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Dale and Kirk: Some Postmortem Thoughts on the Pats - "The great Tom Brady was Outplayed in every way by Joe Flacco"

Jan 26, 2013|

Dale and Kirk talk Pats and what went on Sunday in the AFC Championship. Unfortunately, Tom Brady went from a chance at being labeled the best of all time to being outplayed by Mr Flacco. The guys also discuss dumb, drunken fans that can ruin a good time at sporting events.

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You know definitely wasn't our best best game here and I those first forty minutes plus. Real food for going to -- -- -- -- after. -- two -- and give myself a chance when there in. It's just have that killer instinct and book when it. Bruins wing Milan -- -- after the win last night over the New York Islanders I wanna say one other quick thing here about last Sunday's. AFC championship game -- except it. Yet that's exactly what I was thinking about saying you always again. I don't think that was hit ice I sat at the game with some friends yeah sat in the stands with some friends. Unfortunately not a fun night was had by album we stayed till the bitter and a lot of folks didn't but we stayed to the bitter end. Walking out of the stadium. And I do understand that it's a vocal minority I really do understand that yeah. Oh my god there are some net withdrawal and fans out there tough walks them I mean it is. Unbelievable. To listen to some of those drunken fools may be -- main parking large ago. I had to go through through patriot place US daddy al-Qaeda that area there and and it was it. I saw this guy probably mid twenties. Obviously just blasts. And there was this Cy Young lady I'll use the term you know advisedly young lady wearing her Baltimore Ravens are walking out of the stadium. And the stuff he was screaming in her face. Was mind numbing. I mean an NF epic myself yeah this'll this'll somehow take the sting away from that. AFC championship lot of -- -- score every time I'll allow popular and now I'm screaming. Obscenities in the face of this young blonde wearing Baltimore Ravens didn't talk to a. This before and again maybe I'm just wrong on this but it really does -- me the idea. That you gonna spend all week talking about the game you love this team fired up reading stuff. And then the actual game itself spent holed that getting drunk and not really want to know anything about the game I never it's I never understand that. I really don't listen couple Beers fine but that part of it in the end they can be right number wrong but I I've never understood that aspect. Just so blasted. You know that looked at the eyes are going all over the place you're right you're the young at this this this is this grows. A ravens fan and god knows they -- all it was it was there was not an obscenity left unturned. -- -- -- And it's just. I guess somehow that makes you feel better I don't know why what your -- that's that's part of it but you know why. They're obviously within the stadium it's a different world than the old stadium. Mean -- I mean if you go back in the old days right and you wouldn't of taking your -- kids to football I know I tried to my wife -- my daughter a game last year interest five that's. Unimaginable and -- back in the old days after you know swallowed so yeah it's just yet. But yeah that's the one thing and never get people who you know the Matt -- the world get absolutely -- -- -- can't enjoy it came down. Mean here and punch you India that's. Well it's this and I know how upset everybody was look it was depressing. Your favorite football team here patriots and got beaten in every way imaginable. And your quarterback. The guy that I set with two more wins was going to be the greatest of all time debt completely totally outplayed by Joseph Flacco. And and did some some. -- on Tom Brady esque things in that the slide in that and the first happened that no time mountain settling for field goals -- It was unbelievable how badly play. If I could mean you line up all the FL teams right. Give me the coach quarterback combo that is least like this -- in the that first half -- take. But I mean it's by the close right at the he slides at 20/20 or nineteen seconds you're picking at a time all right time out speicher time or whatever right so they have what time outlets who cares -- then. It just keeps going and going in you'd look at the and the two -- -- -- before I honestly thought. He's kind of an end it -- right he's had his bell wrong. Where's the coaching staff running down the sideline yelling time I mean where's Bill Belichick doing the ball sprint at the side judge and did you get the feeling that you know again. A million reasons. He's lost that game but Welker makes that catch you think they're going in scored touched down about 27 I yeah I I I I felt that was a key point really well. As great as well Korea is and by the way I want to bring back here. It just seems like he's he's good for one big drop game and that came at the absolute worst -- drops this year you know like -- -- I won back to from the patriots but I can understand. Belichick thinking boy while the drops now getting older a lot of miles in the tires wanna give this -- that much money next year. You -- returning punts he's getting blasted is just you know it's. Bush might be as tough -- -- has never played the game is it's hard top players I can remember I mean hot heat take some shots and jumps back up and and you know goes to places where he knows he's gonna get clocked. Right and goes there anyway goes their fearless slate which is while on some thought yeah absolutely you know that I was close game last week. I thought the ravens are really good chance but I'd be lying to. If about the game is hopeful that -- 2813. Let's -- -- patriots I did not think was gonna go where. All of a sudden call wakes up to Munich probable the second coming up and down feel like you said. I mean let's be fair about the spray that was terrible I -- he was bad by any standards by his standards he was unbelievably. Bright by -- by an average quarterbacks and a -- bad. Former by Brady in the post. And the other part of it is you watched it unfold. I'm watching the Baltimore Ravens do what I thought the patriots should. And I saw the patriots slowing things down and hobbling up and -- and the other team has just spent two weeks on the road the other team just played 84 defensive snaps. In altitude in Denver then but pick up the pace here let's go let's go I don't watch in the ravens' run the no huddle. And and keep the patriots off stride in the patriots playing right into their hand. Yeah it's one thing all year that we talked about that I was had kind of fear was in this spot in the playoffs. Would -- Daniels go back to his crotch which is Brady throwing the ball in the country did. You know this is not a game you know where there's a huge pass run differential topic as it was a ball game. It was close almost the whole way and they threw what 51 time where I mean what we're welcome back against the run this year -- was that. I I thought they were bad from start to finish I thought that their plate calling which means the offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels didn't have a good game. I. I thought Brady by his standards was terrible terrible we're used to seeing Welker with a -- drop key moment of the football game bad decisions bad penalties for great teams you know Super Bowl teams can survive losing to -- I mean that's just the reality of Manila the minute he limped off the -- first forty just went -- and write a report that -- Kyle Arrington an all time -- completely crumbles it was. It was amazing to -- was a kind of lost the -- but expect them lose that way. Give Baltimore a lot of credit if Flacco credit he has really stepped up the I mean what a post season he's. Absolutely and you know I thought we talked with the wind being a factor this -- him. And given everyone and I'll -- it's called the -- 6177797937. -- and -- And I don't. That you day on court I don't do very well it's up. The I wanna talk about the upcoming game between liberalism buffalo listeners the united sources wanted to mention. Does he -- and reminds me very very much of a young Larry Robinson. It's funny because I've heard other names bandied about in in comparisons I've heard Larry Robinson's name I think I've heard that from other people -- I've heard I've heard Rob Blake I mean young guys who use you just pray he comes out playing pretty high Basra area. Yeah as far as just -- game coming up Thursday night. I've been spending some time the computer reading the above post sport's pages and has novatel in my mind. That just I was gonna get sent out there hit -- kids. That's fine I I'm enlists in if there's anybody on this team was built to protect himself asked -- -- as a result -- Obama and we saw last night. And Scott is a big kid date they've got Steve not there as well they think they've toughened up all that you know the Bruins aren't exactly afraid of that kind again. I know what you hate to see someone dance was gotten a lot of five minutes because because probably the least talented hockey player in the world. He he brings nothing to the table -- the ability to buy a case. And this sea of he challenged our awards last year's Paris said no but the obvious reason you don't want -- out of five minutes -- have to -- Scott providers. You wanted to you weren't even playing field and you don't get one was gotten medical waste site. Now I'm just I I am not concerned if buffalo comes in here with that intent they will lose again. They'll lose the game and if they come in here trying to establish how tough they are and how they're not gonna be pushed around. They're playing into the Bruins hands if they try -- out. Think if they're thinking about payback -- road Ryan Miller street you know -- know last year that's fine I mean they had chances last year to do that too. That is -- counsel wealth for a reason in Toledo. I understand let me bring them and like I looked guilty on it'll be fun to watch there are good they'll be it'll be a blast I don't really I don't mind if the if you think about the guys on the Bruins who could do that if they needed to -- start with Shawn Thornton obviously he has exit today. Meanwhile Lucic can handle himself very well -- of parents can handle himself very well I mean just think about probably the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. If Zdeno Chara decides okay enough is enough right. Go ahead. -- And it is to be Buffalo's intent I'd be surprised -- mean that that's -- that's our focus this early in the season had bigger early game against the Bruins that's that's their main motivation. -- got issues if that's the case.

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