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Mustard and Johnson -- Had Enough of Ray Lewis and his Religious Tirades Yet?

Jan 26, 2013|

The guys talk Ray Lewis and the endless coverage of his final postseason. Any time the NFL playoffs is a topic on TV, somewhere there's a camera right in the face of the Ravens longtime LB. They understand he is a great player who has had a Hall of Fame career, but even LJ is fed up with Ray Lewis claiming that God willed them into the Super Bowl - God is not a Ravens fan!

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two yard touchdown grab by. And one Bolden. Well I -- -- you know -- television. And put the time and it's -- -- purpose it's. -- -- -- -- You know which is to do some great teams -- they -- You know I wish. I wish I would have to play out given that it played that. You don't have a. As Tom Brady when asked by Dennis and Callahan on Monday dark would you make any sense out of going to I don't know when your first -- post season game 77. Since then that was his response and you know the problem is. We got spoiled. We raised our standards obviously the rest of the National Football League did as well. Here's the big problem it's in the AFC east earlier where he -- the second. I think it hurts the patriots playing in the agency's doesn't toughen them -- -- -- and I'm not the black -- division I -- -- kind of variation -- talk about we have this discussion last week when you're ripping Peyton Manning somehow or another they're not being able to solve the Baltimore Ravens a little look now nobody can hear exactly no one can. You know what this does ray Lewis and Ed -- -- back there in their car you don't have to be scrambling players in an off the field. Their two quarterback coaches on deep -- I -- did you -- attack that he -- play. He's coaching out there robbery list is going to be and how he limps along right he -- I say it is one quick thing about -- go to -- that is going to be very interesting to watch. Which way people are rooting for the Super Bowl ravens against the 49ers and I think it it's kinda neutral I think for a lot of people but if there's I hate factor out there for Ray Lewis but I think a lot of people are gonna go for 49 is. I wish I could get a bowler Ray Lewis because I would tell him a following he's taking the wrong. Perspective within his own life. What he should do is use the opportunity as if people ask him as a testimony. You know I grew up in the mean streets of Miami -- mother having when I was fifteen my father was a heroin addict can I mean I was just. Just a terrible horrible person and you know involved at some very terrible things I regret the whole situation that went on in the Atlanta nightclub which remarkably going through but I regret it. And then in all the lord help me and I turned my life around and and -- -- that's what I'm grateful about that's why I have so much passion and I'm grateful for a second chance. If he took that direction that I think people ward. At least appreciated. But instead when he gets into this thing about god brown God's gonna get from the game and he's predicting it to ravens got drug agreement to gonna win. Just like if you -- -- parents. Which which team -- rooting for that's an interest in scenario this at least I'll tell you what that's right you don't rivals that it -- -- -- no grace of god doesn't like anybody on the 49 is so I think when he does that. It irritates people on a quest to get serious stuff you really aren't out yet yet in this some people that I got a root for him anyway because of the whole Atlanta with what they're gonna do they're not gonna reform because the ravens just -- the patriots bought so that I can report there you mean around -- -- around here. The rivalry. In this town suddenly they have taken over for the colts as the AFC rival I guess you could say less so Denver. But you know the ravens are a team that patriots fans don't like -- ride your reasons Ray Lewis is their poster boy. At the Christian thing is obviously something that rankles you don't think no it doesn't rank coming I'm trying to helped him re direct I know but that's a that's a concern for you just like what because. -- that's what -- it cricket people who don't understand christianity and you just have guys that as saying well. You know God's gonna give us this game in God's on our side I'm saying for even people who don't understand it they're most evil thing care honestly I don't know they department you know listening because there are a lot of people who do and it irritates them because as they were wise -- favor one. Over the Democrats -- I do think that -- Europe naive to think that the the patriots are not one -- the more -- teams in the league probably even more than the ravens. I think Sykes came out after the game and really ripped in the ballots yet. We're talking about the 49ers verses the ravens around here at the most people will be rooting for the 49ers safety nets in the NFC it's not a rival. All the unscientific polling I've Donnelly got off to a lot of people tomorrow. Okay war are -- this and I I'd go out and Paul it's and a corner and I asked me he polls as classroom right I've basically pulled my classroom. And they all hate the ravens. In eight and there are going to be -- why they hate the rate because it's just that usually don't -- which used to root for somebody in the AFC. -- you were the Yankees in the World Series that's a different story I think that's right he does this rivalry become zero point -- -- just. Having. See now if they -- -- in Denver against the right -- I -- -- what do I like Kapanen has got tired let me ask you this in the new -- Super Bowl with the colts were you rooting for Peyton Manning and the colts is they were the AFC team I seriously doubt. You're rooting for the New Orleans Saints -- government not because you know that I I think -- -- out about what happened to you pick out plays in July around like those for those states there much of angelic. Like Drew Brees had that he's a great play him like what I can't throw it and I think that the injured in Hungary for the ravens went. You know what -- seriously you're being funny about it. That is a very very neutral game for me because there's a lot of thing I like Ray Lewis I think he's entertaining I think he's fun I think he's different. I like him I don't like some of things it's -- on his right but I like him. I like that team as a whole I think Flacco rice to hold the -- -- -- also like the 49ers and I'm Eric citing cabinet is. He's the most exciting guy played a come around and a long time here's you know and if you're not. This is obviously before -- and it was the quarterbacks reps were stolen -- senator but they played on Thanksgiving night to Thanksgiving you're a great game sixteen to six I watched that whole game low scoring game. But very intriguing are punishing game on both sides of the football bowl both teams play great defense they're both extremely physical. I just think that they ravens. Are on a roll in as good as the 49ers are I think it's the ravens' super ball really do I just think. You look at that Denver game look at the way they punish the patriots last week -- either gonna continue that when the Super Bowl next week. Well like I said it. It'll be interesting I have trouble picking which team I want not which team win I don't know yet I got to read. The 50000. Articles that will be coming out figured everyone -- you know I every single one of the -- what is life like we want them.

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