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LB joins Mut and Lou to talk Bruins

Jan 29, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins win over the Hurricanes last night, the team's fast start, and Shawn Thornton's fighting skills.

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-- -- back to Seidenberg the wind is not. The shots. Don't think it's. That would add an empty netter. It -- four -- one. Back -- -- tonight back to back with the devils -- -- 937 WEEI. Our friend from down the hall WA AF Hill Man Morning Show LB -- buyers have. I am Matt what's up man loosely we do. There's big time man appears -- and I was in this dorm -- -- -- always has just about a few eyebrows when he walked in I got a downgrade your -- my job trying to dissect the -- -- -- hearings. Are what I find out of the sportsman has some -- job down all tech. Well you want their money you. Watch this now for five games after an impressive -- when I set off the top that you know the that the level of play the wearable surprise that we -- guys might be slow that there. Might be a little while from a league standpoint that the quality of the product would look good. It's great I'm surprised that a good hockey is not just here but across the. Why are just say it again I'd been so impressed over the last. I don't know 78910. Years of how these athletes these hockey players carry themselves. You know they did they care about the camp you know and added that times have changed when you indicated did you know somebody's mail I think -- -- if they happen and and you know says a lot of old -- how well the -- a plan about how well the NHL looks right now. I'm you know San Jose and Chicago undefeated bronze -- to -- OT loss doubles tonight cumin and Broder and what don't look at least fifty. He might like a short season you dialect at our place okay but you know that there. Needed -- thirty year old or 32 years although -- love for them to -- scheduled -- that thing with this state it was because they are these guys tied up next couple years the rush is not really going anywhere it's at the last couple of these -- that support line played together for. Well on almost on its third year -- right -- that was worries about Wheatley expect this team to get off the hot topic that's always because it would relate together -- -- -- I'll just say this if you watch -- if you watch our game last night. That was a difference that was a difference in that game that that Claude Julien trots out. Soupy Campbell and and and that line and they -- I I saw them while they're there for four shifts a week you take that time. That you're first or second -- sitting on the bench while Carolina is gas in their first two lines trying to trying to you know trying to get it done. I might not that that was a huge huge turning point for the Bruins in the third period I mean outside of the fifty seconds into giveaways at Bristol is solid yet. Well and I just think that when you look at wheat and people made fun of club for this that he plays those four lines and has doesn't -- situation he's gonna give that third fourth on an opportunity. In a season like this when other teams are trying to get misshapen you can Robles not too comfortable doing it keeps the players involved LB -- makes you. -- a deeper team and it it in a season like this if you can get your first two lines arrest and a first ever back to back that's huge right. It's massive it's made just say it it'll carry ten tenfold. In into the back into this 48 games because. We -- and -- if -- W before my my whole thing is I look at everything even when -- I don't care what sport is -- -- football little different but even with baseball and -- -- a look at everything in ten games segments don't lose your mind. You know look at everything you know you -- a -- yeah he's -- -- -- you pull and I want -- to well 48 games. Look guys that we do that you know you'd you do that the first 18 games the NHL's schedule -- -- You know so. I you know there's a bunch questions answered you know anybody is worried that Tuukka Rask couldn't carry carry the weight to time is here man I love it and I -- hundred -- You know I followed him in Providence the kids professional these two guys gonna push each other -- who goldmans are number one guy too and he's young they're both young they're feisty. And and -- -- great male look great this -- that you know the first part of this is pretty tough. Not to be in in ninety -- -- in nineteen years all I'll be out of the -- mind again -- What happens when -- 32 we still called -- yeah I. Nobody -- -- 3040 years all the year ended that and in this league for that other -- I -- share. Does -- budget -- Bobby yours Bob you are not doing you know now it's Bob or maybe a little later -- -- but. You know Bobby ADB Bobby was Bobby Duffy Hamilton and I just. What a great opportunity for this young guy that last -- a -- was it was awesome decree -- but you know. Everybody's like holy cow holy cow you know -- -- they've been talking about Doug Hamilton in this instance they draft animal care and he spent the better part of last junior two nephews -- and one of the top ten. Defenseman in in in the world. The top. Probably defenseman in junior hockey in Canada. And he deserves to be here he's a great player before any the world -- attorney the kids got Matt you know he's got crazy skills and and I am I'm excited and what a great situation command with front and Mary didn't meet. -- the genre Corzine's weren't -- parents and that's why anybody -- -- you know -- only we -- to -- -- -- him -- I have -- yes you know you your first U the Bruins -- was probably is what third or fourth year right what -- clues that at one year under his belt was nineteen year old defenseman is well no assurance that overall out. You see any similarities the do you see anything at that age with him. By you know -- give -- Doug Hamilton eight EEE Gordy had great great great skills -- it's just too bad we didn't get to see the complete full gore clothes Jack I will say this kudos to -- -- -- I don't think we would have made the Stanley Cup finals you know those years that we want to do we mean the runs -- a series seventy in the files recorded clues that. Was -- healthy. And -- made a big difference for ray Bork in his minutes and and -- defense Corbett Doug Hamilton day he's not he's not as physical as Gordy was I yet. But I mean gosh she he -- to -- into that six foot 5205 pound frame he's going to be. 2.5 -- -- force to be reckoned with d.s he's awesome man he's -- he's -- good player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This team right now he's got a lot of -- to me this team it's. Right now -- just ride that wave bookmakers forget about the Stanley Cup was an amazing thing it's you know they are I mean it was so far gone there was a bit of applause but now you're talking about because people question why are -- up these guys the -- quarter to win a Stanley Cup will you do -- -- -- And we played together before years and while that's going on. You bring you guys like -- -- Abel it's now it's it's not just a Vector Group but the window right I mean this is still a young team -- -- -- what 27. Years. -- LOB we -- because he's played me here ladies and agencies and all parties -- young guy and then in the united of his career and has got a huge upside -- team. How do you -- -- I think I think that's look. Claude Julien knows it and I think that's -- Claude Julien is playing four lines that's like Claude Julien. And I think the Bruins brass. Played Doug Hamilton would turn Steinberg because they they don't they that he can play they need him to play they need to do to get as much out of this first ten games losing get on because. Come the end of this this shortened season. He's gonna be huge part of what's more -- -- on the power play that's huge amounts in the confidence that he can carry into a playoff front. Well that Manger you don't sedated you got that top four guys you got top six guys you there's just some guy I mean. Aaron -- Aaron Johnston you know came in it's like that you began as a wily veteran did a great job you know and -- there's -- time to be excited about. That would the -- but it's it's really it's cliche it's really win win win and one game at a time you know it's easier to take a point at every. Let's is Scot gave chip that your top of the hour LB is gonna stick around for Olympics who wants take your calls 6177797937. Alaska about me on the teach because I've been. Of all the things that surprised me this year positively his ability stepping in after one called overweight and sons eight has been awesome I'll ask hanging out ask you both fight and -- -- course we will LB is here Mark Luke don't go anywhere. He's the guy give you sports with the Hillman every single morning NWA effort by LV. To hang telling us that Israel may break it down. Back. If that's too cause we trip to stumble -- -- he's. No we Alter them but you know let's not shipments double as the Bruins a former talk in Bruins -- LB your phone calls at 61777979837. I said open a show of all things have been impressive. Meanwhile Lou -- to me is the most impressive beat an owl hi and the stories about him being fat al-Qaeda the year wondering okay what does this guy gonna give you LB so far is giving you this. Plus four. Up points almost every game. Second the NHL behind Callahan and it's he's -- -- on scale and it's made us whole first -- ago. Well that's a little is that's what makes the Bruins win hockey games aren't. He was it I had a coach bill -- back in the day when Buckley junior and yeah I'm gone back to where John apparent -- -- You know any idea what that this is Regina pats well that was -- give player -- I'll show you don't say it. At 84 world junior our team picture having my office somebody sent me over the week later here this morning. I noticed we got out more month. But -- he we've we had a 51 -- the -- locker -- fifty hits that was it you know get to do it's again you get fifty -- game. You're gonna well arts games that's -- the Bruins survived -- that defense they have are so big so physical. Smooch that line revolves around -- starting that cycle by -- somebody. And Lou just so strong -- stick you know he -- label somebody get the park taking hit moved apart called on the part. He's he's detrimental he's everything that line in and Alfred doughboy Arnold who broke down one. But they did the doughboy is getting -- and he's he's he's a man I would -- You played accusers and this is exactly the way Bruins fans would -- wanted to see me a little too cynical back to. The last couple post season may be and that's one reason why maybe people work on disappoint in his play and post -- because it's yet physical style like you said. -- -- -- that line going and he kind of brings that emotion is it's the second line has that speed in nets kill Charles guys grind it out. Yeah Dahlia absolute challenge says it's sailed Cam -- story in other power power Winger that starts a lot dumped apart again. He's got the skills go get a -- guy TP out of the play. Moved apart can make something happen and he you know he was huge in the third period last and he was you you know he was everywhere and -- result. And it changed the game you know back Carolina they they have the bruins' number last year they got a bunch of there's a lot of talent on that team. And they fly you know stalls -- arm unbelievable and he nullified that was his it would you know with -- offensive body works it was current. We're hanging -- they'll be your phones we start with the Bruins and their great start Paul's an Abington. With much Lou and LB what's up -- Did -- element before it -- caught the -- lot of political ideology are going to be critical -- you just made. -- -- not at a point almost every game they've played five games he's got three points -- he's got a point and 60% of -- which is not almost every game I know what you're trying to. 60% on almost every okay you want to nitpick there that the fine. Like the number two in the NHL and it's Paul -- and. I don't get very critical that book one up on about my -- -- -- there. Nobody at that point when you get to sports such as three I mean what under the full audit. A lot of people wait it out in the end game increment up on that. Could end up -- guys in the right -- grown to 17%. A way to making the playoffs I I think we'd all agree that they should be equipped in the issue that the -- 17%. And the numbers guy is that if you go back in the past in the NHL usually ninety plus we get a team into the playoffs right 1992. Here I brought about a 48 games which will be about fifty preemptive -- points. -- either shipping department stores aren't getting -- and -- and we all know it any sport now -- As luxury -- the aunt -- had achieved it it we got the number you know what are you -- Just the fact that you got out of that deal what you written into old who bought it play out. And so now they've got nine out of a potential 53 that you'd order a 17% of their way to acts I wanted to get another couple of addicting now. People concerned about going into the year. That a bit of what I heard from the weather got some people but in August not being -- People realize to two years ago Stanley Cup one that was and all that has. -- this year locals in the elect yet again in the near future many but he just not here he did. -- -- the year before. To wrap at a one point 97 goals against average in 54 games -- -- -- we -- the numbers incredibly. See what that was a solid regular habit is something happening here that Thomas was hurt pioneered. That great yet yet organized -- located here for a bit. To correct is only would at least 23 or 25 years old. I'm expecting big things in 48 and he's been. And Marty detonating and it I think that you're gonna stop between state -- in between I would what he means that we got to do number workload but I'm a target that effort and be the number. And especially come there on this one and it -- in Europe and game and -- and -- -- -- the act now that you are you Google and -- toward one. All we also see though Paula that would that we talked about this earlier backup goaltender I mean. Usually in a season of eighty games you talk about. The backup goaltender can spell the starter when he maybe not playing well he's playing well and make a two weeks of back -- playing in this case was seven back to backs. Every stretch where to focus playing well and -- gonna say who'd opened your plane even -- -- Lucas play well as we need to get the rest Uga. I agree the best about two composer which Douglas in the policy I don't a couple of years ago I had a great year. And we thought what number one goalie and a -- Do things get a handle it is can he stay healthy throughout the year would select in the post season. That we we know we can do regular season right edit it might not be fair but it's almost wait and see it. I think it's really not I will I was I would tell you this time I you know I know some of the guys talk some guys. Are playing with some guys I know how they feel about Tuukka. I'm not too good feels about Tuukka -- always know it and always known as the number one. And he did his part. And Tim Thomas chose to do it to go Hillary all I gotta tell you Tim Thomas is not like everybody -- around the locker room every day when -- -- to the -- ago. Thought geez I wonder we've talked to Tim custom. -- don't talk that that's just me guys promises is if all goes nowhere to be found right now and it is too good time. And these guys believe in -- I Claude Julien bleeds into the Bruins executive offices believe in this guy because he's he's he can do and I think he you know he's he he's gonna have not Austin -- already proven. That he can handle he Humana for five games in a row -- near four games in a row and that Anton -- -- and -- I told you of anybody followed them. When he was with the BB -- kid's a player he can get a dime and I think there's a it's a it's a great reason to be really really excited. I got a whole team it's back together yet Doug Hamilton in the mix it ramps it up a whole another level Chris Bork. And about him is Bork back in a Bruins uniform ramped it up. And and why not you know I it's a whole soup -- the -- you know it's a great -- on the planet you know why can't get all fired up you know you get fired a -- not objects -- Coming -- it really. -- the way out. Not with the rapper -- can see it all right let me ask is an international body Russian border about. -- -- -- -- What do most beloved Bruins on this team. And the city sort of just take it -- -- born and over critical I did but journal was gonna keep and I and his cabinet's intangibles that he brings no one has Cuba. Talking about -- week training camp and we boxes all off season does his thing in. He's in the corner of Danny O'Connor from Framingham act as a gigantic -- -- toxic but. When it comes to the ice. Opening day circles that she's arranges music -- I got dropped. I got to get this one out of the way this practice for that is now -- nothing in this post's firing for that huge jump candidates. Not a percent there's a lot of little little the idea that I'd be up a lot of boxes in my day when they put skates on -- have been. I'd be gassed by the second round anyway infineon in a march hearing but. It -- you sought throughout the NHL America might know over a couple of guys are going off cue jaws are going off in a staged fight these days fighting. And any area it's it it's exactly what is a little. I you wanna get your team going you appreciate that the fans there you know the boss of the Boston Garden sold out to get two original six teams there guys know what's going on let's final where I'm -- You know you tuned me up then I know I gotta get busy yelling and you always nearly always and you always drop it lows of -- and -- it. You get your team morning one -- you know. You know like -- -- bus together over in Europe Torre wasn't over and you're not ready and try that was a big mistake by a bunch -- -- -- -- I mean he should have taken toward the guy can fly. No -- Cheney over there authority to Saturday. And -- mean. But you know you know authority wasn't over there and those guys were playing and I don't care what you -- every day for ten hours -- your guys back here. You gotta get your nose dirty and it was great man I was -- and all of our top guys were drop in the -- and find them and you -- on -- final where you aren't and one attends. Edits that to -- ask you John OJ Miller. I died soon the guys have never gone there aren't. Listen you put authority and our era. And authority BR some I put Jayne Miller in this era and US GA back Dan. -- -- cement she and I. Judge -- Kosher that would 1012 years ten years joint Kosher the only guy ever soc column -- -- -- joint joint closures to decapitated people that big great. We've not seen all the way sports is going you know you vote you look at -- that today in the Boston Globe hundred million dollars going to be spent. I'm looking at concussions in football players in the NFL that was the right direction and -- NHL. Where it was like three players on the course the summer all died and obviously Derek who guard story Bradley wanted to slot talked about when. When they say LB we're gonna take the fighting at a hockey it's not out there hockey were taken and -- and won't happen. What he says I say won't happen watch this game that you get Ortiz just I did it it can't exist in its not about. It's not a -- that the fans love it. Which they do you know Don cherry said you know whenever there's a fight could be the degrees around and there's no one and sit in the -- when a fight starts spot. The fact -- take. Eleven guys and you put money -- the same time they fly around a 25 to 35 miles an hour playing with a 64 weapon playing with -- object. Guys take liberties I you can take you I don't think any anarchy you see how -- this -- you can't hit. Receivers so defenseless receivers helmet to helmet I'm sorry comedy to IE has that stopped anybody from hitting anybody helmet helmet. OK to be more liberties -- I take it there either here's what's gonna happen here's what's gonna happen you know I -- God love guys you know -- -- might but he. Ted Johnson and and the NFL guys had had some managers to give their time to get to do the studies to get there research. Now every search now they know. You know now now a guy in junior that's gonna get drafted and he's a three sport guy. He can decide OK you know what do want wanna play hockey because I might have brain damage when I'm done because it -- we now know causes brain damage. You know now and the -- is right players at a place -- find players a lot about you what what were we -- contact all the different. All the information that we there is that. Before. Ten years ago when he years ago out of ten guys it had concussions. Eight guys would be go play again right. One guy might might sneak through vivid there of the loop now. OK so that guy's gonna get better he's gonna get better. Medical community than in docs you a look at on the you'd reevaluate him they evaluated -- more information. So he's not gonna get back to play for you know what somebody might come back in in two days. Now we get has come back to two weeks. Now we got -- than it would bring to you know you can't judge it you know we we know what the information we know from guys not -- he's Johnson. Yeah but yeah. It's just football not like his ideas that we got a lot exists -- and I guess that goes all the information is out there right now everybody knows the risk right when nobody gets hit. More often than a little guy like Wes Welker chair out -- did it just retire orders not see his free agency coming up here he can make a lot of my putting a sign a waiver that says if I get affected by what I tickets -- -- in football. I'm not -- possible league. You gonna sign a waiver going -- and now you get older models we're nice I don't have a life and now I'm not gonna -- but now it's a conscious decision I know that I know I know I know can look. We. We we get that we all get to a professional level because of competition who is we love that we enjoy it's summer better that it and others -- and you make what you make where you don't. There's Lyndon byers there's Jimmie Lee ray Bork it's you know there's -- partners Palestinian. But now you have. Parents. And and an athlete's Chilean Otah you know by teen athletes making decisions on on on information that is real. That is true they know what can happen. Every day we move forward. Doctors learn more -- how to treat it. -- -- it's you know I look at Bobby yours a great example the knee surgery I mean for now than it did -- or blows as you know appearance in in being -- Chicago. -- three years later he would play until late 19851980s. Who knows because knee surgery technology. Grow like a 1000%. Thing you know -- Dotson and and and technology well it's the same thing. That the slice your wanna pay somebody to go play us now I don't care what it is. Deadly waste water skiing but the X games you know I mean eight. You don't know who who don't get so bored and -- nine million dollars somewhat but does anybody care that -- sixty feet near represented society that calf tightness debt. OK I mean it is you know the big boys wanna play big boy sport to make big dollars that's what it is now you're getting information. Those some guys didn't realize that you would have brain damage if if you play pro football player RT. And that and now you do. I know you're gonna end you're gonna -- imagine any of. After you know the information I mean you -- been your share fights taking a share of hits yeah you think about. You know things like that because I love to death but -- -- senator. What you -- like. How -- I go I go I go. It's almost a normal routine for me to walk up to my house and hit my automatic Eric -- starter door opener thing you know on your key chain. I stand there at my back door in my house and I mean nothing like it's supposed to outline in my -- it. While we're still using keys they wake up now c'mon guys. -- that the event of people have the most fun with the music of the security people out front I I can't take me six times to leave the building a free phone. Forgive my keys. That's treason. It's -- good sport pro sports -- on anywhere -- hope it's jump or ride the wave that's a lot better better better. United poverty sick at the -- himself Scioscia statement collect data readily I think as long as the league's -- let the players know instead of in the case of an -- on NFL got turtle back in question no big deal. Go back in the game those guys have I think a legit. Point the players now I think you're right LB they know that night and the next step is going to be protect ourselves NHL. NFL sign a waiver we Waltz of the league. While I that's Ellison clearly and didn't and you know give give props -- need to -- prosecuted the owners in the and that. You know the executive ZHL they don't they don't into the not in the business to leave people. Would bring -- you know brain damaged in and crippled and you know it is what it is -- -- based. They by the best started to give the best treatment that it of their -- best athletes. Great stuff. Earlier Wednesday that you guys we're gonna this is awesome wil grabbing during the year make him in your talks mark -- Here's your studio -- also different than ours and what he read what you're -- we -- the -- -- the wires -- between McCann and society of windows -- upscale -- we do have -- -- -- -- nice right it was a nice volume you can that we don't overlook the prize is on the outside I know share Boston's skyline. -- -- There -- that. And actually nice -- -- -- you know it's fair -- -- subtly by stuck in traffic ticket. LB I appreciate about Mary I meant get a month on the -- morning show get a month what are LB WAF a 92 break we'll come back and talk to you 6177797. 937 a couple of trade ideas being proposed -- John Rondo the point.

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