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Sam Kennedy, Red Sox COO, Joins Mustard and Johnson

Jan 26, 2013|

Sam Kennedy, Red Sox COO, calls in to Mustard and Johnson to inform everyone about the event going on at Fenway today - "Red Sox Kid Nation Winterfest". The guys also get his take on Francona's new book and the Red Sox ownership and organizational opinion on what was written, especially some of the more critical parts. Sam doesn't back away and gets into it with the guys. They talk about the future of the team, John Henry's role with the team, the challenges that go into marketing the Sox and more.

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It is mustered in Johnson on this fine Saturday morning. Cold and chilly January 8 days away from the Super Bowl less than a month from spring training down there in Fort Myers. Florida Red Sox already. Preparing for what has to be a better 2013. Season and their three year previous year. It is Red Sox kids nation winter faster here to tells more about that in. All things Boston Red Sox is to see all all of the organization Sam Kennedy good morning Sam. The morning guys can do it how I yep let's go over there tells more. Only in Boston because we have hundreds of kids running around Fenway Park on day on Saturday in January. At least get a little books and did nobody cares yeah we sort of a little fun and and opened the ballpark for a every event for kids to come down and take some -- in the batting cage -- Go go on the PA microphone we got some folks try and now we've got some kids playing video games against that the deal and will it. Just kind of kick off the baseball season as we get ready as you stated have a much better 2000 insert he'd we're all ready to turn the page. Nine dollars -- a free event turf. It is yet to free event up primarily for kids but. -- a dead are are of course welcome to come on down it. How many of them are trying their hand at PF PA opportunity it's actually kind of funny but there yet pre event open up. Anyone know who wants command out of the ballpark go up until 4 o'clock today and we got that. Trophies to get down to check out the club thousand just kind of an open house atmosphere and does it tonight that. I'm thirty specifications. Any requirements. Or some sort of our resume that you need to be the public address announcer are all ages. All all everybody welcomed solid. All color it's open to award at all and you know what we have a really hard time replacing agreed to Colby and we all missed some time but then. We we do need to have someone ready to go opening day so Charles Steinberg -- maestro has his work cut out -- to find the appropriate person. Now is there any truth to the -- that -- yet man he's going to be in -- the music yeah. Might be good just -- and he will see a huge problem for a war. Okay that they get some consideration got. Actually you have one of our callers. They are today auditioning for for the PA Indy from Framingham. Now she's my guess on hockey team lost the premium flyers the other day I was pretty -- went -- sorry Andy Sam did you read the book yet I know he's there -- book that. As a fifth game kind of got out of Francona brought. It is the it is -- book I don't own time -- might get upset with me the members of your organizations to refer to him all -- last name only internally that rank -- -- -- in a few other things yeah. -- later unfortunately for seventeen years he he's called me and -- -- Kennedy's call the all sorts of things but I've never been offended I don't know -- but anyway -- I have not read the -- -- I don't I don't have a copy of that I thought. He's overdue in my hand it to me at the baseball writers' dinner like I think it's like -- -- -- on my to read list and I'll -- probably that I should read it you. Can you can you do us a favorite heard a lot about it I'm sorry can you do us a favor so of them of follow up question -- will have some sent Stewart. What is your job description overtime when. Sure it's done this primarily as chief operating officer to run the business side of media organization. And I've worked in baseball about. Seventeen or eighteen years been a part of San Diego Padres organization and now the Red Sox here -- -- here for the last eleven. Years eleven seasons this will be my twelve years so. It's been running a business I would have visas for the all the ticketing and sponsorship and broadcasting. In. All of the kind of non glamorous behind the scenes stuff. And create. The revenue streams for our baseball operation Q reinvestment. Back in the player payroll so. I worked directly for Larry. As does bench Harrington. And others and it's. And you know come -- Boston's go to to be in this role and tea a dream come true and got to get a special time in Red Sox history. Let me ask you this and obviously the book does not necessarily. Emphasize all the specials times 2002007. I intimidated yeah. Do that's to do what we've achieved over the last right it and if I. You know as English teacher I always ask my students to come up we have an argument or basis to guide the rest in the paper and apparently from what we've been able to going Unita rebel -- the excerpt. In last week's Sports Illustrated. That Dan and Tito's thesis statement is. That there was too much emphasis. During these -- special times he just alluded to on your side of the operation. And not enough emphasis on the baseball side how do you respond to that argue. Sure I yeah I certainly. Respects. Their opinion but I couldn't disagree more with that -- Assessment or opinion. I I think the reason. -- Larry Lucchino will ultimately end up in the baseball hall famous because. He's created organizations. That don't put more weight on sort of baseball operations. Or the business operations. Or be out community outreach. Operation northern or the foundation -- -- -- -- near the Red Sox foundation great sports organizations I think you can. Talked to the Kraft family about this you can talk to the folks who don't Celtics and the guys that could own and operate the Bruins. Great organizations. Need all parts of the operation would not clicking on all cylinders -- higher RPM level. And everyone needs to carry their own weight but you can't have. More of an emphasis on baseball or more emphasis on business or more of an emphasis on community outreach you need to do all three of those things into all three of them while. And iron the -- this whole thing -- me. Is that. We have had an incredible. Track record of success John Henry and Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino came together in 2001. And have achieved levels of success that those of us. Of course from Boston who grew up here have never seen before we and -- in the postseason I think six times and our time here we've won two World Series championships where. The only team at all Major League Baseball during that period when a thousand games other than the New York Yankees. -- -- I don't disagree with that and we all understand that and this organization your organization has been raised as a prototypical -- Great baseball franchise along with some of those other local franchises that you just Matt. This book seems to be a testament and a reflection. Of the public sentiment right now let's face it -- has gotten a lot of kudos not just from the critics. And from people -- business but the fans tend to agree with every at least the parts that have been discussed and emphasized. They're not a lot of people disagreeing. With of those parts of the book that obviously you guys aren't so -- -- Yet not and I think you know that largely is because we are down right now you know we had -- Incredibly. Painful. Excuse me incredibly people 2011. Month of September. In which we had an epic historic collapse. And we had a disastrous. 2012. Season. And we're are all extremely disappointed and frustrated by that. And when you lose. You need to be able to take shots and we are taking shots right now I think we will be judged by -- how we respond to those shots and I can understand that there's your rotation and frustration. But the focus. Of the Boston Red Sox is winning baseball games. That's the irony that would try -- the business side. -- -- is -- common like the idea that you must start to people of the Celtics on the Patriots on the like in this success. To all of these teams do marketing surveys like -- the fans the final what they like him but they don't like. -- who yes and in fact this marketing survey that was that was referenced. What conducted by -- Ironically and I think that's -- Parts that were pulled from that. Were word -- which is -- small portions of the survey -- and survey asked about the on air talent and the weight became must produce than than the player part was one small part of it no absolutely all broadcast outlets and every professional sports team and I know. Conduct -- you wanna be in touch with your hand you want to understand they're saying. Of course those of us were from -- we know what what our fans want and we want. Players to play really hard and we want teams that win baseball games and play. Deep into October each and every year that's that's the most important thing and that's what fans want and that's the obligation that we have to. The fascinating thought that I find and I wish you you're over here some time -- and you know what better 'cause we go to Christmas at Fenway every year and I wipes the the other night -- -- the rats -- town hall on. In time -- theory that theorists such a division between. You know Red Sox fans they just love the team and we will have you ghetto Farrow and it. Then and nobody can do anything wrong impact like when you were in here. It and I know Larry and stuff they probably think we trying stir -- you really don't eat. You can't survive doing that you -- state topics and let people car with their own opinions but. They're just people out here who just feels so different and I'm wondering when you get this targeting market group together. How do you even did you get to determine who's gonna help you. You know with your process of direction. That finish just one small part of the overall. Approached the marketing that he did and making sure that we're doing everything the right way. You know I think that's what makes the Red Sox. Soul special and so important. Is that people knowing what fourteen people that live. In New England live and die with his speed and we recognized that look out for the Yankees -- -- and -- the Padres. And now on the with a Red Sox a long time -- in this job for us that this is an epicenter of baseball baseball here's personal baseball matters. And our fans. Care more about this team in in some cases than anything it in their lives. -- -- We're blessed that we work in a market where people people cared this much and we understand that when things are going really really well. There's nowhere better in baseball bought. -- let me ask you this last point. Promiscuous as planned again this is Sam Kennedy are offered summary park and -- can bring the kids down there and have access to the entire ballpark and and it's a great time. Larry prides himself and I know he loves to do this and he says you guys have a lot of think tank meetings and one or two of them had over John Henry's. But yet like I would think that one of the priorities to me would be it's for everybody to read the pork and then get together. In dissected and talk about it and talk about which hops were true which prods to -- take you know responsibility for -- it's almost like nobody over the wants to read it. Well look when he -- -- -- that can be and is there are just one operate the excerpts from you know war what what you. You've heard me. Eat eat eat you have to know. That John Henry and Tom Warner are passionate about baseball. People they've been in the game all the large portion of their lives. John -- committed. Incredible. Amounts of money. -- this team they have not taken one dollar not one dollar. I know Sam that that Pat's fine I am asking for me I agree with you when you have one of the hottest shrubs and show business by the way but. If you're trying to you know again you -- a winning product and then you can go out and sell tickets and get people comment. But isn't it also important from the public perception like what people think. In of this sport is saying some of the things that is saying I believe it to be -- or different month thing is go lie about it. Don't you have to at some point sit down and analyze it and say okay which part of this -- we take responsibility for a but it nobody's gonna read the park. Then that just like almost like ignoring it. Yeah I I think you do need to read the book we all do need to read the book can -- we have time in and you know you are not perfect we we need to learn from from our mistakes but. I think there are. Can party of hell there's a lot of inaccuracies in the book really interest in the -- -- -- it. To say that that Time Warner. It does not have an active role with the Red Sox coming -- that. That's ludicrous that guy who put the ownership group together back in 2000 what -- -- driving force behind David Fenway Park. He created a wild card with commissioner Selig which is. That the reason why the Red Sox went to the World Series -- 2000 that the work he created. Our run the whole based program which treat wooden soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and he is John RX. Extremely -- Active. Later Youkilis and they -- brilliant they put Larry in charge back in 2001 to sort of won the whole team. Because they're not baseball CEO's they're baseball owners. But Paul Warner is it has been a successful baseball executive in baseball -- Back stating public back in 1990 he was the guy and it's sort of led the charge of this book could say that. You know -- -- it like baseball that don't love baseball I think Steve Buckley actually wrote a column about that that's that's just. It's ludicrous. -- but -- my my my last question to Uga then you got that you got to fort raced down there were David Ortiz and some nine year old about to about proper proper I guess they have RC MRI exam but. If from a is it -- to just ignore it and say I it'll go away he or shouldn't you guys we make in the circuit should you be coming on you know the shoals. And and frighten people pollen and stuff so you can. Think get to -- -- a fight over it is is important as much as learning from it and saying. Now this is what we're trying to do we unloaded some major big names that it cannot I'll agree I went along to -- that aren't doing hand stands over the yet. When you signed down some of the bigger and well -- -- Gonzales. And you're in the guided drug and we didn't want. Now I I profit are restoring and stands over that we are -- that. This is a tough year for you because you've got you don't have the same sizzle that you had before but don't you think it's important if you hear from some you guys -- Make the circuit in at least let people know how you not so much. Debating the pork and at least representing what you guys that. Yeah absolutely. Absolutely I think it's important but I think I would put John Tom and Larry and in bed and John and myself and others. Have a larger responsibility. For is making sure that we get the baseball operation back contract. And make sure that we're focused on 2013 I think it's a fool's errand and sort of spent a lot of time my uncle combing through you know 400 page book in disputing that the public tribute. -- on time and Larry. Despite what people. Made -- your read they've taken the high road on this they're not gonna come out and I addressed that I think they're gonna just let it -- and and I understand that that things did not sit well with Tito. Unfortunately for for everybody in and maybe we mishandled it and certain ways maybe he mishandled a certain ways that's. We know what we need to do we we want World Series championships we've been active in the community. We've done wonderful things to Stanley Park we need to keep doing the right things and to get back on track. The winning baseball games if we do that I think the rest will take care of itself that. That's really what we sort of feel our obligations. Is it -- points. And to continue to give fans what they deserve and that's that's what we're focused on. All right so a lot today Red Sox kids nation -- best to what 4 o'clock this afternoon. Yep -- -- right 8221 down at Fenway indicted Syria it's just -- -- for the kids that period between the hockey games or run marriages just pop but now to the ballpark compare. It's a a good experience a group this is a test we'll see if if can't play didn't -- gamble it's just they do do it again next year if not will will try something else. Sam I will give you when I did a pass on to Tom Warner that I think would be a terrific N ticker when you have rain delays and -- If you had one of the Europe. -- innocent people poker car around and make it films segments. Using different -- -- players like Pretoria go to each position and take a segment. And really talk about what it entails to play the position. What what little things going on that maybe fans might not know about the communication between a position player in the catcher in the pitcher in signals on all of these things. I think. People assume it acclaimed baseball people assume everybody know -- all of these things there's so many interesting nuances to the game. And I remember one time when our two in the big show and we had a at a shortstop on. And I asked them a question about playing a position in his eyes light up Karl May and we actually are talking baseball. If he talked about his communication with Pedro and -- Pedro would tell him. We had the pitch was going to be located so he would know how to position -- leaned too I just think there's so many little nuances to the game. It could be really really interest thing. Greeted you terrorist and they are cheese like -- a lot of people were certain number ten minute off the more costs we. -- -- what's going on over -- Sam. It's a great idea -- we appreciated -- appreciate your -- support and they get let me just reiterate that we're in late January here and the Red Sox are our top of mind and we are grateful for that we never ever. Take that for granted for one minute because we know how special. The Red Sox are and how special Fenway Park is so many people so we we feel fortunate and we really are excited. To what to get going here there's -- -- palpable energy around job Terrell in this roster of the other big eater and I didn't. Knew about projected guys on that point five man roster so should be very interesting as we get industry training over the next couple weeks. Okay if it doesn't Sam don't forget the Carles back after read the part -- her right take it easy it's CE see all Ottawa. He was really my kids and mark has enough tool but he is one of the most balanced. -- out of anybody that you've ever talked to over there he's genuine mine he tries to reason different opposition and again he's marketing team in business and in the like. I he's got a difficult job over there and -- guy go and to step there and was able land to some of the questions about our current.

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