or hockey as the season goes on most guys are planned. With injuries and that's just the difficult part of playing through it. And in this your particular you're gonna have to really watch it because you just don't have those days of rest. Where you're gonna be able to locate -- -- through this one game and when I have three or four days off to get better. You could Alter. The little nicked up all of a sudden -- entry gonna get worse and hopefully it won't developed something of a major prop. Your talk and -- -- let's talk about toughness on the -- do we know yet if he can take care himself. Or or where that's yet to be determined until we drop the -- Well we have determined yet but I don't really think they have to worry about on this hockey club remained. As we looked around the division and in the hot seat that you saw Montreal buffalo tried to get tougher to compete with the -- away because the Bruins -- northeast last year just destroyed it they're like nineteen form one or something. And I think they're gonna play right into the -- hand because the strength of this hockey club. It's their toughness in numbers it doesn't matter who they throw out there at 85 man unit they are out there -- they can physically. -- dominate the other team and the other fact is that they're -- players are their top guys to most other teams have to use their third fourth line to get that toughness so there. The Bruins could come -- you in waves. So Duffy Hamilton is here for all the reasons that we love which is he is a gifted offensive defenseman it's hard to find the national hockey the. Aside from a occasional octopus in Detroit Mary what's the strangest thing you've seen prone on the ice when when you're out there when you plan. Well as the bomb attacks didn't. You know some beer bottles and of course it was crazy when the beer bottles were glass there's a lot of around the league that are plastic that are bouncing around but. Both animals and wrap this everything else that was the unfortunate situation -- they got the guy and we got them they got a big Ottawa where we got a month let's get -- yeah that was it was kind of funny there as we all know. You know one of the things you hate when your hero airplanes something you can't be on the ice just stepped watered down thing and thanks to blows that are in need but. It was kind of amazing -- say good for -- have been struggling offensively made those two should go to. Goals against the top goaltender Hedberg got was one of the best in the league should go to -- -- pretty easy. Hey we support we get this every day ago from Bruins fans. They're they're asking about Chris sport be surprised that he was on the shoot out I had a marsh and and he's surprised he's on the power play at times. No I think it's a situation where I think the coaches try to get him going a little bit you -- blocked -- of Tibet. -- we have 93 point I don't care what league you're and you're leading the American League you obviously have tremendous offensive talent. He's in the third line edit the third line been struggling a little bit not only him but I don't think you've seen Chris Kelly. -- heavily played of the levels that they're capable of and again going back to our you know initial point which is not the exciting part. So I think he's trying to get him going a little bit I think he feels that he's practicing. What the difficult things that you're coming up from from any level you get into the National Hockey League or any other pro level was as a young guy didn't the most. Typical person that you have to trying convinced that you belong there is yourself you can't be -- on progressive group to come up here and played his dad's shadow would be around at the rings a lot of low if you don't you can put a lot of pressure on himself with that type because that's what made them successful. But. I think to your original point no I'm not surprised that the coaches try to get going a little bit because they know they need his offense. You know on that third line. Barry back to your comments about toughness in the depth throughout the various lines here we go of the secular with great she Horton and -- -- -- -- -- to balance his toughness and grit he brings with the talent brings on the ice by that I mean. Does -- have to balance out taking are measured -- fighting majors and having a less tell the player get him off the -- for extended here it's time. Yet there's there there is thought I was gonna have to do it that's probably more involved toward the end of the season or in the playoffs but. I I think when this team is successful the coach talked about ethnic during training camp political football a couple times. This is -- a successful team when it is a checking the grinding team physical team that it has that has balanced scoring. When it -- the top line gets in trouble to me it's when they think that their goal scorers. And not grinder yet when Lucci each. And -- are getting their physical game going. You can hit it further and further that they're getting so much more room than they normally would get picked up the pocket they get the defenseman to turn around and defenseman know they can hear a comment. And the crowd gets into the game and when they're playing their game like that the first period I thought they got rewarded about a third period last night late late goal for the play. In the first period where they were flying and I think. For the Bruins to be consistent they have got to keep that mentality in play Bruins hockey and be a tough tough team to play against on nightly basis. Good stuff Eric Peterson look forward is that some time with -- in this hockey season thanks for the time we'll talk to down the road. What Mary -- from a Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T like AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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