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Doris Burke, ESPN, says Rajon Rondo showed a lot of toughness in trying to deal with his season-ending injury

Jan 28, 2013|

Doris Burke broke the news of Rajon Rondo's injury live on the air to Paul Pierce and she joins D&C to talk about Boston losing its point guard for the season. Doris spoke to Rondo and says he showed a lot of toughness in dealing with his torn ACL.

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Welcome back fourth and final hour. Dennis and Callahan we always -- our conversation with George were were reports ESPN and ABC basketball analyst joining us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE good morning Doris how are you. Good morning gentlemen surcharge or so to answer the tie -- -- to absorb this morning yes and in the middle of the storm you were in the odd position -- breaking the bad news about Rajon Rondo to Paul Pierce and others after the game that must have been a little uncomfortable. You know -- could probably tell there's a moment in the third quarter after we have found out definitively that he had torn ACL. -- my producer came over protection to turn to the team know. Actually I would -- twists and and that's that's where I was unclear if you acknowledge that twist is an absolute pro one of the best in the best indeed. Not show tune into the team you know. And by that he took it to mean to auction staff management personnel Rick Scott -- actual work in their one got delivered the news. Or my question shouldn't the players now so -- and yet. That's why I can't stop the question at the end of the third. And it and we were never going forward because that's certainly what had leaked out. You know checking all night spent much of the second. Not by the celtics' locker room -- to. Election we -- -- all the information we -- -- was trying to -- speak with Rajon -- She told you wouldn't change she had with with two and wade where. She basically shut since you know he was -- what happened then and she breaks -- mr. Twain shall. I knew that something he knew. You know sometimes you're put in a position where where -- forced to ask difficult questions are uncomfortable questions I don't relishes I have to do it. -- -- -- -- -- What we saw you talking a Rondo as well doors -- tell us what he had to say obviously. -- is is expression gives away nothing I mean doesn't even blinking doesn't smile he couldn't really tell. Was he stunned. To find out was he was he depressed about what it seem like. Yeah -- some level of front door I -- something in there and and is such a typical. And intriguing figure she tried to. To get a handle on. I which essentially you know you have any interest in coming on because obviously we would be interest -- -- -- -- when you address and the post came Lisa probably not today. And and I and then I just. And I expression quite. I sat this -- you know he it's difficult for a player it's sort of -- pat Mac should you know. Were shot between Atlanta and anticipate future happening again that this could be in -- CL. And set -- I thought it was just sore. So I think that speaks to a certain extent this pain tolerance. -- really wasn't in the mood to talks or I didn't -- -- too much I got a couple more pieces of information -- that's it and it so interest and that you noticed. Sort of how he lists. You been looking in -- didn't get much. Who has the more difficult job going forward Danny Ainge trying to decide whether to go with the flow keep this gang together or blow it up or -- trying to. Reorganize his troops sands Rajon Rondo. Yeah well I think the organization is probably grappling with a lot of questions at coaching staff right now they didn't come until the country can have backup point guard who aren't necessarily. Point guard QB Matt Kutcher playing the position on the second unit. Literally you know for a fact that the second unit that's been working with a shortened playbook. They've got -- a certain number of shots and they work those were the best of their abilities and in typical part of the Celtics stocks and one of the things that he was pleased with was. The bench was starting to come around play at a level and that was probably because they shorten the playbook. Blue -- dynamic open floor player and the passing abilities of Rashad where they're actually your roster or move somebody into the position. So now you're questions are. -- change or style -- either -- the playbook will Wear your focal point -- actually and then that you were. Trying to acquire a player. You know those are all typical decisions I'm sure they're not going to make that decision -- -- the discussions. And the whole interactive a little interest in the issue which way they -- go. Do you think Avery Bradley can man the point. All time Kenny emerges that a point guard here. I think the experience of getting more minutes there will help him. But I don't think it's going to be pretty I don't get to handle tighten up. I don't think he's copilot -- mishandled this point. Especially under duress. Theory the defenders. I think will be good for him I think it'll it'll it'll force different guys that grow. -- -- be pretty. But I 88 I think in the long run could help a couple of guy nation in their career. It's famous as I'm watching this basketball team Doris and tell me if you think Tom thumb -- with the should not these eight or not mine new guys don't seem don't appear. Like they've been played together for 35 or forty games yet they seem disjointed they seem out of -- does this if we're looking for a silver lining. Provide an opportunity for them to try to get on one page which we haven't seen so far this season. -- it was such an interest in distinction that Gary Washburn made him in one of the article in the globe and should probably come back a couple of weeks. The distinction between playing for the Celtics and being social and and you know. In what strikes me during their best years as the vote but you know sort of it's in every -- and terroristic competitive spirit on every possession and play. When organization trapped after -- barracks and and that my notes. As much as you can possibly do that over -- 82 -- Strachan. In this as well which spoke to talked yesterday preteen and you kind -- watched you know search and try to push button -- And and that a certain extent admit to being at a loss with this group. -- any one guy struggling to that I could sit that player it's not anyone's face of the game what were struggling. And -- you'll you sort of wandered into pieces yet and is that it's it's simply that younger guys or new to the system to -- crime and repetition. And experience in top moments to sort of become cool he's so. I don't know the answer voters are Smart basketball people they meet Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers square -- -- -- things. So were all reaching for reasons and trying to understand why. Did did you get the sense they were expecting. Danny to blow it up but -- a lot of people think Danny you know is gonna view this. As unfortunate certainly but an opportunity to it to really make this team over. You don't seem to me he's pretty measured said he doesn't ever makes snap decisions. Aren't. In Tokyo trade Paul Pierce. Trade Kevin Garnett I'm a hard time envisioning Paul Pierce and many other. In any other organizations. Yeah. But he's very tradable -- he's very tradable in a little home a lot of money. To me and and that since then I've shut this teen vanished before. And yesterday it was another case in point and it's it's funny the night before -- QB ground. Look listen to and talk but he has -- he should adopt pregame. All fiercest ones which sabre players to watch when the team is on the line. And you're absolutely right he's got a trade value and I guess that's the difficulties of professional cookers. They'll ever get rid of -- guy like that it's it's hard for me to imagine. Pitcher right. But if you're Denny and -- ME EU must not allow sentiment to enter into this should you. I mean if you're doing your job correctly he needs to evaluate what's out there in -- PCs hoping that he can do to help this basketball team now or down the road. Yes a set some of slot sentiment aside does he not. I think probably to certain star yeah -- turned -- -- Oklahoma City except sentiment aside and trading away changed our government initially everybody was up in arms. I'm but the fact remains without them the best team in the NBA. I don't want to EC forty teammates you know Kevin Durant and and change parliament Russell Westbrook are all very tightened. So not only did they put their own feeling to shot but the senate side the feelings of their players so yes. You know I think in this situation aside personal sentiment that it's not easy to do and I'm sure he might be you know sort of weighing and measuring all of those. Final question -- truly in your estimation if the Celtics don't blow it up if they go forward with this gang may be -- -- to supplement as best they can't. Can't they finished in the top eight make the playoffs. I think they -- finished in the top eight but I don't think. I think it would be a very typical thing for them to advance. As far as they Wear seat and I just don't see it as I know. This listening to Tahiti I am I right out of Austin last night and and that have match and saying you know the better off without her daughter and shaking my head things this -- it's one of the most dynamic. Lead courage in the leaking green screen after the game that no other point guard playing Trish -- so unique and so different act like it you know. No they -- they're not good enough they've already proven which Rondell that they are not that enough. You know we're here -- some of that crazy talk to their better without result -- until what are you watching what are you watch endorsed -- Doris thanks very much of the time most pleasure talking basketball with you'll -- a -- on the road. -- Doris Burke advancing Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL TV.

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