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Bernard Pollard says NFL won't be around 30 years from now

Jan 28, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about the future of the NFL and Pollard's comments about the league.

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But an hour from now Jack in the mold will join us she broke the story to where John Rondo but he has a torn ACL basically. Pulled Dwayne wade and others as well Jack you'll join us in an hour we'll get her take. Or the Celtics team goes John Rondo out for the season -- -- 93 point seven. WEEI. Weeklong we -- the Super Bowl has started ESPN's all the programs live. In New Orleans and an obvious that the a lot of NFL hawk on the show this week as market nor patriots aren't and it. I'm one of the things I'm sure we're gonna talk about the commission is gonna have to talk about is yearly address the league later on this week is the state of football head injuries. -- -- -- Stanley is suing the National Football League. For his injuries he suffered. Report came out last week the for the first time -- found the remnants of CTE. In active living players formally -- -- we find CT players who already dead we find CTE whiskey and corpses. Now they've found CTG. In active players and that's the next shoe to drop here and Bernard Pollard -- patriot fans. No as the guys taken out for Euro players. Doesn't have very positive thoughts about the future of the NFL. He told CBS sports yesterday. Thirty years are now I don't think the NFL will be in existence I could be wrong it's just my opinion. But I think with the direction things are going where NFL rules makers. Want to lighten up and at throwing flags and everything else the going to come to a point where fans are going to get fed up with it. He told the website. Guys are getting fine and they're talking about it let's take what the strike zone and take the pads off or take the helmets off. It's going to be if things work fans aren't going to want to watch anymore. The issue of football state is on the line -- president Barack Obama recently when he pulled the new republic in an interview it's February 11 issue that if he had a son. You would think long and hard before allowing him to played the sport. And we have talked a lot about this in the injuries and -- all but it's amazing you know be at some level that Bernard Pollard. You're the one talking about football going well he's known for. Early announce them tomorrow and it's himself wanting you forget is nearly had a heart that you gave him as well -- that's what we're talking about -- -- taken may be due to many hard hits. This say that thirty years from now there won't be an NFL. It won't exist. And it fans are getting fed up with a -- you sensed that. Football fans are getting fed up with a double complain in new you'll see and don't flags on hits in sales. I was that shouldn't be a penalty and on the guy gets fine helmet to helmet. You really believe that the fans start to get fed up with a moving at this Alitalia locked out the fancy going to be fed up and up gonna come back anymore hurting NHL record numbers and attendance. Fans won't ever be fed up with the NFL. Because they're trying to protect these players. Going in whatever might be but the helmet to helmet and you know as a helpless receiver. Gonna be fed up with the. -- twelve and half people watched -- -- have million people watched a game with no hitting yesterday. Because the it was the NFL they tuned in I think this is Bernard Pollard a frustrated player who has been well there's -- it is styled advisor. Speaking out about the way the league is go now on the other hand I gotta tell you. Roger Goodell has a huge problem -- -- -- -- about the football's not going to be here in thirty years not the president. Is. In a situation where he's talking about elements on play football it's that. Guys that he played in his league. Are -- taken to media outlets to show what kind of terrible shape there and not sure people watched a -- yesterday. You go back go to espn.com try to catcher maybe it'll be replayed somewhere on the ESPN networks. The outside the lines yesterday morning with TJ Quinn and host. Was an unbelievable look. At one guy particularly Roy award -- you know NFL fan and you grew up you watch the league and fifteen years. The -- or was a powerful back for Minnesota and for Cleveland. You short yardage power guy ran people over put his head down got to those two yard need to yards. Got to three RG thread just to wee ones. Out title lines yesterday is documenting -- report having to sit. In his bathroom. Toilet stall it has a door he goes in there and shuts the door and sit there for hours at a time in the dark because of his head trauma is so significant. Kelly knock -- report from ESPN. Says he mentioned he is a fan and there has turned the fan off and killing Iraqis is why do you turn the fan -- -- bathroom fan mind you. And he said -- it's a piercing. Through my head. Just sitting in there with a bathroom -- This is one of 345 players and I'll start to speak out about the shape that -- -- -- the condition their into the head shots they took that's -- Roger Goodell is gonna worry about. Because he is staring down the barrel at lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit from players. Say you didn't do enough to protect us. You'll let us get our heads bashed in what did they and I want to. Function -- asking this. Because we had this the other day with the sale fairly now suing. A wrongful death suit in the NFL and we know that there are thousands of these suits out there. That they willingly and withheld information. But the violence of the sport head injuries. So what is the NFL to do to try to pay memo. Beginning of the year -- by the way you guys playing NFL. You hit for a living is some of the best in the world -- doing it because of -- paying you millions of dollars. But we also want you to Wear that with that there is risk in this football game did you could you please sign this -- you're aware. That things like this can happen. And then there's all these lawsuits go away in -- future because they we warned yet. Now of course that they had done that twenty years ago. Winning these guys not play the game. -- all the players right now on NFL world well aware of C and numerous suicides -- -- unfortunately in its unfortunate. Right that it's come to this. With some of these guys in the -- Junior Seau. The would have stopped anything the way -- would they have to stop playing a game you -- -- -- candidate now let me choice Gregory May be -- one player sit there and say why wasn't aware of it. And you know what I want life after football I'm gonna retire right now. Below the percentage of that being on the got to walk away now they know. I don't know -- McNeal was featured on the show yesterday he can barely you can barely talk. Sales Y seven a talk for him but the one question they asked spread McNeal was if you had known this is the way to league was gonna go would you played an -- -- sitting there. And speaking as slowly as he does and being as as leapt up as he is a football. That yet still play I'd still play football. Meanwhile LeRoy hoard has these notebooks. That's the got to write down these notebooks things that he has no memory anymore no short or long term memory and on the inside ever in Opel writes down three names. He writes down Andre waters who writes on Dave doers and rest on Junior -- cells. And all three guys see AT and their brains it's just -- think the league's got to be wary of and you say what's the league in a deal. I would have waivers in the NFL I think you gonna sign a waiver that they signed a contract says if you suffer long term had issues. Because of the sport you can't -- has a league. You can't come back and -- 2045. And say you know what when I was drafted and played nobody told me that my life might be negatively affected by playing football. You're gonna sign a waiver you ask what's gonna happen. I think that the -- Let's get into all the players now well aware right there's enough information. On the DC lining up retiring. Mean army DC promise that -- is that -- Ray Lewis said I'm done Robert Smith. But the only guy can think our top my head I'm sure there are others it was as a CDE. Well because he was sick again he's sick the way his body fell right. In the offseason to get one -- and how many years amateur was so much of the CTE thing as much as you know once in all of beat up I want to walk you know my knees my ankles. And the sale -- is also suing Riddell right now helmets. Can't they were negligent new design testing assembly manufacture marketing engineering and helmets well. These guys are so big and so fast and still so strong. I don't know if you could possibly designing football moment that's gonna say these guys from. Unfortunate to sport that they chosen they're great at new given god given talent they're gonna use that -- make millions. These guys right now that are playing currently are well aware of all of this. I don't know it's that these lawsuits it's. The thrill mix it's elected during -- stay out new. That seat he could happen brain damage also things that he would stop playing the minute he found that information on my father to believe. Well but there's a middle ground all right me as a middle ground between. Nothing's going to change and -- art Pollard said that there's -- no football on thirty years. I the middle ground where is our legacy with Roger Goodell picnic kick off essentially not out of the game but fewer kick off few the higher impact it's. The league doing these studies -- working with Harvard -- -- -- -- trying to figure out. Are there things we can do. Whether -- helmets Wetherbee mouth guard whether it will be different concussion protocols going forward. It's trending in that direction it's not not it's in the middle of nothing's gonna change Bernard -- saying in thirty years -- gonna be no football. Let's -- a major topic this week I guarantee that we get L shows up there you're gonna see a story line from USA today Ted -- New York Post to the Boston Globe. Those at the Super Bowl site. What is the league doing to make the game safer. And -- Roger Goodell doing a good job in trying to make the game safe if you can find it. Outside lines yesterday when LeRoy -- and -- McNeal and Marcellus Wiley Brian Dawkins it is a must watch. They get a glimpse of what some of these guys go through in their post playing career. 6177797937. Your phone number -- get your phone calls next.

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