Jan 28, 2013|

he is, ironially, HAPPY that Rajon Rondo is out for the year.

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Rajon Rondo is out for the season and old Celtics fans -- -- all except for. Ironically. Kids today it is Christie isn't going to be brought -- This narcissistic. And hope. Who couldn't lead the horse to water mr. negative is happy that Ron goes -- oh and by the way he hates called for years to popular cares about what things. The next point is an extreme borrowed. That's all he cares about -- meet Paul Pierce arguably the greatest scorer in Celtics history and Rajon Rondo who might be arguably best point guard the Celtics regret we talk about those two guys we're talking about those two guys. -- -- Paul Pierce did it would have been over out front guy before double overtime yesterday with a game winning shot -- properly educated. He turned the puck over every tiny tiny bit populace is a strong. It is estimated. Another friend in the world can dialogue himself his opponent do you have any friends. Yes I got my dog here this today.

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