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Should Chris Bosh be proclaiming himself a hall of famer

Jan 28, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are talking about Chris Bosh's comments that he will be a Hall of Famer and whether he should be making those claims when he's still got a ways to go in his career.

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How do you spell -- old. QEU wide TO. OK let's see Brighton Massachusetts. To Quito Ecuador Lenny Lenny -- is here. There's so far. I don't know we had trouble getting your directions map quest says boy you kick it through the Panama Canal without a passport what does this is not from Brighton. It doesn't say how many miles. We had trouble getting your directions while 'cause they don't speak Spanish. I guess not I help. I mean gosh reported Spanish on and off -- use so it looks like it's really far how far is it to Florida. Probably a 1015100. Miles may be there. Does that -- -- February or so ago and it looks like from Miami to -- key goes another at least another 15100 miles so it's three it's 3000 miles. Jurassic -- -- how long -- immediately you know Avery doesn't became his guy to walk there and he didn't know why he's there were worries live -- A bunch of lomb is in fact is if we if we got a call from further away away all look I see there's a call on hold right now from Brazil. Let's let's do that first okay Alex are you there. Yeah. You're in Brazil are. -- -- -- Brazil -- removed sort of border of Brazil are you. Actually I wrote that sort of disagree with -- for guidance. Arab -- sort over into the treasury usually you bail review I'm not buying it I -- -- -- what's what's what's so. Let's let's -- -- -- -- on what straight to deliver on -- no mystery would would malware I mean today I can't say thanks preacher on West Coast is getting its star. The closest scrutiny Lawrence will not order it. So what's what's -- touted Brazilian aren't. All or what I couldn't -- had it for a while it horrible reports are -- Greg Willard. -- -- equity portola lingering in India Brazil. A US -- and down there. You you -- -- and go play ball this. You. Think should -- call. It writer's. Heart Abu. -- -- that some applause crew. Any show might let's -- now hey you know what Alex let's skip to the more important stuff how hot chicks in Brazil. -- -- thought we ought to order and it is billions of government in. All that sort it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After that it does now is those -- in Brazil are gonna put John -- hole. Ever that I. I writers are you are saying the date. Oh wow good for -- -- and good luck -- that -- or are you good -- critic -- -- Iraq caused a -- Alex import -- holds you can give -- your address and if you win -- said the coffee -- -- all right. The group and I. I don't know McDonald not -- in remained in a bar none -- -- who's gonna call lie about that play agrees are shipping address. It should go out shipping address not when he -- seated from right. Donald when he did he say he's he did say he says he's there. Right but it is shipping address is Cambridge well that's why you gotta talk to right now patio and do that detective work patio is it a crack detective. Effect on the program we call them. Patio the private Dick that's he could speak up ports for gays in he's from New Bedford and wouldn't let me put up if you when he came all the way from like Natick or something how -- that's right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's. -- Jake at Everest he's not that hello -- -- I don't. There about honesty about interrupting contacts in mind after the grocery those other -- W dot. Yet while living argued honesty of this competition targets where pressure will candidate. Are sure we'll get a drug dude because it's -- the mom. They -- for all public school so let's let me talk it out -- -- -- we don't want to bend the rules where -- -- and all due respect to what's going -- that -- -- I admit that guys in Brazil the hot chicks clipped this guys struggle in college -- and McKay yeah but this hot chicks and hammers to. Really well -- -- -- chorus -- throw. Out you know real ones. -- Yeah now his bedside sales oriented people still talk about that because it gets weirder and weirder and we're placed on the different talk show every day so yeah Google and updates a horse ever gonna draft him now he's got to get thank. Look at it does -- Columbine and does that numbers and jumps this high and I are just -- if you draft him much a mess and with like the real unknown -- what's the unknown will the weather today got what's in his head. A lot and then some from having an all American season. Our areas of the guys don't take is. No late first round pick early second this has anything to do his ability I'll play football and god knows NFL take anyone who could play football yeah. Maybe said the head injuries are ready before he got to eight Jake are what's going on where you forty wanna talk about. You know our -- -- -- and give our suggest you look Brian and I. Wanted to talk about it I. Just create play defense that they can do real well. -- -- If you read speed they -- -- -- you all done and autopsies showed that pose -- a picture we have played well you know it's. You want if you appeal brought yet fictional view and you know shop talk for quality still put out Arnold that implement what he would. -- thirty for thirty or whatever you can have a quiet 34 and be right. Well. Or. Well the thing about that game was on more one more basket by LeBron might have been different outcome because it was double overtime so he you know the heat they've held 34. And you know Ray Allen had 21. Is quietly good as well it was just a while have been nip and tuck situation. But yeah I think he did have his best game ever -- senator earlier in the days ago this season is sick and yet the view that we look -- -- if we get this from him all the time then he's he's more than and better than we thought or just some of the time. They'll they'll then number one player bit deceitful politics your bullets there at that. It yet what kind of fantasy yes it academy and I think that's the -- to witness and -- a preacher now trying to bypass a punchline baton. I don't know what our listeners. The -- over their heads you know it's I always suspected there might be some more of the story like that it wasn't you know and maybe the players is gay and and is afraid to tell everybody. Yeah that's to. You know and there was a lot of different theories yet it is possible yeah exactly you never know an analyst -- rumors certainly. -- about Ryder. It's like given -- game called we was here I was alluding to the fact that he is. Policies -- -- wasn't -- now I got a call from get a text from his girlfriend says no he's with me he's awesome you know what. You know what I checked out I went to northeastern basketball at night. I don't steroids and it wasn't exactly Gonzaga Butler which we disgusting it's -- had to be for this and I -- -- -- as a double over the -- here we are discussing it anyway yeah one northeastern -- double overtime they're undefeated in the colonial hats off to Bill Collins yesterday BC assistant and he's done a great job over Huskies. -- asked if Jeff does in far -- New Hampshire but not that for hello Jeff. Yes there. What are they go out there -- in Ecuador. I don't know. -- Francona. Maggie -- Francona. I have been nice this very well that -- A couple of -- yes why. Go back and injuries. Go you handicapped in order for a year -- Of course bus there. Spot in the second coming -- on right. And he's got a neck injury at its first full speed and and he couldn't come back and dark hole them edit he came back. The doctor couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't be paralyzed -- worse and decision. That story yet who has to his college career. And high profile. You know on the nature everything each all of her own sixty needed and I don't think -- player they that sensibly about what they're doing. Not at all. Well they don't but maybe you know this might change the culture of that. But you know this -- not gonna go away and you know just because of Pollard Pollard says it will now. Yeah if you -- Somalia right so he -- days McNamee Iran in 35 is anyway but. -- I made some people I mean it's been sell out -- area and that I had core of players who just you know in a super macho. There's going to be think a little dig at -- reflective now war of you know how long they should be playing you know especially. Well any position really I mean it's such a contact sport all over the field so. I think guys it's -- some time. You know some concern now with a lot of the plays but you know what if this is what they do and it's they can't make -- 345 million dollars or anything else. I'm surprised it. Peyton Manning it actually risking what he. Is because if you get a billion dollar to point BI director Eric yeah good point I'm at another point I'm. About poppy that's because I've heard a lot of Iraq. This morning about. If the Celtics aren't gonna do well be in its huge -- of the year and I -- a hectic you would call that accurately it's not yet been a huge John would be. Without more open mind about. But I thought that what you traded somebody you got to take Barack in equal salaries -- true. It's yes yeah like it's presented his cap number of the cap numbers when -- Americans are. You know what -- thing about obviously. They. You could try to. Have finished his career as an all time. Celtic player who played for no -- team where you what you're seeing what you could get for him and which I need exactly that player. And can handle annum salary cap in order to accommodate something you might need but. Was gonna you when you -- that off there's more than Newt maybe more nuclear channel because and to get equivalent player Paul -- based on numbers right now. You know he got to have a MLS salary shuffle and you basically blown up which ago that's true really got export. But if you look at it like the LA clippers. That got like one of the best bench at all that. Big two of the best mention it to deepest -- I would think that they would jump but the -- At a guy like well if they can really -- -- and then see they can go over some of that talent on the bench. Well. You know you don't need a -- I think you're over rating. Miles value but I mean if they do to trade him it would have to beat to sound like -- clip it. And elected to lakers bench lately -- getting Steve Blake back but that's that's not Paul -- as they did use and have a guy. I don't think the lakers have gonna turn it around now lungs how really the outlines how would doesn't count as. You have a playoff team possibly but I certainly it's almost counterproductive move to blow it up partially yet the I think you wait so. You know it's all done blow it up completely start from scratch as opposed to. Say what will try to hang on to hope here at by moving pierce out. You know and moving to other unknowns and people have them play before or whatever you don't know really what you're gonna get so you're taking a bigger chance of that. Well group through the book that I. Our guys. -- on. You've got to Jeff enjoyed that that --

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