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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith thinks Danny Ainge missed the boat on improving the Celtics

Jan 29, 2013|

The always-entertaining Stephen A. Smith joins D&C to give his take on what's next for the Celtics. The ESPN commentator doesn't see a big move coming, and thinks the team as it is will sneak into the playoffs as a bottom seed. Smith would have made a move to add some size up front, but he says it's too late for Danny Ainge to do that now.

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I joining us on AT&T hotline AT&T Ford GLT one of our favorite people in the entire sports world Stephens Stephen good morning how are -- What got you got that we're doing very very well you know I'm wondering. Prior to Sunday in the news about Rajon Rondo I think most reasonable people could make the case that may be. Los Angeles Lakers were more in trouble the Boston Celtics. But after the rush on Rondo injury I don't think -- can say that anymore would you agree the Celtics are more dire straits and lakers at the. Point arm I'm not gonna compare them to the lakers because to mutilated that are out until they prove otherwise I wouldn't tell you that. I think that I wanna argue the Boston Celtics. I've used -- -- the -- it was one of the top three teams in the in this entire NBA in the second half of -- he. After struggling for the all -- -- That they've got a great coach that they've got great champions on their roster. That they committed to -- in the way that succeed and what happened was when Rondo went down. My whole mentality changed like dot Rambus said that you've got the right I'm not. Well I'm one of those people who do when exactly that they get global. I think the -- -- it to the playoffs because they've got to champions are. I figured they play. A team in the first round they'll go and at eight or seventy. -- a winning game ought to based on auto loans and then they won't go all. This season and in late April that a -- Buick that's how devastating meet the loss of Rajon Rondo now. If Danny Ainge views that similarly. To you Stephen day does he do nothing or do something. Before the trade deadline on February 21. I think he does not thing because what else is there that you can do. KG -- understanding other note right we'll correct it appeared that the guided guarantee. Our odd million -- sixty point three million dollars salary so that's a tradable at it. That you can mole because that's what this situation is that vaccines and only fob that it when we million dollars. It guarantees. Rajon Rondo that what other tradable ought to do you think you have you have bought themselves. That's gonna make a huge difference and -- of the championship that you. I'm it'd that you not a thing. -- pierce at this is a pretty big deal though you gotta admit you know he he is a guy that a lot of teams could use. Correct Stephen -- play in the playoff scorer he's tough he's clutch. Which are looking at it wrong with all due respect it appears in the champions is a quote that -- -- true there's no doubt about it. The flip side to that however is that. -- awarded 3430 I'll -- better he's been the lead for very long time. Our Dexia the -- you have to deal. You can't wolf it's not that you can't get something for -- what what you're going to -- at camp. -- needs to be something for the future because in the diet. You're not going to be able to do what so -- that's going to help. Remember use something equals championship contention for that -- that's what I'm talking about. You coordinate with and 48 minutes. -- -- brought to the NBA finals last year it's like you are great too and that it would negate everything you lost the -- secure in that. You will want an old game changer in the NBA finals. I'm measuring the law itself that one that climate. Why does it it's you can do Becky YouTube at that point they beat and I am telling you call them up. Which takes us to a theory by Ian Thompson who just -- this with us from Sports Illustrated he said he believes the Celtics -- more value. In keeping all these assets together under Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Only the likes of Bradley and Barbosa and some major and Terry and Courtney Lee and the rest of them. Try to see what they can accomplish between now and the end of the season. Let them grow in the Celtic -- let them be booted a -- by by Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and that would help you for the future more than anything you can do it betrayed you agree to any of that. I'm completely 1000%. Agree with that. Completely he's absolutely right because again it. It -- from that and I've often said that when you talk about it shortly. Understand even though executive order -- -- labeled it -- way. Objective at the time that doctor that you can get -- you know somebody that you can gamble where he met. Figure maximum return that's what you absolutely look into that. And it's you know Boston Celtic you -- we know what Paul Pierce -- We all know he's -- future all the payments are concerned. But the flip side saluted -- -- at that stage because of attrition because they're all the thing he's ready at opposite no longer has rejected. The reality is that what are you going to be able to get it where it's earned. For. That -- check out. And I'd do it if you do itself that the likelihood. Going to be something that sport to contribute more appropriate could contribute to -- championship are so. It's your. But not and now we did this he's in gold on the wayside which is why you all the ought to applaud that you asked. You see how they grow out there HL how they can't figure out knowing that aspect. Exceeded that you find out who got off and what they're made -- -- -- already shaky at all is made up. But it at saint the years I've had them at that somewhat to some degree even though in my estimation. It still Corey small. If I'm -- Ford championship. I want AG. And all of it on -- squad did win a basketball game that doesn't work. But you can't really think that anybody believes are going for a championship Kenya there Stephen and there in eighth place with Rondo they're under 500. As the input that Ian Dobson pointed out you think of -- Chicago's getting back rose Indiana -- and get back Granger and Phillies probably get back Bynum are getting Bynum. Isn't it going to be tougher isn't it. Likely more likely that they drop out of the gates bought and missed the playoffs completely than than they climb the standings. Not because my commitment that Andrew Bynum and don't -- I don't think -- how -- Can stay out there and save a lot. I mean we are aware that -- I'll get LP he's pretty good player are the second best big man and Davis are -- a certain -- and -- the. But when he's healthy that's a red. By -- not sold the one. And I -- -- view -- that what I look at the -- that soap to wash their. To me before Rondo got hurt while everybody would look -- this state of affairs you know what I would -- relax everybody that we are. That you would be -- to. Doc Rivers. Kevin Garnett note board -- not actually a lot and they needed somebody. Ugly and nasty who wanted to rebound that should have been -- -- Well they've needed now because all of the pressure -- put on a relatively lender. Kevin Garnett and that ought and I -- any age dropped them in that respect. Give us a give us a name a big man who's gonna move in the next 23 days. You know I don't know on the other they're Rudy Gay I don't know I think they met this is clearly looking animal Rudy Gay they've been talking and Toronto Raptors. Several other -- about that. I'll whether that's gonna happen or not we will -- I don't know but I will tell you that you know that's about it as no big name -- I can keep coming up to the Boston Celtics now the ball itself has wanted to pull off a miracle. I'd have to -- they got in Kevin Garnett coming to Boston. David could it be met. Believe that there were -- championship content. Like even -- -- -- -- its younger and as a more -- -- bought them if Danny Cain would they would hope for a while a deal that was they have all these years. -- And get somebody like -- yeah. Would be -- I don't know what you know what that would record itself. We're quiet -- Asia evidence boy Kevin Garnett and executive it would obviously. I particularly excited -- and a -- Does Dwight Howard move -- disease disease stand LA there languish. Yeah well unfortunately. I think I think that LA. You know Jim -- -- basketball acumen whatever it is that the hat. -- gives weight to its eagle all flawed committee -- And as a result. You know it's going to be about the white -- stadium because the mentality did that we you know walk around LA colorful says he's 95% sure that the -- Al. Is going to stay in LA for the wall. I wanna know how anybody could be 95% sure about anything about the White House that -- -- -- medalist he should be number to do that mix and walk away enough. Number three you guys are. And you got let a -- brag about how they got the cap space. Message every could go after the -- how about average rating Bobble at it in order to quiet. So would you take all liberals think that a consideration. If you consider the debacle that's taken place and LA. Then picking targets only as the coach. At the -- -- -- -- yet until Monday morning to make a decision and it's sandbagging them to twelve and I'd let them know they were going in the direction. Mike it's only been that you see do well that's that's the way to -- coaches the -- he struggles to coach and do it. The white. How involved offensively. You've got passed yet so what's the likelihood impossibility. Of Dwight Howard stay. They set the bit risque to be top. So with both things in my I'm not confident he's going to stand LA I'm not ruled that out because that is possible. It is a lot lot LA the wall but I just apples are obvious that sent it to about eight -- that I can't beat -- -- that about you. And you're the best big men in the game the 1 thing I am going to do. It's play off they EU at the risk of losing you or not thing. I'm -- that I would move that Bob what -- trading deadline expired just to ensure all. I'd get some sort of equitable compensation for its services he is 27 years of -- Even with the bad -- advocate about seventeen and -- Okay he's only going to get better at Egypt's -- yeah he's already the best big men in the game and I'm gonna risk losing him but they. Because I'm going to trust that it's step medal itself is going to be resolute that this commitment that -- with the way this team has an employee. Somebody it's smoke itself that but it -- me I'm telling you that right now I'm not by. -- final question for me this being Super Bowl week I'm interested in knowing if you were putting your eggs in the basket of what appears to be on paper the superior team San Francisco. The highly motivated and highly inspired ravens and Ray Lewis. -- partly motivated it's five Baltimore Ravens simply because of the Arctic nodding heads that we -- not to have to -- forty not the the vanity. They're loaded offensively with -- twenty markets Crabtree it's Bernard David it's -- going -- Michael. Coming out of the back -- they've got big Riddick game manager -- quarterback. And Alex Smith -- that somebody like -- captain nick who could make play. And the defense would -- the championship contention they ought know they -- matches get very great physical. We all know that without that would just that meant an old boy it would action what was. -- did admit it they'll have better T. I think football and -- highly emotional sport. And if you're able to a lot -- emotion. You can escape sixty minutes what would it would have victory in sixty minutes. It's not a seven game series in the NBA finals all our Major League Baseball anything like -- it's one game. It's sixteen minutes and I think if ever there was a case where emotions to propel you to new heights. It's this one. Because there were -- -- and out that he was going to retire at the deceit that. I don't believe the Baltimore Ravens would've been in this position I don't believe they would have beat the New England Patriot -- shall. But it ended up happening. I had sort of -- and I'd get somebody good that the cool to meet -- big on the BA but not all right well wait -- I believe it would not be. Steve and I always a pleasure talking sports with you thanks for taking some double talk -- down the road my friend thank you got about Stephen -- Smith and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- -- AT&T forgy LTD.

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