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Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports, on Rondo's ACL injury.

Jan 28, 2013|

Adrian Wojnarowski joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Danny Ainge's potential trading targets, Rondo's injury, and what the C's will do next.

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I joining us on the ATT hotline a man who's the front most NBA stories and was there yesterday. Offer Celtics heat and Rondo is injury -- what's around ski a Yahoo! Sports dot com Adrian -- Lou here in Boston -- you. What we'll do great I get done. Let's start on the court from Europe standpoint Adrian what's the biggest impact basketball wise on this Celtic team with -- Rondo -- for the year. Well they they lose their -- Dayton's. Air that's played. The guy who didn't. Look for long stretches. Dominating team. And the effect the game and a lot of different ways scoring the -- basketball. Effectively. Energy -- didn't know what -- that is best. He does impact the game it's over here -- wouldn't you know he's -- unique. You know one of the -- unique players it will be valued now that it's consistent this year is this a little like it and but you know history has shown. You know there was going to be extraction and the consult -- very well that stretches in the post season. What you -- -- that player. And you know he's a playmaker so. You know there's -- -- Little League and could survive the loss. Of an all star point guard in the metropolitan Walter. Great I don't know what your thoughts -- of this team before the injury bug on the last couple Beers -- keep going back and in waiting for them the kind of flip the switch 'cause we have seen it before I think. They'll continue to win some games their regular season but I think this pretty much ends it for me as far as a post season best of seven gets quality team. Well I I agree and I and I think -- even. You know this team probably hit bad. You know he's seen the last few years out of a locked -- and certainly in the case with the starts lol you people wondered. What they had left in the tank. All of I thought they'd improve this team around the edges around. -- core although. A lot to worry I probably did attack this team and Jason Terry is not properly and yet. Courtney Lee. You know sometimes. You know. That was one that was one who got caught up in the ideal but that having two quality guys a couple of players race. When you go to -- don't always see what and I think that you see the impact -- -- Miami to see you active right. When he got the court with -- situation or. He forces that in any situation it was that under separate find them on the court in opens up. Opportunities for other players who probably could see that you know -- -- -- -- -- great resource to the corner somebody had to run out to him. I don't know teens feel that way about. Courtney Lee or even -- -- -- he's played so. While it missed in my. I didn't feel there was no point -- -- watching all of you feel well. This one of the best three of fourteen and he's -- I don't think they were lagging behind. He obviously Miami. Indiana Chicago in New York. But right now I think even with this group if they played better. To me that's still first round probably a first round loser. The only proper place. -- your column today is a must read for all Celtic fans little line in there about. ID 88 excuse himself a thought when that he's young point guard Avery Bradley walked by saying hey Avery I need to talk with you. Ongoing forward the impact of Avery Bradley what -- teams think about the skyward the Celtics think candy we SE a -- of the point against Sacramento Wednesday night. Well I I I -- any when he grabbed them and went to -- I I don't know you know what. What they had and in their conversation won't but but clearly captured the -- woods was just you know. They'll probably be able to the pep talk about you know I was scheduled to expand their gonna need. Even more out of him -- and you know I gasses. Maybe maybe you get a recipe from a but I I think he -- Cullen and mark miles. You know the million people at a pep talk I know he's he's a player that that the -- 5000. Somebody drafted. You know he's going to be a big part into them or former Colorado. Later wondered Didier Jimmy. JJ -- thing in my but it did not anymore how does this Alter what he does in the next month. Well you know what they -- Bateman are under Redick three years they don't have anything to trade for him that you know Orlando watched. You don't -- it is could have an incredible amount of interest incredible moderate incredible amount of for him. Go to the trade deadline haven't yet for a high 31 last night but the Lodi news at six million dollars is gonna be free agent this summer. -- well you know Angela -- a little bit more but but they're -- and recite them I think you're gonna trade him to get something foreign. And there are a lot of teams in the league who looked erratic and say this could be one of the premier short off the bench. Available. And it died that we -- might want to resigning all exports so. Often you know hold water and don't want it either young player. Or try to fix them and you know. That does not I don't think Boston in the you know they're not gonna load up you know what that. They're not giving away -- right now I think for a problem and you know for -- crumbles around possibly -- You know team it's you know Indian accent yesterday in the true -- -- part of black people don't wanna. Don't -- -- them. If they decide they're gonna keep this group together one at a point guard Adrian the -- Kyle Lowry has come appeared does that make sense in what are you looking to give up. If Danny Ainge wants to acquire -- lottery. I don't know doesn't Kyle Lowry. You know within them has a problem and go to Houston into the prop. And how it -- to Toronto where they traded a lottery pick for him and there are you looking to move. He's not anybody solution is not so all he does create problems where egos. He he's not a solution and so I understand why that they look a lot and maybe he'll talk about it but how are you not. You know. Eat every I mean they just treat high lottery pick from Colorado early adopt. And so that told you about Arnold we're seeing -- with him again. You know -- what Ronald given that they just gave up -- form. You know I I haven't -- anybody there about what it -- -- -- at open again. I think maybe it would try to get that expect somebody and you know I just don't see. Boston -- legal picture right now to do what he didn't -- could make them better. While you're you're mortgaging your future -- open certainly picks. For player who might be able popular cooperate games. End in all in all and it that -- play out in repeated that. I'd be surprised at Boston. Started to do that it and it -- pieces of their future. You know -- stopped yet you know there. Rather than being buyers what do they were sellers some -- -- know it's difficult to do in the NBA but you look at Paul Pierce and next year five million guaranteed you know Memphis clips and space and that deal with Cleveland last week any chance at all that they deal Paul Pierson is even possible honestly. I think it's possible I think there is a chance but I think you know and I talking about this yesterday pop -- about it you -- get back to the effect of you'd get it do it for the sake of doing -- -- you know people so let them blow it up get rid of KG get rid of here's important -- start over what. No I remembered it yet owners -- still see. The places all right and you know and and maybe to get the playoffs and the playoff it's -- -- Dumping these guys. A lot might be very modest returns you know and so all of is one thing we you have a Carmelo Anthony or Dwight Howard and you do that -- Orlando and Denver. We got the young players draft picks and you say okay we're gonna you know they wonder -- -- wouldn't stake. He had fierce. Are the EU all stars you know in their mid to mid to upper thirties. You know and people in this league anymore are -- -- players and mobile and fixed for those so like getting that. Told me what the offers going to be. We can't just say hey it worked on the political. Blow this up and start over one what will the -- would be -- -- what will. Have the opportunity to view but you'd cheer -- and then what look at it but. The idea that you can't just go -- say -- -- is that what we're gonna do you because you were enacted in eagle. That they're gonna -- Elop is that we're doing those guys and now but there's no question. They're gonna look at everything they've been looking at everything you know any kind of separate App Store and bought all the players he'd always done it. See what their value is but I don't think there's any big deal out there. -- -- -- you know great young player or war Warner -- you know the first round picks for either. What about this one commercial appeal today last one for me Adrian three way deal Rudy Gay. Goes to LA pal Gasol goes the celtics' Paul Pierce replaces gay and that does that make any sense in your mind. I mean. And I heard about that -- brigades. I've asked about it and I haven't found anybody. Given yet any credence to it. A problem I don't know -- it was a what they're. You know paper you know this topic it appears to get this salt. You know obviously they -- probably in the middle there's no question. On you know he can help them. You know your own that go back the quote grinding low post season. But it's. It's a lot of money for ought to -- cardinal forward by agreement to solve. Interior ministry here four million. Or I guess leprosy or should we won't take them that much money. And they think that would put them all -- -- That he'll let them. It makes them a little different I don't know that makes them to typically better. Through the Celtics are between out February 21 trade deadline make sure you're following -- wardrobe ski double on Yahoo! Sports and on Twitter Adrian. -- up is always will pocket on the road. -- what Richard all right AJ joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. We continue with your thoughts on where this team goes from here it's 61777979237. And be amazing details. Over John Rondell finding out. That he has a torn ACL that's next.

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