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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande on the return of Ray Allen to Boston

Jan 27, 2013|

Sean Grande caught up with Doc Rivers pregame Celtics-Heat

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And express edition of the Celtics that I presented by Alexis -- that you really guard duties surprises yet there's been -- favorite that means that the sort of segment but I think you could feel it by just got a lot of dirty talk and right now. That's why we take this and can't do that brought the is only by Harvard pilgrim healthcare Harvard pilgrim. In especially when this stuff that's a lot of fun to talk about win the game in your -- win that it changed -- What -- but the starters vacuum with four minutes left in the second quarter. You know it's funny and you know I don't want -- neither. But when the starters went out of six point -- when did you imagine him when he served -- Oh at halftime is backed ET. And that just never happen. -- run -- the third element of that yeah that that's to get word word that burden if that's if I can somehow give you something to steal when you -- Michigan and national game people Gregory you did but I do -- Later that it -- violence there I. It was light. Denver against Baltimore in the beginning in the just -- toward overtime. There aren't a massive accident talk -- Friday do you contemplate. Getting all wrapped them in -- -- There -- Idea. You know and stormed back with Jeff. But it is tough -- you. You know you sometimes to Mormon or because when he's got. And you -- it would happen. He did after the game talked about it you know which sort of searching for a it's it's impossible that moment you got like forty basis. While I admit coach each individual has been coaching his team what it wouldn't let me. Well it means exactly browser you know because -- the frustrating thing when our team thus far and again there's. Time bills so. -- jumping off a bridge. But. It's not like these war five guide it toward to guide me tonight. Man so long maybe you have to change America with this -- that have coached him like I used to -- as a group to -- group. I got a coach individually reviewed. Jared is on the spot in the starting lineup but others in the united trepidation about the move not because he hasn't earned it but what it means for the second. Yeah and just rotation ours did. It helps you know because he's the better player or playing better. And the better rebound which read these but it really hurts our rotation and really hurt sort of their play so well. And we've got to figure out -- you keep him out there with him as well and him step out. Miami which is British arms shipments last year I think they can help some of which have I think I'm I'm thinking it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- -- -- -- profits team in the league is there anything different about what they're doing this year there's the smaller obviously -- -- -- but he is doing what they do better. The other do what to do better. It's called the terms of confidence response where -- This year so confident in his late. Replace all the abortion rate at which or who is Mike -- open. And so that's about it. You're on the record this is what you hoped the reception will be for -- and you know he questioned line calling and as it. You. Understand or sympathize. With the sentiment. Of those in the building today who steal steal her 00. -- there -- some government argued. You know. It would be very difficult. Made use of the fan of the Celtics. -- -- -- ago. My rival. The player went to the idea that there. Our words and so I'd do it what are what -- -- when you think it's five years here it was great to me this consistent and personal. And you made it Chuck Norris the two. -- miss that. Celtics and hate it's next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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