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Monday, January 28th Whiner Line

Jan 28, 2013|

This knee injury reminds me of Rajon Rondo's!

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Music music views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't buying ETT. Proceed with caution. We -- discretion music box to. -- Morris and now losing Laura you're alive. You know -- I got to say something right now. I'm sorry. That's bush league like Kevin Garnett days. But the army didn't Gary until Saturday's Busch police don't know what -- position it's hard -- and -- again there and now you know the way these guys socialize when they went to work out -- all the way everybody's it's you know it's a business you have to do it yourself. They also -- women don't like that's -- let me tell you one that's push limits WEEI. Who Maureen -- lie and you would go to the -- for anybody on his -- you're not on his team. You're not on his team. Security enemies I. I mean our other guys that he's congenial to this is -- why are we arguing about this is dial 6177793535. But I see it again I mean he didn't even acknowledged his presence. Hitting naming off very good job go get -- think Danny Manning knowledge that he was there. I think -- exactly like your child's whiner line Bill Russell so you can't forget why -- I mean that was a hundred hours ago Tommy now but the attitude just saying matter to your enemy this -- not just social club and now. And push come the way these guys the way these guys are my good you've got a haircut at WEE nine from whiner line. Anyway it was what it was like this a lot of disguised -- a couple of years ago and -- from his head. Nice to radio news and I agree Tom -- and the social club to be nice. And wait. It was it was nice to me. In 1996. Like the -- -- like night. -- is always a basketball game yesterday and -- -- no not opera opera. But the -- You know no water you know -- couldn't I had my six year old -- jerseys and -- got him to -- -- to put any chance that -- -- -- -- critics call it like so funny you know we we know the wild and crazy. Mike Adams and he's got that whole persona. But yesterday animals in this thing is that he was looking at the court. -- -- -- -- Mike look at them like uncle that's me is to -- the wild and crazy might get a I was the gives a very tame very competent responsible. Adults responsible uncle my. And Mike it's about time. Yours and if I did last sort of resume soon restored to its shots on the way home he. He started cussing at the officials do it and I saw the the sensors listen during the break to max's story apparently can't tellem. Can't tell which one is that god I can't tell circumcision. Around. It's a little. -- -- -- announcing its utility well it's it's the story. Between Utley. Comedy club into. By hearing your story -- the -- didn't know you're -- It I don't know how these get to the bottom of the verbiage by the way what Switzerland next -- shouldn't -- is absolutely -- Two Brothers in -- sweetness that we a lot of people in trouble. We broke with him to take a lot of that. Investor -- -- only -- management today I can't sweep of them black. That's what you did I thought the truth stage Friday. Why is powered by AT&T WEEI leverage available on your arrival in Iran android. And your Blackberry device brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds of ten times faster the regular three GB -- AT&T right. Rethink possible large immigrant -- How bad could it up -- Drive the ball I got my but I bet that I got a football. Deadbeat executive that it runs up forgone. I. They're not big big puppet that looks like that goes up -- -- maybe it would have a problem that the you have to that. We've lost luggage fire as we lost slightly lower pop back about gold that the bad guys are. I think people really really bad news is that -- about retired yet that the mud. Advised that we can't live without they had to show. It might -- god gave them credit that I've become a -- that -- -- unit. 200 -- and and I run around in circles this. He'll have babbling -- you know what he's trying to make is believes news can cost Freddie and me for shares of -- -- to have a beginning. Have an end okay and you put the whole wine together you got a brother a particularly evident while. Got to watch the global auto cannot control -- how many about it -- Body at the -- -- -- and I -- the that they would create some kind of secondary in the AFC game. Understand them. And a message. It's -- ahead that's -- I think our. Have been well we'll update yet bank yesterday at a global. Product I didn't play I don't like it had been here. Will rule. Today and watching game three people I I did you all sat out all people excited about the Super Bowl. People out of precincts now. People who are just found no I -- Don't go watch the game better I -- people here -- watched the game but they don't I'm not sure they wanna hear an awful lot of options as you wanna talk about that that's the question Rhonda. Happened. Everybody wanna -- efforts is with the beginning of the week. And then by the end of the week stop kissing detectives and then by the intimately jeopardy to people start to churn. The ball. They always. Whenever you start with. The of this ball -- -- right to go to the other addicts it was gonna find Ray Lewis is closed from that night in 2000 this week awaits shall. Very ironically this week. I believe global notebook that. Mr. then I read claim -- successfully sent a market in order to hopefully influence technological innovation will lead to a bad it was present. Quote. That's not -- competitive. And automated. Electronic back airship and however scientists have ruled out an advance the -- it is because quote -- country looked desolate depressing about those black and white. It is sideline in the sixties American and multi it was very competitive it is. Could you -- that but I wouldn't want their primary. But effortlessly towards committing the most about the CIA and making a play there -- -- an -- that was removed what was it got support that it happened thirty years ago that that it felt like it's no wonder like the idea of what they've had to stay positive. But now reported blown up. The trouble back just because they didn't. You know I -- want and I'll let you. I want to do I'll appreciate it feels like a new saucy take. These are temporary monkey into space what do we do that 1950s I think it's so it's normally I think -- still up there. I don't know what the week before the ball. That's what a lot -- could always drop so. Buick about base hit. And top ranked into an original Xbox. And -- -- Let's listen to them for. Did play in San Fran for ultrasound all those are good pairing out there is connection beholden -- Hey -- Michael now part of but they -- a lot -- not born with a bowl and Rondo got -- wanted to know what that brought back into the picture on Monday. -- best -- these Fiat he's not beyond -- effect at all. Can't have that attitude and. It with them. -- asked where are they got the choice believe you're right he didn't get a lot of white people have the choice couple okay. There Detroit took what it would give choice. And -- The wrong choice to him what he had -- -- horn -- as they were. -- known aren't quite well and being the other the other -- we will not get a couple of big ones though and it and had she is really do when they get he did. That is that by the end of message. It's funny. Now and then message. I'm -- -- now. And I doing. Way to act like he is so bad Rajon Rondo on the bed deliberately tried to break because Obama it must not. And then and then that was -- -- Went from being out -- now Maxwell from being a great player to win. Jersey pulling dirty he's a filthy dirty plays its -- Jacqui you felt awful -- -- -- jerk but utilized a team down -- -- any time not now not. You -- heavily used to call. -- broken down lights filthy brokered a lie now -- a player eight. Right now he's got a broken down play early in Africa if it. Don't think I have who. Maybe you know you're wrong or is bad these the open field. We've never held a patent law so maybe those who want to live in game without an update how cold it is. It's open to win eleven games do it but it did so we've well. -- You guys good with the Russian and French version of and -- best -- Korea last week. So what can start doing something useful if we quite Portuguese welcome for dock wherever. Kirk Fraser it could include. A complete and -- the ball at all -- have -- including. When you're leaving before wants fast break -- about all this I think broad view by Rosetta Stone. And that message. -- as a reference. I think it was except the -- get a break and he didn't -- past penalties speaks English to spine I was yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now. And but it's important. To conclude that the current political point of basic. Until -- get. And this message can't blow up like what was thrown please and. Don't like call in the future criticized any I didn't hear quite our -- today. Why -- shock rock history I was. Like OK okay. Both left our umbrella go out so. You want to -- -- -- year exactly after right now and over and over -- all want to slow raffle -- low whereas Purdue. This picture. That's definitely -- -- to me. You know letting out. All right yeah. -- -- -- -- You don't want -- bad bad apple and I can't -- back. Well but that yeah yeah yeah. Economy. I ended up I read. Crack. And that. They -- because -- -- -- so if you feel better about the use in America. And so much in the right way yeah yeah these roughly eleven here's the work but I think that's a funny track brought. -- is due to go do your homework you don't want a contract anyway is doing a lot of homework. -- going going and it's really act. No I am so glad this and I hail started -- can call one. Because I don't like could be well. And again people like me an opportunity to be relevant. Now I would like it if you can come and would debate. Whether or not my name is Patrick. -- quit. To be honest with you. And I'm -- depend upon -- bull. Remember that I'm taking it. Warm. And damaged oil well and I definitely feel like Katrina. However that I have an -- help on how well it's. And I feel like expansion these days I am. And that -- -- So tax gross was that it did you think it was a woman on the phone can. Because glad initially think that's a man it is impersonating them oranges gotta be as well as a woman all -- -- the other way. This I don't understand diligently at the latest aren't related stories Hitler came back exit although it was. US assault -- while -- apparently is what he's doing Dr. Phil this week so we'll find out. You think he's on Dr. Phil Lewis. He is doing the voice of the girl on the phone with a guy here that's witness in the -- -- the -- tortured and it was about -- father came out said that she has not been doing it was an all out -- like she is getting -- and director just told her father everything I was being I was playing sure. I was a part of this this is grant hope. I told Michael there are three more gigantic. Angles of the story we I was afraid of what you gonna say three more gigantic I don't know where I want to -- that he get drafted. Yes of course -- that's what what's right and proper drop patriots. Regular pattern just called it. Sure why I was marred by AT&T AT&T forgy. LTE speeds up -- ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible.

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