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Sorry people, the Celtics are NOT a better team without Rajon Rondo

Jan 28, 2013|

Hard to believe it, but some fans are trying to make the case that the Celtics will actually play BETTER without Rajon Rondo... Michael and Glenn disagree.

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Police say this is our notes for Friday Monday show. Talk about Ray Allen. And we really get into the Pro Bowl. -- -- -- -- Now. I'll. Then sit down watch that game yesterday and you're like my. What just happened Susan just -- like. -- -- I don't know I don't think this season as. When he's it's different seasons different but -- Did what what you would you be feeling once for the wildly think they had a possible outside chance of winning a championship. -- I I did earlier in the season after. If you remember right I came on Friday and -- -- of really where to get this team. And the outlook for the injured and it was not going into the Atlantic. -- it -- on a great first half. -- have they rebounded great maybe they find maybe this is the turning point of the season and I've ever seemed to what do seven point lead dissipate so quickly than that went it. So no I didn't feel good -- Atlantic -- or Friday I said I've really worried about this team right now like. Were you worried about Jos -- doesn't encourage you to worry about on Friday Q what about just been through pretty good deal but the guy who who. Allow them to win the game was co worker yes courtrooms to think it is it was. It was an amazing shooting display and it was also an amazing display of bad defense. The combination horrible -- he -- are looking he was making shots. In two or three seconds. To get a shot off and he really -- literally stop them back into the game it was a man I have never seen anything. Like that I'm a fast forward to something is -- Atlantic game machines -- -- Is -- a distant our overall sound as the target them and away the whole thing unfolded yesterday. Was just absolutely. Frightened. By the white magic. -- the post game show at halftime show different. Magic of Johnson's going to be up to users who were to all of this year at all connection -- ask him what happened. They're all in all I can tell you is. Is it more than they did know about more than the -- all I can tell you is they're people that don't -- you and I love that TNT show because typically best tutor is the best my 40. On TV -- -- all sports while they're relatively NHL you name it it's the best. By far but there are some people out there that don't like it because they don't think you get enough information. Would tell you this ABC -- pregame halftime post game show. Would magic will -- Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons. Is the worst. Into Asia was the best this is the worst of -- -- -- because you get zero entertainment -- of these guys do not entertaining at all. And true information is a bunch of misinformation. That's -- at night I was -- how is that the gang busters I didn't hear -- two years he said. This year -- next year's commence next year to Timothy entire season. Derrick Rose agreements. The government's entire season. I don't Eric and Derrick Rose series -- -- -- -- I have annoyed -- -- just two years you were Adrian Peterson plays football but admit I have two years I have no idea. The other one against me and I understand that the game yesterday but he's seen in the -- Worst -- player doesn't like matter of fact it happens just before game time. And that team goes out gets a great performance. By one guy two guys 345 different other guys are with the team up and they would think Chile. In watching the NBA -- team without one of its key players -- -- the -- -- at home and win that game. Especially when you know you're notified like twenty minutes before game time as was the -- except -- except the players know before -- Well they aren't they why they don't know what -- got to play right that it know that a metal that he was out for the season right. And what what a reaction we'll doc was Smart not yet you let them know because if they don't. They probably would not -- laid out energy yet. What are reaction from Paul Pierce in the post game. When Doris Burke broke the news to him. You know was the word was traveling at the garden. Like a lot of fans -- Clearly a lot of fans knew before the players -- many players at the beginning of the and -- you can tell by -- -- their reaction reaction the reaction that Paul Pierce gave was was price was just gave a real. Sincere answer and then he figured out is the national TV interview Erica and -- on the captain so. Got to get some cliches and -- God's gonna step by open. Law have you know be be more discipline would be better -- that while the cliches that. -- -- -- On a weekly basis but my question -- that you think. If you thought this of the championship team before clearly I did it is going to be very difficult for that happened almost impossible. But he thought they were like a 45 win team 44 win team. They can still achieve that goal I agree if destitute -- I don't seventh -- succeed definitely. They can they championship game they being out of the surreal real could be miraculous you washed your best player in America -- -- -- -- lost about -- you're not going to go out and win the championship. Aegis -- it. In the NBA he thought of five players out there and -- Take away your best players in the really in the in the playoffs it's more about talent. In individual great plan I'm not sure he's their best player -- -- reports were taken about how he's very talented in the playoffs he goes to another level. He can he can take overs series but I think the best players the guy who had the triple double yesterday. Bass player. All the I'm not sure he can do it in and night to night basis he throws -- so like dot and by the way he's gonna have to do a lot more. Coming close to triple doubles because that's where they're gonna have to like he's going to be their point forward yet. What they'll do is -- More to go marked a lot like to see greens start I really believe that if you give -- minutes. And you'll let him get into the flow out to get into the rhythm of the game you're gonna get far more out of from the beginning right now but. You you you play on word pressure is defensively. At the other guard brings the ball up the floor. Get it in Pierce's -- -- your peers operates you'll be a slow down team right now you know army's criminal market liked the style. Because they're not going to be able -- -- our favorite torture are going to be able to do that. The way that they have done to this point -- fewer turnovers. -- is. They won't be that risk up and down on the floor but are they going to be. As good. I don't know where people coming up with -- and I've heard it all day and there with Robert calls with a -- that. Well understood but I understand the frustration -- got it got to separate the frustration from. The facts of this team frustration a lot of people I've just listening to that to the states and listen people at the arena. People are frustrated with the Rondo was defense. This year. Person form as a people are frustrated. With the way he's running office they hold the ball too much on numbered. A lot of complaints about Rondo that's that's frustration to the fact is. Even if you don't think -- as their best player where their second best player at worst he's their third best player when your top three players. He's their quarterback in they're gonna miss them. -- You could say. That he hasn't played consistently. Horry hasn't played up to what you believe -- talent level is. But I think to be crazy that the that the team is going to be better off without it sold yet maybe maybe. The ball moves wore the ball is gonna move more. Because there's not a natural point guard on the floor Jason Terry's not that Barbosa is not that Courtney Lee is not that Paul Pierce couldn't hand on the ball a lot. He's not that either so. Just because of the people in the personnel you have on your team in the ball move more but you won't miss Rondo -- certain situations you have this. He can debate that -- trust. They get good defensive teams. They -- have trouble getting the ball and Kevin Garnett spots where he can score they will have trouble getting the ball in to Paul Pierce in areas -- he can school. Can you could have you don't have a pure point guard on the roster right now. I didn't get the ball to your key scores just is where I agree with what you're saying that that that's what people are saying. The defensively they don't like Rondo. They bitch about triple doubles and he doesn't do this and he doesn't do that. I really believe it comes down to that. They don't like -- some people think he's a while. Some people think he's stubborn. And he does in his own way and he doesn't want to necessarily do what -- -- they don't like a I -- personally they don't like so they start making. Stuff up giving example. Triple doubles weird last week where people were saying while the triple double what good does that do the don't -- -- Mom was three -- four -- 27 triple doubles. There record when he gets to triple double is 23 and four. What are you seeing what he gets the triple double what you think -- negative for the team the record bears that out at 23 and four acres that gets triple double. I just think that people who don't like to give it. That's what it was quiet I think it is advocates and media I think it's the media thing mostly in some fans don't like some down. -- I don't dwell -- but that was a criticize them -- Well I think they are their vocal minority the fans who don't like Rondo because we've talked about the report. Talk to most people under the age 25. Are out and go thirty more on 830. And you ask them what their favorite players. Saturday perhaps than I'm gonna say Iran. So I think. Fans on the whole like him. Young fans especially my nine year old kid -- just Nationalists -- at all and yet people I mean they crushed but. You eat you talk about people who deal with them. On a regular pay a regular basis and people who cover the team people who were rounded team. -- the reviews are mixed because I think he is I don't think he's upon I think yes governor I think he's just he's stubborn. But -- you don't want and sometime but whatever it would not my isn't it but the great ones. Most of the car. Most of that the great players. Are stubborn because they truly believe they can do it better than anybody else in -- somebody else tells him. They should go to different way to ship that's been successful doing it despite all the law and try to change Rondo -- became -- Italy. -- this game was very different very unique. Show. But I think it has been changed for the better. You've seen it remained before. Before the injury obviously you saw another dimension this year. That people were asking for in the path -- remembered Jeff Van Gundy during the 2008 finals. And five meters -- 2008 think. Rondo has got to take that's got to take that shot got to take that shot fifteen footer 1517 footer. Writes -- left that it matters you've got to take it daily grill openings got -- and he didn't at the time you've been to one this year. He's been taking a shot may. He -- he can make it now he knew we couldn't make it before Michael I think the biggest problem with -- -- old game was. He was fearful of doing what he could do instead of taken that job is to the multiple. Because if you do is a good chance you gonna get fun when he wasn't confident enough he could make the free throws might Rondo is gone for the season. Unfortunately it was wrong -- -- for all of next -- 67 months. Is probably the best interest of the extremes we were there was extremes are -- three more regard for two years and won't be gone for more than two weeks. You don't go for more than two we won two weeks and what aframax what happened there alone but Joseph cremation. Joke apparently -- -- was joking with -- that he was going to be gone for two weeks she's not even gonna have surgery for two weeks but he -- -- be gone for two weeks. John -- who can't. Help himself tweeted it right out and it that took off and once anyway heard that there was some good sell the news. He just took it to the next level and it became me -- just a disaster. -- here at all. Coming up Cedric Maxwell our third man between 4 and 6 o'clock you'll be -- for the last two hours joke. So clarify some of them were illegal for me. I know you gotta start all out what is indeed. That's will open up the phone lines of what you toss it out there what the deal with you the Boston Celtics right now. You've lost Rajon Rondo where you go how does this team play. And what do you do trade -- You make deals. 6777. 7937. Locals -- we go to your next. What did run -- with a view what -- that debate that. I asked about that -- -- -- -- well. A couple of vehemently that belt you'll look like you with all the that it relief it is to do. Anything as well lucky movement global rotated. That it did the right. But did he tell me about that. But that what that does it surprised me through tab yes Richard I did go by the new York and now you're too proud to be here by beauty -- your. Instead of that what they cute guy that doubt that I'd go back it up like you do we. -- might go get. I did have a conversation -- run though it and that element that. Do you didn't surprise me Soviet Afghan on the way out that while he didn't remember the industry be remembered -- away. Can laugh at that well you know you surprised Deborah K when you surprised me a -- in the equity and that you and I didn't know. Tonight he surprised me by you know getting hurt -- -- that what what's next. And he laughed at that what you want them out I'll be back in two weeks though I think stopped by the tweeted that I'm sure -- that would just joking. But you know if they devastating injury or a good. Player. K I know it there's just happened and everybody is thinking the world is coming to an end however with modern medicine and we've seen this. A dot is gonna talk about here's -- -- in life. We're gonna talk to a bunch of people over the garden. You know Wes Welker went down it was back in nine months. Gary definitely the last one -- -- it was it all excited when he heard the two things. Which obviously was -- it was a an original tweet -- or is -- now tweeting. And that he originally treated angry and he retreated. Excellent -- To the next say Brothers aren't allowed between -- -- is line. Is that. Well Donnie Marshall was to run -- we -- get on Twitter Donny Marshall said he knew he wouldn't he wouldn't Tweety and we're talking about all of when he said he would. -- -- For. These vicious having nexus line is too many Brothers cut trouble over Twitter. Like people have a joke about it don't. Every reason guys are well I don't actually here at 4 o'clock let's get to the -- Before -- -- in -- and they're very quickly you're you're talking about he -- in the year. Oh in its interest -- you said. You don't think the heat really brought I did not done we're out there on the editing and brought their a game and before the game. I thought it was a missed opportunity for the Celtics because -- -- place so well against the heat right they don't really have finance reform right. So. They didn't they -- I think they brought it. I think he did bring it something -- take advantage of like nineteen offensive rebounds. Well enough or -- with the end of reports of that while also knowing that the and take advantage of the most and and these affairs that we know in the physical athletic freak in LeBron James. As LeBron James could of abuse them even more. If he would spend some time in the post we keep talking about LeBron with the one thing they achieve it -- -- thing about -- game you can look at let me ask you an additional post about how well -- LeBron played game. We'll give them -- well -- of the people. For him. In it in the numbers -- saying. There's not even. -- -- world it was a big game for LeBron and 34 point 260 rebound -- -- seven assists deeply. He played well on -- it's not even the best. Game from LeBron James Gabriel is this morning thought. He played port politically portly let -- -- -- -- was the reason -- -- down and let him down but you've seen LeBron James. In -- seventeen shots. You've seen LeBron James play. What you've seen what -- is all time great games we all -- Now as game six CNN restaurant a couple of Butler and -- -- galaxy -- on the Eastern Conference finals but there was one guy on the -- you can't play -- you can't play like that all the time but I've seen LeBron James played better against the Celtics and that's saying something and again as with -- Finished with 34 and sixteen I don't think. I don't think they beat the heat took advantage of some things that where your form take advantage of but here's the other thing about Miami. And I know Dwyane Wade. Has good numbers this year. Remember when. That group got together in the third man and was Chris Bosh. He said LeBron -- line and -- two and box three and order's been reversed. It's in Switzerland LeBron still one clearly. They boxers -- Wait -- its third the white -- Is still a very good player he has left the great he's not a good I don't think he's great players. I don't think physically he's the same place. I just don't. I got a -- question legacy for it will do little but we're delighted -- Based on something that he said the other day we get your two cents on folks we go here's Jim in Providence first up on today's excellent Jim. Only Michael agree that LeBron will vote number lucrative way to -- we want to to a times. -- feel the same way about all your he had some great that we hoped he'd played well but I give some I get some of that gap because. They were double what I think people that you say what it was Rondo -- on. When they double here. You know risky and it is -- -- -- that there are you know I mean obviously counted -- I -- -- that way it -- You know can carry the team from point to import. So you know they played great defense. At open war. But. And and you're right well I'll give you this. You're right I think Paul Paul missed some shots. It didn't take advantage of some opportunities. But I think he played well because his defense was fantastic. It played great deeply play great defense on both human and we as matched up on waited a good job waiting and he did a good job LeBron. I just think the -- -- saying eight what are the people out of the game and we're gonna go for a run or we're gonna beat you with tactical teams and tried saint saint. And a military with our audience I don't know three. -- those jobs baby. Gotta make he's gonna have a lot of shots now he's got to art and he's got to start knocking about. -- we -- -- Yet -- are he does he does everything. That you want he hears everything that you want that teammate except he's not making shots. I haven't got the guys like he's adept -- well he's coat to ball. He encourages his teammates he cheers when he got in the game on and on get a question on a regular job. Question I have with Jason Terry is easy just not been able to get into sync because this is a new team. And it's -- -- different offense or is it a matter of just lost what -- got the -- -- -- we knew it was a shooter. That's when you start to see the shot coming up let's run into the right to different offense have to do -- -- an open shots -- that. -- what that he's with a different team it's where they it's where they catch him on the you know going without the ball. You're right about one thing is that he and Courtney Lee are going to get a lot workshop opportunities and -- and I give those numbers the other day. That you compare to what San Antonio was -- -- -- -- bench. And you look at the previous shot numbers. The number of shots that a guy like -- said the game and the military's deadly game. Are -- weighed down this year now they're gonna go back up to what they normally he's averaged well over thirteen shots a night now let's see what he does well. Yet one out of one of -- point would come about trade and all that have to stop. I remember back -- you know what government Red Sox winning the first time the first time around that. Some guys could hurt during the regular season and the subject to play a lot. -- In the long term that ended -- helping them because when when those sub had stepped in you know it you know appreciating all of these situations in the playoffs. There were no reports on BitTorrent like do -- audit where you should have been boots where they've come up itself. Could you -- your book at these are contracts still left it to his core unit here as a distributor could hear and see. You know begin you know -- the second the second group a little bit more action. Never I don't know I wasn't applauding and had I -- -- glad you're you're you're you have a very she pitch a small window here. And the team was built were very small window that's the -- so you're not building for the future because I tell you. We are Gerri you're not gonna be here in the long run about one run players know Paul. Pierce was able to compose himself for that that interview he gave -- the natural reaction of first. Then they figured OK hearing cameras are on I'm done done this for a long time national TV. I gotta say the right things. Once you with the locker room and after the game dejected. As dejected because you think about it and both of those guys for appears. And for a for KG. They came back. And that I honestly believe that they if they had. They won a championship this year. Guys might have considered retirement specially KG championship this year he was strongly consider retirement IQ was last year and didn't win. So you you talk these guys especially KG talk in the coming back. You try to get Ray Allen come back with you don't get realities union blunder Courtney Lee grounded Jason Terry. You're your mid thirties. You know that opportunity you don't have many more opportunities. To be good have a good team and and physically be able to contribute. Like they can now and then in the middle of the season. Here that a key piece is gone for the year. You start thinking how many. How many more operative with this was just a final -- They made their bed last year when in the offseason and he did when he made that decision. This only with this old -- They didn't blow it up they stayed -- -- now when you lose Rondo and staying with -- dual core. -- Salinger and Bradley will be guys that get experience this year. And it probably will improve their play over the next couple years apart so individual individual plot so those two guys. Are going to gain some experience this year that will help the future Celtics -- -- I got it. I don't feel the future Celtics helped at all by artists like the lost -- And in the gentlemen brought up the Red Sox in 2004 I don't remember any bad devastating injuries to the Red Sox in 2004 especially not the pitching staff that everybody made their start. A year nobody missed -- start injury. So. Even if they did have injuries. Down the stretch. Schilling was there Pedro was there or she was there Manny was there. -- you folk you know all the major parts. We're still in place. So is one thing to say yeah I get to reserves and and that gives them experience that's great if you have the reinforcements come back we have the elite players. -- -- players. You're in trouble Danny does not have an awful lot of options we explore next.

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