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The Celtics Blew a 27-Point Lead Last Night Against the Hawks and Mustard & Johnson Can't Believe It

Jan 26, 2013|

The "teacher and the preacher" converse with a caller about the Celtics apparently hitting rock bottom after losing in double OT to Atlanta last night after being up by 27 at one point and 19 at half. Are they just too old to turn things around? Should Danny make a bold move and/or "blow it up"? It's tough to watch this team at the moment.

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Our -- and the cut doesn't make mistakes. And I'm -- there -- no way that he was gonna bring us back it's -- to feel the same field. You know he had a he had a real plan for us the -- -- and and that's one thing that I I really. You know congratulate my team about that steps and of course no matter what happened throughout the year you know is always next man up. And I and I locker room this is contagious it's contagious with you know -- certain respect we have for each other coaches all the way down trainers and and resists is this a very it's a great and vitamin. That is the captain of the Baltimore Ravens. And obviously god has a plan needs offensive in defense coordinators that coaches were coaching staff when the schemes devised. By the man of love him again if you applied it to yourself and from the from the used to say from a got a most of the utmost regard has brought me a long way from my mistakes and background I think people can appreciate that but if is that thank -- picking his team and that team. Back in offend somebody if you're on the other side we've heard at all so many times report -- little jaded by I -- reminds me of adjustments in this a year off the year. Texas also made the comparison. The ravens remind me of the raiders of the early eighties one point it was over there and they went to a couple Super Bowls as underdogs blew out the Eagles. And blew out the Redskins couple years after that in bull games not sure what your realized that the 44 point favorite at this point of them like that. There is gonna win I think you're gonna win fairly handily in that game I think of the yeah I think Adam are bars on the sabotage the games Republican. Which one that's the question -- that at this garrido that's it and Brown's story later but that was ridiculous. Ways spreads now -- Three that's going down. People are gaining respect I'm not a betting ma'am but I wish I had jumped on that nine point spread from there but the nature you were telling us how great. You were I did accept that what did you back up your words with a little -- as I don't do -- Excellence of assessments of the boy didn't tell me you'd do that in 937. The lord says we must go to wall for him immediately great -- rob hi rob. Well I have 2 in the morning it's going. You know it was all over the digits and that -- it felt like stand -- It looks like the patriots are yesterday's. In a book called political -- 2002 through electric doesn't bother me the great regular season. But that's tough moment they just can't quite get over the hump you know. Well why do you -- what I agree -- you but why do you think that is like why do you think all of a sudden I had to Brady hit clock management problems for. Well I guess like you know I think -- feel more pressure. Because quite frankly the defense while it's gotten a little better. And what would Talib got hurt unlike hopefully we're in big trouble now without to leave 55 with -- Utley obliterates it has been horrible -- believe it's been. Pretty good. I like -- is lying go to play -- have more value than many standing on the sidelines. You know I mean it took public is that so there's that I think Brady feels more pressure. I don't look at the different from the players on the offensive side of the ball because. There -- there certain toughness that the patriots seemed to lack that they used to house. And I don't know quite what it is you know -- its government Brady you know Brady was perfect and I think that. That was the direction that Brady had is a bit of a noose around his neck because you feel like he can't quite -- -- the -- -- to. He's being judged mobbed by his own impossibly high standards -- yeah. Yeah about it. And I have no right you know I don't want to use it as an excuse because and you whining but I don't I don't I mean I -- but I do think the gronkowski. Injury apparently this guy is now you talk about toughness and many does seem you know I mean he just bowled over people doubt bought. The problem is in this in this is something we were talking about as we are watching the demons and united bunch of people from the neighborhood as much as you appreciate his toughness and his ability when healthy. A great tied and one for the ages but you know slip through when this qualifier they are of a qualifier when healthy and under this packet out what they can stay healthy. It being you know might be the next. Guy that looks really good look at that helped -- delegate rob I want you get. Do you -- to prime but I just fundamental brief there was -- today from day of tire and auto the other day he he went to the game. And he said it was it is that's the difference when you go to the game you can release a study different parts of a field. He says it all of their receivers were actually cover all the way as like Brady had no place to throw. The way that that was an easy but I wish I hated to think that there was no way to treat it's gonna win but I made a Q what he's all right let's talk about something more positive -- Well about and don't the global before we get to that. Beat the ravens and how it went to that does not have something that we didn't have such a tough defense. -- I agree with that I just think the -- no problem -- Roles they have all those veteran players I think cap predict as an episode number. -- doubled for the niners right not so much because they think the ravens although that's the little -- -- Bernard Pollard is all I can think of. Well very easily remember the ravens Rodney Harrison -- about the Celtics. So -- man you know the fact that not obligated -- mr. -- I'm -- I -- redeeming them up -- what he means that Obama but if you deduct that. Let me make it up apparently they got it up at halftime they got it up -- there that they they act like the champions and then not mean it's kind of hide it to lamented his. Well that's ridiculous provocative and yeah. -- say that again last night yes he did or went in he said that they start they start playing different and they -- and he said. They do stuff that you wouldn't know if you were in grade school c'mon I mean they're visit there as a major -- vote. I thought of myself in the last two minutes of that came in in the overtime. On what the hawks and let's go hawks I guess I don't relax when I did that. I I don't liberating feeling I love I know peers sees pints and called on the greatest scorer of the team's south -- ever had and he's been great to the years a cap -- but. I've never seen a superstar. Player make as many mistakes as he may -- ball handler like well Jordan or not. Never of the number of current or did you not know I'm just saying -- not -- -- he just do I chizik I said Jordan I Ed you don't even as the list but any of them. They just don't make that number of acting -- -- -- were behind since that he's not that category. Paul Pierce is they -- the -- second year Celtic great he's in the five through the six through and range of the other thing I really wish they were doing you know we both love Tommy on mr. aren't -- -- -- You've got to stop this conspiracy that every. Referee handle the heat -- I take it right irritating because no. -- and has forgotten more about basketball than most of us these great knowledge on the game but when you just spent the whole time whining about the officials. It takes away be the responsibility. Of the people that I'm playing well right Tommy had a great line for -- most years and years ago. He said every -- we plated doubleheader today we've played the game Johnny called. -- up -- fortunately doesn't it out and defense Johnny though he was doing it on radio brought what you're watching on TV but the favorite moments there was run -- to that crop up -- and that is that -- analysts look at the replay. The Celtics player does clashed assembly to the floor in his complete silence it it is just. He got a people wanna know who's not doing what they need to do for the team to play about -- It's certainly. From my very superficial vantage point looks like a team that just war mix of players I mean. None of these guys and we're only halfway through the season actually you know just about halfway through. Is it doesn't look is this team is going to jail all the way a lot of people expected in two. Especially when they forget they've lost six what did it before they won a lost six probably 16 in room. It's bizarre I was -- to intimate picture the other day and it's almost like. -- problem. Now where frying icing problem and I knocked angle -- attention to that ball handling crime occur and and in it I guess you have this at least -- -- -- here that we are only in the middle of the season. There you game with a three games under 500 debit can old players get better. Well. I think they're going to be. Competitive enough to make the playoffs thank god there in the east right now of the eight team. In the east three games under 500. Probably make life a little difficult in the playoffs a big. You know some the biggest difference is the guy coming in here Sunday Ray Allen. You have somebody who could score injuring some threes -- -- let's -- it to this point Jason Terry nice guy great career were Dallas. He's not they don't have other than peers in Rondo when he does go to the basket they don't have the same office of threat. I don't like the fact that got -- play play 38 minutes last nine piers I like all the time I know that but I'm still saying that you're trying to -- you know. Pair this guy down a little bit minute rice. Yeah but there's nobody else that I everybody else -- you really think about I know the NBA is the offensive minded -- bodies and even if it's the first half lead when he seven points up -- also are -- -- it wasn't like a long cat and frightened knife back and forth. Date it was quick man march and number ones and I flip back over again who the heck happened is is the different game.

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