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Ray Lewis SNL skit, forgives Welker's wife, and is linked to PED's

Jan 29, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about the latest news surrounding the Ravens linebacker. They listen to the SNL skit, talk about Ray Lewis forgiving Welker's wife, and discuss the SI story that have him linked to PED's.

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Well -- not to three point seven WEEI big show comes your way to a clock to not go anywhere. Media day going on at the Super Bowl in New Orleans you heard from the 49ers Randy Moss earlier won fifteen or so. Ray Lewis in the Baltimore Ravens double take their spots at podiums in chairs and desks and wherever else they're going to be. To get from the assembled media as part of a Super Bowl bowl week leading up until kick off Sunday. About 630 or so yesterday we got some news from Ray Lewis. And I set apology. Before the break that Ray Lewis gave Wes Welker is -- and apology really isn't that. It it's more like. Ray Lewis forgiving. -- burns Welker for her comments. I always. But I firmly of the good book and you know go book always confirms you know even a full accounting lies and the meal with your seat mile. And he sometimes people just they -- out so for her to come out of they would is that without a truly forgive her. You know I have no hard for -- against our at all you know but I believe -- just make mistakes and faithful that things from that. So he comes out and says it's okay. But in the same breath he's also calling her foolish and saying polish things are not thrilled at you know she pointed out via FaceBook. That there's four kids with six different women. That there is a murder history with a rate and the Super Bowl. And he basically said yeah -- people I forgive her. But she's if that's what it's. A and he said it was she cities there he says it's over forget about it Amaechi played the game. I still think that you know it's. It just cool out there she is now wife of Wes Welker acute what you FaceBook page talk ball. In other players fans can do really want she's now married to him she played the game she apologized nobody's offended. Ray Lewis made is a common Nemo. You feel like she's sitting around hoping she bombing at that forgiveness from rank now he'll -- -- with but it was humility apologist gonna cared less addictions like you know. Didn't want to somebody wrote -- full -- with a was Walker's agent Pete patriots whatever was. She probably wasn't crazy about the apology begin with some pictures looking for forgiveness from -- he's going to be asked a -- questions today. Was asked the question already wasn't what he thought the SNL skit on Saturday night they did a huge spoof. Of him. They get a huge breakdown. In -- talked about that. -- are you excited for the big game. -- All. Again they're learning and again we're getting used to Israel a lot of study cried last week during the National Anthem -- just. -- -- -- -- My book but your whole life don't put us all where they are the games to block out the bowels. Well I hope it in -- this happens it will 49ers are favored by four and a half point -- optimism that it. You're up to you though I got a point truck and I think it -- -- I don't know that I thought about I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The now that it's never -- late. Yeah. It's gave up that was great and the mic wasn't in the got -- we've got the the team huge Ray Lewis. You know make up things there under resided the -- black. That was great. Yeah. -- I -- -- -- about will have a that you lose I'm more worried about what you do you win since. If you win the Super Bowl. Those great right we don't like that. But did a great job on SNL has a brick and ethnic. And what do re think about that he was asked about it wasn't which of the UBS and I'll skip they play absolutely. That's. That affected good news actually demonstrated -- I just bottlers. You know you -- -- you -- somebody's stick it to me actually last night. And when I -- I lose a -- soul are out in tears last night laughing about it. But this -- people realize this is Israel as good to be able to joke about certain things you know. What I do is they're serious but you know forgive them but it Nowitzki at the way to do it for him to play in like you do it. Resolved. If you win the Super Bowl. I don't know and don't look good. Very good job and yet filed with the yesterday if I was out how on everything -- and LB I guess parts of this week. That will be fun for Ray Lewis. At some point today it is not going to be fun. Because somebody is gonna walk up to that podium asking about the report the what is it thirteen -- nine pages -- front of me. That's gonna it's gonna appear SI this week of the available already SI dot com. It links Ray Lewis to banned substances. -- self recover from an injury this year. The SI report that it SI dot com today. Appears to have up pointing out that Ray Lewis used a banned substance to help recover from a torn triceps earlier this season. The story points out and almost immediately. After lewis' injury back in October a company called sports with alternative to steroids. Callebs watts now on is okay that's the acronyms watts. I sent Ray Lewis a number of items including a deer antlers -- it contains IGF dash one. That substance is banned by the NFL -- also banned by the NCAA and other institutions. Swaps owner Mitch Ross and recorded a phone conversation with Jerry Lewis. Hours after the players October 14 injury in the conversation. Ross explains the Louis how we used the spray under his tongue doesn't directly from the SI story. Ross prescribing deluxe program for -- including holographic stickers on the right elbow. Copious quantities of a powder additive sleeping in front of a team ray of light. Program with frequencies for tissue regeneration. And pain relief drinking negatively charged water 810 per day regiment. Of a dear aunt or pills that will quote rebuild your brain. If your small intestines. And at sidebar here and which Lewis said he had not been taking then swallow for the -- during the recorded conversation. And experts is a dear aunt or velvet extract. Every two hours. He talent and the conversation recorded conversation in SI given to -- by Ross and the folks it's wants. Lewis asked Ross to quote just pile on the up and just send me everything you've got because I've got to get back on it this week. Now the deer -- -- spray and there is some form of the stealing your aunt or spray. That I guess doesn't contain the IGF dash one the problem here lies in that the folks it's watts. Have already in caught red handed for including a type of steroids. In their deer -- play -- You have a player for the ravens. -- David a -- Bora. Who use this the year -- -- playback in 20082009. The Bora failed an off season test for a steroid. NAFTA and ten testosterone. It was suspended for four games he then had the bottles watts deer antlers -- that he used tested. According to court documents filed by one of those lawyers it tested positive for that steroid methyl testosterone. The lawyers sent the raw a letter to Ross and swat offering -- not file -- lawsuit if Ross paid the Bora one million dollars. When roster in the pliable Boris suits -- in May of 2010. Alleging a lack of voting control to allow the spray bottle to be contaminated. Ross didn't contest. In court. And vote borrow without trial was granted -- -- victory of five point four million dollars. They have been proved innocent of Boris Said back in June of 2011. Ross shuttered his business and reopened six months later under very different corporate name. A strategy hopes will -- -- will forestall. Collection. So -- guided did not contest. That is -- it was spray annaly had this IGF one but all but also and a pride butchering. Methyl testosterone. Gave a package in this they recorded conversation in this story between ray Lewis and this company's wants. Gave this package to Ray Lewis. And that's what he used to recover and on the phone conversation. I heat takes four. Of these deer in their pills that they claim will quote. Rebuild -- brain -- your small intestines. This is big bombshell if they piece on this stuff together and it's bad for the NFL because it's not like this is. Of score being no reporting -- -- Lou. This is David Epstein and it and George storm. Who have been all over the steroids storage for Sports Illustrated -- back and look at -- lines and what they've been a -- and they pieced this together this company. It's tied -- with steroids was taken to court for cleanest one of their products and was -- at a ward some of five point four million bucks in contest Betancourt. They're now linked to Ray Lewis here via air recorded conversation. From the owner this company who for whatever reason. I guess feels he's getting some sort of publicity out of this talked US side. We joke for a long time how to Ray Lewis recovered. Turns out it was the laser beams and dear aunt -- holy crap. Are you kidding me. What does it -- IG LG IG one whatever it is that I GMT just one substance -- I think he caught. I mean a kickoff. He's taken illegal substance here in March break. You know deer antlers right they grow faster and anything can easily get spray and all the studies and these are things gonna help you improve and again it goes on and and it talks about it first got involved hue Jackson. Is a quarterback coach in Baltimore and 2008 he Jackson passing out chips these chips to their players as it turned her remembered Baltimore. No seven was 511 teams adjudicate dec eleven and five team. And have been pretty much. In in the hunt ever sense. Even goes when you Jackson went to Oakland. Have a conversation that was also taped again. There Richard Seymour. In 2010 I believe. We're seeing more. I guess get in touch with Ross has been in the quote taped conversation. I'm really look at some cutting its stuff that obviously is all legal that would get me at least playing at a high level for another two years in terms of my body. You recover faster Ross replied yeah Timor said I need to recover faster. To. This all does does is. Now whether that you said that the situation of full -- that is -- mean that's the smoking gun here that they've already tech he tested positive. They tested that the deer antlers -- at that time and they found this. -- now apple testosterone that's illegal and legal steps the is that Richard Seymour you know was it. Candidates and testosterone each GAT whatever takes I want something legal so there's always that search for the edge. The question is is legal way -- one guy these two guys that -- running this thing told everybody yeah sure it's legal. Meanwhile showing up Bosnia up positive tests. -- testosterone. A quick healing. There's illegal things -- it at the players don't they just want to know is it safe yeah quality tested positive -- doesn't help yeah I can be on the field. Let's go play. Is now on the player to make sure there's no question. Mean there's there's no question it's on the player to know exactly what -- put on their on their body that wouldn't in their body. Put a lot of them just want that quick fix. Just tell me it's legal and I'll believe yeah let's not let's do let's quickly check in Ray Lewis live immediate days we speak. Well you know -- man. I've about had a awesome relations it would Madden you know like you said for so many years and it's always awesome the were with the guys in ours is always an honor. Sitting on the cover -- -- -- no matter what it is and you know just a respect that you get from it but you know play in the game -- for. Many many many many many many many years. And have. -- I I -- -- easily go to my son's McCain really dominated and after you lose and so. I had drug take a break from it but -- just their relationship with the man. -- always been awesome and the people working with them has always been awesome thing. Yeah. You know I think -- I think I'm Obama big comedian myself so I I love comedies. I you'll never hear me play you play about god don't clear about that so. But I but I look that a man and thousands tears because he's actually you know imitated me before. And I just thought it was hilarious. Some people don't know remain in about why you do get emotional and things -- there's always. Other things the way bigger than the game going on so. So for that to be what it is I'm I enjoyed it -- do it like most fans enjoyed it though. You and you. It did -- -- when you do go to those things there's certain things that that makes that takes you there you know and and and I knew that along my journey. You don't know a lot of people didn't know that you know my my driving force -- much government forces -- it was my grandmother you know who's. Who's in the -- student she's on life support right now -- -- and every day you know she's always -- -- to promise her that I would. Branko and almost to a global voice he went home and then. Says that -- were to give that -- and I am always emotionally and it's some I told the god anyway. You know just having that conversation with him is so much different have a comes as anybody else so. I do get the most and in times like that when this when it's at that point. -- there. Recently -- let them lose quality Atlanta. Well honestly man you I think when you talk about. Let them when you talk about leaving a legacy. I think it's all about what to what's appears speak about who you know the people there. That you actually impact on and off the field. Then and best. It if it if nothing else -- always hope he was that your greatest leaders are you greatest servants you know you don't find people who lead lead lead but. More importantly they served more than anything and down. And that's what this team is built about and then -- my whole legacy is about on. My own legacy from day one that I came in I've always grab some want to try to take him to the next level of being a better man been a better woman been a better it's out. Whatever it is and and at the end of the day that's -- -- legacy wants to be you know to leave a great name and hopefully I did that. -- get a lot of soft balls early in my goodness like mad and -- how's Maddon do you go in the video game. We'll keep track because at some point that is the question about the SI story he he he did -- a media banned for about ten weeks yet but he did sort of address as we come back. Or give you exactly what he said in response to some of these questions already and will give you more idea of the deer antlers break. The next reports dancing drug to be banned but for athletes but it's already been banned in the NFL get to that ninety seconds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- recovery dear -- and I always two years ago I was saying boy I wouldn't give I would give that report or him in the in my press. He's now worried that that next president. -- -- brought -- just a couple of seconds ago. -- Ray Lewis the SI story today -- -- was gets some explaining to do headlined zany story of -- self ordained sports science -- -- Norris folks it's watts. We're involved and things with holograms and chips and radio frequencies and here at whispering and the owner of this thing mr. Ross. Record report reportedly recorded a conversation between he and ray Lewis and gave it to US side. And that's the day that Ray Lewis assert October 13. There is recorded phone conversation where Ray Lewis is asking this does watts company to -- whenever they got. And the owner of the -- company -- Ross is explaining to him on the -- injury on the phone recorded conversation. How do you certain things. Including a dear -- repeal the old rebuild your brain -- small intestines. Which Lewis is article -- article and didn't take. Then swallowed for the -- on the record a conversation that SI heard. He was also asked about this I guess last week or so we not -- the media for ten weeks only Riyadh is injury. Asked by SI if he'd worked with key and Ross that's once during his recovery he initially demurred. I can work with them personally this time. When pressed Lewis said nobody helping out the rehab I've been doing -- for a couple years the hue Jackson that's it that's my only connection them. Asked if he would talk to Ross the injury Lewis replied. I told him to send me some of the some more of the regular stuff the swaps the stickers or whatever. And did they help. In a minute okay wait -- -- so. -- now. Yes I asked if he'd worked with so lots during the recovery. Is initial response was I don't work with them personally this time. When pressed. He asked to -- talked to them -- injuries yeah I told the semi some of the regular stuff stickers. So what are we doing here ready. I mean did did did did you or did you not work with them this time it sounds like. You want to distance yourself to not this time -- was different guided for puppies this time but it worked them personally. Don't pressed on -- -- I had talked to him that night. Ahead in -- the stuff. Which is that he he was vastly suggests watts to other players if I did it. I would have done senate by now Lewis said. Asked specifically about the spray and the hills. Lewis walked away without comment again I point out that apparently. On -- Ross the onerous watts has him on tape taking the pills. It was not quite the resounding endorsement that Ross said -- prophesied as quote from Ross. I haven't I have the growth hormone alternative. The only alternative he said and it's sitting right here in Fulton dale Alabama and I'm sure it's natural illegal. I'm sure there's nothing in their at all. Basically this in a story and I -- you mentioned that. Richard Seymour and here I mean it goes through and details what these folks it's watts. Have tried to do and it's great these alternatives to Nicole and clean alternative to steroids well. One of their supplements turn up with steroids. And one of the guys who -- linked in here to swat Heath Evans NFL network for patriot is gonna join us on the show tomorrow. Because in the story Heath Evans. Says he uses the deer antlers spray and pills daily. I he learned about -- the tigers players Auburn well the tabs are aware I've noticed that cognitive ability the -- ability to recall. The spray I think has some good muscular things I think some sexual side that is what apple. It is not believe in the chips. But -- there -- a lot of players who put them on and running faster forty yard time and bench more. Ever bench before and again their -- They deal with this. Weird alternative stuff and and he did address Thursday not Wednesday this week and we'll talk about this with Heath Evans. It's just when when you read the one part about them getting taken to court and not even lightning. At their -- at -- which by the way is illegal. Contain this -- methyl testosterone. And they just laid down to a five point four million dollar hit. Closed up shop and opened six months later under new name -- -- suspicious about that is a major red flag for the NFL Europe the ravens or anybody today. And parade answer it as amok and give many pension. You already have here buy it yourself tape and at Texas Tass -- that legal I have no idea. But I know SI is running that nick frost taping a conversation. On. I mean Ray Lewis wouldn't blame it on the web allegedly allegedly. But it's on the web says the name one of the endorses. -- apparently this you know. You get a deer atlas Brady's recovery by helping to build and strengthen our body's tissue -- can be accomplished by training alone. At that if that's not PED I don't know what is it started -- NFL. Probably get away with it while they give -- naive to think that people aren't getting away with things left to right just look at it. What you're seeing is not natural -- -- so -- -- to do it did it did they're looking for an edge everywhere period. Period and this is just another old days in full every joins the show mark Lou 937 hi Dave. Blow our idea of Dave how are you. Good -- I listen to your show every single day. This is the second time that couldn -- this segment. And you know listening deceptive -- Well Bob and Ray Lewis had this deal and it was spray okay yeah a couple quick questions in a couple quick comment one do you have respect. Right banned by the NFL. Yes because OK they -- story idea dash one. -- number two. The probably the greatest achievement and or accomplishment. Of an an ample play. Is to gain access to play in the Super Bowl there's no we can't have bought okay. Now -- -- great linebacker. Also -- if this company. Has he recorded conversation. Between them and Ray Lewis okay. Then. And I know the NFL PA is very very strong organization. We've got five days until the Super Bowl. If the NFL I'm sorry if good Dell's office. And I know they're not -- -- because that's ultimately you want -- suspended for the game the right. It's good -- wolf it's doesn't do it. Flight data for the game OK investigate this and number -- -- I don't know if it could be done. Cash. Ray Lewis for this deal -- was spray and it -- tests positive I'm sorry hate to say -- Iraq the Super Bowl. That may sound kind of harsh but I am sorry you ought to this. Boy it's amazing that ESP NS finally caught up to this they're funny running on the bottom of their day SI broke the story seen all this works right they're just running now breaking news. At the owner of -- Mitch Ross says than October Ray Lewis requested. This in -- -- rest of the stuff and and requested it from this company. Sal pal Tony goes here's where it is reporting today that Ray Lewis is not tested positive for any banned substance. And -- refutes taking anything here. But you know ESPN is now finally running this is a big story -- am surprised that happened earlier. Because I he's a big deal when he picked the nine pages. Mean my take away is Ray Lewis probably like a lot of players try discard it didn't care was in it and took it isn't gonna speed up the recovery. And how it makes sense -- government torn triceps. Come back that quickly from October come back and ready for the playoffs when -- worn twice. -- tries that was out for a year each time that's my conclusion you left -- your own conclusion everyone else who reads the story. My conclusion is it looks like a huge red flag. That Ray Lewis could be easily used a banned substance here. 617779. Is not the only 1793. -- a -- what do you mean there's some other people in trouble though. We submission isn't MLB few players including -- -- similar situation going on itself -- -- program we'll talk about it next.

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