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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, joins Ryder to respond to Rondo's torn ACL and the Celtics' win

Jan 27, 2013|

Following the Celtics' double overtime win against the defending champion Heat, John talks to SB Nation's Paul Flannery about the long-lasting implications of Rajon Rondo's torn ACL and what the Celtics should do moving forward.

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John right back with you -- -- Celtics -- we continue up -- 7 o'clock ACL lined up on the phone lines I will get to -- first. We're joined by Paul Flannery -- -- on Twitter at eve plans and also definitely check him out on SB nation dot com the must read anyway but definitely is Sunday notes call. Thanks for -- meatball. And I drive and and today I knew you would give -- going to be joining me as -- well tied to Paul about. The of course this game and then whether the Celtics where at a low post presence or another story try to add both the best course. We know the big news Rondo so what now. The flat but really you know it's a loaded question you go to questions a couple of things. I mean they were out there were some 500 in -- So on the one hand I'm not sure how much is really. -- big picture I think that they were always can be there's going to be day of reckoning coming in the eighties shooter that we thought. Days. It made except it is another trade battle line I don't think. We get all that but I don't think it can be you know fire sale and the truth or any other -- like that. For the -- for right now. They have what for work and be equality guards in terms of Barbosa Terry rap lately or lookout point guard. Can make -- I would that. I'm a little skeptical -- -- for very long but they are right up against the hard. And adding to the player would be very difficult I haven't -- number I'm pretty sure they can do it but if you you'd better right it is the American had -- chances. Yet they do have to our our open roster spots you wonder if they go. Not a short term if they add someone from the from the deal league or whether they try to. Augmented nationalistic well we have a that we have a shot here at at maybe a playoffs by the I know a lot of teams are urged to guys like Jose called the road they're probably going to be some mothers out there as well. And the problem with that it it it -- something to do it into the playoffs realistically you're looking at a 78 maybe if you you know up without. Arguably best player placed second best player. The report -- -- -- at zero point guard you know I open for the same. They -- that kind of removed output. Because -- -- it does if everything -- up correctly if they have -- control what I would I would at least because they -- there -- no problem. But I wouldn't trade you know are the future of cholera and just to get just make -- agent. Yeah and I I wouldn't think that they ended up doing something like that anyway. Would you let me -- I just don't -- dead and pierce becomes attractive once again because of that -- only four million guaranteed -- for next season. Right and I think if he'll let you know I think today. Everybody grimly determined to go to carry. You know that as to a to a man every player in the air -- -- The -- You know -- you're but he said you know arteries and like I wouldn't. But you you think deep grass yet a month or so little liberal left before the trade deadline and you think about you think about here if it. Accelerated since the building process that frankly they're gonna have to. That doesn't mean Jim weigh in day you take more to take a culture and appointment with his last week with a couple players. But you know I think you have to you have to consider all your options -- Do you think dead in -- sense after and they'll get another opinion on Rondo but. They'll sit down did he will -- -- die Kevin Garnett pierce talked things over see what direction. Well no question that they really include. The players to that extent in their in their content in their their decision making epic appellate shore. You know this -- -- you of the though it's been very very tricky one. It ground the railroad with -- entry -- for practically every year on -- penetrator -- practically every year you've heard stuff about cheers. That really know what ever thought they would actually do. Since you know since 2006 -- that a lot and it it almost happened -- So. You know -- idea train -- is a lot easier than actually pulling the trigger -- -- your body history year. Lot of the emotion involved that kind of thing and he deserves to be treated with all due back in I think. For what he's -- to the -- So it's it's tricky spot it's very very tricky spot but you know I mean. Any is going to make the decision that he feels is in the best interest of the of the franchise now in the future and I think we all know that would agree or disagree. That is only thinking. So that you get tricky if you get very Turkey. It probably. Looking at whether the Celtics -- the players allowed us to replace this is game 44 and of course with the news today but. The bottom have these outside of Philadelphia maybe Detroit I'm sure a lot depends with Philly on Andrew Bynum or whether he returns where the Celtics can actually make it -- into the playoffs and get that eighth seed. Yeah I think -- -- and I think you know if they did nothing other than add. You know maybe in other veteran Carter is something along -- -- orbit until another big man. I think it could -- all the Philly and get the well you know what -- -- I don't know a whole lot. Meeting with Miami and meeting in Miami probably you know -- certainly overtake Milwaukee for seven in the -- and it'll actually but. You know realistically I think misses the -- Is that. -- -- -- And a not mean even indeed you made the point earlier till in the short term and ever on they should be a minister -- of the game minute playoff style game today and coming off the high of a of a huge victory over your arrival. -- chief rival and in Miami but the big picture and especially. Now Derrick Rose plays when he comes back and Chicago I was look at it. Here you know Miami and depending on Rosen in Chicago those two and then never what else. Yeah absolutely. You know I would let. Earlier today and those people knew about Rondo the scenario that would be deals in the area for them would be to get paid sixty. The Brooklyn and -- -- maybe you win if you lose. But -- can people they can be recorded a playoff series and you can -- and second round and it certainly can you would beat you can be connect. Let's say it likely than you know than -- -- Southern Conference files again but. Without Rondo I'd go see it happening and you know I think we'll play better I think -- they were viewed played better they probably should've won a couple you -- the last. You know that the -- game hawk game. But the playing harder to think again you know they're gonna pick up some -- here that I -- -- better people say oh there's so much better without Rondo that's not true but not better and Rhonda. But I just don't see it you know aren't comfort huge. Stretch altering trade that they have a realistic shot. At this that make it deeper on the postseason now without. No I don't think so we either now in terms of what's out there not much when you look at the freeagent scrap pile of Derek Fisher's in like babies etc. Yeah you know and and John -- haven't taken a look at it but I wouldn't think Derek Fisher or might it would help you eagle at the situation. I think that got it done. There's a -- and you know I think you'd be better off getting -- immediately. And light and I have look at the names yet -- islands or part of turn on this but yet -- -- there are their professional point aren't available. That you could to try to bring in the the other thing John. It is not a big yeah. Advocates said that the thing with our -- so people understand they cannot go over or at least four point three million bats fly. They release. Chris Joseph and our -- NATO couple weeks ago wasn't that blockbuster trade it because they're trying to -- -- about appearances as players. Better players who may who may be able helped that was the thinking back that I'm not even sure they can do both -- check on the but -- very very tight. Yet they don't want those contracts guaranteed the now in the short term and in the over the course of the next week or so. What do they do at that point guard position. The -- Paul Pierce even -- of the triple double today. No MB in the point four we spoke. That. He just doesn't look the stand we know he's lost a step but what do they do -- that position -- bar Bowes who's probably the quickest guy. We know they don't have that true point -- what do they do with the situation the short. Yet it's really tough I mean you know pure chocolate six turnovers yes. -- -- another dozen or cart or both would not appoint cards carry quicker. I I don't think you have Avery Bradley playing point guard for forty minutes has it ever since. Don't accordingly the you can look at -- an all clear signal at all. Now they've been trying to incorporate them. Training camp an offense that functions without Rondo in other words a different -- as you can run for the 101215 minutes they now play. It's been a work in progress especially has got potential of the now line up and everything else that they could have got a plaque and you know you're you're gonna -- openers -- -- with a lot transition. And they don't have the kind of shooter in war. They're really make that work for 48 minutes but you know we didn't short term to get by you can take you to make you. There we started today -- -- Miami was. The press against top of the key you know trapping in do you didn't get much as say eating get a hardly any -- from the guard position was -- pierce and Garnett I'm sure will be seeing more of that. Absolutely and yet if you you'll you'll feel a lot more that you didn't see it they're simply if they're gonna play differently and tell you to buy that but eventually teams are gonna catch. They're gonna precedent we're gonna press lower court and it's -- your probable. In terms and and so much has changed of course -- over the day when you lose your best player but. Heading into this one what's -- what's been the problem you think would would Jason Terry this season. You know -- packet -- that I would I don't know what have -- but I would probably go with the lucrative but couldn't. -- is proud -- our dollar really don't know and they have built to unlock it you know the question is shooting percentages are pretty similar to get a -- shot yet -- -- involved. You know quest to comfort fit and he. It is it does take time did but it says this is this mystery -- probably the -- one of the bigger mysteries in this -- what what's going on there and nobody has integrated its -- -- that's -- get some of the best three point -- Paul Pierce. And history and and Terry in peers appears obviously I mean he looks like he's lasted gigantic step here over the course we know he's been in that -- And it who absolutely and you know Beckett says it all day today eat your period -- -- -- it. It's so when he would commit -- big shot. You know and it but it actually haven't been up and looked that. Jeff Green today solid defense and stretches on on LeBron James said it's playing pretty well lately still the you know the of those. Mystery question on Jeff -- continues lead led to at least we're seeing. A little bit better play but it's tough -- darkest talked about system should be in agreement Paul. Where you it's. Not any given days it's different stretches image -- we'll have a good day Courtney Lee is the plan a little bit better but then they'll revert again it's it's not just one player one game it's different stretches. Sure it. I mean -- -- -- the terrible start but when you have I think it will play a little more I thought. I thought Jeff Green had you know whether that into the year I thought he played fantastic defense on the continent. The public interest. -- like -- -- the business team going to be in the played variety yet Kevin Garnett. And four wing players unit report card before wing players you know why insult to play more quiet past -- -- well -- any. Was playing option for one player. And they could match up with them and it was great and it was great because Jeff Green. So what brought on yeah of course I eat on time has brought about player in the world. But Jeff Green made huge to -- this is what you want to point it -- at which water. And yes certainly it's probably is that India maybe mediocre accurate but I feel like this with the Clinton -- in here and you know it every night until you do those questions -- gonna linger. Novel idea -- this is team that automatically Miami knocks down eight threes they're held to five today and a double overtime game and there is some. Some nice signs from the Celtics especially defensively I know it's all lost with the news of the day but this was definitely one of their better games of the year. I thought they'll upload yet Republicans that went. You know I got your back and look at that. None of them. Yet they beat Oklahoma City at home earlier this season by yes I would say. In terms of the way that they were going. Probably one of their best wins. That's why aren't gonna look at that it -- -- have to grind -- out there -- -- garden came out and you know hopefully they'll play double overtime every night but you know what they got a grounded out against Sacramento -- And they got to -- out of you know the next game they play whether it's international TV or not. So they just got to keep to a -- -- enough for these games but consultant for the. Yet no question I lastly Paul in your. I you know I think it's I think that that the -- turned more toward a trade at likely that it has limited started. This because I think realistically. You're not. You probably know licking it adding to -- in -- you're looking at. Trying to figure out a way to make it better in the future. Right excellent stuff Paul is always really appreciated. All right thanks up Paul Flannery check amount on SB nation -- come.

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