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Sean Grande on the aftermath of a hectic day for the Celtics and how to react to Rondo's torn ACL

Jan 27, 2013|

Celtics play-by-play man Sean Grande joins John Ryder to discuss what Rondo's injury means and what the point guard could've meant when he told Grande that he expected to be back within a couple weeks. They also take a look at whether or not GM Danny Ainge should take the popular approach and "blow up" the team.

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John -- a bag quick view here after the Celtics 198. Double overtime win over Miami analysts have to be joined by the voice of the Celtics shot grandy right now and shot or your initial thoughts here on the air when this news breaks on -- on Rondo was run through your head at that point. Well first but what however when it was so quick news just assumed it works out it turned out being the worst but it sort of the which Libya the you know equity that rapper again we try to prod both on the process and thought the most interest. It was watching people built -- note there was that the place cry out for and -- Old. Art now is to say well you know nobody here really you know they don't know really going to be. One of the doubt that a closer look around the building it's sort of people looking at there are looking at their peak and it's amazing how quickly. Word spread and are ripe yet the -- in the concourses at the art. NATO quickly -- -- But the last people at all. Where the where the players the people on the stage last you know everybody in the building -- and with. You know fifty years in the the -- read storyline -- Five ops marine who knows maybe. -- audience there's so many stiffer story lines entering this game now so the Celtics on the slide in the short term they come -- this inspiring victory but on the long term. Do you think they even make the playoffs it's probably tough to see what approach they had to take you now on to a. I'm going to -- think I'm gonna make a statement now maybe even the in the moment and me in the old great. I do not think the end of this -- -- I think that the Celtics we're not going to be the only team in the Eastern Conference will likely I think that changed what changed that day. Obviously these -- but let's remember where all the lines were three hours this -- that desperately needed some kind. And what the what you wanted but now what happens and three hours the Celtics went. An underachieving. Team that would disappoint their fans that have the were frustrated to watch in two. An underdog. Playing you know that they haven't tweeted again is the moment. The Celtics boss from the today and now there are. And the kind of effort we saw even Atlanta at this point is that was. Second item -- the two efforts in the home games period or the Miami -- -- win a lot of games. The even without Rondo playing that way and now you have storyline that up where you -- we're gonna assume they'll who's -- at the playoff aid away at all if even for the -- today what we were saying during the second point I don't I don't think that's the case I think it. On the team together and you know their weapons how to that they -- -- it. But maybe you're going to be more focus. Things change the -- gonna move them that or you know we don't know what -- are coming up. And to me that dynamic of the pieces she eastward now now that can be. Or it certainly looked -- it that way per hour. But it's. So where do you think he year actually thinking the Celtics can make a run here. I think that it was unlikely I didn't think there was going to be. This year I think what they get that back for a look funny because the interview that do for. -- is on the when he has been -- And bringing up points I think everyone has forgotten a lot of our I think the expectations for the oh wait you -- at the start of the year because he's started back well it it was a couple of minutes away from the NBA finals are. And the way people use the irony. Not court which use the but the people. Last year you at least the electorate they -- -- last year you got close indeed because many feel secure grows. I mean you took them I think that. The team beat the expectation that. It all the talk of the call that you got. They blow it up yeah that's really well what what kind of players are twelve scene -- thirteen. Nine new players not blowing up at an awful lot like. So this is a brand new team to begin this was started the new face. People -- blowing up the old way. 2030 years ago start with Ross importantly in -- with -- it was the dramatic change year. The public -- struggles last two weeks. It was that out. Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and not have to carry the load. And yet they had finally broke down from the -- they carry. And hadn't stepped up at night which by on the bench is finally getting together the artwork. That guys under achieve but. With the -- or something it. I didn't think of it certainly going to be like right now if you really liked how we need to think that Miami Chicago event. In the Eastern Conference so when they started what they felt that. On the Eastern Conference finals. Think that at the end of the day I don't think -- I -- -- -- changed that. They know what happened all right you think it is now you have to heart. -- Champions and players who've been champion. The younger guys for an hour how to win games it adversity and -- -- -- situation where nobody expect of the make up. I don't. I I think they still make. You know I still think that the committee can I knows you know we'll see job of Bynum comes back from that injury -- -- somebody port teams in the -- that they'll. That they will end up making and I'm Lydia and I was say in Miami Chicago even they probably have a tough team again. -- tough time against a team like Indiana which are likely double overtime against Utah last analyzing your. Without Rondo is you know rumble yes -- usually don't -- -- we -- it. And you know the big picture it's funny it's strange -- the circumstances changer obviously you know -- joke on doc how. Cock -- -- Being sarcastic. About things like that not at that point of view but today and it was it means that argument. And what they -- able to make it could possibly happen today but that would not talking about or else. And that may like -- start with Iran that was over Carmel and made out you know. Storyline and it has it all exit on I think that. To be. Up or or mortgage or thinking out of -- work. By an hour ago our story of the they that it is ultra. You have brought up you watch it every night but if Rondo comes back. You know as you look for half the -- watch and evaluate where his career going in the kind of player wants to be watches with. Without him. Maybe you could ever that goes back and -- in the charities. -- -- ought to play Chicago we're trying to -- -- a year later and Chicago connect -- -- would have. -- You know like it again it might float over minority opinion obviously. It should be a and indeed it. Really the only way I think. All sports today. In the great irony -- the -- them the wrong here we had to let go -- the which one of them you know most miserable I've ever witnessed in India. It rally behind Celtic and what they -- -- they something that we inspired that immediately thought it was -- gave them. Which they do it and have seen it this year until the you know it sometimes in your -- And that's what -- are now on the Internet but if you thought -- -- the with -- championship. This year -- -- -- And the date today. You know that reality and opinion what else are right now. Out in front of the -- with that back in the big picture thing. They -- really interesting to watch what you read what your -- -- how they'll attack now without problems come from. Underdog but to me at the fascinating. That. They were better team today maybe -- in probably would have been another triple double dollar Rondo -- the resources. Do you what do I guarantee them by the way. If you know what a great artist did she know you do Rondo figure out -- -- -- spotlight -- -- At the very well done -- No roller coaster season to say the least and and I think you nailed that. -- talking about the path last season we've discussed that a little bit easier with Philadelphia Atlanta and indeed he gets that seventh game. A win Miami it's a different path this season but also. People keep. They'll top -- talking about. More so Paul Pierce slowing down but pierce and Garnett have that play a ton of minutes here early in the season. Wait wait and it took me about it -- shall be. Cut it. But it is Kevin Garnett in Italy now. Again today. Like all the work of art. There's an element of -- be there start up that Ray Allen at -- Victory may I may I clarify that we are Rania yes clarified that night. Is gone. Michael great. Well what applicants -- people would think they. In -- -- them look at it the old like that -- -- live up to now -- we. Look at. I believe -- and that's a lot you can give your Twitter handle the I don't -- -- -- you just say. And I am getting -- the Arctic -- and we took -- they took it seriously. As if that's exactly what that during the timeout Rondo right down the first but whoever and -- city or -- it. Because in the corner of the arena and Rondo like come out like -- during the -- -- hurting him you know other accounts like that thought. We're -- but he document went -- we think today we were -- the price of one it would -- like. It was original free ride aid and any kind of felt funny and I was the reignited. The ultimate bumblebee. What will be great resume pretty good for forty yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went through what -- gone that is needed. A look at. And you know talk about the -- or belt back and forth on the front they're welcome back -- exactly. And I'm coming back into that obviously it doesn't matter if that was seriously or jokingly choke the -- -- that. Like what you -- we view it in the news. Your. Back. Do we automatically that that was picked up in the moment. His first comment that's what that. People like the people like. -- thing like. It was this is on the that the right. You're on the year to be the first. Yet did not mean that it makes sense and in -- than Rondo to this pain threshold in the way they got bounces back. Is probably running Troy said that maybe I'll come back. That's the one at. -- And it lets get this straight -- well. You don't take the Celtics are better team without Rondo long term oh of course then I don't think they're better. I'd say they're better -- that this is out and eventual outcome of these. -- It wasn't altered. Or not -- championship but even in the but the opportunity -- -- and put it. After the -- World Series without home court speed in the first round. The fourth -- In the Eastern Conference this year were the scenes that are -- for Easter -- be better. Last year at one or two but the Celtics. Yet home court and in the first round of the playoffs there was little that you have like you have a replica of authority to him. Oh I mean that was very realistic. Unrealistic idea -- back up. So that -- -- who -- well go to probably going to be on the road in the first round anyway get really good team in the east. Oh I don't think that that changed it. -- if he's the effort. We -- -- -- it the more more to watch. Right lastly -- shot short term what do you think they do here who edited they have. There's different options appear set point for a day no we slowed down Barbosa they have a glut of guards but not a true point current. Yeah I think you're you're gonna admit -- -- today because if -- both well or your ball. Accordingly in little ball a little bit I think it goes beyond it's going to be hot spots in them matchup. I think -- logic would dictate. You know they're being on the other point guard. View at that point out there game here Pargo it goes but well you know the guys to get. Now via bad timing -- -- up doctorate the year but the -- wanna have a two point guard equipment but you know what. Funny people -- dockers certain way when they get really big news being tactician and it. When it comes to throwing things up in Toronto played -- situation and it's another thing you know his. Result of his creativity out. Another thing that that up. Well there's so many story life shine and who will keep the tune into you and Max of course and thanks for joining me. All right -- gritty.

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