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Mustard and Johnson on Thee Book That is Rocking the Red Sox Foundation

Jan 26, 2013|

Craig and Larry get on the hot topic of the new book by Terry Francona and Dan Shaughnessy "Francona: The Red Sox Years". A major focus of the book is the mishandling of the team at times by ownership and their obsession with "sizzle". They talk why Tito would want to write such a book and its possible effect on the Sox and ownership going forward.

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Lester Johnson. Sports Saturdays -- Saturday continues all afternoon long we have Bob. Messrs. are old and many in coming your way at one writer for is that the scheduled for today it was all part. All right Pete Shepperd back and of course I can't wait to hear repeat asked to say about last. Sunday's AFC championship game Larry Johnson licking his wounds and -- -- -- lonely night for sports. PM while I am -- trying trying to make believe. Somebody's apartment after not not up for us this is. There's no itself -- trump. Laying the Bruins I'm playing based. You know one quick thing that we haven't touched upon at all and I'm getting getting my copy this week is the F -- I -- your man coming over moment. Where it's going to be fun tonight on Larry I make a record he may -- -- to myself who. Is that we haven't talked at all about the Red Sox pocket -- rave review Shaughnessy as usual that a great job with Clinton. The thing that I find fascinating is how Francona now. -- when he wrote the -- he was unemployed and just you know ESPN and stuff and everything was fine in information and stories flying left and right. Well now that he's back in the -- again Craig as you know one of the most ineffective personalities they have on the desk of an NFL show. Is a coach who's waiting to get back into Italy don't say anything and everything and are now all of a sudden Francona is backing off a lot of stuff it. -- and we went bad it couldn't parts you know overall. Balanced. Very good ownership yeah I do think and I I forget -- heard say at the other day nobody you know everybody's got going on about that eight. You don't Ortiz isn't running yet. He's not running yet is anybody concerned about that -- your DH a guy you tied up for two years thirteen mil year. He's not running yet. There's going to be a very difficult. Season finesse team -- can only hope John Ferraro can wave his magic -- but. Will be interesting getting more to that hearing from people who already have the book and at seven revert excerpts from Sports Illustrated in some other. Abbott knows and angles but -- got a Sports Illustrated here Peter -- and it was listening to replay this morning apparently. It was on yesterday after a month won't be yesterday morning. Peter as a lifelong Red Sox fans from central Connecticut. Came out of his apartment which is right next to Barnes & Noble in Manhattan on Friday apparently. And the line wasn't an hour and a half long. Just in New York City -- New York all the Yankees by threats -- down there obviously. -- sign their book and it was like that for my -- -- -- and aren't outlawed -- to get out of it as special please detail just to reroute traffic to it and get out of there must have been tough being surrounded by all those fans. It is intriguing book I read the excerpt from Sports Illustrated last week certainly management. Is not looking good. And it'll be anxious to see if they do responsible for all our not. Reached out to Larry Lucchino and Tom Warner. -- -- John -- him I with a big fat silent yeah I think all you can do we in any walk of life and god god only knows how much criticism I get even sitting in here every week I get it in and I here and I try not to read it but it's fair. In all you can do we director receiver criticism I have to say who's doing it. And what is their motive in if it's legit then you have to accept it in you try to improve on what he what you do. Could be exploring art being on here whenever you try to beat. And improve you can't just in you know pretend nobody's saying anything -- sometimes it's valid there are all things go after improve on. I think of from the reds -- case I don't run and hide from a I think you have to -- finished they should read the -- And if there are things in May have -- a true and things that are India that the -- stationed at NASA and station was. Was geared more towards trying to find more marketable people in product line to enhance the ratings. They need to understand their target market into their -- their marketing to in baseball fans for the most part. Red Sox fans don't roll that way I've always interest thing in the Shaughnessy interview talking about is great by the way. He is still believe not in spite of the fact that the keynote definitely puts on the black cat doesn't. Very skillfully and effectively over the years. I heat claims that Lucchino is the driving force behind the success of the franchise. It is not necessary PO or TO or Henry he's the one that are solid mainstay. Driving consistent worst in that well look at the other two -- that's no revelation. -- Warner who's got a TV background and John Henry who's you know a guy a financial guy I will say this to you this were -- I have to apologize what's on my criticism of -- After what I've gleaned out of this from listening in -- and apologized aren't you are very bright -- I don't mind apologizing to try to maker races you know the only one who works around about one. I spent I played one guy and well it's nice to be perfect but I I think. It sounds like Theo we're trying to do a balancing act where he was trying to steal bases loud guy that's in as he says feeding the monster and know what that monster means I'm sure he's not talking about the big wall. He's talking about trying to make keep everybody happy. And I will say this much from what I did get from the SI article lot of and I was not happy at all just not. Champion and ol' -- with some of a marketing -- years and somebody different meetings and -- I just didn't like the way they they were the owners were not portrayed well. Ball in the -- how accurate it is I have no I'm just Tonya was not happy you. Surprised. Yeah. I think we've all suspected had many a conversation on the show and there's certainly been -- of articles written about the fact in a book called feed the monster. Is that this is a organization that was concerned with marketing. And concern from the business point of view most of all -- we have Terry Francona dyed in the wool baseball guy brought up in baseball as father played and several teams in Major League Baseball. He connect care about any of that stuff of course is going to be a clash. There is going to be tremendous lot conflict between the baseball operation is represented by Tito and BO and all the marketing is represented by the other three got best thing is bank of. S -- team has come up and a long time aside for hiring Ferrell we both agreed that is also. Higher in bringing Pedro one board. Absolutely agree move an audio C that is agree I don't because I think the guy is loaded with knowledge she's one of the greatest -- certainly is -- these two guys have ever seen. -- I think he can reach out I think he can also help. And turns everywhere and new American in the Dominican as well. I just think that guy is loaded with -- knowledge he knows how to pitch he knows how to be a power pitcher he knows how to finesse of a little bit in the waning years. I think it's great I I think he's going to be quarry I think he's refreshing. I think he's going to be great. So I think that's a great move for them let's get back to the phone 6177797. 937. And I know a guy that can't wait to open up that new book from. Terry Francona Dan Shaughnessy god loves to dance on the Red Sox parade as often as he can. Mike from -- -- money Mike. Well let me tell you guys I couldn't put the ball down I just finished -- -- but it limits placed on them. I want to Barnes & Noble and good old Braintree they were sold out I get all the way to Bellingham. You'll go lot of your way just to practice your usual -- and Freud and -- What. You have to read this that it might have to read this book with a bit by the way. -- Less than 2009. The list just comes out okay the BD live now join -- instead let's rock band weren't shocked about me and be on the list. -- -- Ortiz put on the list but there are being told that there was no Islamic law. On. -- -- press conference in the in the new Roman basically Yankee Stadium. Recorded staying put side by side it is an integrated. That he didn't quite a little bit and it. That's not the -- and make -- to the United -- and Dominican Republic my body is probably don't let. They might. Mike can you all shark that the guy has -- it's not a running yet. Out of my head and shock Larry okay -- it got look. The guy is a one dimensional player OK at 10 o'clock I know a lot of guy used. We all know that but I told you there's a hundred times he was that I am an -- in Minnesota. They pound the something. Aside in 2000 that made him a great ball player OK. I'm talking about that guy is a broad and if you read them up. You can see what -- the -- Francona goes out of what is defend them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He may be and he really skates because of all the dramatic game winning next and anti everybody escaped in the personality in EE OE's that he can be very thankful because Manny was on his team by. He is just as guilty as all the other ones are summaries and he's he's been able to market himself and promote itself away but somehow the lacks a lot of it's right about when you say with a big personalities on this team right now who probably. But I regret I agree -- Ortiz then and now migratory irrelevant. That's fraud in the association with -- Manny because every says well. No one -- Joost as blatantly as me and he did sorties somehow or another quarter us Manny wasn't unlikable clown tackle. He. He does skate. I mean I remember I remember talking to you guys get to court he slammed a lot for admitting UP DR -- a -- and -- remembered it said that. It's -- is speaking of skating I guess they ride -- doing that this year. I don't know yet Sergey and Larry. What did you say anything about that they may wait a minute they paid out how much I. How much they on the work for him. Quiet permitted anybody get detention or in the old he needs people like him and Francona has talked about his. -- it makes it -- like men like to like a man he was too busy yeah quite Eminem. Takes it like. -- -- -- -- I didn't. Want corn down that. Now wait a minute takes like a man they robbers -- music phone numbers in the stands. Without it it he probably has some mystery out hoax -- route to go somewhere. Yet nobody feeding popcorn I know that. -- -- -- -- But he didn't do any of the music something that and you don't mean. Okay -- widget let me ask you one other guy -- -- if you can answer this as an honest man. Which contract would you rather be stuck with right now. I don't want you know nobody wants to -- Thank you very much. Impressed by yeah the French -- -- -- right Michael Raymond her once again go back to the day we've taken -- ultimately. Sidetrack. Red Sox discussion as well one. Certainly -- prank on me a lot of ways with the book he collaborated on with Dan Shaughnessy. Kansas so far from what we can tell from Sam Kennedy. And about half hour ago. And sharing has been on this radio station no response three dollars. Over public park. Has read this book war and excerpts so far. Riches that boggles the imagination can't imagine. Not personal there. As at least. The book up. Two seen what was said about them may be an individual base or the other question and Sam is simply a great guy for them by the -- he really is he he represented them very very well. He does and I think that. He admitted the at least throw the Sports Illustrated. Peace. Extra for art from the floor am Ali I. I guess you have to read it maybe they feel they don't have to defend themselves out if it's not a course of that. But I think the perception. Of what people have right now. Is -- the ownership is too busy and too occupied -- Liverpool. LeBron in -- again. If that's not true that's fine but that's the perception here is going back to gave you root impersonation or crew members and -- like you -- by the way from the successes that love you -- I can tell humid little anger that was as a person. Person they should use the it's meant to you if I try to -- every applicant prior -- after stepping up to about the patriots. Like people say you know -- if you're winning. It went -- to criticize if you winning. When you're not winning is when my home it's not coming to the one that that's the way it is each child the way it went to south central rating and it was. You know have all 41 and you know all of that stuff that everybody's fine. If state if this out please keep playing the way they're playing any more criticism and Mac right. That's the way it is right -- -- your great sports wrong. And the reason why I know that Francona has been successful and everybody's on the site you're on the side which you'll always sort of adrift while I'm on it's not. I don't like. -- -- The other problem is when we argued these things you have to approach. Your your opinions sampling the demand typing -- the culture opinions on what you don't you don't now. In in if you cannot prove something dogma -- 100%. It's hot the cost somebody alive or whatever but I think it yet these stories that came up with the Bob -- peace in the globe. In about the guy it train -- in some of his personal business and stuff going on -- I was going out the door. Around the deadly even nice tasted him period. Anybody with anybody would say that so naturally you -- impulse that that the guy was great. -- -- a great advantage here at Wright did a great job Mike ID you know is the last time we lost control but we know that. He was a very likable personality -- ironically he's accusing -- backed awful lot of them big show the other day. He's accusing -- the team being too marketing oriented too much emphasis on that aspect -- baseball but think about it. -- master marketer is exactly what he's doing. That this book is going. Well -- I guarantee you you and I debated off the year if he had known he was going to be command of the Cleveland Indians at the time he would not have written a book. What he's learning is the very thing that he's criticized in the Red Sox for. Sam Kennedy Larry now runner in the light. Of course you've got to market your product if you wanna have people come to the ballpark you have to find different ways. To market your product if he's learning from a publisher we want you here we want to hear what you hear. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People are gonna -- -- as far as that book is concerned. You know as as much as you know tries at some great baseball moments where guys revenue great little locker room and this funny story happened but -- if anybody cares about that was put up that book to read that what's the difference between this we're gonna colleagues for patriot range colleges and a fantastic job. On the inside. Look at the patriotism but there's no controversy or anything because there was nothing. There for him to do that right now the interest there was a reason it would be interesting to see if Polley were to do any sequel to patriot -- and talk about what's happened. Since those days when they're winning super doubles on a regular basis. -- which is still -- and here's the difference is not enough people in patriot nation for angry at the crafts were angry Belichick. It would be the slam -- this book is and I have to really let's let's just hypothetical protect it up -- really stick it to somebody like -- and then dump poem. And then a year or two ladies that we need to write a book see that's the difference you can -- Kong was justices for his chance to. And -- is on it's quite convenient. Hired a horrible management it's the worst hire in the history of sports that Bobby Valentine. So how could you can do this cry it's it's also be perfectly it's a marker in his dream. What comes out they were they want 69 games last it would the tank even worse they did in 2011. They have been in the playoffs since. At 2000 that in any ethical and bring your products and a baseball donors hit a prior for an corridor is standing over. You're in you say compare -- -- not updated every -- Farrell last year even. I don't think this book -- have the bite that it has absolutely. It helped that they continue to lose. It helped that it's now perceived by Red Sox Nation that this management troika. Who is who seem to be invincible in the in the super Super Bowl the World Series years. Is now very fallible. All of this plays perfectly for Terry Francona obviously now he's trying to back all he's he's backing up just like one of those trucks you can hear the BP being. You can hear the beep beep beep but people are gonna love to go lot by this book. Why do you think that. This simple. Are you cropping up what you know -- apple already -- Are important they lives again they're not evil you do it all off for our heroes that. Let's get to do that you have the right time for me not to be found bill is loaded you're next -- LA UWB yeah. Worked out -- it's -- -- -- come all right Larry I don't want. I don't know -- -- Unilaterally make it. That humans that that doesn't. Make any sense to -- aiming to make my. You know I mean I think because they're not mommy and me and I think he did it because you know. They you know the ticket and when they ran out of time they do with every one. Who played on is that -- they -- -- didn't need much help. But it seems like whenever they give to somebody he. And all of that with the management. Yeah he can be angry with the management because it seems like. They don't really just careful and make terrible making money. But don't they have to care about they have to him. We hate the way I'm a results can't -- it you know grew up here about the Red Sox but I almost. Embarrassed to view it -- and my I mean that the team that they have right now is. Disgraceful I think and you know. I don't think -- whole thing is -- win and I think it's a vote. Make your money. Never let it go to mammoth Billy if you're not winning and and I got to make any money so. To say that they're not interested in winning well that would be ludicrous you have to have a field a team that's going to be competitive and or they get people and it. Think you're gonna have a competitive scene is still ahead. Mom now. They well I did they'll beat they'll be in competition but that's I think that got a lot of question marks they just had a bad streak right now the -- Yeah I think pick of the law question marks and I mean I think I got more money is gone and I think if they really want to win that bad it was I'm some big games. You know just help in the cost too much Miami and you know does that -- on the money. Commenting is something -- of -- to tell you something. -- -- -- Whether he's the best player in baseball I think that was a lot of guys to collapse. Yemen Billy image they would -- -- blood testing thing they're going to be doing for PE these and the like. I would I commend them I'd be very cautious about signing guys to long term contracts and -- you figure out how this thing folds out. And one of the things -- -- gambit Jarrett told us rather Christmas if that -- Easter a lot of other people they're trying to do you emphasize this big time. Free agency strategy -- throwing money guys like aging cells Carl Crawford because. As someone once said how'd that work out I think Jared and rings. A certain sense of baseball organization. And built from the ground -- we don't like that as it was -- right like the big big name people. I understand what they're doing it's just the tiny. It's not that good but there's nothing you can do this kind of expects there you've got to make that transition right the best quick fix you have is the second wild card they will be in contention I do think barrel well. How in a sense Dana. Yeah balcony now all of us to track down. To Bridgeport the president of the Bobby Valentine could have -- a that's. Which Larry Larry it is taken Kenya you finally come around to -- they -- kept Theo Epstein. And not be hampered the -- in 2000 a lap but this year will -- go right altered the law because this guy is the rule of all evil. Okay Larry -- you don't just come back -- it. Now Honeywell at Mike Riley and I aren't I would call back now since I would say that -- for our -- -- Right now. That carry -- don't -- media all that good dot. -- don't particularly. It will. Interpret art and in the eight. What to slap in the basic life too tired out -- out who wouldn't it be a key piece of these specific and well. -- -- Check out from the Sports Illustrated apiece. Well. One of them without first want an up -- -- -- -- That there -- like. What -- up while the plane caught up at the -- and hear reports that are out there understand baseball statement -- -- the -- but. -- -- -- -- A lot of people make lot of dead people went to model I would call it a cup we have to -- to be honest. And sit. That interest rates are practically at these guys want to -- But the point. I think you try to make. They want respect ear out at me they went to the championships games the 2000 were okay. And while it is that there are people watched a lot but the ball locked. These -- yeah. It's all well yeah -- Larry in the east and this crap. Don't want to hire -- our annual what you would expect that right -- -- -- what did he gobbles. -- who can know just keeps getting eaten there. -- I go wanted ought to follow. RK AM mark Toney -- thing -- have to look at the total pitcher as from a business perspective Larry's done a lot of things. To that ballpark he orchestrated a lot he is the baseball. Guys behind the scenes I don't know how they cut the pie -- -- I was surprised that some of steele's comments in the -- I think if it wouldn't be in -- not getting into somebody seven elephants fight the grass loses. So it's not a point of going back and forth to see how low you can go. But I. I would respond to it not too much attacking Tito but I would set the record straight. This is how we do business and anybody who thinks you give us what to do business and -- a marketing plan and stuff. It doesn't help to have a few Greg and big names -- does but I I don't want that to be the operating. Platform that you go by did you -- have big names. And not really put a plan together as a you can understand. How old the differing a philosophy can be will you -- straight baseball guy like Theo. But then you have other people out they would try to market the product well you for some reason took great sport in criticizing the. All the problem because that I kind of a shortstop situation alone you just want it's -- vilify feel at every opportunity where you're just like a pagan money every time the -- name came up. You're happier than eighty money that travels toward the guy -- or -- that would -- -- and it was brought up. You're just ready to rip of from stem to stern and -- I -- -- deserves his his degree analysts and it was an ugly time I think they ought to. I'm grateful -- for them winning and I think people need to remember that there is some teams that haven't even as the the playoffs so I'm grateful for that but I don't think -- beyond. Criticism I think they would tell you that. Excellence have been sent from certain I think they haven't told us if that is they I think they understand some of their problems but I think Sam Kennedy. Speaking for the organization. Believes that most of the accusations -- -- on true inaccurate at best all right -- -- take a quick break ninety seconds -- come back with more your calls this. We continue -- mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WE yeah.

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