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Pete Sheppard: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Boston Sports

Jan 26, 2013|

Pete vents his frustrations after watching the Celtics double-overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks and seeing how old Paul Pierce is beginning to look. On the other hand, Pete loves what he sees from the Bruins so far including the poise and instincts of rookie defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

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Not everybody delegate after their -- -- with you WEEI got a three point seven and it WEEI sports Saturday fallen -- six what 777 died seven -- 370 tech's 3379 meters seven also tweet me at the ship. 3206. -- us at the -- the cross over today's gotta be it's up to you guys bigger. You want us to -- pot and they want agreement over road you want to rip the crap out of or orbit the crap out of the Celtics and and just you know crap all over the period to what's going to be the good the bad -- elect a Celek that the probe into the dirt -- -- -- the bad. What happened with the -- to just flat out -- last week I know people still are not over. As I said last week and I said you know on Wednesday that -- -- Ryder. The criticisms are for the patriots. Well deserved in many areas that I understand that I just think some of the reaction is so over the top. Absolutely ridiculous as that said time and time again most every NFL game comes down to about 45 plays a fortune for the patriots. Vick could've executed them early on in the first half of that game last week against Baltimore. And I'd pick in my mind to go vote maybe not put the ravens away but made them very very uncomfortable heading into the second half instead. Just the opposite happened back clock management down the stretch you didn't feel comfortable and halftime most people didn't. And in the end in the second half for the most part for the most part the second -- Copley news. So that's kind of via the bad the Celtics I mean what you say after getting absolutely embarrassed last night blowing a 27 point lead. And I love -- commented against the games like with a well these people that they ought to pick of the 2008 team which is not the case. No he cannot afford the luxury. Of even and even getting -- lead down in nineteen at halftime and a one of the -- tweets last night at the Comcast Fenway. Brought it up and I was looking over. Between the Bruins in the -- last night watch most of the Bruins are being honest with. And if you know the kids said there are with the guy said and I don't to a couple of nineteen point lead. And the irony is the last time the -- played in Atlanta they overcame -- 1919. Point deficit to win. Thought that hold the block I was just actually oddly. That is so sad about the Celtics the last ten days really on during the six game losing streak is that -- won four of these -- there's probably should want for these games. Actually had an opportunity to win four from the Detroit game was disgusting enough I mean that -- at Detroit Cleveland two teams you have to be. They got beat I know the -- Detroit game wasn't waited did. You know Cleveland lost by five but I mean Detroit -- -- -- to you know to lose that they -- to do next. To lose what you did last night. Justice just not acceptable. Those oppose a winnable games and it is amazing because -- couple weeks ago when it beat Indiana to start their six game winning streak now tell everybody then. Our Friday night. My -- was -- let's just halt the you know blowing up talk for now let's wait NC. Not saying it was gonna you know that the -- and rebound like they did last year. You know just flip -- switch and turn and jobless Alaska's -- -- -- dissuade a little while Bradley had just come backers of literacy help. What happens instead -- so it went six and thorough. It went six and -- big corporate to be held the view to getting back on track the beating good teams. And then all of a sudden. This happens. It just just ugliness last night at the arguments and they got these -- play from the bench better than decent life from the bench. Paul Pierce to me looks as old as he ever as he's ever had. He really does he really does. No I don't know the solution for doctors and has brought up by others. -- you pull up Popovich and you know start rest the starters here. -- -- one or two what time. I don't know I'm -- try to come up with you know reasonable solution that team. Looks hired. Looks tired and they look all right now some of them not all -- some of them Jeff brain is still you'd you know huge -- frustrated because he has. He goes through stretches of quarters -- sometimes even a game where he just looks terrific in -- disappear. Bench overall last night -- -- -- give up last night sir Terry accordingly and green you know one of the better games as a unit. Played pretty well. -- -- that they're the ones that got the team going. Up by that big league starters kind of -- I hated the play calling it the other forest by the end of the -- regulation. Again I thought I mean this team has such a bad habit lately. Of just why don't let the clock on a appetites and called it -- I would agree with Tom last night is like. Shoot the ball at five seconds so get a chance to rebound instead they wait to like you know like two seconds and and had no chance. That was just the first store hours and at the end of regulation. McKay -- -- -- them that chance in the first overtime as well just get the shot off -- a blocked. -- AK AG files out indicates he wants he was on the second overtime and were dead meat I mean they were just going to be that was the ice I thought to myself the time if they don't get it done a year and personal seat. The problem -- get smoked in the in the second OT did. I was a united -- was quite you know this is partly as lose by twelve but I thought -- -- by seminary. They're never that way -- on the other hand what I consider the good. Gotta love what you're seeing so far you gotta love to see and so far and I hope we get a lot of calls today about the Bruins because it's. They're exciting team watched the easily could before and I'll certainly take Rio won their 101 bad Shawn Thornton no clear up the boards. Probably from being forgo. You have to like put to -- and I mean Doug Hamilton I -- the chance of -- -- I knew it was unbelievable last night. Late in the game -- And he. Went into this past that think that you and -- guardian churn up from a while that the camera commercial when there and they work. Well he's he looks poised doesn't he looked very poised. -- -- deal off off the year before team on about it about I just hope people. Don't lump him in or don't try to have the expectations that we had with -- I was Sagan. Because he has a rookie. He's only nineteen years old. And you know he has -- against -- before. So. But right now -- least initially. He seems extremely poised and you hear a lot of veterans already who have seen him play that he's going to be one of the better more compact defenseman in the NHL. What sooner rather than later. Again it's only four games I love what I've seen I just hope that we don't kill the kid with pressure's got to make mistakes. Big one memorably -- on the second gold ranger game given items come out of position a little bit. He's got to make mistakes but overall. I love this kids boys are these very intelligent. I love the fact the most part to play with Seidenberg. Which of these geared to sever your veteran. I -- the penalty killing has been. Obviously unbelievable so far how can you not love what you've seen on the Bruins have killed them all off. All seventeen shorthanded chances and you can argue the fact. That they had better opportunities scoring shorthanded and they have on the power play him one for seventeen thus far on the power play now opening night last week against the Rangers. They had several key for five great chances and if they had a post may be -- that they hit. A lot worse I mean they really had a chance to -- the Rangers on opening night and he made some spectacular saves and also some kind of bars and looked at when against the Bruins. But for me in exodus for a couple of years now. I understand that the the power play has been an Achilles heels this team a little bit at times. And certainly it in the playoffs. Last year. And at times a year before the Montreal series. However. You know what I would rather have them be at the bottom of the barrel. And in the power play unit. As opposed and an -- the number one penalty killing unit I'd rather have that if I had my choice. There's I think apparently killing unit is its spectacular night out as a burger too. And -- they're like -- -- thirteen for thirteen to collect -- and allow our legal either. So GAAP effective at least initially. But I love the broad penalty killing -- and they had a couple of chances this week to score shorthanded goals. Bergeron -- a couple of chances at three on five but he didn't what them where I was really impressed with Wednesday night when they killed off that got by was -- in the thirteen seconds. The Rangers had a three out five and -- I believe that entire two man advantage they had no shots I remember correctly no shots on the power play. Including the three on five were Porsche rod had better scoring chances. And the Rangers did. Last night that they get downhill course -- -- keep it going. A couple of goals which job -- -- head in that game but the -- come back -- to put the game winner in the third period. A beautiful shot. And and Doug Hampton as gets a couple of assists on the first goal in the last -- so overall. Bruins fan I know many of you are. I'd like to hear your thoughts initially about this team and we talked about how. The last couple weeks -- before the season started. That this team would not start the way to do it last year I believe we were like three and seven may have had to get up when you know a decent start and they certainly have. I think for the most by think they've exceeded a lot of people's expectations of how good day look right now you can understand why. -- -- been number one a lot of people's power records -- put a lot of stock in that stuff for any of the sports power rankings garbage by. You gotta love. What you've seen so far the Bruins I just more about -- thing I worry about animal continue to more about it is took arrests health. Not just play but his health but so far he has proving that he is an -- for games. Good number one goal. So I have no problem that so we can certainly talk about the -- today. But you talk about the celtics' woes what you think should be done a huge game again coming up tomorrow up the playoffs started today. So it would be in the playoffs would be the eighth seed. And you still get the feeling. I mean you look at the teams ahead of the Celtics -- -- Miami. Does anybody really scare you got you can do -- the devil's advocate well you know all the -- -- Detroit I -- was one regular season game was -- and -- And Cleveland I understand a bit of loss and credit teams have also beaten some decent teams have hung in there. That they should have a back my opinion they should have a better record what they have obviously distinction be at least 45 games over 500. I'm just saying in a playoff scenario. There's really no other team in the Eastern Conference I fear except for the Miami Heat that was what is so frustrating about the Celtics team. I don't often -- turnaround and get to you know. Get to number 45 seed early like I don't know they may fade into oblivion not make the playoffs the key play at the keep losing games the way at a loss last night. At some of the -- some publicly weigh how they played offensively. Against the knicks defensively about the real good. -- that is an image of the going to be a major issue here and I'm sure Danny will try to be try to be proactive about it. I'm just not opt out you know two weeks ago like I said when they beat Indiana at the started at six game winning streak I thought. They had may be started to turn the corner a little bit -- -- quote quote found themselves. Look like everybody kind of went Bradley -- settled down their but it kinda knew their role. And then -- get the Detroit lost last week which nobody saw. Thank goodness. Then you'll lose to Cleveland after docs in a speech. -- elusive next. I -- to the mix this week and blow 27 point the 27 point lead. In Atlanta where it's not -- point -- the garden Celek the more self expands their last night. And then -- then -- France. Just absolutely disgusting and a night where the bench actually played damn good KG -- play well point four points repairs would. Tired Rondo gets played well had another another triple double. Just some key possessions. Are key stretches in that game where they just you know especially last retrial that they scored a pocket. In the last three minutes and forty seconds of a -- regulation. That's -- kind of -- can happen. Let's elect a one out today and of course then we -- -- said it started with the show with and what part of the Red Sox as well you know feel Fareed. Your experts say like I said I'm saying for the record right now and I said it I've been saying that for the last month my expectations for the Red Sox this season. 81 and 81. That's my expectation if they go over that mark. I'll be happy I have might be enough to keep him in there within five or six games of you know second wildcard that's all I am expecting. Because I have the starting pitching has a lot to prove to me. If they're going to be able to to keep this team in games we know the bullpen is probably one of the better ones in baseball. Belied a will probably be OK it's not could be anywhere near the top of all the offered to start a stats that we used to saying. But in -- at that they'll be OK I don't the going to be horrible I think to be a little bit better the middle of -- It's gonna come down to starting pitching -- a lot of times the mediocre starting pitcher that they've gotten out last year but you know couple previous years they had no teams over 500. They've been able bid to build out at times. By great offense as well. That's not going to be the case in my opinion this year so there is a lot of pressure that is going to be on. Lester. And -- calls and Lackey. When everybody else that's going to be a problem. So let's talk about what you guys and they'll let her rip everybody there and hopefully not much is Bobby because and I don't hate. When people say that they didn't win the super ball that the season's Sox it's a failure. This that the other thing I just think man let's take a step back. Just pick out a tiny step back and and think about where this team was twenty years ago. I think about that you know every single year this team is going to be contention for the Super Bowl -- it's not it's not an easy thing to do -- a lot of teams. That would gladly trade places with the patriots. -- be stuck in mediocrity or worse but some of these teams are. Let's all -- they deserve fair criticism -- certainly Tom Brady. Certainly -- why I'm just saying it's not all one guy. It wasn't all want to know why you know a guess at 34 place last year to get three the cost three fumbles in the giants game mr. -- they recovered none of them about they recovered one. To possibly all three what the score that game would have bin. You always hear about the Tyree catch I love when people say well you know what this status and advocates shouldn't you know. Britney let them down the field they were ahead in that game towards the end. That we don't know populist option to -- and Tyree catching us up to two which again talk about 23. More plays in the game. Last week the same thing I just thought the post plays. War could have been made in the first half they should put that team away at Baltimore's -- garbage on offensively and a 130 total yards. They should have been done. Don last week. That's at that. In the first half it should open up twenty to 723 to seven and I think it changes the entire dynamic of the game. But if and buts were candy nuts as they say all have one African -- party. That's not the case so we get to the butterfly effect and go back in time the bottom line is the Baltimore Ravens made more plays. They deserved to win. I just don't I just hate nick any excuses yes she missed rock understandably mr. breast red -- player in the NFL. But I think the lack of execution on offense by not just top rated a by a lot of other people. I certainly contributed to loss and it's it's I think it's totally unfair to put it all on Brady's shoulders. But he sucked and if it if anybody calls and says blow it up that I will blow you. If you're not thinking clearly you're not being rational. -- just interpreted summits at the very small minority preferences it's it's then I heard the knucklehead who called up and give us some types too. And he -- but he wasn't patriot fan but it doesn't matter if you're I don't -- if -- Carolina Panthers brand. We start talking about the sexiness of wins since Super Bowl super balls. Like this team can win by that. -- abide by as many points as they should have to win a Super Bowl. I mean that to me is just more ironic. It's just more rock. I people don't understand some -- don't understand how difficult it is. To get to the Super Bowl and win it it's very tough. It's hard it's hard just won a regular put a reckless he's a football game. So I mean there's a lot of factors that go into all of this we'll get to all of that and what it from you guys as well everything's up up and is want to talk about with the patriots and the Bruins Celtics. I'm all yours guys -- every watch XY 77797937. Text 37. 937 tweet me at -- three -- 692. Break David Justin Steve Gerri see you guys are lined up initially get to Paul calls next. Big -- -- 'til seven at WEEI sports Saturday.

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