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Should the Celtics trade Paul Pierce and KG?

Jan 28, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate whether the Celtics should explore trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

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-- in its statement away in the quarter four seconds to go wait jumbled mess back about it -- -- no good worry about the Celtics. And can't pull off. On the day they find out they -- run -- -- though for the year they will vote with their performance of the year. In the game of the year. They get their biggest win of the year while. You there was a bit of -- -- To everybody you know there may include. Then just. Stuff you know we had a tough game came. It's those on the camera himself so from everybody you know you know her memories become armed so this thing has come to a little. And then you know there's multiple you know sort of support reform. Can be. -- of support of just -- can be formed and -- told me. Shot -- be on the call Kevin Garnett after the game it's not allude ID three point seven WEEI. Look forty your thoughts on what the Celtics do from here 61777979837. Your phone number text the show. It's the AT&T text line at 3793. Set we've heard that phrase blown up over and over and over again. Load up no longer balls trading Rajon Rondo by market trading guys can have ACL surgery here. In the next couple weeks so for Danny Ainge and doc and -- I'm sure the conversations are weather today. Can we keep this group together and make a run at this maybe add a -- we better off. Trading our assets and in this case the biggest asset is Paul Pierce. And rebuilding and I don't envy them -- because I think that is a very tough question to answer right now given that. I just don't know what you are going to get from Paul Pierce and in a trade market and I don't know -- it is worth. Trading him -- smaller piece just to trade and my feeling right now is I'll ask -- different a lot of Celtic fans. I keep this group together I keep the script together for the rest of this year -- kind of see where the chips fall. Because I don't see a team willing to give up a lot for essentially a rental in Paul Pierce -- blowing up feels like -- Well I think you gotta investigate rate medical running a find out exactly what is out there you know is. Is the rumors true that young and but Memphis -- in trading regained his story out there that maybe a three way deal this before the injury. You know -- involving the lakers Memphis and Boston war or Gasol would come the Boston and peers would. -- should go to the Memphis in game -- who knows. If they can actually deal this -- but you have to open it up I mean I've felt before the -- on Rondo injury that. Getting -- Paul Pierce to me would be something they'll look into more future because they don't think this team can win. And giving Jeff -- an opportunity go out there be that starting in a small force for the steam. But I do think down the stretch Unita Gallic Paul -- -- you could say what you -- ball right now the shooting struggles hasn't shot well but if you are gonna contend. You know unique play off Paul peers you know where it's not back to backs the schedule gets a little bit easier it's his legs of beneath them a little bit more. Because do you do anything those a veteran Judy come playoff time. Nobody gonna do anything right now I don't. Only into anything in the playoffs he wanna stand pat because there's not a mobile wanna give the guy away and putting it some in return moving full. Shore unfortunately it's not like baseball -- -- just trade away it Paul Pierce -- 822 picks for. You know you can't do that you gotta match the money. Now Rudy Gay would match the money would Memphis wanna do that with the Celtics -- do that. I think you listen more now than you were before basically because if you could improve your team in the future you'll feel like you make any move so be it. And Paul Pierce is making his money this year but next year. It what fifteen and a half million dollars is a web five million dollar buyout and that sort team can look at and say it's not expiring deal. But you could just let Paul -- walked for five million dollars. Pretty close to. Five million dollars guaranteed as the bio that's why it at some level is gonna be attracted -- what you get return you mentioned Memphis. Marc Stein of ESPN reports today the Celtics -- explore. The potential Rudy great Rudy Gay Paul Pierce Rudy Gay. You know made when he swing man can do everything. But that meant this team is wet but it's the salary cap -- trade essentially bodies and picks just -- electric tax line. And make sure there -- financial position that for the rest of this year let alone next year. The problem is that Marc Stein reports the Celtics are there one point three million over the tax line right now. Selby a likelihood of that adding a player -- -- I believe seventeen million dollars next year nineteen million dollars the year after seems farfetched to me. And I think your point about that the way the MBA setup is a great one it is not going to be easy if we get on the get on here and say trade Jacoby Ellsbury. And you have some sort of idea of the parameters streaky trade Jacoby Ellsbury finally here is deal. Four prospects or for whatever you get on here and say signed Wes Welker what do you do when you're crazy. Just sign the guy get him back -- -- the salary cap the NBA makes it very difficult to have these conversations because you've got a trade. A salary for salary -- you can't trade a player rep for fifteen million dollars. For some rookie make in two or three there's got to be filler there's got to be salaries matching up it is impossible. And busy Jim Walsh -- he writes today Yahoo! Sports dot com he'll join us at 11 o'clock this morning. The idea of eighteen saying we want pierced the playoff run Europe prospects indoor picks it doesn't happen anymore in this -- It's not like baseball where tells Mary prospects and picks. It doesn't work that way and so I get your point you've got to explore everything. And ethnic about trading Paul Pierce. With 2425 days for the trading deadline. I just don't. See what that move would be bull what thing what the -- definitely take yourself out of prices is. Traits to improve. Are you Michael out there and try to look at some of low level point guards -- maybe some free agent point guards I don't know. Fisher look at a retirement and knows the key part a lot of Cleveland. Who was just -- released after that -- to make room. Just just another body at that point guards are still a couple of roster spots available. But the talk of JJ Redick. You know from Orlando that trade. You know because you could look at your take a Rondo pierce KG indeed know the score meet somebody shoot at -- -- take their role. Of Jason Terry kind of what you expect -- -- not get it done eagle make JJ Redick and maybe deal some small assets. Did you do that now if the main reason was to acquired expiring six point two million from -- the night helping to future okay may still be interested. You want to improve this team. If that's the case if you can't deal a -- like pierce and get what you want returning -- -- stated that unfortunately. And it's just lost two point guard. A grind this thing out he gonna find a lot about these players. -- -- give them an opportunity to play and build some more assets right give more playing time a team's other league might want these guys maybe the off -- whatever might be. But you don't go out and make a move to improve with everything you do now is with the future in mind if it's not getting a distant well -- going to be interesting because you say improve the team. You're already seen the report today that the Celtics -- in trade for Kyl. Point guard in Toronto that is he's been had a weird career in terms of his. Off the field personality -- topic or personality traits these. I -- seem like a Rajon Rondo he's nowhere near -- but there's talent parity never quite lived up to what they thought he would be. If throttle want to will have -- a salary you want to replace a point guard. Again it gets to how do you match the salaries up and Courtney Lee. And -- -- does that make sense for Kyle Lowry beat this the next three weeks now for Danny Ainge. And you say you don't -- I think Danny's crazy enough that there's some low level point guard out there not to give up a lot to get him and it just money I know for technical spend money. We've sat here and talk and he loves this team he loves in this team isn't in the -- competition for a playoff spot and competition for NBA title. They feel like the only things separating them. From some replacement point guard rod of the rest of the year is money and picks and at some sort of roster filler player they're doing. On the betrayed sellinger not trade Bradley. But if it is roster fodder and it is money for point guard let -- they will do that I think Danny -- is crazy enough to do that I think he's gonna feel like he owes it to dock. And those that these veteran players to make some assembled to Ron animal to be enough. -- they're not gonna add I'm not so sure about that. If it -- had at a point guard at a point guard is different. -- -- city gonna blow look at it creates huge city a couple spots you -- to -- probably do need a point guard down the stretch. Gaby can't listen Courtney Lee getting -- to the point Jason Terry. Avery Bradley we saw that how comfortable he was -- did seem kind of reaches potential until he's wanted -- to guard. You know what you get the ball past half court Paul Pierce can handle but you -- want Paul -- handling the ball more down the stretch that's good idea. -- get an aging veteran wanting him to do more on the court. MIPS there will be too much. When I say -- I'm talking do you wanna go at that three point shooter to this team is constituted right now because it's -- You wanna add that big meant to give up some -- it's a comfortable with what you're willing to do is when you look around you see Rondo pierce and Garnett. You think that you got a shot -- to make a run. I don't think you add those pieces but as far as point guard absolutely but he try to look for options a different point I don't disagree with that let's get your. Thoughts on what this team doesn't what data is gonna do it again no more here in the next couple weeks of the rumors start to fill the route will pick through. Some of the early rumors today 61777979837. And your phone number text us any time the AT&T text line. 3793 sevenths act is in Boston he leads us off this morning a snatch. All right gentlemen. I would just like to make a general comment that are sort of used the them. They get into the play jobs and may very well and pick -- on the -- to Miami -- -- Serbia and I think without Rondo. This here. That pretty much what's gonna happen beat these gentlemen I'm not opt. And but I don't think they can keep up the case in two years ago. Obvious. -- Both sets out a great -- I think during the regular season. Okay you could see more effort from team Q did you it's even the grit and balls legacy guys going out there and and doc put some things together attacking teams differently. You could see that. But much like Boston Celtics in previous couple of years you know that sort of coast through the regular season at -- the intensity become post season. When the rest is there. -- veteran team. That's how it it comes down to talent doesn't come down their. All working team for 82 games and bring in that their hard work and hustle and defense -- hit the post season comes down at them. Linking it to you haven't a little run. They could bump up that if six spot sixteenth and a fifth seed 1000 at any because I'm very powerful teams -- -- good. But come playoff time it's the count that and separates you that's it takes to win championships. Grinding it out okay. That's just the suburbs of feasted on the last couple of years wants to get the post season you recount the group they were veteran group. Now they -- that -- I think Georgia -- on a difference maker -- season. Nice little run a regular season that I have that that's a big wins let's get real -- six. On 7779793. -- the phone number text the show any time at 37937. We get right back your phone calls AG awards to Rouse he's been all over the story. Since it broke yesterday joins us at eleven it's -- and -- 937.

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