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Ray Lewis linked to a banned substance in his recovery. Do we blame Ray, or Jesus?

Jan 29, 2013|

Halleuiah! And the Lord shined down from heaven and said Ray, use all the tools I have given you! Use the dust of a deer antler to heal! And Ray did it, and the Ravens made the Superbowl, and it was good! Praise the Lord!

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Show -- -- -- first doubled to -- -- I'm like. There -- -- -- partner. To -- like what's up. Dutrow are -- got a question -- is so Ray Lewis. Scandal thing that was just released. -- I was reading in the paper our guests that are important what I rare. Pretty clear cartoon. On role that he plays next year. Does that mean her if these allegations are true. He cannot be suspended for the super ball well. Have to testify had the -- is exactly Mike he -- tested he hasn't well. As far as we know we gotten tested positive word of performance enhancing drugs steroids. So if they do. They helped to book a little over a week or investigate -- alligator. Yeah I don't have anything to do with the testing you would it would have to be. His normal turn. If it was his normal turn for testing. Then. If he tested positive I'm sure they would ever result in time for the game excellent with the -- The process takes a well organized -- they would -- they'll do -- tested and now weeks ago. To be able to do something now what do we ever seen any test come out. The week of those -- not a test results not Italy and here's the scandal which -- -- just fallen off the rail -- of the night for the Super Bowl whether it's. You know -- Eugene Robinson just a prostitute there right. Or are OK they're good or or see the video -- -- beat the patriots were sneaking in. To the St. Louis Rams practice or we got that what that facility that video we don't know waiting in the video -- -- Or you have to edit out after I'm talking about lives stories. There was a sitter for the raiders Barrett Robbins. Disappeared before the Super Bowl yes. What was meant papers Cincinnati Stanley care numbers -- no doubt. But he had knee. I can't remember his name but yeah -- -- him bad angles angles 49ers. He's got lost and disappeared and anticipate that with the bank yes at all those things happened might but as far as -- great Lou it's been suspended for the Super -- I don't think it's gonna happen now a lot of people I don't know if he goes -- what would never let. Yeah and -- got a little delay the test until next week a lot of people who have helped America eighteen quarter. Second might put out here on on. -- violence that is a lot of people that's on the eighteenth tee Texan and they they said why -- this story coming out now. Well -- and I think. There -- business. It's a bit here you can talk about all that that. Knew it was just happens and they just drop it randomly what's been a special report. They've been working out of for awhile and this is good timing for them don't get the business of trying to they're trying to get as many eyeballs on it as as much as they -- try to get. As many people talking about it so it is well armed but what difference does it make if it's true. If it comes out the day before the Super Bowl media day doesn't matter as long as of cross every T dotted every I in this story is accurate cares when it comes out. -- can't hear me. -- you know with the contract. Here and they're suspend him. He's done he's done after Sunday though Mike so there's nothing they can really do the only thing that could affect Ray Lewis right now. Is that could -- tarnish his image. -- don't know if it does that doesn't really do that I mean football in baseball your your image is tarnished by your reputation is at times can be destroyed. Are they could question your entire career to keep you -- the hall of fame. Football different sport. Nobody nobody looks at the same way people talk about Rodney Harrison -- -- Oliver team -- right now. He talks to Ray Lewis will be absolutely ESPN is gonna. Withdraw. His contract offer now offer that contract authority in place for regular federal thinks I don't think it's gonna affect -- at all. And if he wins the Super Bowl on on Sunday the adoration being there I don't they'd all be there. -- breed -- warrior and the people that don't want a -- don't -- like ray will will bark out for years to come. He was he was a Reuter or he was -- it was a cheater and where's the whites. -- for years. I think the world is upside down in some ways. When Ray Lewis can say today. In addition to the to the -- story which he just brushed off him and talked about it and I'm not surprised he didn't talk about it but. Ray Lewis. And say. Are forgiven. And I -- You forgave her. I was waiting for the for what. You what do you don't look let's talk about accuracy with is there anything that she said that was inaccurate. You know everything she said that was inaccurate. And a Welker. Wound up giving him more credit -- he deserved. That's that we should -- -- while she made me look better than actually that actually am because she said. Six kids four wives. I don't think there were four wide. Other -- kid who is going to be a freshman next year at Miami. Aum was quite disturbed because he started getting -- tweets some negative tweets and one of them basically said. How does it feel -- have a follow you know killed two people. So he now responded. Now that's been re tweeted everywhere right so it's out -- so I asked the question well well but -- this is different I think Ray Lewis. Should have to answer for everything. And -- Ray Lewis gets criticism. That's like he chose he's big board professional athlete so I think I think he's fair game. Analysts Twitter and there are no rules on Twitter. This kid -- that was I had don't we don't think -- -- -- kid I. I I don't agree you what you and I are on the same page here. I didn't like it when for example Belichick's on the suddenly. For doing the same thing that a bunch of other kids did when they were all arrested down at the the country fast down Eric the -- for underage drinking. His kid's name was the only one that was prominently mentioned in the newspaper we know about the situation with the pot. -- celebrity kids get into trouble they should be treated by the media the same way. That some other kid is treated who does not of celebrity parents because they didn't choose a public life they're. Spite of but they didn't all of that I'd agree with in this case. Social media is part of me. If the hit now elects that he's going to be part of it and go one quarter. Shouldn't be different he decided on responding. To these people is called social media credit but it's not but it's not. Yeah at that point Cher do at that point. You just -- this is tweeting you telling you how does it feel guys -- Wednesday at you know murdered two people. You've got to avoid your habits -- -- somebody's getting out ever get a what -- wars with -- people might but not Smart announced I don't know it is not it's human. There's some bodies to all human stuff. It is not Smart it's easy easier said than done whether it's due to -- talking about your parents and you -- that age or right now. If your kids that somebody talks about -- you're -- -- you're kids are gonna be protected review. And and they won't always say that politically correct thing. You know it's at its award now all they talk about -- -- that we're really. So. I understand. And also social media is the name of the people on Twitter who have. But media aspiration in their body. Think about the media and look at it as a media outlet but he just put it but it you know it's not. It is I don't think college that's not dot let's not what you. The privacy of individuals I don't think that that the kids or even wives of of public figures are celebrities or pseudo look at every knucklehead here on an eighteen to decline. Don't be famous it's that simple okay on -- on knowledge -- I but I don't get that so so it was a Ray Lewis whereas the ability to play pro football. I think with our performance enhancing drug I think if the ability to play football. But he shouldn't play football. Because and tonic and the league. That was just starting. How gorgeous the -- of the Internet right around the time Ray Lewis was a rookie. There was no such thing as Twitter there was no such thing as FaceBook. ESP and with not as big as it is now the post and all of that they now. I'm not gonna play pro football because. My unborn child. Will be affected or my by my two year old will be affected by my celebrity just a shelf next. I'm with you honestly and I think that they are or a private. Figures and it's unfair to the story which -- -- be fewer robberies get broader deal. -- got into it a domestic violence that now it happens. A lot up there. Yet that was prominently featured on TV and all of the newspapers. Why. -- kid was not a celebrity. Jerry is a big name in this. But the -- was the one that it's wrong it was like 2829. Jerry is the father put he's the father of the adult. All right and why is his name all over the newspaper that and he is totally unfair. But if the kid goes on now he's going into his freshman year of college. And he's now going to respond out there which is the normal reaction so we -- -- call your father a murder. You're gonna be pissed off did you love your far right so you're gonna sit there and you're gonna you gonna react. In in that case you can't win because now you'd suddenly. Become a public figure creature out here on this form you made out to sit at the forum is still not a media. But it is it's a way of broadcasting us out there. I know from I don't believe guys had. I don't believe he picks up -- women are not. I'm not what I do believe is that it be if you give him true credit to say whatever you will lose so be it. And that's at the end of the day you know I have always so muscles the same thing when you compete in sports. This I -- sports that that that's that's true if there's a winner there's the movement. Spewing up you boots on them find god. -- media day. Got a New Orleans today lot of people wearing car. Still those -- the people that we're actually asking the questions you guys were in uniform who actually play the game so Ray Lewis was asked. About the the situation. Back in Atlanta 2000. After the 2000 Super Bowl. There was as answer nobody here is really qualified to ask those questions. I just truly feel -- is God's time whatever his time is you know. Let it be his well. And try to please everybody would you words -- make everybody's story sound right at this time I would rather direct my questions. In other places because I'd live with every day. You may be can take a break from it. Don't I leave with every eight -- my life and I would rather not talk about it today. Next question. And nobody else asked the as follow of course I don't declare that they don't listen to the -- you know it will probably. Don't those followed questions or any any. Any real questions what will happen on Wednesday and Thursday. Because. Media days just it is not a circus it you can't really get up. A legitimate interview going because you people all over the place. And everybody's got the kid with a camera crew. You got people from all over the world war. Doing various things asking -- style questions pop culture questions. A few football questions sprinkled -- can't get any kind of rhythm going interview wise so Wednesday and Thursday. There're fewer cameras there more. People were disinterested in talking about. You know football topics were topics like this. Are serious topics and I think you will this is not the last. That the last question he's hurt and in this direction. They'll either the SI -- yet -- -- -- today but it'll come back tomorrow and it's going to be back on on Thursday to but he he might continue to avoid. Or shade of Boston nation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now basically at Decatur -- Kate and I mean. I cannot believe all these great things that are going on up from New England -- if pat and his. Ray Lewis is not a lot of gospel evil priest -- blah blah blah blah blah. Haters gonna hate salzman who saw. Is that okay Jane Jane what is what is haters -- hate got to do with are the Sports Illustrated reporter from Boston -- the patriots fans. Now we don't know how but I mean it's just like every -- this. And allegations from some -- Singler MBA. And I'll be acting like no. If it's true we don't know for astronaut if it's true do you do you change your opinion. Yeah I'd beaten or sodium so you don't have to check out the story this is awful lot of -- -- you don't think efforts are right now. Public address domestic -- unanimous did you read the story. Now you are just I've just literally get OK check out story Reynolds back every three the story and I think long. Yeah it is it's a commitment but if you read the story. It would be surprising. In the very surprising at the stories oh yeah at the guys to put together our seasoned vets who have been through. Of these steroids stories before there's clear cut evidence that this is. -- this is not just throw its opener against the wall. On the week of a Super Bowl may be distract. Ray Lewis or because you don't like his act you you're trying to won't -- -- or whatever. I know this is questioning it and -- it shouldn't be questions all of these guys when you'll keel that quickly. From that type of an injury. The nature of Peterson may end up getting the MVP duplicate that comeback player of the year this week but questions. Out there. On how he came out so -- quick -- you're bringing -- something interest and this is where. If you want -- you want a real response not gonna get to real response from Ray Lewis. But you wanna put somebody on the defensive. You want entertaining response to this question. Ask Ozzie Newsome and questions asked John Harbaugh some questions. John comebacks of that. Put him on injured reserve. And he's playing right. It is not playing -- fact this this you're not be able to do this is quickly. What did you guys know that he wanted to respond to give the -- angry. Asked those guys the questions don't have Ray -- Asked them and you and you may have a show illusion I think it's unfair. To accuse. Adrian. Because we've seen too many cases of now in in all of professional sports. Are questioning it. -- mean Lance Armstrong. Were all going to question when ever guy comes back. Quickly. We're going to question how he was able to do how he was able to speed up the clock and speed up I'm beyond where anybody else has been able to combat before. And they want -- rushed for 2000 plus it's. I are fun averages six wants to have a 779793. So it's fascinating and looking at the AT&T it's excellent. AT&T forgy LT east ten times faster and reject the -- On a lot of people are texting again. They're hoping that Rondo. Does the exact same thing that Ray Lewis so if it's one of yours you're wrong guys are in you want him to come back quickly. Then it's okay. Stuff. It's at. One after they're probably does -- -- The joke at the -- ordered up there's several little wink wink and that's an absolutely fans if you -- if you -- You know escalate the that the process here in and get get him back before the season pitched. -- People haven't gone back to. That I active vocal -- even New Hampshire -- What the -- Jack Edwards lately. I can get my car at 6 AM this morning and Dennis and Callahan are talking about. No word -- Are they get -- across the grass for a while John -- and does to I think it's gotten them more shots. No I had an audience and it's a gunshot shot to the problem with the -- did you. Then I didn't have my car in the afternoon at 230 end and you got to talking about. The social media given -- Why he was saying it last night during the broadcast this. He was talking about it last night. But I'm Jack -- it is optional I think it's a great play by play commentator I love it. Peanut butter jelly I liked his forearm shiver I like the tick tack -- You know all my hockey Brandon Roy Vernon and how much we will we will have listened to Jack Edwards. But they're division now you're in your friends love Jack and -- people who say it was just too much he'd talk to my. -- -- -- You know he's not the most fit I've I've read -- little tool on the radio you know because. I -- peers and those guys then and one other thing -- talk about it not -- -- need to bring back captured after all my. And I happened baby and happened had to go. And yeah. Network chained the network via -- I've watched that L network more than I ever -- -- now. Gone and. Yeah that's your first that you would I like hockey and now you might not about Gabbert -- governor hockey now you've done -- mouse that make you don't have to. This really pays him. Were the only you don't have to -- I don't have to watch NASA and for what you're looking for I. All different feeling about your particular your love of a jacket -- editorial after you throughout the gap from them -- Alcatraz expert Catherine it was a great deal. The addiction making more money you know shortly. And she's done a terrific job so you can steal. Get Scherer you're tapping you -- go you know elsewhere throughout its debt that you took. It to adapt and -- here's David McCarty. Pig Latin guys our neighbor was going do great -- Of course I brokered over the law take its. What losses that. David David you and everybody else I'd be curious to know we can get into the today or maybe even tomorrow. How people are viewing this game how many people are looking forward to the game I get the sense that. Is still a great deal of bitterness and sadness that you put it over the loss to the ravens though I think people watch it on Sunday. But as far as looking forward to it on Friday and Saturday at the Super Bowl tomorrow I don't I don't get the sense that most people in New England really fired up about it. You're you're right Michael other than normal reaction isn't it David after your team -- you you you know you. You go through the the wake in the morning and and you cannot -- ignored for awhile. What exactly are not look at poor cope with an article beat -- the -- at all open now speaking of Ray Lewis -- Now the men and it is -- I agree with you Michael I'm gonna have to disagree with -- I think is that once you put your mouth and the social media. What you create an account. You opened the game. Demanded he come on -- that's -- might fallible but somebody went there. At stake -- -- I'm a father I have three kids. And now and you would hate to be in any item of publicly you can get voted Cuba. You know as a child being an adult like this it's -- -- play 1819 probably. Yeah. He's going into his freshman and that's -- makers and David that's what makes him more interest in his case. Because he's about to place for program that for awhile with the perennial top when he -- not so much anymore. So he's going to be the a public figure pretty soon even if it's on a local level and if he's if he's really good it's going to be a national public figure just -- out there. But about a -- and a lot of cases and it's -- it's tricky because. I know it's called social media I don't consider I don't consider immediate -- FaceBook I don't consider that media. It's something else and it and they would get I can't really define yet. The little guy. Look at some people okay obviously -- mainstream media members who were on there there are. All alternative media or new media members regular college -- on their -- Some kids who were on -- and it is one. -- their friends there's some college students who were on there. And don't give a damn they're not following. Media. Just updated it you're just talking to each other. What it does Michael is it that you -- -- private conversations. And they are young kids out there. That. You know startled door or stirred up enough attention. That she watched here you see that they've got to -- 50000 followers right because they've done something. To stimulate people league and the curiosity has got to. -- get these people follow it. So yeah they're not traditional media. Pure person out there and an -- aid to do the media job. But they have 250000. People -- following and once you see some -- but you're out it's the the public -- that it's not like we're having a private conversation in the room. And you certainly are calling a person names it's now open everybody. -- he's a team ranked eighteen and right so I guess it is easy for the it would be easy for me to say. You gotta have more restraint. Got it easy for me say that you can't get ahead and get more discipline and say that nobody here. Nobody working at and at this station. On the year is eighteen years old are about to go to an eighteen is -- over barely. And you worked -- about New England media in general I'm most people on your TV radio and newspapers. Are over the age eighteen. -- -- -- All of them. Everybody. Has responded. To some criticism. We've gotten -- we've all done things that we shouldn't have done. We've all texted people back who says some you know some outlandish stuff like I -- your -- -- -- everybody -- that everybody has. -- If it isn't a little hypocritical. Of us the city recently got to be Smart and got to be better -- When we made mistakes and we know better I'm always will got -- emotions get the best. I'm in total agreement with you and a five with a kid and it in my Dan I would think my dead were innocent and I'd be pissed off as well all I'm saying -- It does become open seasons if you are out here and you're gonna send it out into the Twitter world. It now can be re tweeted at all these other people were going to see it it's not like you are having. A social private conversation. Among extra friends it's no more -- That's all set I understand but the kids don't know and I already told you I -- kids. Of celebrities should be off limits for these stories even when they get themselves into trouble they should be treated the exact same way. That somebody else who doesn't have celebrity and which are treated.

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