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Incredible start for the Boston Bruins continues...

Jan 29, 2013|

Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway discuss the start of the Bruins, earning 9 out of 10 points in their first five games. Things are looking great for this team in a shortened season.

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We got to get to the Bruins because. Right now I'm taking drug it's called for its. I love this 48 game. Season. While I hate to say they're ready to play 82 games except we need to collect money. For all of the other games from people who -- while the hot dogs and beer and everything else but the 48 game season right now. Is forcing these guys every single night. Arm to play with a sense of urgency. It's unbelievable these games have been terrific I watch other games other NHL games here in the last week. You can see the difference. These guys are playing right now as if we're down to the last two months of the season -- they realized. You can't get off to whistle stop Chicago plate right now -- see what they're doing it. These teams are getting off to great starts -- really struggling because -- a sense of urgency and if you're not playing great right now. You are in serious trouble but the one guy that shocking. The crap out of me to this point. Is Milan Lucic we pitched about a last year not physical enough and not hear anybody it was not a sure thought he was calm. Feel like Russell three and 45 rounds or whatever. Because he looked big. He didn't play over in Europe where we're twelve the guys on that team played. And he didn't show up as much when they had the the practices on the the worked out of -- were a season ago we -- into almost. Michael he's been tremendous in the game chart with a power play goal. He's the one that created that right created confusion in the front of the net he's been phenomenal that in these games. -- we can ask Jack about this tomorrow jacket which is going to be on what you think about this. There there are some positives to playing a 48 game season. And I -- the negatives are not -- lot of the negatives are obvious money you had a very had a very short training camp. No -- -- let's just put that they're training camp kid you would know week there's if it's impossible and prepare for games. So you have no training camp -- Culligan holiday played as you have how did -- had to battle back and you have to back to back games. Several of them they're playing again tonight against New Jersey but here's here's the positive thing about -- that they had a 48 game season last year. The Bruins would've won it. They were in the middle of last year they were untouchable they had a stretch there with a 2526. Game stretch. What they were playing otherworldly. Hockey so if you can. You don't wanna peek right now. Peaking around gained thirty. Brigade played your best hockey game thirty game 35 accuse -- of that you know let's get a normal NH LG I think everybody is not a bad thing right now but -- -- being made in these games and they lead to movement the course of fifty seconds at the Wharton and Chris Kelly gave up -- the -- -- the point. And Carolina cap you know it took over right -- and got those two quick goals so I think everybody's playing like -- But why do you need that long. A pre season what do you need to one of the camp these guys have six days and look at the way they're playing some guys play in Europe some guys the younger. Guys were still playing in the minors. But -- the overall play has been tremendous. And that was an exciting game from start to finish. Brake -- back to Seidenberg the wind is not. The shots. Don't think it's. A little worried about our -- Jack Jack -- -- tomorrow are a little worried about it. Got better. I thought god. Adding that you're going Doug. Songs actually about Doug. He threat but it is good eight and on them. Don't don't debate over the that the music word broken yet -- this were -- that's why this was just -- but this is why the season but it can be fun for me is pretty good isn't but you think about this. Or something you know about this. Art you know how good Bergeron is even though I'd love to find out I -- so pissed off last thing. I'm seeing Patrice Bergeron that pissed -- -- in the box and second ago I mean really well something was probably going I mean you tired I mean you really yeah. Or sub and all right so you know hopped up you know how good Bergeron is not a good thing can be. I you know how good Chara is -- teach you mentioned earlier. Tuukka Rask. He's a rookie -- but he's got this question the question because what they want two years ago Tim Thomas. Played at an historical and not much and -- grass has to do that now because this is a better team -- team overall team better team that was two years ago. He's got to be good Michael they could have some problems he could be the downfall he's not. I don't know I don't know out there they're better overall in two years ago that's -- point you that you like the core of the team are logically there are some questions. You know how how good conduct -- Now he guardian -- and I'll go for -- found out yesterday's going to be here for the entire year that's great but -- just his reaction. He's asked the the question about that about. You know how did you feel whatever he could just tell that the kid is genuine. And east. Probably a little bit and I he still you know big smile on his face I mean he knew or did you have any doubt the way he was playing that they were gonna send back to juniors. As a kid so you never know but you don't you don't know what he's going to be the rest of the year. Quote Goldman was good last night which -- don't know what he's going to be for the rest just it's one of the big questions I don't I think. The back up goaltender is now in play it's a question when it hasn't been for three or four years when you had Thomas and Tuukka. And really worried about either guy you know to -- was a one in waiting. Was -- open you still have question I don't know how it's gonna play out. Is not a more important role when you've got a condensed 48 game season where you're playing -- virtually every other night so you need that back up goaltender. A little bit more percentage wise in the season -- So I really don't I think is a factor and here's and here's another thing Amanda I'm sure. A lot of people that -- this one coming. Which you don't have a question about the head coach about. The win last night moves them past grapes here I'm shocked to see we -- yeah I was. Moves them past grapes here to read that yesterday how shocked that he was close and now he's behind. Now Art Ross how he's -- get to know I am shocked the sugar and milk these. So loyalty you look at you look at -- And right. It's is if he really was his job was in danger I don't know people believe better not his job was in danger a couple of years ago. January the year that they ended up one of the cup -- was in jeopardy we're sitting here doing days of is he going to be fired. Because the question was it will will these guys buy into his system. They bought into the system. It's just it's it's larger it's larger than. -- -- up the list of all time Bruins coach. It really speaks to. The stability of the organization because if you're making fun of Jeremy Jacobs was the cottage industry in Boston was before they won a championship. Maybe a secondary sport. Was looking at the Bruins coaches and talking about how if anything went wrong or there was a threat of anything going wrong. They get rid of coaches that's why don't adequate that's workload is that -- it well you really think about it Peter surely makes a mistake. What this burst tire. -- guy uncle Dave is not a great uncle day that come today ads there. Nice to -- -- and bad defensive system so. He makes a mistake there and he brings and -- and it's just been stable ever since and just think about the organization. Talk about -- anymore and think about him with cam which to rally with quote. You've got stability in the got a damn good team all right accurately say there are some questions here. But there are questions that that they're gonna affect. How good the team and it it's gonna say that these questions won't keep the team from going to the playoffs. These are questions that. Are are the difference between. Second round of the playoffs and actually -- an -- -- -- that was the only thing that was being talked about them with the Bruins. In this town as much as people. Seem to have different recollection of how it played out. You tell people were talking about the Bruins when they were ripping. Jeremy Jacobs and calling with a that's when people were talking about -- alcoholic good positive Woodstock. It was a gripping the -- right that's what one -- now this team. And over the last two or three years certainly deserves tons of credit because they finally figured out. The net Cam -- in a position right now where he commanded great respect credibility. Surely clearly. I just looking at the deal. The cast would deal he made with with Toronto at how solid this guy -- at evaluating talent and look at the the nucleus of what you have here. Of the good young team that's going out. I think it -- long window of opportunity. Getting back to two -- I mean you see it now for five games is there anything you see there that you seed might be fraudulent because she just looks like that. Well brought to greet us what he's been -- -- three years sharp fraudulent. Just. It's gonna have to gain weight the only thing. I you can't have it off he'll fill out the we are killed in a deal. He'll -- but it's not a question of but does he have the skills of course he has the skills. -- got it popped and pick in the draft and other entrap us before but he's very good. As just a matter of of reps in filling. This physically but. Now there are no issues we look at and say Ariza thank you -- a price shouldn't do this but I do it -- Because you look at starts of players and guys that are that are heralded. They thought the Doug Hamilton was ready and that's what they paid they pushed him into the season correctly they felt he was -- And obviously he is ready Bristol which I think he's a year ahead of schedule BP probably is not to think he might. But you know what seemed to have a was a report. And I was around at -- that was 7980 season I did those games that year Bourque scored gold on opening night. Eating deport you and you can pick up but the first the first couple weeks like people were just amazed at. How good this guy -- obviously ray Bork turned out to be orderly. The degree -- of all time hall of Famer etc. etc. so much at a podium is headed but there -- state a point. We're here these guys that get up early. Seemed to figuring -- -- got to go and they write and and let him go and and port that. Rookie year each year people forget you was phenomenal I believe that wasn't us. Plus -- this year of his entire career was phenomenal that rookie year. And he was winning games for them virtually making plays to win games from that first huge tremendous. And I haven't seen anybody. Certainly at that position. Do that. And until -- -- the last week -- this kid is showing. He's got all just doesn't -- makes mistakes she's made a couple mistakes made a mistake the other night and -- -- but. It just seems like he is playing well beyond. Huge years for nineteen years old rate was nineteen when he broke teammate and they were both -- -- little shoddy and the same -- But player while there there's there's no question -- man. This is that what was so unlikely about it you're right. If you see a guy. For guidance figures it out at a young age you -- ago. But this is -- likely. That this is happening during a lock -- year right so you would think that this year like OK maybe he's maybe he's close to being ready but. We had no training camp everything is up we're starting in January. Well he was -- he was playing though I don't Ole miss a week this judging it a little bit because he's one of the guys. That probably is in mid season form because he's been playing in an awful lot. I don't maybe that's clouding our judgment all -- -- in five games. This -- a tremendous. I don't think anybody's in mid season form now. I don't even if you've been playing games can nab him -- been playing in the NHL. So. Yeah am I guess it is great for conditioning purposes but are you really NHL is anybody really NHL ready to the point when you say. Oh yeah this is like a normal year for that. Don't have training camp and you're not playing the same schedule I don't think anybody's. Is up to speed. Typically does get some phone calls would do what next the six point 7779793. 37. 937. Beautiful girls next.

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