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Ndamukong Suh saves Louie Anderson from drowning

Jan 28, 2013|

You read that right, Ndamukong Suh saved Louie Anderson from drowning while practicing diving for a celebreality show.

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It. You can't Stanley. At the gates of -- though land. Won't back down we're back. I I didn't say we won't be backers who won't back down. Tom Petty -- their foreign. 61777. Point 793 several wanna hear from where are you people I don't what are your shot once and how we also have the cake on the table from my grandma's coffee case. Which is the greatest coffee cake in the world that's not currently on the table bill be on somebody's table yes -- -- -- on ours are imaginary table to give -- to the person who calls from the farthest point away from where we are right now. So far are two records are. She -- Ecuador. And some Rican place in Brazil. Happy port port dole. Allegro or something in in Brazil. So if you're further away than that it if you're closer than that we welcome your calls anyway to talk about the Celtics and their current rash of issues. The Super Bowl course you could talk about that no one wants to talk about the pro ball I understand that and yeah talk about helmet injuries and based on here's a story for the euphoria. It's it's given me by a patio furniture. Splash is a British import reality show on which celebrities have to exe cute dives into a pool. That's it that's the whole show. The American version -- set to begin airing this march 12. The show's cast of contestants features burned out comedian Louie Anderson you know the big factor and -- And Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong it's not been done -- -- who no doubt created a lifetime bond. During filming. When -- helped drag -- drowning Anderson. Out of the pool. While Anderson was executing practice dives. Here's how DMZ which has exclusive and blurry photo says it went down the blur before. Sources close Saint Louis -- -- a contestant on the show was practicing his dives on Wednesday when he became a little -- bush. To pull himself up the latter move to -- maybe falling back into the water over and over again he was too tired. To drag his big fat ass out of this swimming pool. Louis eventually had to be rescued by sue and dive master Greg Louganis. -- put a combination of people -- -- random and it's not a random as you can get. Physically lifted the foundering funnyman to the poolside -- then set coughing up water for several cents. And in this article residents say boy it's hard to imagine senator image that Williams and struggling to poems of -- to -- on -- weakened to the point of drowning known to be rescued by two men. Wouldn't even bother shedding their robes. That's almost set does affect. One of the NFL's best offensive players will soon be appearing analysis of -- he show about typing with -- Louie Anderson. That's that's a prophetic scenario it is. For all on every single one of those people involved in that. Every single wanna integrate millions. 6177797937. We could say some things never will continue. This Francis texas' Mikey you should -- Mexico for your brain being marsh from smoking their week. -- -- I don't think I smoke a whole lot of Mexican wheat advocate -- BO. Anything that I've -- smoke has probably been domestically grown that we or how -- ago or purple Honduras or you know you have no idea -- why -- Colombia and Jamaica Jamaican. Or so while I don't back they had Acapulco remember the seventy's at Acapulco gold. From Mexico is supposed to be from Jeffs and missed forty dollars in -- to have some. Yes. I did I admit it in America alive and new -- up Rick Pitino says when you lie it becomes part of your future would you tell the truth it becomes part of your past very little guy view anyway take a magistrate entered in a right yen's rise is the number one the next Maggie -- loses the next game and -- in the next -- frustrating sense I've outlined -- -- one and they lose the next three. It's your bag the bag that waitress or whatever after George -- -- charge -- I you know and are you doing tonight for an excuse by any reading in a state of euphoria about this recent. -- You know NBA basketball particularly in this pistons Celtics went euphoria -- and yeah Corey Perry for -- executed euphoria that. But tell me why because they beat the heat I don't yell it specifically just delighted to buy one. -- the Celtics. You know be beat and beat and I realize that I enjoyed -- and India was that tempered a bit George by the loss of Rondell. Well I would say no I don't know it well cities in and in one sense but an especially. Including. The boot two. The trader Alan. -- you know it's funny he got a warm reception more aware they played the videotape in the house of his -- why Boston -- has -- its status as bowling as soon as they put the but among the Jumbotron right. Then they the ones who woodland -- simpatico strategy -- and then it erupted into a standing ovation worlds because disarmament Celtics green and a uniform. Well -- I don't Montell I think basically they wanted you know just the the groundswell of applause jurists are crescendo into a standing ovation -- and what you do Mikey I I sat sat quietly yes. I figured you I didn't make any commitment either way because that it wanna -- form under the -- -- downloadable -- to -- -- were these two likable overall as a person took to just really boom maliciously however that. I do not like the decision that he made Syracuse especially considering. You know that there there was a more money to remain here there wasn't any business and Stewart it was just a pride thing in an eagle there what's but either way I look -- or hate him. These outlets this way of all the heat players I hate him the least. Threat that. Forget the good point because it's the same time while the -- -- it held to any at same time -- quality of the lakers. And what they won yesterday especially the expressions of anger or -- or euros during that we're on -- Haskell right. They want to -- -- George they once were in a row. Well again I'll let you -- to witness Libby resigned and they want to create a -- to the you see the writing on the wall at king beat him. I think epic events they sent an hour ago. I on agree I think an animate the playoffs tremendous and they're going to be bad editing yeah I agree that Ron -- something I I do think I need to be a playoff team but I don't think that would go deep and now I'm not Stan island which well oh we don't have written -- we can play all the minutes and cart. -- -- -- -- -- -- Who figured -- it looks at Avery and -- You know we hodgepodge you know it's it's going to be a little of this a little of that -- I don't think that it's out -- -- question and -- -- inaccuracies scoring in the assist numbers from -- but that -- that his presence in the lineup for more minutes is going to be positive for a -- -- tell -- what's Rondo had eleven points thirteen points in the it and -- -- do that -- you know -- place -- game. Like Rondo might he won't be handled it -- broke and now we won't know that I mean can go. He he he can he can average what Rondo averaged storms that. He could make a -- except for the eleven assists. I'm zionists Hillary. Natalie it's that leaks -- and I just secular fascist it's so run -- -- -- yet. So is out for the if this happened the entry it happened to KG. Would you think the season was over yes yes OK if it happened appalled and yet you -- you do yep. I don't think they'd be looking at that weight without a -- if they had Garnett and Rondo. And it's itself literacy you think they they would be desperate to say now is what I'm seeing right now and adding any of those guys affects them that way I think run -- mourned Monday. You know we don't know will seek yet Rondo Garnett of the top two.

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