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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 27, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Heat in double overtime, 100-98.

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Coach we're all due respect it's good it's just so. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously. The run the news. Pretty tough. I knew it before the game. No one else knows that -- -- It was in target children organize that so. Total method and pretty emotional arc. It. -- -- it was great I mean. There is displays and I was -- guards Jeff one time. Late in the game -- -- years ago you know she's exhausted. We Cogent advice she -- a tyrant who else. I was but it. They go you know lose a loved about the game wizards I think in the first overtime and signaled time out. We got out that come back. And optimize and in Italy. Where it. I just love that our guys stayed in there. You know I've been autumn -- year. Because our problem turmoil stuff that's been murdered this year. And we -- on -- -- that they would come. And you know without regard. That stuff you know a lot of pass and dribble handoff of the detail that. But it's just when needed. -- I haven't thought about it at north. Charlotte century doing -- because I didn't. I found out about I was going in to talk to team. When he figures that 24 minutes promiscuity in the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And did you should know he's out. So. Charlotte -- locker room. Talk about today with -- think about that. Promise that. In world war is what we do today you know we have that are ready -- -- second unit has been running. You know they've been sensational -- so. We basically did it with version that would spread offense and fun that you -- -- dribble handoff in these three guys and drove the ball. You know RC you know however what does that happened just the only great for us that you've been working. With the second unit with this office and pursue it plays against the jeopardy and the rights. So who's helped fuel so yeah. It just periods whose pressuring you know. Via the one line up with. LB -- I don't really want to have on boats crossing our courts we could just bring it up Paul. That's what we are. -- -- I don't know Steve. Wilson. Records and -- Obviously that's all you force. You know listen. Somewhat distract and someone will find someone that's. That's -- terrific and I have no idea who it is and that -- And apple T. And that's who we're gonna have. We'll you can -- your -- -- just. Go that's. But -- We won the night. And so the way to look at it is we're gonna keep guns in this regard in my opinion we're going over. Rhonda. -- Ours through don't know where I'd suggest you might know our fourth quarter. So. It. It's these pretty tough. I know what I -- on solid ground crier Michael Barrett so. You've got to save us intelligence the exposed it was. Right you tell me who voted -- -- so and I can -- and you know fortunately right. Ford and his editor run at room temperature rebounds and let me check it what is -- this is I don't know you know. -- talked about. Yes he'll run too far edges that funds. You know -- you. On the world. Two run. You know. We've got a guy in the film. That we can look more look at in Asian leaders. Whatever he did this we want. That was made and that's -- -- the war with. Their most. There -- -- -- oh at. Halftime. I knew when he did you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And dark jeans -- it this -- so that -- you. -- -- -- -- couldn't tell us. What parts. Notes the now the I can do months. You know actually count so without as far as I don't know how long months. You know it's no problem. -- good -- that it went down. I just walked in total. What else you can do. Does celebrate and images. So. It. Yeah he was great and -- good about it and lost the game in New York. I think it took it all the candidates Carmelo is dwellers live com and just made one mistake where he's got up on. -- allow. The projects with four seconds on the clock and and that the only things the committee that I can remember. You know other than that it just uses that -- strength in the Bronx ball -- stuff. Think accordion. Or do you. Yeah I mean right now that's. Sort of makeshift. Courtney. Avery -- The just. I was ever given a lot of thought so. As good as we have two days. One that -- just press. When they're practicing extra stuff. -- that test that. Personally but listen. Marcus Simmons knows about. It. -- -- -- and -- you know I think it's confirmation of what you told me. I knew. About us all when. You coach. We're. Just coach now. Are going to be garbage you don't keep thinking about it. That's where it.

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