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What was that on the ice at the Bruins game? And where the heck is Dino?

Jan 30, 2013|

The Bruins overcame a 1 goal deficit and an unkown food object on the ice to top the Devils in a shootout. The guys break down the game and try to identify the mystery snack. Except for Dino. We don't know where he is.

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I first of all I'm taking full credit for -- performance last night -- you know you miss it on now. And you missed it may be some might tweet I I given up Jack it was. Excellent he was not. Bearable he was not tolerable. He was outstanding that's why he drives me nuts so we backed off that's why -- enough -- he knows when he goes all John Sterling omni. It annoys me because I know how good he can be Johnstone to dope in my opinion is adult it's all. Oh -- can and it's all him tell him Jack Edwards is the -- increment to open to really Smart he works hard -- right. The goal all -- dirt on me occasionally. Two nights ago we did it drove me nuts I went over yesterday we have it's defenders were -- Come -- -- house and born to it had its portrait yet I don't usually go along to you last night what are you know why it was I listen and watch the whole thing I couldn't believe how much better he was Jack you were much better you're. You told me that no he anticipates plays which is really good you know watch this guy to this'll happen that happened and it does. He knows the game did not -- had never popped up even in the -- even in the fight even in the one goal. In regulation when he didn't lose his mind at all I was I was very impressed I'm looking forward -- him today on the big show. CP gives me credit. It can be -- you're gonna take it yes yes yes yes I like Africa's coach Kelly let me pull away workable but it -- its efforts to -- that we analyzed you'd light output but would you agree that even on the big play even on the goals goals. In the shootout. -- it didn't pop off. And and and the one thing that you know and I always agree on. Hedonism and he talked about immediately off like it was written him a call sector and schools in my condolences. And he was back last night and he was good they were good together I -- it's not the most important thing and much more important things on the guys including -- Who object and get to that -- taken credit for septic and credit and she should give transcript he's the one of them. On the biggest. Jack the tractor for years. -- total I only volatile it is an exhibit hate Jack which is not true that is true not just I don't yet Jerry you know just an oxygen rejects not capable -- you know at all. Possible he's the nicest guy says all the time in his -- with -- -- in unlike most people in this business can take it doesn't it doesn't -- mean. I knocked them all all all lost all last year. That's armed -- maritime the master knows we hung out together had a couple Beers together. Couldn't be nicer guy but draws me crazy when he goes when he goes all John starling. On me I can't stand. It is Gerri -- that eleven last night of course he did -- -- short dead and you don't -- did is he didn't get away this was fascinating game at the end. Tell me -- when is the last time these -- guys scored two goals and should never. So ever is isn't appropriate it isn't it cool to see some good for the first time regardless what it is kind of cool. So to say I never seen that before I got a question for winter. And we'll get give it to with the you know what was the food object -- of the big questions where's the you know what we agree that that those topics -- -- -- -- -- Is that really what you think I think it was a cop good we got I got all kinds of proof. I do I do I -- -- it's true that a lot of people were wrong I thought it was today. Come up like those souvenir -- -- like plastic right not like plastic cup. And and and and they show the replay. Essential to replace the commission replay yet they got no they haven't but they have three TV you guys I am I I don't have a TV -- -- there's a -- frame up right -- -- course and second latest models and how can you have some covenant church and put that TB on -- and -- -- distracting for -- but he does not he looks like one of my -- my idea board tackle left. If you missed it if you like Chechnya focused on the BC basketball game I was doing one. -- Bruins again pulled one of the rare and -- they were gonna go about one up and fairly eventful game. Uneventful game they tied up the go shoot don't you feel like where -- where the Bruins right now degree view on this winter. At the gonna find ways ago -- and when -- in this in this. One reason -- gonna win in his Sagan who looks unstoppable. In these things -- answered it says and he just looked so confident he takes the Republicans and he just looks like he's gonna score. Well he did score. But some knucklehead. We're gonna find -- to who was and why they did this. Hey object. And I'm disappointed my general although probably of an early edition I'm gonna typically in addition to its as the food object. I guess that's accurate. Not enough I mean you know more. It travels that far. In the globe here Kevin -- story he gets into detail and I wanted -- detail start and I'm like this went to bed not sure what. Got a full investigation. In the globe which is good that it's quotes from people. And including. Sick again Hus. Who was on the brake on the in the shoot I think that the Eagles skated past -- -- had a good. Vantage point and didn't know he says I'm not sure what was a hot dog may be a water ball. I don't know some hidden even with a -- -- one ball he was right there we saw replays weren't sure what was -- DuPont's theory was a pretzel. -- -- -- The New Jersey star ledger here says I hamburger. But. I think. I think I should -- if this -- -- -- decency. Coming up later Taylor was Cilic he's back in ninety seconds ago. -- can do that yet but -- -- -- -- -- Italian meant when one. He has not here and this is a first. This is the first and wondered to what a few -- -- If you use this excuse the -- I would be -- if you heard it I I did all I heard only because I asked that way -- in my supposed to be ready for something right tackle -- yet bosses next to me two hours. The boss and applause please. Food points were the bosses rested. Who will tell the boss he believes the one that threw the full object. And got arrested on what we tell them the relief -- -- that the you know. Cold and has as a bullet bloating encrypt. Had there -- eyes I'd make -- yes yes he area east wrapped in. Black guys I did it a little it is I just. I'm -- -- -- right right take your foot off the -- and slide right through because it's 4 o'clock in the morning. We're not getting any. Idealism. More. Expensive -- and you probably -- -- take chances late but that's and of the -- this. You know -- it out or ST you know that I mean there are balanced look at that one sell papers and other guys to slow walk. Him walk -- He's got like -- castle on the hill in eighties. With a -- with a -- radio promote its proposed. We know more accustomed to promote. So. Is -- The main. Pool technical upon. If you don't have the signals coming matches because someone's got a cult leaders demo. With a efficient. Williams algae eaters we've built a swim no doubt if -- a moat around here. Today. -- could you find someone to install remote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the hornets. -- -- Year and as -- action has less than more or it's probably. The I think that reaction to the deer antlers for a swaps you know. As -- for you to note the first reaction you know -- stories. Try this out well enough power to you or hate him one time did the -- And you know we made the -- wants -- -- -- -- works. He will get -- begging for 88 to on the yes and eat a lot out. That's a good question begging them for -- to bring -- prescription drugs. Awkward for HEH I don't think you're ever gonna know what but he got a hologram. Idea he would try he's in and he is like. Vijay Singh Joseph -- lower rate -- huge taxis like all the people involved in the story -- think it's alchemy -- Which doctor stuff in its its patent doesn't do anything and they still say try it anyway it's amazing that story. In this once lines in the -- stop payment practices there's zero scientific evidence that this nonsense works. And these guys in -- well on its. And they have this little trick that they wish to do with the cell phones and show -- -- -- it was -- arm and it's unbelievable. Non synthesis and someone like. Ray Lewis or mean the list Heath Evans. These are Smart. People openness or -- instilled just flat out says it works its its like. -- that the bed. And amazing athletes get the mental capacity goal -- try to leave you can be healthy again it's. Good point you just here's the answer. Anything. -- Piled up. -- up. And he's just a while these matters hopman -- Hitler pills. And that he says you want to spray desperately tries like he has despray. He thinks she's on the arm and -- he's in Jamal OK just stick your it would be done. -- that are. It doesn't even care to be back in fifteen days to play for the playoffs if you get if you wanna know the mentality read the story there. It's just silly that we raised -- team New Zealand says the other fastest growing. -- -- -- -- Their guide me Euro could be used this decree that is the funniest part. And don't you think they do that because they know people agree -- yet thank god is on the side right here god want to detectives. And they go okay -- And that's the guys rationalizations are made by gone their dear as. Well there. The campaign. Banned substance. The -- it in -- -- OK time anyway it's amazing we can get to get that we I promised as the electricity. I'm gonna tell you what item was. -- At. First but it aside from the stadium for me if you go to your most incredible crowd of people in this one of those knuckle. Terriers it's eight after the game. -- -- Notes. They must inform. The first hole -- attacking -- cost. That you do. I think it probably affected -- more quote -- it's. Department. So I looked up the rules and this. That's actually pretty good break down so it is actually in it don't you think the refs handle that well the only way they could yeah they had to. If Pete and denied the second attempt that I don't think he was there any chance of that. You have a controversy if he had been given the first chance you'd have a big controversy. All the way like if I could I got a majority it. Not Hedberg started to actually it's he's looking to watch the pock. What is already passed him at that point. May have affected -- more which shows is right ability to concentrate to make the -- going to -- the object I think they should allow fans to throw things at -- just to make it fair. And he's so good at this accurately. Really that was possibly can't believe he's only twelve for 2255%. I got a feeling that's gonna go as I'm sure he's in Greece whose. First year four for 86 for twelve to two this year so it was pretty consistent as well around 50% but doesn't it seemed comfortable in that role yes. Lead -- guy right out of the -- What awful when that that the item one across the crease and he scored did you say oh here we go huge controversy right whether they allowed a goal or not. You can have a huge controversy the only way the current board that is if they gave Sega -- trying scores again. And and then no harm no foul. He scored again prone to win and they really isn't the controversy except this -- -- -- laws. Do you know officially in just haven't told us yet. I think so okay. I guess I picture we get you've got to pick it just from the New Jersey is this from the start alleged or Charlotte or the -- alleged who checked this out the Ryder. Of the story the -- The guy news the big guys on the beat right in the game story. Says. It's his name is rich. Seek HD -- and star ledger says it's Hamburg. -- -- hamburger. Her burger doubtless like to know all the picture -- -- think it's hammered a shot -- and as that there were watching right now that looks like but looks like it has mustard. It looks like that meets taken out of the back end of the burger that looks like the bread what are you what are you vote which I think it's a hot dogs inch -- hot dog. As a bagels -- pretzel about that takes a bagel it is well and developed in that bread container it's not a normal role pretzel dog actually think it's well that makes about the a pretzel while the mix DuPont. Half right as he thinks the pretzel. Harold takes to them the easy way of -- food option which he definitely is there there are accurate archer shorter stop alleged calls and hamburger. Sagan thought could. Water bottle I don't think it's -- -- I thought it was a cop because I figured it came from the you know or objects that's rabble. I've been searching for the super group we -- all my life that I'd edit and have from liberal America and -- price as a two point so what do you think should happen to hop on. Just the form of the government -- don't don't know that was my -- was my original thought now it and it's important pointed out it's -- for a team from the lower bowl. Pena got that on -- does look like eight we will we be able to find like who did it. Meanest people around all yet because they can take the cameras and make -- decisively where came from. They can move almost -- campground can find out what seed came from exactly whether or not that right in this seat or woman. Actually owns those that guy that's true back and and now the Broncos helmet on a subordinated afford to say -- what body a year ago on an excellent. -- Pretzel dogs. One of -- free food items in January. What's your question we'll check arsenal pretzel went to. Our house and Republicans -- Ellen did that turn out to the -- -- -- to art doesn't look like a normal hot dog. Now mansi squish them and I know -- fires -- announce an easy obvious question what possesses someone do this but alcohol what possesses a moment but. -- trying to distract the goalie they came it was little low yet the attempt was to be little higher right across the sight lines of the goal right. But don't you know that if you do that everyone's gonna see it. And the refs are gonna take some action here. Like -- -- and gets it is scores they're gonna -- like it did it again and if he doesn't score it's it's gonna stand ready to be president Betty but this year our home fans for distracting up for attracting signaled this knucklehead. Is lucky. Would we agree that he's blunt I believe my jacket restarted long -- trending on -- last mile long -- yet -- -- -- -- as he was great last night so this -- head. Is very lucky Sagan got another chance scored again look just I -- through we were you glad. When. Was the last double the this. On the shootout and offensive defenseman other defenseman. This list price of mosquitoes are -- I I wish it easy route with Jackie resort Aaron Missouri -- War we opened this would go all night and I haven't cool. And and like the last guys like -- -- and become an hourly -- separate. What adamant fun and a touch you look a little bit I mean marshall's first ever shoot out. First ever goal first ever shoot out. And he wins it and after -- and but he got hot it got taunted that was one of the -- at that no I'd like that I thought Clarke sent a notice I love that -- -- -- rating. Just don't doesn't martian hockey hockey players did very creative. With their taunts at times they're not -- that -- normally. Credit for that -- but. And we didn't see this on this -- -- after scored Marchand went by the bench right. Did receive them they -- you know they know they picked it up halfway that would -- a nice. Famous final scenes seem goma the bad and then after that after it apparently when he hop over the boards to go grab two grass celebrate. -- kinda made a little sick of the circular route. Two with a double -- in the game. All right well we're gonna try to find out exactly one. There it is there it is there's been horrific Clarkson as the clocks and someone dropped more since on the sort of on the ball today -- -- Morton salt over the Dino so it we're gonna we got lots of people trying to guess what -- it is. Sausage. Well so -- is also those they sell the other sauce the public the sausage and peppers is it. Partially eaten. It looks to be Jerry looks like someone like little kid -- around -- bread you know. You can just make it heavier we that this might start a tradition because it wasn't the -- -- that. The octopus cost estimates while you are in order to -- -- I think -- shots is that you know -- play -- doesn't -- gonna show and have his own theory but we'll find out when the nuggets here once he gets past the frozen -- -- -- -- exposed to supposedly checking in after the 92 time -- A gut checking in nice as -- as he's sliding down the animal will hear. A block here by now -- Don't -- it any better really better live. The car better go downhill. If you try to go a lot alike can understand it. You better go down hill and did that point that's when you just put the car you put everything you know he you do -- Ray -- it's all in God's handed to beat us we'll when you get to the bottom. Says the cops won't let him is flat rolled his hot -- no cops are declaring and you know on passable he was willing. The slide down the hill and you Patricia but the cops -- them but they checked it real chicken in ninety seconds. Maybe as a theory on what the hell this is and maybe he has. Maybe sort of got some gear at the -- yeah he's gonna try. We're gonna find out what exactly -- period Sprague -- no doubt is gonna give Russia. But he'll take -- document ninety seconds.

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