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Randy Moss at media day: I'm the greatest WR of all time

Jan 29, 2013|

Mut and Merloni take a listen to Randy Moss's comments from media day in New Orleans.

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Encore. -- -- -- From questions the most basic glances captain. And bad vision -- basketball he's not a genius and I'm not so it's time to that school. Saying yeah yeah. Yeah it. Super Bowl title means the return to -- -- anything but -- 93 point seven WEEI. -- two boys of Boston ma little what's up man used to boot -- -- this. What Maloney the guys to ask those questions listen. Let's start with a pretty basic point here today Randy what does Randy. Being Randy mean. I don't know is not just me I don't know -- I don't know what rating mean I don't know what Randy being Randy. Randy means on -- does me -- did a mile pars and don't try to be nobody else never have never will. By that but what are your thoughts of beyoncé halftime she packed I'm sure your -- Not not really incidents to that type of music I mean I respect beyoncé and you don't think -- he isn't I was talking one of my team but that. Or -- O three -- I know was -- it was Carlos Rogers. And he said. His daughter coming at a game the seat beyoncé. And don't really care battered their play -- so. I think that you know about beyoncé being here for the halftime -- man. I won't really look to see my -- my family just be recorded the attic and it is not notre going to cut up so. You know I think is good for. You know whoever's responsible -- -- failed to be able to have to bring some type entertainments Presley's somebody have hired as beyoncé. Back to football secured him and answers what about. The idea to give the greatest receiver ever redeem them and I don't really think -- it to -- -- greatest receiver ever I think now. Now the now motor. I -- think I'm the greatest receiver to ever do it. I don't think numbers I don't think numbers stay end. Because there is you know you can you talk about this in this I think that I've had this year has been a down year for me statistically. The year before I retire was down year Indian and Oakland was a down year so I don't really live -- numbers are really minimal impact -- which are able to do out and it feels so. However they do think that I'm the greatest receiver ever play this game. Well. Factories for yourself before I was if it's used on the -- 91 with the wing and diplomacy interest but I think it. In those seven with the pictures you know we were riding high edges. You know being undefeated undefeated going. To the Super Bowl. Not think this is something that you know we wanted to accomplish -- the whole -- something and it is set ourselves in history but. Being here with the 49ers they were so close last year with couple mishaps in the giants NFC championship game in. I think his bat. You know the way we practice. The way to gassed -- -- locker room they were determined to get back here and I just want to be a part of it. -- Randy Moss but to say Randi appreciate the time this lady -- -- I'm going to which give her flowers. Well I'm going to give mightily flowers. And I think they're gonna look beautiful the flow estimate and Freddie need for him to. It what got flowers delivered here on Friday it is in this office. There's still on the block is going to be our race people a break. Should they look like pro flowers doc compliment once again we could not open them on the air I'm OK with that you liked his home the folks a pro flowers -- ghostly look me up new -- he would deal with a little Guidant. The whole time night and thoughtful enough to bring flowers and life at the thought of dollars would get flowers for flowers can't even just. The live for the Britain in particular I bribery human right now take our daughters went to get those. On open on a -- I think all right here's the deal you guys think that their dad. -- the pro flowers -- such a good job of Stovall is in the water. I'm an Neitzel packaged in plastic. And plastic wrapping and -- -- hours before because they're so easy. And in this case the signal pretty good. Now about -- well here's a look at differently miracles -- the -- that looking good for you know 456 days ago April 1. Do and I've been -- forget that they'd be in in the office since Friday -- on Friday but there's and yesterday. -- Monday. Remembered today. Friday and was -- excuse for Friday. Yesterday in my excuse I was so concerned that Brad was embarrassed -- on TV which happened by the way and that's. I just forgot the the office open. On open him up on the air let's go wanna see these things look like they're gonna be right. There is talking earlier about how wasn't -- big -- is -- -- the flowers later on today or tomorrow every year members it's no problem it's just -- the flowers that last like good solid put him three monster always there was debate on Friday or Monday it's no big deal. That does look pretty good those -- nice. -- -- Are there already all open. They're beautiful still got two base shelf like now that week they they still look great and I I've done here is a cost cost myself the fact the that would last week they still a great it's all pro flowers you. But in this case I think looking at this now having opened up on a year. I may cause yourself some extra points text on the AT&T -- wants as much any -- we're getting. We're getting torn -- and get the flowers. An opportunity this week and maybe present at golden -- cancel Friday gifted. We're getting towards the end of the six week marker which I haven't told the sort of the rule for post pregnancy is a six week rule it's a six month alone without what six weeks. Six month ruled that I should put these flowers and it's nice base that they sent. Six weeks -- to -- some that flowers. Desperately. To bring them home and Robert forgetful person I'm sorry. Bad -- -- the -- Out sketch updating your top of the hour. -- To break that bid basis and -- right now I'm Scott got updated we have some Ray Lewis issues that the public Ambac. Including Ray Lewis I guess keeping an apology lockers as well as white not quite an apology now he said it's an apology end. Ray Lewis we asked the question for. Time now. Ray Lewis compacts though quickly he'd sort tried step right. I worn out for a year on two different occasions I ward told tries it was out for a year Ray Lewis came back in months. The story and I asked I and it gives the details of what Ray Lewis did. The comeback from an injury so quickly and I guarantees asked about it today and it's media day talk to ray Lewis and.

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