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DJ Bean Calls in to Break Down the Bruins Penalty Kill and the Power Play Unit

Jan 26, 2013|

DJ Bean joins Pete on Sports Saturday to go over the Bruins win over the Islanders and the emergence of Dougie Hamilton. DJ compares Hamilton’s NHL readiness to Tyler Seguin when he entered the league, saying that right now Hamilton is better equipped to handle the NHL.

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Welcome back it's our number two or did you ever hear what you wanted WEEI sports shot there until 7 o'clock tonight. On over six point 77797937. Texas 379237. And -- -- as well that he -- three through six senator couple hope lodge just and I see you light up and others. Give to your phone calls just the second right now they're welcoming DJ BMW -- guy dot com -- did you aria. -- how fantastic. Well I said today the -- should be the good the bad and the ugly and agree it certainly is the boss number is operate a terrific start at 301 of the many. Of -- thought DJ with the season being short to 48 games it was imperative the brewers did not get off with three and -- start like last year. And they have and they've looked. Terrific. And except for the part -- look like a mid season form actually the poplar the last couple years it has meets these reports. Right out of the yourself on the power play sort of exactly what it does. Yeah I was I was lucky -- -- Campbell after around the game. Last night about -- that I remember you've got to that the go to guy for. For articulating their their frustrations last year. When they got up to that -- -- start with a working in the Eastern Conference after month are pretty insane or it was a champion. Team but. I -- being -- -- To promote harder this year it's certainly hope that they had through their first regain their readers because. Even -- they weren't at their best you know they're gonna be up for those gains. So and then you have the fact that all the those guys are playing in Europe and in the other guys like Hamilton pork. We're out or playing elsewhere herb -- goes so a lot of things combined says to me is. This strong start for the -- good news is that this next round that they haven't they neat story to get -- in a couple weeks. Isn't overwhelming they have the other hurricanes who Florida recruit team and they have doubles that. A lot of scenes that didn't make playoffs last year so I mean they keep their the ultimate battle it should be able to continue to start. And -- DJ got a couple you talked to a -- earlier on a regular basis. What is his philosophy is regarding the power play and why -- the criticism that he gets -- -- and doesn't deserve a lot my opinion but the one thing I I do understand from the transport bureau. And is why some of the more while the marquee scores on the team got out there more often why we see crisp workout there. Well cooked -- is more out there due to really like the shot that's why you want him there I'm not but he said the other day but. I mean I agree to a certain extent. It's just. I honestly think that for some reason this group of guys you know you have highly talked to guys like Reggie and say you know there. It's just for some reason will never collect. One thing that I always wished they would do more he saw them do it a little bit in the Stanley Cup finals and -- -- -- pulled the plug on it quickly was. If you're going to a slump of 234. Games a power play goal. Scrooge that which aren't front and do it you know -- keeps those and just. Just create Havoc in front of the net. One Belichick who eventually if you do that we have a guy back there like like Doug Hamilton who created at the point than -- you can get away with it but. I mean -- are partly goes. I don't see there be any quick fix -- he had been -- -- put the guy here who this guy we now although from salt. I think it's going to be your Achilles heel. Yeah it's been away a couple of years -- really like I'll take the number one penalty killing unit over the top power play in my opinion any day of the week I can I can live with the lack of luster on the power play I understand that I'm really impressed what they've done on the probably killing so far particularly that. Last minute at thirteen seconds of the two of the three on five that they had a face against the Rangers on Wednesday. And not just went and thirteen seconds of that entire partly DJ ranges and and have a shot. Not only did not have a shot. Only we week which which up a robbery two on Wednesday night on what -- okay I'm up. Right yacht that was that was very impressive -- in the previous. Q game also made it lost Chara in the big moment. When he. When he went up and they had to kill off five on three and that for him as well. And that means that the job the death penalty -- been able to do wit -- without -- given any set of circumstances. They've been able to do it so. I mean I guess. I realistically. At the penalty kill shoot it as you said. That -- Get more credit than the power play get to play at that makes sense that it that we are more important. A perfect penalty kill them and they -- and okay power play but. Yeah they've -- they've gotten off to a great start to me when you have guys. There like like Bergeron a lot of Smart two way forward Chris Kelly betting that that's what you grow to a stack -- prepared -- -- the day after the killed up. I forget which game was after you after the first set usein that you don't they're not really surprised anymore. When they come up with those those big penalty kill because you have the right personnel to do it -- during a lot. I it was a Winnipeg game says that a bank numbers -- The two part question about Doug you're able to one are you impressed by. By his composure so far again only four games in two. Do you worry at all about him facing the pressures like Sagan faced a couple years ago when I thought some unnecessary pressures from a lot of media experience. Well like any two part question though only after the second part her. I will say this bird Doug Hamilton and that is noted suspect how are they gave -- a tremendous way. And although he is not a ought to start right now he's one of them work out the goal scorers in league. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the part that is because a year older. And part of that is because. Look he's he's spent at least parts of four seasons. And VOA excel he's back though it is -- where there's no more growing he can do in fact there was almost a hindrance to happen there. Because that he was saying before. The scene and started I didn't really buy it too much and it will be right. I can usually tell people what he couldn't play his game because they could Coast Guard around. Then you have the -- six foot -- -- -- at all on. All the younger smaller kids -- go to the penalty box so I think even greasing the part of the game that he can't add that the NHL level. In studying and as far as points go I didn't think that that was averted to the issue I just thought it was going to be. Physically adjusting from the NHL heard from junior QB yet HL because we've all heard as I'm sure you vertically time but this -- he. Is that. He's a Smart kid he's the right if he's got his stuff together in the aptly -- from afar I think that. The surprise is just how well he's been able to adapt physically. And that I mean he's been a really cool customer to you saw that especially during the the Dudley chipped -- He would feel that you can jump up in the play and he almost scored its first -- that shipped out. You get more comfortable and I think a lot of the things that were there with agents which was. Unquote part of that quote didn't -- in which with or to not because like I said they get what the player that he is right now you'd. You still have to develop which he has but yet at that point they are trying to and a cup. So. I think the quote apathy and him more so than navy yard he didn't -- in taken here just because of its circumstances. And I think it -- handling it that tremendously. By the goaltender so far -- grass just looked I think overall very very well I probably think he's he's gonna arrest on Monday night. I think you. That they've got four and -- coming up so. It it's got to be one of the next two games. You do in Carolina you do back here against. The doubles. I mean. I don't know about my guess would be definitely one of the two but Woolsey. -- took -- played I think very well as I said in just a question for me is. -- stay healthy baby and the forty hurricane season I think it's gonna benefit this brewers team may be more than anybody else. Other way they are composed and look. I don't -- -- though it's only four games but they've. They don't look like a team that's only played four games. Right and then -- echoed back to the hole they're in regard to him before the guys in Europe exactly Hamilton junior. In -- in the HL but I agree with you -- be the only issue that I have with this -- You incumbent that even -- -- is Doug Hamilton going to be a very strong presence on the Blue Line could if so then. The -- well you know that they have been the Dennis Seidenberg they have the delicate that the blood default or that Doug Campbell that there weren't. That big concern there because -- Hamilton wasn't great that it. The Bruins he -- it's certainly their -- they have. But with with -- it is it's a matter of bill he would be able to stay healthy enough -- are likely to make it sound like an injury plagued guy obviously you have a history. What we're growing I think the last season that's an injury that call there is meat and but we're hoping that what happened it's always going to be a question mark that lucky but the biggest guy in the world he's 6200. Haven't you want Caroline that's a pretty -- -- that's pretty wiry -- under so. You'll see is in probably get tested a lot in this shortened season because of the more condensed schedule -- the good part there is that your -- Julien who. Would never never come close to overwork the goaltender he thought I was case. And then finally receiver DJ being of W yeah -- dot com covers the Boston Bruins and a funny about about -- -- I mean your your thoughts about him so far again only four games and but I do it all right remember it being you what I know we left we we let them play -- but I -- remember back then to be fair and I love rated death believe me. But concerning his -- remember that mean that Orton it's -- to be there were some whispering about. It is. Attitude. He's congress say amateur. And conceded this about him back I remember the Jiri played. Four for Jackie Parker their a lot of whispered back that. How how -- the Bruins locker rooms are good teammate if he's gonna be a good teammate. I think I mean I I think beyond that -- I think you get beat there. You know that the guy who it's played what Europe certainties and be. Then in the NHL and is a guy is. According. So he's out there are a lot he's gone from excel -- K tell you here. Switzerland -- -- reality he developed was starting to really creature that he'd be there. I can't speak to the character -- is dealing back out with them at dot he used to be a great guy. I do. What you have qualms to vote the played thus far in. Billy Morris so the overall that Serb lines is that kind of on the woman which is surprising because that's the only light on the team that had all three members. Playing during the -- -- thought they'd be able to Kamal are also losing especially with Kelly. It usually goes you got there that you put in the third guy whether crime whether Leo -- their -- and whether Michael Ryder and obviously. Writers kind of the the exception -- could. Michael Ryder a bit after -- And we're certainly -- more offensively capable. The other guys I mentioned. But usually outlaw guns -- -- that sub career you're Ellen lockyer. And apparently got that that contract he didn't stick around and I need it seemed like good things could happen -- lines -- -- -- completely. On Chris or action that he was okay last night. But I mean just thus far that's that's probably been. The wonder why has -- been quote the consistently -- the world. I finally just on the fourth line it's great to cede authority Campbell and -- did have a miscue on Wednesday night knock on the -- properly relate to rated golf but I other than that as usual. The Bruins have one of the best of that beep beep -- best fourth lines and all of the NHL is that it's amazing what they have done. To visually and regime here in the last few years with the fourth line. Well look you're frustrated with that goal against. Against the Rangers and I heard I heard earlier arms he'll keep saying that. You know fair that clear away from essentially -- -- -- right now. If parents have any frustration with that goal is with the fact that. I'll why would support a liar out there and it's because Claude Julien -- outline or not. Put them out after every goal the court and I can tell you a lot about the peak of the housing army and really how much it. Made up a line over the years has turned in some of the most critical shift probably -- Probably the most critical shift in in their in the cup run in game seven. People forget. The conduct -- all over the Bruins at the beginning of that unit and it would fit. I mean it it would -- weird that they're just like. We're going to that brought it could be picked up a lot certain that the funeral and -- pretty every way. You said that line out there they have a huge -- -- but in the -- for a while. He entering the rest is history. So that -- -- I'm never surprised to even bring more than the average. For Klein and Izod receive more skilled guy. Then that most people you'll find on the fourth -- Gregory Campbell and all honesty could probably be getting minutes on the third line. Somewhere which which he did forbidden in Florida so. I mean it and then. Just the chemistry overall three beat it get along well they he relished the idea of -- -- -- -- Really everything you would want before on. Raided a great stuff as always we'll talk to you we will talk to next week is -- in the next weekend. Thanks a lot DJ being from WI dot com -- abroad and others as you guys lined up 6177797937. Texted 37. 93 several lots to talk about today with the Bruins with the Celtics what can they do. How disappointed are you when the patriots still the aftermath of the AFC championship lost. Huge -- give me a call let me go while your thoughts and what do you think their top priority should be keeping their own free agents forget about the Darrelle Revis is trades and that kind of stuff. But who would you prioritize the -- to keep as a one of the -- three Edwards -- whether it's element whether it's Welker. All of that a lot more speed Shepard on -- WEEI sports Saturday.

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