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Mikey reacts to the Rajon Rondo injury

Jan 28, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder talk about the Celtics-Heat game and what the loss of Rondo means for the rest of the Celtics season.

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All my god have we got a lot of stuff to talk about ten night. We have got eighty full. Plates. -- we have a whole primary. Eight cornucopia. Of sports topics tonight to talk about all of the relevant all of them important all of them on well some remarks -- fun. I'm telling you Europe for a snowy evening like it is. We're gonna have a good time tonight writer and talk to everybody there is in the universe that that that talks sports when asked. People from far away places to call us tonight we're gonna ask people from right around the blocked across -- -- all over New -- From. -- -- do this on the news in whenever they lead into the news. From Long Island Sound to scout he didn't Maine we've covered new England -- always have some kind geographical out. When the other is known there are none of those anymore because because of the WEEI app. You know when the our online listeners of everybody the whole cricket world can -- this radio program. Makes you feel powerful doesn't render it does he could you know Venezuela. Ghana. I everywhere I really like to get some calls from foreign countries and by the way if you -- from a foreign country knowing who we know about international told rates. We're gonna get you first opens at 61777979. Threesome where we begin first -- -- -- again yeah Rondo is knee I you know. I -- the game -- -- -- my first Celtics game of the year I want to thank the -- to a good one tremendous hospitality and good. Good really really primo wonderful seats they always treat it -- so nice to me they really are and -- level and but -- will only say this I also brought my serenade for his first NBA game to him to go to my nephew Josh who lives in -- country. Golly all of his friends -- knicks fan he's a Celtics fan proud wears his shirts to school you know everything else they've finally admit being knicks fan and -- have a decent team is finally. But they all give a lot of crap because his Celtics there. Living in New York when he went to his first NBA -- as well now he courses Rondo fan gigantic -- of any where in his number nine incher. No run areas like what happened and our courses start spreading around and the entire garden about what's what's going around Rondo and I guess the team to note on the fourth quarter and -- they could not find out but. And maybe. But it already receive you know and -- runner Chris made his return he's out for the year Anders is a whole budget. You know -- not this because you know he's let's face he's an all star four times -- over the top five point cars and all the NBA no question environment where you look. And he's going to be sorely missed. Now the good news yesterday was. That. Without him the Celtics were able to beat the Miami Heat. Right which was a very very good thing I guess if you're gonna get all that bad news. Might get a little good news in that. Somehow someway they were able to find a way to beat the -- quote fraudulent world champions. In a game in double overtime with the -- so that that was an interesting day yeah I'm not -- -- out that's shocked that they won yesterday without Rhonda why isn't. The very familiar with the Miami the match a decent against Miami. But still it got the performance -- -- once who got the double overtime of those tired legs might be tough. It was great you know the way it turned out it was great benefit from it one moment of course the overall date has cast a Pall on all it's going to be this year's -- thirteen Celtics. Based on a -- that Rondo will no longer -- now. I guess they're gonna have the fine obviously some for some bench depth. At that position and -- confines -- -- to replace him they're going to be reasonably replaced from we'd be in for all of his functions and then. There's going to be a spot on the roster for someone else -- Marco -- dueling. -- maybe I mean you know what's economy doesn't really -- -- point guard doesn't really matter much because that person's legacy. You know a whole lot of time on the court I released the list of available guys I looked at it was the ten guys know I'm really impressed me is -- a couple of journeyman up Damon go bring him but. That's it is what it is. And it's not good torn ACL out for the year and it is the one thing we learned this year. Maybe is that torn ACL isn't the end of the road for you know as used to be -- there's a guy named Peterson please for the Minnesota Vikings. At the same injury Doc Rivers mentioned in the press conference exactly. And -- directives. As doc said that gives you hope. Give your hope for that injury and coming back very very strong from. Now other other things I'd like to talk about tonight and that is what we're on the Miami subject. I hate you know I hate that Miami Heat and right towards that right yes I've heard that I really really hate the Miami. I watched carefully for couple things just first of all up close I was very up close in about Chris Bosh is every bit as ugly in person as he is on TV. He's an ugly ugly guy he says he's going to be in the -- and he could be they asked about a nobody that's -- -- -- have a little humility. Is confident he says he's a lock for audio for -- -- he's an NBA championship. He's been an eight time NBA all star. And he thinks there are there those are already hall of fame credentials and reading a story here from the mine from. Witnesses witnesses from I don't know what's on parliament. Acumen to where it is but I -- it's printed out -- Career averaged ninety point 79 rebounds this year is averaging seventeen point two and seven rebounds. News asked about the hall of fame after the oh win over the pistons on Friday night -- is not after a -- again he says hello yes. Of course. I've been a hall of Famer like four years ago. And I say that very serious though I've talked about it before -- my friends. When your friends ago. Your friends are gonna tell you you're hall of Famer anyway to Syrian congress. Still got to do some -- via -- hall of Famer he weighed 48. As far as I thank you the idea -- -- member of the Miami Heat -- Said today he's on the right path to be to position where he has a lot of years left his chip -- -- undergo. But my porn on this whole thing it and maybe -- of anyone who knows because Terry could there isn't -- up and never play again. Maybe if he does make it. Good for him but he's not supposed to -- -- you know that talk yeah I'm hall of -- that's the house at least Ellsberg humble thing you can set. You can always come up -- -- been asked before -- you know I don't know you know -- -- doesn't go out to -- -- and humility they were honored today there are hanging out with the President Obama as an -- that's a big -- Now. Yet they were not very look at the other thing and knows when I was up close and personal I watched LeBron and the way he works the refs every single chance he gets. I knew we'd go there and nobody does though. -- walks over he saunter over to them and casually Beckham decided his mouth stands they're talking to about a player's this and that rule of one mother plays to -- And the other guys to witness to that guy at least Evans army script he's -- adult male he's at if he's got to go over the air. And hoodwinked the -- into. To get extra calls more than he already gets the guy makes me sick annoyed as but I I think that. Dwyane Wade. Far and above complains about calls more than LeBron James I think LeBron would agreement that can clean racing on the go John we know the camera that question what OK but. Wishers there watching him -- year old isolated eyes what the -- do all the time he's not you know. He's worked -- that thing you know I think you're right about wade when he's vocal about it -- -- happens the go to run and it's always on the offensive end the Cornet yeah I know I know he's like that but I think that there's a different may be more subtle way. That LeBron is every bit as -- you know that just about every time just about. I'd say 90% of the time that LeBron James drives to the basket you can call foul. On an opponent. Just because of the way drives in the grabbing and and clutching. Now how does that compare to other players that are of of dominance offensively as they as they peruse their body through the day yeah well we do we know. Like -- -- -- -- -- point is that he used you think LeBron doesn't get enough calls. The outside that they're not gonna copy it you could almost make him a call just about every time we drives the basket just about now how about. But -- -- -- on him. You know does that ever possibility of -- -- call on him knowing it probably doesn't. An offensive -- yet on how many does it ever happened. How do you see a lot of guys as you stand there to take a charge that you are having that I anybody when he's playing defense. Yes. How often. One time a game according to he. Should get more file cause he has some an agreement -- but at the same point and you could almost call it every time and but I agree with -- -- -- this doesn't get filed and it doesn't get doesn't get hit by people you know you could call a lot on him when he drives to the basket bud bud. Not to the extent of LeBron you. How many guys do you see taking charge when LeBron James is going to the basket. How many people to take charges yet not too many now know that that's that's shouldn't be -- how many followers are you talk about an offensive foul on him. It's what so so you're seeing a lot of guys take charges that -- -- LeBron James about it on this -- charges you know contact you know illegal contact. And sounds of football term. But there's techsters speaks to lose well of course were in Boston. OK well maybe there's people around the rest the countries feel the same way does he play games of the cities over the Boston I know Miami won't acme and it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I Z here's a look at the reaction to his follow lists street that he had for five games of real countries -- Al's best. How can you play five consecutive games to fifteen minutes or not I don't know that that's egregious that is ridiculous and it's it's. It's exemplary of what happens. With the rest and him throughout the country throughout the league what's star player -- player just about star player does not talked to the officials were complain about a call. That's why ever on thinks the and there are so I brought the reps -- -- BA they all say things here and there -- this guy when it was the other guys shoot free throws is a time -- lull in the action. He goes right over next the -- and starts. -- easier and it's just makes you wanna puke is just another reason I don't know what store player doesn't do that. I guess you don't love LeBron is keep -- -- any -- defending a -- just saudis are not true if you are got a -- LeBron I think Dwyane Wade is more attainable figure is that what you join LeBron fan club on the answer I'm not gonna do that but. -- I think my point is well I think harassment case. That they now the other story -- it was over the from the NBA perspective today is our old friend the chief. Robert Parish with a big story about how he's -- and it. Shunned as a potential coach or what have you tell -- we analysts last week in the glow in the in the NBA. And you know and I guess it's just weird from medium look at the timing of this whole thing and he he's 59 years at all. So he's -- started coaching career now. Most guys retire when they're sixty or 62 or 68 you know -- like idiots that he's hurting for cash. But I didn't I didn't I still like to wake him -- love chief not always thought -- a more entertaining interesting and fun people on via the old Celtics teams welcome. But I just don't get this story what do stroke when I guess the -- came out. It may not be the way he intended it but it's it's certainly came out very very negative very bitter well he he was on that this past summer. I don't know when he was not a big show via. You know when he was -- is looking for work he says. I mean it's it's. I get that and it's like you still gotta work an ominous to put it if she was really interest in coaching career it would not be something that took place. Within the first five years of his retirement. At Adelaide a way to Italy Brady played a long time -- and you know so that's also part of it. So that's an -- another interesting. Sidebar story and and from the world of baseball. I don't have anything good to reports about the Red Sox and editing get a new players and help win the championship this year. A Ryan Sweeney over the weekend Mike Richardson -- I am very I looked all over the place for some good news about the Red -- but I guess I can give view as a substitute. Some bad news for the Yankees maybe it isn't bad news for Yankee fans. General manager Brian Cashman has publicly acknowledge acknowledge what many have been whispering about behind closed doors. Alex Rodriguez wears purple lipped -- up all Alex Rodriguez could potentially missed the entire. 2013 season an -- from Cashman perspective course of the owners of the Yankees think. While that's 27 million well spent. That's a good investment birdie seven if you counted you Nicholas's deal. Yeah Youkilis it is the is the alternate rate is -- Miss America alternate. -- underwent hip surgery January 16 of fixed three issues. A torn labor -- B yeah I'm sorry labor room. A bone impinge -- An assist on his hip on these hip injuries Mikey yeah you know what the -- and that's from. From what two and a slam dance not store your favorite topic are there yes -- -- -- -- -- there's always that hips. So it was going to be out watching from the bench eating popcorn movie stars or whatever and and it's going to be your key -- Correct all avenue -- -- with time it will be good frozen -- -- arguments he's out now would depend a lot of hopes on him to again it breaks down. It's really going to be comical -- I have the feeling that maybe -- the Red Sox nor the Yankees will be in the very possible. -- make the playoff get a B Orioles rays and blue jays. I still think the Yankees will be in the on. Now another -- miserable. Crappy human being one that I really don't care for very much any real -- Bernard Pollard -- You know the guy who. Tries direct your career which in -- hospital. Think he did it to Rondo on the field yet he might he might we don't know where Rondo was the night before release smacked into a bar -- Bernard Pollard who I can't stand. Takes out players all the time came out old bridge should be fine because -- -- Nagin tried to appeal all over. Ed Reed. Battery read and Brady completely cool with a deal. Brady does get 101000 dollar fine Bernard targets of 151000 dollar fine for his hit on Welker right. So here's Bernard Pollard opening his big fat mouth. Saying that the league is trying to move in the right direction with players' safety he's saying that the -- and the NFL may not even exist in thirty years. Right yeah right because of these changes in the rules. This -- a complete. School. So here all the people world one house. Open your fat mouth -- -- talk about that kind of thing Q is -- so qualified patients use a player like that to talk about that. Anybody but him in the secondary -- -- AJ beat anybody but Pollard. Now at one more thing this is -- really probably couldn't sleep about this information is present your baseball pitcher open -- in the big leagues. You know that Q Roger Clemens moved at least -- and a lot the third to first pick off move that no one's ever gotten caught. To wean the previous have one or two times I don't even remember if -- -- I've seen that played such a stupid play and we've always said it's stupid. Well baseball is change the rules via the one now you can't do that it's a balk so if you go to third and go to first guy aren't third. It's to go home. That's fine because that speeds of the game just a little bit yet today -- haven't that's it that's our quick rundown of everything is cool and -- real world of sports -- stock holocaust now 6177797937. And so in order. OK let's take some calls right now what the hell are all here they're gonna -- -- George in a car George. How would you like to be first. Are very -- a super -- -- are called last year but spoke about the our -- ball movement and coordinate care about -- -- search -- records are a lot of injury on May be under our direction. The Rondo is really you know libertarians here are pretty overrated on. The politically or opinion the track. If you look at this plus minus. That weren't such a slight negative. In and so you know pro war could talk -- was gripped Austria -- -- their game a problem there who clearly better remodeled for a sport. I don't know to what extent -- -- the value of diminished by an injury. That we're making the point you know there are -- -- -- trade him you know quarter to all computers tool wolf. You know our foremost Bogart would Mark -- -- big if those are people are you know in the securities and go to work. Are -- RD district Rondell regard serve and -- your technical work. Watch -- offer is just not on not all the more toward our effectiveness and struggles to score. If you look a year or a year or other users who offer production -- the decline or what each year. The code or aren't you and tried to use -- into the old. Well. Okay now George they're not -- they're not ranked -- Top two thirds offensively. How much of that do you think has to do with -- mean it sounds to me like you think a lot of that has to do. With Rondo and let me ask your second question while -- -- You you talk about how ineffective they are yet you watched them. Take the heat to seven games. Should awarded but they took him to seven games -- when they were this close to go to the NBA finals -- how how ineffective connecting. Okay well look let's just a solid offense first carry -- also -- know you're ineffective early to struggle for a score. Com you know the team to not do it sold a lot of -- Smart -- that -- do any better. -- Nobody noticed all the aren't just -- -- that was all states. It's it's one particular took to make light of some individuals or questioner that necessary -- our -- elite he. Domenici -- and so large that the lack of ball movement -- we -- -- archer a little -- torture likely. Yeah it is it is not your show that George sod and Arnold like many of you point demo hits -- as I had I didn't notice you're not teaching a course here George RI RI. All right. To the Celtics have a great low post presence. It what type of team they jump shooting team or inside the jump shooting team. Paul Pierce's shooting 42% I was Jason Terry doing shoot the ball. And branded bass good season. I'm talking about this season and George I tell us why this is right away thought wait a minute Courtney Lee Courtney -- get it is just what they tried to do in the offseason George was they try to get more offensive -- it's not happening RI they need Rondo to score a little bit more this season. They needed him to score. The grieving you say the wrong thing at W members ultimately is. There -- -- so good why -- this point differential or Obama or not but it only brought. And well I I also think George you can that you could look at some games where it takes games off there's -- they played down a level of her opponents some of these bad losses to New Orleans excel -- Maybe the ball moves a little bit better against some of these bad teams what do you think about in the next couple weeks when they take on say Chicago. Or even this Sunday when they take on the clippers. All right. What are they gonna do defensively those teams they're gonna pressure the ball up top of the key way to pressure. You think there's going to be a lot of scoring opportunities in those games and you can beat teams what I around a lake Charlotte in some of these notes it but. Boy you're gonna have trouble against -- really quality teams. Regular caller Georgia you know it is a debate I guess that's worth its its really difficult to measure based on you know -- plus much when your team's underperformed the rest the guys are formed in the ball again. It it didn't clear shots not hit them. In -- -- mean I mean -- for example. There's been very inconsistent this year. All these text messages -- is not the reason the offense sucks. No low post presence and not a good report three point shooting team and that's one of the biggest. Upsets of the season so far a lot of falls on Terry we know how Pierce's struggles through the three those are two of the top 53 top 103 point shooters ever. Retirement -- pick off move first to third this texas' I think Jerry Remy got caught a third to first make his first time on base. I've ever the big Nicholas best that can happen if you're it's the first time in the big leagues you know but it's not something is gonna when he but he has been around one cup teams.

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