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Overtime with Grande and Max: Rajon Rondo's torn ACL, Adrian Wojnarowski & Jeff Green

Jan 27, 2013|

Grande & Max's weekly podcast: The Celtics have lost Rajon Rondo for the season to a torn ACL. Does this change the Celtics' plans for the trade deadline? The guys discuss. Also, they catch up with Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski on the Ray Allen saga, and Jeff Green after a monster 2OT game vs the Heat at the Garden on Sunday.

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Time was showing me. Hello hello season. That we know how much it's. Title -- your -- overtime. -- -- how appropriate it was it would be able with a name for our little pot yet but it is refused always. We talk to you. Maybe the best time to do which he did you see it. After that. Well what happens on Sunday afternoon. -- -- with the confluence of that you could not have created. We begin ever broadcast by saying I do -- -- bore hole I sit back at the guard. Well on Sunday. LeBron James -- back to the garden for the first time that the game that changed his legacy and changed last year's NBA season. The cell which were back at the garden for the first time. It's six years with a six game losing streak. And of course. Ray Allen. Was back in the garden for the first out wearing a Miami uniform these were the primary storyline heading in that we found out midway through Sunday afternoon that would seem like. An innocuous the injury to -- John Roberts suffered in the overtime game the Celtics played in Atlanta on Friday. But if they could definitely get away and avid Yankee go to overtime -- never should have gone to a Rondo gets hurt and loss for the year and suddenly. That became the story and they were so many events all coming together in one -- put my immediate aftermath. Take away from it back to that. In losing run through the Celtics found the heart that fans have been waiting to see from them all year. Now comic character and their resolve and I've said this many times in the short period of time when you lose a major star. You can recover you you can play well. Over the long period it's. That's when everything starts the ball like we don't have Rondo. But other people have to step up and be hero. And you get the -- both of they probably play good Jason Terry played you know a lot more aggressive than my. Hit some -- Courtney Lee with good. So it. Paul -- who good check this out who probably you know he'd be so we call about two days -- he means by the week off the -- to get its legs back together. Paul Pierce was missed emblematic of the weekend that he went through he had no late in the game started last Friday night in Atlanta about a time he got the Sunday. In Boston -- -- at -- either yet he has a point 49 minutes Sunday afternoon at the at a triple double. In the game that was sort of heat up around go to have a triple double national TV in ray Allen's return to Boston. And it was. The little plays or where misty was frustrated over it people all yearlong. It's not winning the 5050 battles they're gonna lose the defense of -- opposite because they don't have side but in the game on Sunday. And it's what now the Celtics we'll debate. If they're going to without -- they'll make the playoffs anyway there have to be team. That we as the 5050 plays and Sunday afternoon -- of a crowd that waited to see the entire year. They hit that up to me that benefit them and we talk about the thing about the felt with. That Rondo and Spalding together when ray was here they personally got the other. The that you didn't that you did he felt ever get out -- if mother lost and and may be -- time they got out executed. But you'd never saw this team get out hustle and so when you talk about both also played tonight. Or those who also plays with -- -- tonight. David -- for the opposition to give soldier also stepped it but I think the biggest recipient today it seemed like it would -- -- -- played for a bit this game not only with the op that possibly month it. But he had the best player in the world -- probably -- to open -- -- to win the game and what they've really contain him. A weekend -- was Jeff Green and a big offensive have come off the bench in Atlanta Friday a week which. Jeff Green guarded Carmelo Anthony Thursday night all night against New York he ended it on Sunday afternoon by going -- I. Voted so with the best player in the world and Jeff Greene joins us after the Sunday game. Well one of those days you hit it right it anywhere you want Noah could possibly imagine where this that was gonna play out salvaged when it 100 tonight DA. It feels. That does it feel strange weird to talk about heart like we do over and over again with Jeff Green but. But on this day and you were you know you watch last year -- the last time the promise here is thinking six a couple of files and the fans. It one of the most memorable moments say it as a team sent to offer let's go Celtics at this. Did you sense being on the floor today in this spectacular display but at the basketball that this is what they want to see a lawyer. And who's behind the every minute of the game those who -- got through. You -- they give that extra boost the 52 over. No joke on them. It's an album I'm with a you know map the billion insurance policy coupled what they'll like that it. And you take me -- the first. But I've been I have to level when you give fearless that. It tonight today very very aggressive and emotional for you in this whole game. But it. If you appear very emotionally it gave -- with the U where he got youth. Popped up men with more. Those companies aren't. You know this one and in the convoy. Thursday night. You guarded Carmelo Anthony for a lot of the game and it was time win. Doc Rivers wanted to switch things up defensively and you told adult then this whole weekend as rent you know obviously get the best part of the world on the other side -- all the eighth day. -- that disposition when you give -- to that challenge how much you just wanna be to guide the cap to become -- right you have to. Him is that effort and I mean no matter -- numbers problems. Insular and stuff. Mean the blonde woman. When the food world home -- home alone the article on talent of our minimum system. Reynolds American harp on this tour. How -- is if you guys now knowing that you don't heed that you don't lose Rondo with the injury. Of the -- That -- And continues to go into the office if you get. Is. Because who knows what he brought to would have to go. Daylight this test to keep you all right. Jeff Green but what we're against LeBron is an amazing you know three game at four days stretch relief but felt the remarkable stories now and again the peculiar insurance companies given. Yeah that you go make the governor of dogs. Plus agreement the moment. I stick up for the worn -- -- -- audio output. We've managed to be careful. Where that -- and -- you know our excitement. -- -- The year began predicated on the notion that Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce couldn't carry them. As much as they have in years past. And the fact that they had two of the first half of the year showed both sort of dropped -- especially Paul Pierce here in the month of January but performers. Like after Jeff -- you could hear it and fortunately recognizes what he's going to have to days we -- our focus to what the Celtics now are we. It's amazing that Ray Allen is being buried here in the storyline that that's the way that this Sunday afternoon in Boston. Played out now the Celtics look forward without -- on -- Well I mean that that's that is the case obviously when you talk on the story laughter levs always change. And that's the beauty of the UBA that's the beauty some -- of life. You know when you'd think they took him to school with a longer and then all with the gold something this throw they Q. And teams and players in the organization's. Staff and meet the challenge. Challenges that they have four -- Good players that means that people step up they beat the talents. At the bad bad situation that people don't be that talented they've failed immediate reaction. Threw out the Celtics will now line up without Rondo and how aggressively personal and Jesus of export trade deadline this year as any potential blockbuster deal although obviously out. Now you look at -- who fills that spot and are there players. -- very popular player who only really had success at Boston despite having troubles off the court. Delonte West players like that is there a veteran out there -- Jewish state on there at their veteran. Players out there using both both guys have -- gobbled up by now. Arab -- those guys have probably been gobbled up the last of march through the Q1 of those guys who have both stores that you talk about from would be -- Where you grab what those players you are ready have down at the big lead that might help you. You know a lot of scenarios become the play. Or do you stand pat was Toronto just to pollute my -- when he says hey I'll be back into -- -- I don't happen that think you will. But just the fact that he says that at that and Eric away domain in -- is he's my guy. Though he says the -- -- Eric away I discovered dislike. Anything is possible. It's going to be. A fascinating second half of the year and what happened on Sunday afternoon. With the performance from the Celtics an injury to Roger Rondo it has turned an underachieving. Disappointing team that fans didn't like to watch every every single night. Into an underdog team potentially. Writing an amazing story as the charge towards the second half and try to make the playoffs do some damage. While living in this that this might be a little harsh but. Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis who went down. You know everybody hates them and they can't do this they would just two games on the road every scenario for their pool or read that and you know obviously you don't want but speedy door or at the wanted affidavit by faith in the TV by faith but. The reality of it is itself with our team right now without their leading. -- -- to it but we you don't have to -- which you have to do so by has stepped up and why it I think because Rondo dominated the ball so much. Maybe now of their opportunities for other people to have to move the basketball -- will be at the path. A lot more -- team work so there are things that could happen that might really be good for the seventh out of it. You know it's real time the reaction and the last thing you wish is Andrea Roger -- What it's happened so how do you make the best of it and or players that come back. Smarter players out and you know -- Toronto was already a -- smarter than the smartest kid in the room. You know he's going to eventually when he gets over the acceptance of what's happened. He can really so get a lot of the second half of this year to go back even better place this that Sunday afternoon Boston. Is a real turning point for the franchise and why everybody in the outside assumes it's a down turning point. He doesn't have to be not enough. I mean you you think about this game today it didn't have to be that way. Is that you you can look -- I hear you both exit -- -- -- were champions. Here you're building all the cards or against you and you come meaning you when you could hit it we have a game like this and you get it to the big thing. You get a couple of days off we get the relief. -- in the glory of this. As the Celtics went home game zone against Sacramento and Orlando this week now. Married on Sunday afternoon because we are also -- in the -- -- the news of a remarkable Celtics went was the return of Ray Allen to Boston I was. Max and I sort of where we agree and disagree and agree disagree with me on your perception of I was surprised at how negative the reaction was. To Ray Allen and his return and it really just. -- you -- -- people war and and taken out some frustration of the season maybe on on race in this game here today I believe as you believe is always have that eventually. There will be forgiveness acceptance love. -- nations I don't know about the number of oil I don't believe that's going to happen Ray Allen lost but I think eventually peace. Will be able I was surprised them Sunday. The degree to which. There was -- partner. And in this is where you and I -- -- disagree and I'm one that's the word you know people booed but I know what point really it. Point is win like Kobe Bryant comes in the past the basketball and and in both our range of Booth to me and I've been in this situation where I have bamboo. But the people who were going. To me. Don't know the game. Ten and they don't know what it's really like on the -- you have your your you you can -- because you know you've you -- by the but relieved you know understanding what happened in what that you always fit but think about where this -- -- what. Could -- -- another brand banner without Ray Allen. Well if if if that's the case you'd say yes that you really don't understand the -- -- troop what basketball he has -- The biggest thing what the business -- it'll say anything about it when they trade you away. And if you get an opportunity that you wanna go elsewhere in and that is your right. That is what I'm all about. His right to go in for you to board and not understand the nature of the business of the game then you need you to book him. -- -- but what we mean it Telefonica as much as we pretend we disagree we released. Rarely does a great tip on this one we did disagree on on the reception that -- god one got. Was on the store from the beginning as major roads are asking Yahoo! Sports become a top guys for a break in -- -- two days after the -- pound sign with Miami you've really at -- the -- -- the back the reader it's remarkable how much of it. He really nailed back at Sunday afternoon of Boston he joined us and talk about Ray Allen. Possible movement this is done before we do about the severity Israel -- want a possible move to give me the lakers other stuff going on in India. If you would -- -- Yahoo! Sports joins us here -- not -- let's talk about. What's on the rise here for itself which they -- trade deadline they. Changing climate and situation near enough to give us you know the that was going on with the lakers in the scoops. It that notion that he wrote about -- about Larry -- viewership in Seattle but rather explain to us why he chooses to rule in the draft force. And every year by. I'm convinced now that are you can give us the scoop now -- -- Davis during the next before he goes out. And they then how this works now so tapped him that he actually -- if you wanna park before ones out there. And -- David Stern. It's because you're so close putts from. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks well we're glad to see you now because now we see the national three point you know Mike to Rico feared that big national right yes as well. And it does it start to feel like maybe those days here you know in the closing days now. All of that. -- why I think we've been awfully close to answer you know. It's harder Q except that it's actually here with a reality for two years now something -- and well being sold 500 and this game was sort of coming. Our other GMs. On the prowl looking at what is there to be plucked off this or is -- really not that much to -- Well I think. You know most GMs -- also -- have had conversations. Over the past you know to trade deadlines. You know prior the draft on. They're big guys -- not afraid to blog and see what the value issues. Of his players even as easily as best players I think teams will believe it when they see it would that -- -- ready. You know the break up. The core. But you know Boston Danny talks to teams and he's not afraid to have conversations about everybody I think that's gone on this year. Not that's you know let's -- look. There's a big difference between doing that and being ready. The a funny deal in and be willing to move somebody and and I know Boston's not their -- is not there yet. Well I think and look at this team and we've we've located. On the so close to it. Talk about making trades and moves in the audience that they would think that if stupidly. Is that there's like a little while. That he says well that's the team that there -- by gave up one last year and where a couple of minutes away from almost beat the Miami so. Is you still think that any police that does not talk to of these still do you believe you believe that. Yeah I think there's two questions for them with the organization is. Is the problem -- -- in our three guys orders at finding. The right combination around them and I think that's bill I'm not sure that. You know -- is tried very hard to find. Accommodations here that work. Around Garnett Rondo pierce and and you know that's something that's been a work in progress for him but I. You know -- We've been down this road before with the Celtics you know with a struggling in a deadlines coming. And they're trying to figure out what they are what they can still be. This is -- structure Boston right now I thought that Friday night loss in Atlanta with. Just devastating -- and you -- back to back after a big game where you the F pro series played better. You're up 27 point that'll blow the lead you put a double overtime to lose. And I got to come back and play 1 PM against Miami to me that's the trying to game that can really -- you further dose spiral if you if you let it -- the agency what they have. Panel -- they have where guys are because I thought that Friday game was about battle Los. You know that that -- you know spiral them don't. Well it's really put you say that it. Being around here Jon I've seen losses that we thought were just devastating. Couple years ago they hit New Jersey. It was the actors anyway the Washington up Washington and get or they have played so poorly that game. That dot services essentially took -- on the third quarter and never -- -- backing it. And and -- said oh my god this is like. It's horrible. And -- that team turned around the store -- the win and eventually you know. -- that they have so I think that's the scary part about this team that. People -- Contra these speeches though. The Celtics playing really well in the second that is the problem is that the Celtics -- having very usual here for almost -- -- years. They have a better winning percentage in the playoffs than they do in the regular season that's pretty staggering thing you think about it. But it's created a sort of fool's -- thing -- this last year this 2011 this is -- and the team obviously and probably final. And the problem is you -- -- recognition is experience this thing that. Right and I I think that this team more than any others has struggled to find an identity. What does this team hang its hat on what do they know they can count. That's that's they're calling card. And they haven't found it. I'm a pretty good analyst I -- It is right now the story of the British public -- and now he's learning to Mount Lebanon right because if you if you look at the theme that you you do think that. They're calling caught the last couple years have been affected -- it's great that the 53. This year there. Just at how they used to thinking of Atlanta really showed you where this team is that it think about how they play and it really wasn't the first -- they shot. It was evident the second unit ever by complain about it was it was the first -- who handled it took a live or anything that second. And the great execution team down the stretch and you saw against New York the other night down the stretch. An analyst I think that somewhere where they really miss right even if ray is not making the shot for you. The threat of rain out there changed everything in the -- at a venue. And it's. Jason Terry importantly you know those two -- haven't equaled the -- you know and I the united close as it and so. Just the right because the public the instructor -- you write them down with -- of the Coca-Cola. -- -- He's totally mad at the end -- it that I didn't not -- -- and edited -- the Celtics now over the last month over the last month now. With some of the greatest three point shooters in the history of the game on their roster Jason Terry Paul Pierce shortly before -- 29%. With -- team. Over the last month so now we're -- to storyline. You know on on Sunday afternoon with the whole world watching you wrote the definitive these. On rates departure -- really it's nobody ways. Was a break. War for Ray Allen Russia Rondo for the Celtics it was a break up the fans with the did the children of course and that's why you know. Today it's going to be shifting dates to the reaction so please now. You think from if both you -- the story last year writing this has been what grade this year that they. I -- I think keys. I think he's like playing with his group I think it's. He knows he has a chance to win a championship with them this year next month their group is together down there. I think re misjudged. When he made the decision to leave. The reaction here I think ray felt that. All that everything that currency he had built up not just with the Celtics but having gone to UConn in the about very involved in the community here. And I think he was a little night whether right or wrong I think he was a little naive about how people would respond to it. And big LeBron thought this poster is coming down if you go to murdered her image you can create an -- in yourself yeah do you see you felt did you go. Covering it we did. He felt so. Beyond look we make decisions. They're all -- you could easily justified in our own minds we have long since made the decision that situation for me here. Was untenable there were things about -- -- didn't know his relationship with Russia Rhonda. So that's how it happens right that's -- misjudged public perception is because you're in your own world people are done under. Stand they're gonna see the way I understood why I needed to go people are gonna get that but the fan reaction is not gonna beat out its. All they -- always. You left us to go to the Miami Heat and you took less wanted to do it why hate us what did you hate us so much -- is -- that's the fans. Reaction in and that's that's. Part of sports message you. Did you realize obviously media wise your departure knee injury ever that you went through here in the eighties that. Your you know your own personal story that people -- You wouldn't really know. Your personal story they only do what they had -- what was being well well you go look at this with John that the only way to one way to get there without it -- and that was through. -- That -- the weather wasn't even thought a lot of but if you had a guy they have Bob run all the cuts were very close to -- so essentially they wrote what -- want -- to her to write. And do what he wrote they wrote that so basically what you -- with -- -- out of it. About rage in him that judging. I compliment before interest and -- would happen today because -- whether it's happened. This team has really struggle as they struggle at the position that Ray Allen play. By. This team -- I think they're a political back and have that the style. -- goal while we would love to have you back into the building and -- is the one who actually looks like the one who may direct the -- and. That's the point we Ager you -- river in Orlando it was in November. And even ended in October I think we talked about will eventually it's going to change yeah I think the way the season played out to be my theory is this. If this was a one to battle in the Eastern Conference race. And it was Celtics -- heat going back and forth this season be going well for the Celtics I think if we allow more. Fans would be a lot more comfortable with the vitriol towards him and you go down the road eventually is gonna be forgiveness and if you drove me to be part of that. But I almost happened faster while I think you know what -- that's about the latest. It's while they're still is going to be so I don't believe I'm not with -- that nobody in this building is good and who wore expressed any kind of anger towards right I think. It's happened to -- it's escalated so fast. Times before so fast and there's going to be a lot of sentiment now. I agree I think even though. It's may still be rock for a lot of people. -- Raise a hard -- to dislike I think that this this is not -- I like it is hard to turn him into ability people look here. And they see what he did hear it helped raise the banner and they know kind of person he is I think that makes it you may Booth for awhile but I agree with you Sean I think you Max I think it will. It will go away relative -- especially. Going forward if this Boston team doesn't. Become appear again of Miami a team that's truly. Competing against -- the -- these -- championship I think if this Boston team takes a step back. I think it'll. You know that the fan reaction will soften even. Quicker or two things real -- obviously disagree most companies have been wanting to Celtic fans have had this year as the lakers basically that's at least at least there's the lakers things going worse out there. Eat you kind of difference that nothing's ever -- look at Kobe to -- obviously it's possible situation it's not working on level. But its -- of lowering the idea that someone thought it would be good idea to have Mike -- -- Steve Nash back together and that would somehow magically make it work. Well I I just think those guys their responsibility in this nationals brought him to be. The connector here he was brought in to be to god -- traffic cop between Colby end Dwight and run. You know the facilitator role in and end at fourteen assists. Nash has had shown no ability yet to be able to pull this thing together I think he bears some responsibility -- -- bubbling there. You know -- -- to me has always been more obsessed. With the validating his system verses. -- to the strengths of the guys he has always been about his system and -- proving his office betting is that that's. Rick -- The Rick Pitino came with the NBA the same way. This system is going to be rather than the good old left our way out of all the sudden you turn Paul Gasol got to Troy Murphy he's stretched for. The best low post players in the past couple decades you know -- -- the three point line you're going. You're paid to play your guys' strengths and ends he needs to better job. I visual throughout he's been joining us here game season -- the draft with a lot of things now. Some they'll tell us how he's done at all but for now it is. Continues to take his place atop the not the guys cover the NBA. Follow my Yahoo! don't follow this take account of the is some people including myself got burned by that's -- -- I guess. In the an estate agents and you know you've really made to victims and take Americans the. You know and listen -- didn't like if I like I was in college probably the same thing however may itself. There's a soft spot -- my heart of these guys can sell lol let them lately -- even a minute if a gay guys thank you. Always fun to get so where they journalists -- you speak now somebody after the Boston national TV audience got the season game of the year for the Celtics. You know Mike to Rico theory ESPN radio here it just it felt like a big game and that was the point we've made. -- that impromptu speech I gave Friday night when he Atlantic team -- got a way about appreciating not just what was the last few years but. Where the Celtics are now. Is still light years better as far as you meet in the middle package now to all the historical for the rest the year obviously now we've underdog -- -- the playoffs but. To appreciate. Days like we have on Sunday in Boston. None of that six years ago 2007 that was light years away. Now it was light years away and I think the thing again Q you understand about a game. Or the waiting game is played. Is terrible to be heroes they're going to be go. That thing out talk by any game. They're always going to be in there it's always point to be -- -- be -- some by the step forward or somebody to do something good or. Some by the vehicle. In this game with the Celtics played against Miami. So that's -- able to step up and -- he growth -- Jeff Green with one of those hero. Sunday afternoon in Boston Doc Rivers said an immediate aftermath of the game you can write the obituary. On not. We've been waiting for a dramatic change in the celtics' season we've been saying for weeks that change was coming. And it's never the -- you think it's going to be changed game that the Celtics on Sunday afternoon and now. People want to what is truly the second half of their season in a completely different feel coming off the game of the year. On some of the thanks Frankie and Alice on Randy at Max over time Gonzales -- on the -- -- radio network with home games of the Celtics against the Sacramento -- the Orlando Magic. And the Los Angeles Clippers on Super Bowl Sunday thanks --

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