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Dale and Kirk Open it up Looking at Two Teams at Completely Different Ends of the Spectrum

Jan 26, 2013|

In a ridiculous game, the C's lost to the Hawks last night after being ahead by 27 at one point in the first half. What happened!?! The Celtics look lost and have to be thinking about making moves for the future. But at the other end, we have the Bruins who are poised to take over the city with the Pats early exit from the playoffs. The B's have played very well, look young and energetic and are ready to make a mark. Dale also gives his take on the phenom known as DOUGIE!

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You know it's this Saturday afternoon. Sick and tired of honey do list and everything and you think that's right into the radio station for a few hours away from all this. The first words not a minute hands about this I'm in a mood. Stay home and gotten that for guides say well actually the first short time I'm out for. And Greg ever for the should show one time you do it's how exactly dollars in -- and I've got that part -- you -- actually start with that and that at once right -- Put them -- all saved the drive in and sat around somebody in a mood. Then you missed the pleasure my company yeah that would be yet that's exactly that's exactly what I was. It's the pleasure as I -- and this morning I was working last night I was at the -- -- I tell you all about the Bruins game happy that. But I yield has somehow explain to me two things one hot at the Boston Celtics blow a 27 point lead that's bad enough. By twelve in an overtime. Well listen. Here's the thing if I said do you last night. That one team would be blowing another team on after the first quarter you'd say okay that makes sense tough game and I for -- I traveled to Atlanta back second day on the road all -- -- -- they look like the 2008 Celtics are you know honestly for 1718 minutes like -- after the game. I think they sort of believing that they weren't some guys do that in the message you got from him after the game is there are guys who have not accomplished. What these other guys have on this team to act like they have and it's just a weird I mean terrible a brutal loss -- they just lost this game last night Carl got blown out. -- say what happened second game this team struggling to lose like that. I sought the tickers to mindset for the game was the worst loss of the season illegal ones probably mean emotionally it's a terrible loss to eight to a team that. You know that's a lot of success that -- I was kind of you know following along on Twitter as best I could while I was working and and I know one point -- grandy was sending out the tweet about you know when the Celtics have a twenty point lead what their record is well this is. Pretty pretty positive and and at one point later on in the evening our our erstwhile leader Jason -- called the game. It on Twitter yet he said this one's over -- in -- -- when the Celtics I'm calling this one over this you know he's never -- at a that that that. It's I don't drive and Holman there and overtime there you go yes no I mean. -- What's funny is last night actually ironically the thing it's sort of bothered me emotional pristine issued -- bench a pretty well. We play well Carrie finally made some shots Jeff Green actually play well. The starter for bat is started for the it got sort of weird but it was there -- 27 in the second quarter the hawks chipped it out it was seventeen or nineteen halftime number thinking. This doesn't Fiore was one of those games it just didn't feel all right so. Yeah bad loss there. -- he tomorrow -- Republican lose that game boy where is this. -- yet where -- tomorrow will be the interesting and a return of Ray Allen Boston's story line and you know I'm sure he will say all the the exact right things about how much Boston will always be a part of his life and and how much he loved it here. And he would get his ass off because that's what we do here. And and I don't see that that's necessarily going to be much of a win there either right. Now I mean history that the Sunday afternoon regular season in the -- to -- tomorrow based on here's the thing about Ray Allen I mean you know issued 44% from three China. He's been exact number we are here when he signed. These we watched the play he's exactly what you thought to be for that team he's wide open all the time. You know he's not appoint a ton of minutes. He's impressed he's playing 25 point six minutes a game he's been absolutely perfect for that team -- just coast in their outside the lines when driving Kendall drive and somebody will get to the ball where you want right and I thought. I thought you know you bring -- we bring in Terry. OK can replace rail special rail we saw last year at the end of the season have been able to do. That's up the biggest reason -- where they are what is one of the things that's missing from this team no question about it. That's the a story for tomorrow as I said I was at the garden last night watch the Bruins. Beat the New York -- not a very good hockey team in and the Bruins to be honest with you really only played one good period. Off first two periods tennis sleepwalking through the whole thing. You know hit or -- efforts here in there power play just the one power play in the second period. Was as bad as it gets them in and they could get -- set up in the offensive zone won't turn a shot at the net and yet they're good enough. That they play one pretty good period and get the win. They're good enough that they're their big gun offensively Tyler Sagan has really done anything and yet nothing. And they -- the number 1 team in the Eastern Conference one point behind Chicago Blackhawks for the top overall record in the National Hockey League. And they got a bunch of guys who really haven't hit their stride. Yeah no I mean you know I watch a lot of the last night. Obviously the breakout story here early it's early in the week everybody's -- and started. -- he looks he's the real deal and end. Those of us who saw him here training camp a year ago I thought there was a chance he was gonna stick last -- remember he was the I thought he was that impressive -- -- big -- 86 foot five. But he's only nineteen years old he hasn't really filled out yet to his you know complete adult dimensions yeah. But he's got great vision skates really well moves the puck really well. You know every time at every year trade deadline Bruins -- talked about. We have to get a puck moving defenseman well guess what they don't they got one -- I talked to Don Sweeney about about Doug Hamilton a year. And Don Sweeney acknowledged to me he said look if if we'd had a failure as a player personnel department here with the Bruins. It's been our inability to draft and develop a good young defense. And he said I think this is the guy who's gonna change and this was a year ago right. And then you see him step in and and well I think has played this so intelligently for the most part. When we can do it pairs him with Seidenberg and if not Seidenberg and with Chara yeah. So if you don't make a mistake -- what he's nineteen year old defenseman economic stakes in Italy but when you do you got some pretty good guys -- -- yup you know make a lot of mistakes -- I'm not mean if you didn't know better you're watching the game. You don't think he's a kid you know I mean obviously we get bigger and all that you watch him play looks like a guy he's been around I'm sure these and hit some -- here obviously at some point you're this year. But again you watch a -- thing disguised to have been around for. And -- semen in the -- most black early looks like he's well right yeah I he's got that baby face but he's a player and and if he is and I agree with. If he's story number one of the first week of the regular season took a rescue story number two -- -- one yet no hi there are those of us who felt all along that. The -- was going to be pretty clear that I. I'll I'll take it this far. If Tim Thomas was not in a self imposed -- if he was not on the ranch in Colorado. He beat back locally here. If he was here with the Bruins uniform on and playing for the Boston Bruins I think he'd be the backup. On minister guy whose games -- it seems complaint last year the regular season and -- before that he was as good as almost an eagle eagle leaders like the league in goals against average and save percentage over 48 -- right so it's like you bring in some guy off the street some -- don't know about prominent again if he could stay healthy. There's a reason be really excited about this team everybody sort of talked about the pages losing last week who's next. Which seems closest throwing championship in this town. You always have that debate for -- -- the Celtics probably are close. The Red Sox I thought the patriots were close right now what -- their at least a year away. But I mean you have to say the Bruins here with the age they have with these guys the core they have. It should be in the mix here in the next 45 years. They're young but experience for the most part you know they they really only made. To change all three changed it to count took replacing Tim Thomas they made three changes on this team they replaced -- corps ball with Doug Lee Hamilton. -- called upon us -- better than I thought he was gonna have quite honestly perform better than I expected -- and to this point Chris is still trying to kind of get his skates underneath him. So I won't call that a plus yet but I do think long term will be. Yeah I mean and everybody else and and I I should've added one other change Nathan Horton as he's there right. It was pretty good and doesn't look out of place. Now he has. Obviously one cheap shot head shot away from god knows why. And in this day and age in the NHL it's unfortunate as it could happen at any time but so far he looks great helix healthy helix engaged Felix. He's not afraid to go to the dirty areas which I think would be a legitimate question to ask of him given coming up too serious concussion right but he's been going there. I think you know in between whatever the patriots season ends and when the Red Sox season starts duties that that opening one of these teams to jump in and kind of take the town. Over clearly that's going to be the Bruins and moreover now this year supposed to maybe the last decade nobody thinks or suction any good. So this -- -- -- -- -- here from here all the way to deal potentially of the season and this is kind of going to be the team as the focus of the city. And boy it's every -- fifty. It right that's that's the only part that they played last night in one of these weird scheduling quirks you're gonna have some of these things with a compressed 48 game schedule. They played on a Friday night I can't remember -- I was wondering I was baskets than usual the only Friday game I can remember in recent memory is the Friday afternoon day after Thanksgiving game. Where they always play that Friday after Thanksgiving but they play at an open 1 o'clock. And you usually the Celtics play at night but they played like a rare Friday night game. -- have Saturday and Sunday off. Which is weird but then they play Monday in Carolina. Who stay at home Thursday at home Saturday in Toronto a so you know it is jammed again. And -- no rest for the weary I think that's one of the reasons the Bruins have got a bit of an advantage they had twelve guys play in Europe. That was the most of any team in the National Hockey League. They -- Chris Bork who was playing regularly in Providence so you know he'd be he'd just rolled over his season. And Doug Hamilton who was playing juniors and then playing in the world juniors I'd championships he just rolled right and so fourteen of their twenty guys. Were playing regularly right up until now and I think it shows so far. When desire arrest in his first came off my guess would be Monday. As I as I -- data yesterday this was yesterday morning before we knew who was gonna play right kind of made sense to me that you have. You'd have who do you gotta get who'd opened and somebody can't just let him sit and stagnate that was Warner and I'll be last night. Now it made more sense to me that you play AM Monday in Carolina. And then you come back home with to do Thursday home games against New Jersey and buffalo. You come back with raskin both of those so it and I am only guessing here but I would guess who'd opened plays Monday in Carolina and then Rask right back in their two. And there's I mean again you know if -- Bruins fan it's funny and I hear a lot in a town where his team is good you care about hockey mullah -- Gary Bettman. But Jeremy Jacobs about Donald -- at that feels like in some ways it's a long time ago but you know -- people thought. Whose idea the people to be angry about it might spill over into the season and then I've at all. Well and if you look it -- a series of numbers it would back up exactly which just set attendance figures across the National Hockey League. Way up over the first week of the of the regular season. TV numbers through the -- NBC sports network took away the Wednesday game at Madison Square Garden. Had their largest regular season rating at eleven years. Almost a million people watching NBC sports network Wednesday night see the the Bruins and Rangers. Other Bruins -- season opener at home against the Rangers. With their all time highest rated regular season game in history right -- It over nine tell -- and it's it's just -- is something to be said no never do what we've talked about the some never do it but personally be said for a compressed season. There's some to be cynical anticipation. Building building building it's not gonna happen obviously. But you've I can understand why the numbers are beginning to be big I think of borrowings are good and the numbers and they don't -- And the Bruins will be good I mean barring -- injury issues which then you're seeing happen around the league right now. -- barring injury issues they're going to be one of the best teams in the east one of them handful of best teams in the NHL and then depending on how things fall out the playoffs and you see what happens. Thank the conversation from assaults perspective I think is going to change here the next couple weeks. Not you know can this team. Unity and when the championship this is gaining gonna do some. That's for now I think -- this team and and realistically. As I mean Paul -- I think he's a guy have to look at I mean I think he's a guy get a good deal. In Danny you know -- -- -- 1% -- talked about before you know we always talk to read diverted these guys are these guys out -- made a mistake when he didn't break up of the began a tale that trade with with Dallas and -- Indiana. If give a good deal for Paul Pierce and you don't think this team to a championship -- that he doesn't have yet to make that I must say it's gonna be out -- don't trade just to trade and if it's a good deal. -- make it. Well it's interesting to beat his dock in Danny don't seem to be on the same page. I heard doc earlier in the week after the I'm saying you know we might have it's different guys in and I heard Danny on the big show. You know -- I don't know you don't have to blow things up well. Neither do we don't -- I mean in yet but. Again he's probably you know he's probably and you can't say it if -- in his what's funny about doc as he said that. It into the picture asking them in the game is going on the same time also you look at -- quarter at the end of the game. Crazy on this topic that all of the blizzard of patriots tweets dots going not a but I mean even listen we kind of thought that six game winning streak. They might have found their legs -- they just that.

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