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Jan 28, 2013|

We have Max as our third man in the day after a win over the Heat and the loss of Rajon Rondo for the season with a torn ACL.

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-- back near the back -- Cedric Maxwell will join us just a couple of minutes you say. Got an issue here what you Richard issue is that the soul fire. The best barbecue. In Boston there unbelievable. Got -- at Harvard have wasn't a location we you know the -- -- -- -- mission hill unbelievable. Terrific stuff on it just it just -- Huntington avenue. Mission to show up that -- the certificate for a it's the. 37. Seven and 37737. On -- Are. -- So the here's the issue. Greens are showed up today and feed her valid. And I -- son Max is still loading up as good music group is loading up his -- -- we have to wait to graduate from have to wait for Maxwell so women so don't -- the Celtics didn't use their the duty eighties we have to wait Larry will be out there first bullet you shoot. In the care would show up -- Wait around. Employee actually trying to show that's were. Anytime you right now. -- here you -- that give away you're ready. This week. -- Tell you you know personally -- got a lot of -- so we're -- we have the withdrawal doesn't have to listen to a meeting of the year. In which you did not look like. Does that -- -- -- and admitted that it entered this MX we look at me I control played a pretty I. Room because like you said you took her to get there before -- yet -- became the radio play by -- radio and a Republican parish. Relative get a job. We'll get a good job we'll get into little ultimately I'll man. I'll tell you got -- -- column actually called on everybody else caught -- -- Called out Danny selfish married. Paper pay it because America's economy out of -- you can develop the you know people whose whose gonna help him out of you know labeled as usual as. We you know. I think it to -- last night I thought -- just re tweeting Euro little -- I so was the confusion there will be commuted the -- let's -- -- there was confusion. Ten -- bought it hook line and sinker he's only up for two weeks. It was it was not a huge national it's all over the country makes me what would say we re tweeted over two and holds in time -- break it now that we want. Rondo came out he was -- -- right below us. -- saw -- on the Jumbotron I came down us both to mom like me. -- do that you did this to us that one at that you've got to be really good when mrs. and you. In new York and I did I didn't know and outside yelled -- them -- their run it was mostly. I said to not -- -- -- -- with the injury throughout the year said what's -- you'll die as they would bid next day what. No I'll be back in two week. And we both dog -- Al -- You know Sean Sean what happened John says to me. Is that what he's that's exactly what these. He didn't beat you with them back. Went out at the -- -- -- go back in two weeks. Russia between them. He tweeted about in those were the words but he's patient. Was not correct what you're going on as well are absolutely. Out there -- the -- -- went -- Burton Burton did show and get -- we're out of the bird how are you guys reviewed your grab your attitude problem. -- season. -- -- more -- Abby warns that a common law marriage from. So you can tell me guys working together that long and it'll give each other's jokes don't. Tell. I made -- -- when you're joking. -- he wanted to take it as animals we do you even -- very day they take it. Word for word -- what great teams have bring down the amount on there was no -- he -- and make sure I'd give him that. That lead the way I said. I was -- Did -- mean that you know if we didn't have a laugh and you know I don't I don't know the syllables so why. Q bill you know Tweety they all I can tell you with what rod -- stated that. It was. Okay do what you do. He's bill Hewitt I'll come back in two weeks in the lab -- -- Who in the bush on the things over. And -- laughter. How did you pick the right. After -- left or whatever Scott Brown was stranded at the other night and good yeah if not we'll move so. I -- -- needed -- was LM FAO -- you -- which we used the bird I would. -- -- this team's chances to make the playoffs. And you. Do well in the playoffs before Rondo better. How differently do you feel to that a on the playoff with -- How good do you how much I still feel that they may. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- golf market -- it's really scary. It looked at it even that -- as they can goal. You do what you just don't know. It broke from it one day from the Atlanta game one -- -- game what we want war other you don't know if the comfort to worried it would go aren't good enough to win the championship without Rondo no I don't feel. If you -- if you're asking -- me. Might get -- call -- by all you have the calls coming all the minutes at deja Vu all government or no bargain about it with a with a brutal you know WiMax. As they don't like. That's a lot of fans don't like -- a lot with -- if it's a smaller group by. They don't like kidney -- team is gonna be better without him they think for some reason selfish and think for some reason that the players don't don't know why Kim and -- -- -- that. He's well like I'd use it like you know as they did you know he's -- the Blu-ray players. From time to time heatstroke in a different way. -- thing that they would -- Rondo so much the other. He had longer. Around him. -- is -- and you know you think about Paul -- -- the war there they're okay you know sometimes it is ultimately was. I hit controlled young players. Some time -- -- did workarounds to absolute. -- -- You know somebody his age or not he is younger than. What is. I can see has strong personality paper. You know we gave we have maybe -- I think yeah but you know maybe a little bit of a -- very. Why person. And if you listen and talk it we will see a lot of time on them what to do what I have do as a player. Somewhat and do my thing I'm with the fear so he is one of -- -- that run -- by the children's programs they. You do wrong they Perkins was that and the guy. Would would call about the men say. Number not only right that -- -- And putting her balance so Max -- mean you're you're right. They're working -- -- Perkins does that but don't you also have to have. The game and match that you if you can call out Rondo to somebody that they too strong personality who in. -- -- -- I know -- and navigate them -- so well said that -- don't you don't have you don't have to have the have the game you have the if it hit me. And and sometimes you have to you don't have to be the best player around it would if you have the respect. Your teammates I think that goals are in because her exact kind of personality that did not take to -- ground. Day he would point detail Rondo exact -- how the mail it to the if he was doing wrong if he was doing right. And that was his -- And if your best -- until he -- We all up call his listeners knew if you're desperate to know if you saw the. Leslie hill -- that you will somebody. -- that got caught your -- best raid that he's written with that -- and and and a lot of times what we haven't players. We have yet to me in the -- all you do. All right that was regretted does -- I -- -- FF FF that I'm at and that as well and that's what did its job to law. When he burst into the -- Use one of those guys who was hello -- -- it is a great talent but. Time to time -- out -- out of him. Did you have your teammates to back to a do so wrong -- then talk to abort the old yet you're right DJ you read. Well he did that Casey. A gallon Casey's -- that indicate definitely yeah I told him we said no but he did. -- -- -- you -- you Google wallet. Wait a minute ligament where. We're all players don't know where family and you're the local college that he was an apology. I didn't know from the US outlook all of our later also. One of those leaders of the team we you have -- Great teams have their own police. Who did hate it in and tell people what to do is. Coaches loved soccer but under the map like that that means that he would like -- -- Kevin Garnett impoundment to not be that's -- -- personality with wouldn't be here. Kevin sometimes -- it. Wouldn't do it that is that person or why do those guys have to be run those age. Because that's the guys -- beat those guys will be around long OK but you. That's true long term long term to be around them but right now if you call but it all yours is telling you some things -- -- don't. -- -- -- -- Are you all but yet but -- that's -- I'm able to tell you know if I've seen it I've done it yet know what I was like you I had a you would have had their -- in the community we you know humble means to them -- We held in a -- you're good at and -- -- Teeth. He's done. The other room your -- You got to round your needs telling you all right and guide your homered -- -- a -- example McLaren you're talking about sometimes somebody. -- seventy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Years. Ago I would and I figured the fact yeah yeah yeah ancient history into a. I think he makes a great point in that if it comes from KG it's more of a lecture if it comes from a guy that's the same age -- My bet you know like I gotta I gotta straighten out I either decide to fight. They're gonna be different without Rondo got a lot -- create dividend right maybe for some of the new guys that will be better because it. It may have -- other ball -- no question. Because rod though dominate basketball for him because he's done and that's not a bad thing in the QB we all you bonds will be listening right now all the bad to run them it's that the same time I've always in my in my little through all this means the and a bunch of great -- a bunch of greens because when you have a tree it would be in no way to. If I just concentrate -- opera though so I would say they win it your mind here. You couldn't concentrate on on guard Larry or could -- on her own -- There tour wherever it was because you have. You noticeably as the circle for we -- talking about these I want a noble. What did you look -- and you circle the Charlotte you know that -- from Larry column right now. He's not doing anything to drop apparently aren't so they have credible movement. The coach was far more sodium plays and run out there run. -- -- in key situations you parts of the game. How do you break down the defense how to get the ball cagey when need to begin to pull yours went home. Rubble wood to -- Lott's term which YouTube the -- Yeah it's the only ones out -- That's why they have a strong side in the weeks that ball never did you see them both from the pulpit from right inside. They continuously building at that's a strong ties to go to the weak side and the reasons go weak side because they're not the bidding that cited as much because the ball bobbled the ball was -- to -- -- That is what it felt it will be better do without Rondo in the fold now. You just want a gap which made it. You'll lose a lot of things right now but -- cannot revenue by one a lob the head then or or daring to do that in his position because he's that. Unique got to this team but if you just want fundamental maybe Casanova basketball -- McCain -- -- will you take. It's going to be fascinating to see how -- a little -- all right we'll take a 92 break them over the phone lines. Talk to you Cedric Maxwell you can -- your -- on our descendants money's not get ahead on -- what 77797. Not a threesome. Funny it would grunting -- always -- the missile fire for -- -- of mixing sound effects that's not right. Cedric Maxwell ambush audio here today what the big show. All we get video phone calls. We thought we'd be talking about this an awful lot today but hasn't even -- -- because of the -- -- -- injury reality comes back to the the go and ask you this question. What is it that. The media -- And mostly media. Have to balance out of the way. Win. Players coming back and now it was decided to go older little people that we're writing saying it. Last -- That you know he deserves Ray Allen deserves. -- loud ovation docks at the same thing -- -- -- I can finally get it it's. Some injury I don't I don't. Net loss of. The media has you know. Because exactly that millions are intelligent and knows that by. We shouldn't talk about. Ray -- that people could -- I'll. -- -- -- -- World. I know what he was booed but you know look look -- -- black dollar during mobile's and I would blanket you. It would mean that you've I've been -- I had 20000 people scream yell at them when every. Every -- I -- I was blown what little I. -- About race was yes there -- people would -- They're also given to me who didn't understand again I don't understand it when they trade Joseph. You have no you didn't -- and he does I do not know unless wanted to I understand their arrival to us that. -- -- -- What I said is when they trade you they don't give you view your response they give it to you leather -- your tree removal. The guy wants to lead on the great job in your town is not going. To work so well. -- -- choice 181000 -- yesterday how many were blown. I would say maybe I wouldn't altitude when I would say. You wanna say what our report I would say maybe. Maybe 2000 out of a can now see Morgan had an opposite like this -- to me with like -- Johnny Damon came back. And play with the -- you you know about that yet. That was that was. Reagan was if Matt read to me to about eight -- out we've people who feel. That goal -- that did -- to get a good result we've had a good plan to within the month about the government appeared in video tribute -- -- Which he knows what have we heard the booms. I think it probably discuss the forehand her. -- -- -- -- -- -- 2000000. -- they heard enough with the music got a little out. But you know what I don't allow Michael I think I didn't go to the thing you know what the Iranians the fans they aren't you got enough that -- -- it out although it was a if they rounded out the he would it would there gallon. Next boat that was I thought I was out they. That was true motion -- the thinks it's a laundry issue when you showed the video what your. He was gonna sell the uniform. We're able to do. Two to experience. Raise for five years you don't cheered on the whole most of -- at that time. Now he comes into the game he's wearing different laundry. He's at a Miami Heat uniform that's when your most of the -- while debate that's. That's a normal reaction I think -- Biden to say that. They booed. Him before he came into the game they did an -- and it's some rude. And -- get a lot of majority came in the game I guess it doesn't matter if it was -- -- -- work out some people who were blowing them they booed him as soon as soon as. You saw Ray Allen whether he was wearing. And Celtic Jersey when they was. Celebrating the championship. Whether he was walking on the floor to Michael -- allowed -- a lot does blue. In that round was when he came into the game wearing the Miami Heat. Because I think even the people might have booed him that did that you were talking about earlier when they saw the highlights. When given a Celtic uniform retreat what if it was. When all of those that lead. To. The. -- -- -- -- -- Well no you don't remember -- this value if it -- Parcells decided that he would win championships here he decided to UN give me he Yahoo! decided he wouldn't be the fill. Go elsewhere. And he was fortunate you won bowl with him if you. What what what would. But -- to do well in ray's case and Johnny Damon's case they're similar. In that you elected to go elsewhere. Damon for more money -- for less money which -- which of the rival. You what you would -- -- to that that the key rival team so close to a probably morally thought he went to -- it again next what is wrong if we're trying to get rid of fans if you don't but don't fans have a right to move to answer questions they are. If you go on the Golden State he would be who by any. Well why don't they are sick not a slam apart and went on magic 10 favorite review which. Refute it but I think they did most of the year it did when they shelled the highlight the video on your year if you if you. This is the nature. -- Try to understand you understand it have to be some time to -- we're in their right they have Lee or them in a moment. In your view of the -- and -- you around. People who beat. 'cause they're still so that means they want to sell the two women. Ultimately punish him they wanted Ray Allen to come back and wait for the Celtics and they -- openings offered a more money than my family. Understand the problem is with a -- and feeling that went. It's a laundry usually you want to -- kinda -- -- open. Raid was offered more money. By itself that -- Miami what what -- that while they feel which he. Went through. That's. Right. -- He -- with -- you elect today leave with more money. And bullets. -- yeah I think that you're going to have gone airport dollar gonna go under fifty million dollars of the partner to my amateur actors. At Texas since KG was going wake up and if you wouldn't typically. I. Might have that I took it boggles regulators personnel what's up. -- -- -- -- As a whole -- -- to bring up that double technical which knowingly about fifteen minutes yesterday. There's -- more like about the NB in the in the ongoing overreaction to date product -- mailing in Detroit now it's it's always. Please fill in the ointment. I don't Bill White in that incident they just couldn't they couldn't punish the people involved for the ticket to the next level having to have quote unquote. Make sure that it never happens again we -- eight degrees apart followed to read it read it right through right. But -- up. The year before they acquired -- you know I had a long conversation about and getting KG. I want to. I think gaining his job and over the next two years making this. I'm very palatable and attractively and bought for animals. I think I think -- hit the proper play to build around it. The idea -- -- capital may be shot a good shot blocking defensive. Senator like me maybe got that now they have two bit to see them to figure it is that now. He got. Rondo proudly and mystery small forward who can score I'm going up the good starting. Are you gonna get him out gives our that's our -- how are you getting. You can he has he has not that you can also see you can opt out two years you're not gonna go right even opt out clause that it's up to 2015 okay. So. Absolutely -- -- an eloquent. You gotta make aren't that Monday afternoon that money up well Cabrera. And everything you've -- women and -- you got EG three years. On the books for three and a -- but two more years after this year you -- -- though right. -- go to my KG's a KG. This is year will obviously are out his next year mainly right KG is in -- one of three -- out is next year right. You still have KG for another year we'll. So look at the map of the work and -- they're all -- all the two would. What you write what now you know he's up one more you you have got to be absolutely got an option back on aren't going to be on the -- from the scene after the 25 ain't seen him. I -- to. And that you don't trade I would. I would bet you good money that neither of those cats on the roster that we are not making a difference you can trade and wouldn't go. Yeah and that's. Where you have to trade event for salary didn't turn. We are we don't just. I want I want my. And just do it here to -- -- -- that's a different story I'm just wondering how you make this deal I'm not sure I buy that. He's he's -- guy you build like the Blue Line did you think. The group of Columbia and -- that you can go to I don't know. You know he always had done anything -- the dominant rebound can't go around Kevin -- Know why -- UK. Okay. It -- Penalty the news this. Current and them popular running biking in the position you play with guys -- would drive you could definitely be our defense did well what we have we have got to get it out I. I don't read it got their product yet but -- -- -- -- and it's a local was. All the around him right one over. -- you I'd say everybody else has got to be bad that and that's when you're you're bringing a role players OK you've got a franchise player he's a franchise player who can't do it. Know those guys that have been in the -- you know. So now you surround him with a positive story -- -- a lot of people are probably a great player. That's different yeah I. I don't wanna know I think you're -- find is not easy but I wanted to and I don't have the accounting conversation right now they. Don't -- We have two different conversations. Accounting. The reality of it of the Indian -- trade in the numbers match. -- -- -- -- big picture concept of good eight team the -- or anybody else built around Kevin. Secure. You have. We're having it's important we're having eight or two radio you have when we're not having your general managers meeting where the numbers that America and our strategy you know you guys down with my Callaway this bluntly -- -- -- Wish you guys are back on track what you go. We can get this guy right in this guy and it would in a. -- key is that count clear the bill to rent a playbook guys if you build around -- not to me he's not that Kelly got to build Iraq. And I tea what you watch -- sold over the next whatever years. We'll see in fact how they do with the boil up or they go well with so much like -- -- -- will -- that different -- do we get you know we don't like because my opinion not I have to rock hall of it's precious. Round two will be far -- -- -- that defines you. You know but -- around the world. -- Rondo. You know. We've got a guy in the NFL. That we can look war look at invasion Peterson. And whatever he did this we wanna do. -- -- that was amazing and now that's around the world. I don't this is an -- minimum about where where you got wrote in a critical problem. I'll -- it. Question that you can help them in the rehab process you know Fareed you Maria before it's very difficult process and my doctor and call you back. I gotta keep calling him. That's what you gotta be in this area. Call me back -- is -- -- -- -- -- 234 time from the Islamic that'll that'll do that -- run. A good -- a lot of and then. The rub -- moments you know that Goodling would I would avoid playing right there is some of they're telling that was due in her voice well let -- Larry -- -- -- There's here's a Larry -- like all river hello Larry. Are you doing guys. Are that are that all of mine have why is it that it. In that we -- with Rondo and people don't necessarily want to now IE my -- And and to acknowledge that we play at. That it all went -- not only. Actually not well thought out and tell us ever you know I don't know if you have a sample size me what you you. In the -- you brought up to game. Where they did win and I how many games without -- over the age of 31 of the other day him with a record. Yeah you don't really know what's gonna have in the team with -- Rondo mine though say it's better without Rondo. I think that's -- -- the only way the team is better without rob -- There are -- hidden dark somewhere on on this rock here. Who were not aware of -- you -- they're -- -- and start -- -- hit their target whether it's Courtney -- he worked or our in the opera are both so we're very. That -- not here or not rhetoric on Larry in the short period of time and a lot of times we. Without having your superstar player in play. Much better. In the long term I think that's what used to look and we'll see what happens when you need a break down. Putting it in the and I acknowledged it's -- thing I'd like that it went that you would be better if you -- -- the other defensively because Rondo continuously tries to gamble in you will be better in the position right now having -- keep the baseline. That you will be together with the ball -- -- and that truly believe that thing to have some time with this team that could run -- such a great point guard he is yelling to get the ball on the break. Sometimes you don't have to go through him you just kick it up the one of them got because he wants to get assist towards what to get the -- he gets the basketball and that's -- You have other gas to pass and -- from time to make your options open. Don't you think they're a huge issue why they do not only can sit in great. Or. Play have to go through him -- -- your point argues that probably will probably however. The bullet in your hand and it's one path and to shop or not they each -- -- me -- of logic but Larry other people. A slow the pace down I don't think -- got to run as much as they do with Ron is this team this team -- going to be slower or half organ or calculated. That -- they're like so. Do you believe a U one of those people to believe that what he has a triple double -- the team is not better off. Armed and on the game sometimes triple double -- -- content and are you given to put it all to get it. No I don't that your ability I think it's triple double -- That's as well rounded game as you can have 27 triple doubles teams record those games went through it. All right Richard on Larry is one thing you can bring up some good point one of them now willing to do enactment of -- earlier this out. How you don't know from week to week game to game quarter to quarter minute to minute in some cases what they're gonna do. I'm not willing to that at the -- -- Rondo. Or at the ACL version on -- does not. And it sounds like. That's where you wanna go that. That the inconsistency of the felt it in the downplay of the Celtics. Is Paul and there's always a Rondo being Rondo has had its issues and clearly must know a lot of guys Larry let me as it is which you can imagine if you were drafting. And you have an opportunity to draft would address. Would certainly draw among the balance in question here how -- don't -- you. What do you know how would you how would you review this would be the what what what would make Rondo brother in Europe I. I think what defensively. They're a bit what he has to be able to play. Harder on defense I don't think I'd rather I don't think what I guess -- smothering defense and implements many experts like I can hear you -- smarter and all we do is talk about how Smart he is that the power ball player yet we are. They hear what Smart or on these well not smarter it actually lack of effort on this are. Because he can get it would it would age from hell and that he may not Oregon how he does at all. Who's that it fully but whatever -- built -- the way the players that are on the US don't touch the ball. You know just interact with -- like they can be -- and maybe they won't get a player. Excuse me how did you feel about the celtics' chances of winning a championship this. For Rondo got her I didn't show I had into any better than I do right now to the opposite view I don't people all of a sudden they're about. On the to do anywhere near where I think if anything looking into the future may be now they're gonna get a chance to look at some players that will actually now -- I don't hired Larry I I agree in some ways because I think that. Jason Terry has not played well in because he has taken a backseat. To run them. Nothing or shots it not technological custom tickets won't enter any hints that an eighty I anyway and you watch some -- -- -- to have some guys don't but I don't they get in that the day this team is Heather is going to be better in the long term without without -- -- -- night. Here's Angelo Angelo and never lets up guys they don't. I got out of my dignity to think now. -- predictable. And that hey we're without -- in the -- Michael you sent a diamond in the rough someone who could step up. I think Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley are going to be two diamonds in the rough I want you get a different look. -- gonna slow the up about what you think glad they're not going to be as running bad -- it is right now I don't. I don't I consider the other night gonna say that they're predictable now with run up. I think -- unpredictable because you never know what he's going to do get a Angelo do you think. There. Rondo is is it is an all are you think he deserves to be an alternative. I'm -- now out. Now who did you -- an all star player now. -- -- -- -- I think he's a player at the carrier. Right now is -- again you might be -- well that's not might we are no carrier really was played every urban -- -- It on -- yet but did so weakened simplifying Italy Italy from all the noise to sell rating and get down to the bottom line. The bottom line and we went on -- way and yet the plot could. -- the thought it a couple of baby ma is kind of knowing Max makes its -- -- -- everybody is talking to your wide two by yeah. The bottom line is you think the Celtics are better profit out of all star player it's crazy crazy. While Uruguay -- -- and not feeling the part about last week this team. They brought in court -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The better shooter and -- -- grab the Whitbread Brenda and Rondo is I think it can. Would need data from chemistry chemistry joke I don't under. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seriously when you only have five guys out there -- one individual. Player really now that like makes a significant difference that we sort like the Celtics were out playing. Miami Heat in that Eastern Conference final. Game 61. Player or over about game. As yet to be depressed whether Italy and that's gonna happen in the NBA what he also saw Rondo they all -- game with the game. That's what she doesn't -- almost. And that that's something you say about Avery Bradley Courtney Lee. They have that kind of talent that they can take over a game in the series title but you can say that -- that's the other thing that they might you -- him in the regular season. Could be using more -- when you're going. And the other team might have -- back of the night before you're not. And it was seven game series where another team can sit here and break you down. And that got I got what it it's exposed. Thanks for delicate as well. You would tell you. Apps and that's where Rondo really absolutely in the playoff when you have 87 game series that you're saying. Don't trick anybody -- You out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is that good luck this is what I like about the so if that have that at this well liked about them about this is it will be easier. The if the doubling its developers make itself felt -- well I think will be easy out last team Miami wants to blame. Is that even without around -- without Rondo this of that last seen you wanna have to guns lingers Kevin Garnett and Paul -- point against you you don't. You don't want that mine up because for Boston that may be their championship by playing it at first -- adversaries that they.

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