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Ray Allen postgame press conference in Boston

Jan 27, 2013|

Ray Allen spoke to the media after his return to the Garden as the Heat lose to the Celtics 100-98.

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I want to keep building. -- Do very where just walked in and going to the -- locker room. And there's been a long time. And outside the whole way. And again it was an adjustment. We don't know the whole year's been just business. Being in the -- after have been and Boston so long -- there it was deafening. That is we're -- Does this suit you when you see something like you know when I saw I was. This you know you know all the emotions you can turn back. From you know great things that we do here and this by itself I'll always remember. On the big game we've played in big games we've won enough. Not always dollars don't know always do so you know -- probably about. It. Yeah and officer regency no problem but our defense we just didn't. We -- -- -- in and nugget the stuff we knew we had to so. You know that's you know again being on the road you know you figure you've put yourself in a situation from the starter core. You know not allowed team needed. Didn't comfort zone so. You know she got them all over Lebanon when the game you know and I think down the stretch offensively beating -- the shots we wanted to. We didn't execute to get the shots we wanna be in you know we'll services. A learning tool for us from four. Mind probably react. I didn't know what to expect from a wasn't. One thing out and do was come into it. And just focus on you know be prepared to do you guys really. That were planned that was starting game. Early game is always tough draws of the circumstances. I don't expect -- -- to hold time to a game festival that was generous. No no when you talk a bit she's ignorant and not you have to find. Your. The emotional you know some some way somehow throughout the game and you know for me it was like you know trying to second serves as -- certain spots but don't get to -- well. I didn't know it so we on the floor and he was known. On the floor it's unfortunate. -- Was it's. So -- because you know exactly what they wanna do you know they go to move and that Viagra be thinking one thing when nobody assisting them tickets -- got to make sure it. You know put myself in this situation you know keep it's horrible to there so they're strong suits. You know it's it's tough. Because those guys they've been doing so long so when you see him up there doing it you know you know why they're good you know whether Dornan and who they are so. Known on the side of you use. It always takes you know there's always that you know you play good offense but. For the defense but there's always better off without him -- so you know we got in this situation co-founder and immediately -- church. Pretty much -- thought. You know after while we want you say. When people who. You -- today at that moment of you know if you clap and you know nothing better -- -- development status is is our guy our crossword plan. You know you we ought to fishing together. And net. -- always you know. -- to the forefront you know we services and people normally great you know those those times of -- like department -- there. Part of who I am so. That's always. Going to be at the forefront when I finish playing you know these two a lot of these days are going to be days -- While a different. Points -- you have a -- down. It forces. You know teams circled the wagons. And in this instance. Teams are under way today and they got. Oh win. Must you win and it just puts the onus on the gas -- -- To do their job step up and you know this is -- -- idea that we prioritize. Everything that you don't -- your life when you know your minutes and rip off load more so. It doesn't it it is so we'll -- -- -- the resilience of the team and his team worth anything. -- I've been part of that. Or for me gain many years of my career you know. Trust -- you guys to do it you know us -- my teammates. -- -- There are what -- we've all had been here for. I'm home for him but you know things like you know we got is solely. -- yesterday so there wasn't we haven't I have confidence. Agreed to a time here book. It's it there was a sense of calmness that that I -- when a guy. Here just knowing that you know I'm always in New England. On that doesn't change you know being here. Up in this part of country just it refresh me and I see some friends don't want their left I -- live to see some friends that I haven't seen in awhile so. Alfred must extend them. -- my surprise. Yeah I'm surprised. Because they put together the team you know guys I've known to have their roster. But this is that it is hard to say anything about a team when you don't know. You know what what goes around announcing. There are so. Well I don't have any. He badly or any issues it was. This this team anybody an organization. One thing to say that. This this organization has been good to me much damage. And -- we always. Hold him on due to its. You know the Syrian. A lot of owners while putting games. People sitting around -- right. You know we spent real time. You know our -- my family with their families so. I didn't. And in bad I didn't think anything negative about come in here about anybody you know again. You know these were some of the best days. In my career playing your boss -- you know always. Cherish the moments and always will. -- What would you like. Yeah and that's was the great thing about. You know felt basketball. What experience of my career. Seven cancers so you know move home when officers. -- -- -- leave -- -- of playoffs -- allowed to have -- -- won a series so. That's why you know for us we have to continue to get better known and I'm sure every team every player -- No we don't know who we're gonna face and get better every day and learn to win on the road because this is just seems so different from. Masters tournaments you know who -- guys you have to learn my duty as we traveled to a severe that it. Some of the veterans expressed this way. -- -- just so fortunate you know. As they had to address must situation. You know everybody. They have their own situation that they have take care of and you know we set there and we had to decide what best I had several of those some of them know we we -- our wagons. Individually and we made decisions so. The one thing I've learned throughout -- -- this league is -- I can never tell you. Or another person what executive won't do what they have to do with this situation so. You I'll tell you it was disappointing for us and you know you know we had to make that decision. And you know so fortunate. You know we we we love this place we love playing here. But in those circumstances presented them selves those way to do it and we had a that's.

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