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Mustard and Johnson Open Sports Saturday Lamenting Over the Patriots Season That Was and Try to Figure Out What Went Wrong

Jan 26, 2013|

Craig Mustard and a heartbroken Larry Johnson kick things off looking at the Patriots rough loss in the AFC Championship to the Ravens. What went wrong - Brady's mistakes, clock mismanagement, Talib's injury, turnovers, etc all added up to an early exit for the Pats. The guys have had a week to take a step back though and truly assess how incredible the Pats run has been over the last decade or so. But is it all coming to a slow, uncomfortable end?

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And is mustard in Johnson. The mustard and Johnson additional sports Saturday and pay Larry. There's only. Eight days left in sole super poll 47 that's the good news. The bad news I don't know if you heard this the patriots aren't going to be. In Super Bowl 47 we are six days out patriots somehow or another much to the chagrin of patriot nation much of the surprise of most people who were prognosticate. In that game somehow not only lost by a couple points as he did against the giants in the two super balls. Managed to lose by. If dean points we're gonna break down that talk about what were wrong with the -- Sunday night down at Gillette Stadium. Meanwhile it fury of basketball fan you know getting much just solace there Celtics -- 27 point with it last night. In the first half in Atlanta you think finally that five game skid would have been broken but no they lose and double overtime. In of course the -- -- TO saga continues. You're looking for some good news Bruins won again last -- beat the Oilers for some reason a rare Friday night hockey game. Over at the boss regards already wanna starts. I'll let you -- you brush by the Irwin thank you realize there there's 31 of the best team right now. In New England at a very solid they have great depth. The story for them right now is is this one to -- you dug deep to the -- Hamilton defenseman he's. Great shot from the point picked up two more assists last night he's got three. Great for he's he's only nineteen. -- like I just interrupt you for a second. You just said that the Boston Bruins were the best team in the -- right now reminds me the in the land of the blind the one died man who is -- Seriously right now wow. Now they are -- -- you don't like that -- cash. Out of my problem last night was -- -- back and forth between the Bruins and the Celtics and I figured out Celtics games ago little later anyways -- the Bruins great up and down action their names have been great apartment Rangers game we have a day it was a classic. March and number went for -- South Africa to a certain point lead yet our -- -- just what number -- I turn back. -- it was down to a two point lead so. There's going to be a lot to talk about today yet as you said talk about the the Celtics talk about the the patriots the Red Sox and in the Bruins also if you want and that. -- ties during the few days ago -- now Tuiasosopo. Is -- -- he's his distant over has got to beyond Dr. Phil. I guess the name of the game is going to make it to you can get on national TV where we do for hours every we have we don't -- on the TV timeouts last is that I checked your man column on your right it's maybe hours -- I I was behind this'll all all of our prophetic I was very. Let's try to make appointment again and once again stock report about but let. That stop the patriots I remember last week I went over a friend's house. To watch the game he's or ravens fans are figured it would be more funds we have three or four people were ravens fans are going to be dancing out there are no actually when I if you -- -- -- last week I was very hesitant to pick eight. Patriots win I I really felt as ravens team is very so -- -- Flacco was playing much better. So even when I went and I just have to take right up front there will be no trash talking from me even before the game at -- -- going about it. And and I thought the forest. -- -- thought they came out OK and they were exchanging punches back and forth and everything but the tell tale to me is. If you remember that special -- NFL network conspirator in about ballot Jack and I had him on. Life of a coach yet it was distressing to team at one point and he was saying you know what people are criticizing about going forward on fourth and two. I don't care he said -- -- belief that you and I believe in this team and I believe we can make it will go for every time he says I believe that we can do that. So naturally Yemeni go to this game and you see him punting inside of the -- to my territory tree times. What dad said to me was that he realized. Whenever the Baltimore's defense of set -- the secret not that Brady and company could not forgive him out the offense was not as effective as it needed debate but it you know that. Was what was so bizarre. About watching that game because they have their way obviously the week before against the taxes in general. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have their way this season as they've had their twelve years together. And we have seen. The aberrations we saw a Baltimore three years ago the jets -- need to get into it. But for some reason I just could not believe even when that game was unfolding in the first half. Did anyone expect. That the patriots would do anything but make the proper halftime adjustments come out smoking in the second half. Input the ravens away remember they were still up thirteen seven and halftime. But that they had -- their way because normally you know the patriots at different get the kickoff of the second half but they didn't have the -- -- they didn't -- Baltimore came out three and out -- -- some bumps and myself are right now we got him. Now the Patriots offense was coming back on the field and -- a first down throw to the laughs -- line. And -- Wes Welker drops the pass in than Belichick decides the -- and 34 yard line. And searching. High in blow up and down in and out. To figure out what was the quote tipping point in the game was it the knocked out of Ridley. Was at the drop pass from Welker was it upon right after that I mean it's pretty different ways you could go to. Trying to pinpoint were all went bad for the patriots. It's 1246. Mark Ridley was hit -- the fumbled the ball and then that other place to -- you can only whipped against great teams against good teams you can recover but. You cannot have that the patriots this year led the league in giveaways takeaways. And and they also led the league in third down conversions. So all of a sudden you're in this game you're not making your third downplays how many 33 and that third down and to -- they have and they couldn't convert. And then of course not only your Ridley fumble that they had to overcome but then they had to overcome that deflected pass. That ricocheted off their hands and into our our our Baltimore defender. -- -- it got the interception NS -- you cannot recover Brady Wesson himself for is interesting to listen to him on the Dennis and Callahan interview. And he's he did he never said anything about it they would never make an excuse about it but he did sound like you know little cold. And and I -- the -- was going around I don't know why it was I'm not making excuses. He would be funneled albeit to me which is something you never see. I talked with him never see it but we see it so infrequently. And and here's the problem this sort of long term perspective on it. And we all know the numbers. You know he went -- a tennis now before losing its first playoff game Champ Bailey game in Denver. In January of 06 since that -- seven in seven. Yet each and every play off -- we expect that this is going to be the year any breaks this -- Bets that the -- by will be over. They'll find a way. To beat a giants team to -- find a way to beat the ravens jets etc. It here we are eight years down the road from the last super ball. And worse still kind of shaking our heads wondering what happened. I thought Holley asked. The most interesting. Question of the week and was asking Glenn about it he says you know -- not whining about it garage we could be that Detroit Lions are. Jacksonville at least the patriots are always in the hunt every year we appreciate that. What you do have a feeling even on the weak division at their end. There's high up as they get deep from the playoffs you waiting for the other shoe to drop now you're you're waiting in terms of saying what is it about big moments. I have heard that expression the you know that tougher against the you know of the good tougher people alive and in all circumstances. You don't have that feeling now in the other thing Craig is the patriots are starting to do things that a so uncharacteristic of them you'd talk about Herm Edwards would clock control you know in -- -- first outcries LC 62 apartment and he says and then Hernandez doesn't run out of bounds. These are the kind of plays that usually patriots make and you don't listen. The bottom line is bottom it was about a team but he elected and not there were vetted team. Nobody even at the end of the first half Brady he rolls -- incidents just on the ball away. He takes a sack which the clock is still running they don't call -- timeout he admitted on the Dennis and Callahan Show even after the game that was a mistake but. These are the little things that the patriots always did so well there are far superior to the rest -- -- lead they never imploded. Where you'll -- yet the thing is though it's a New -- hoax -- every circumstance is in your favor. The Baltimore -- -- playing -- 87 snaps out there that the freezing cold I get by you -- turnaround from appear. Everything was on the patriots favor except winning the game. It's certainly -- I think we're Talib went out obviously that. There's a big hole there whether you like it or not it changes everything around and we all agree McCord he has a much about a safety and cornerback in. This and they gave us a great season so I mean is no anger here there was anger at the time and I'm always surprised after the game right. This has asked that the jury came with the celtics' Doc Rivers rose from our ticked off after the game and the patriots were like there's no emotion resist. And now we're just disappointed and we let them down and I mean there's no -- anger for a few second when you lose a game we're like you and you know. It's it's -- a very privileged position the UVO -- ranked bull of the devastating losses we've done this in the past and we have this argument a couple of years ago with the too early exits suffers the ravens. In at ten and then the jets in in 2011. And -- -- talk about which one is worse with that worst in the first giants' super ball. If yet rank all of these all season ending exits -- two giants super balls. The two ravens' playoff games or the jets play after which is probably the most devastating to super balls. But both of them Richard because he Eva because she's still had. You know -- -- off thirty seconds to pull it off possibly right. This game here I mean it Wednesday's that turning the ball over you pretty much know. We needed lose by three points they lost by thirteen UEU new. I believe -- it was artillery to right. I think that game I was most angry with was their game against Baltimore the first 11 or a rice off tackle and an elementary Sackett mr. 'cause averages so unexpected. This game I must admit I was got to prepare for I was hoping for the best. It didn't surprise me I thought Burke junior on -- did a great job but Wilfork -- just 88 I tell you what it did corrected it does reveal. All teams need this because you know we do you got to fix up things. They got if the American designed to leave they gotta do something because they have to have eight top flight Carla. Back because they just don't have enough depth and talent back -- to do that I am convinced. That Wilfork can be and is great is he is. He needs another guy in the middle with him because they if -- -- how to kill we you -- greatest player in the world if they double and triple team UN and set up situations for you then you're not effective and he wasn't that effective in that game what a difference. Wary 365. Days mate maybe Vince Wilfork greatest game at least on the biggest stage came a year ago in the AFC championship game. Remaining human turnstile at a map Burke allowed people right yeah that he was gonna retire yet but Burke was her yeah much like Logan Mankins we didn't know what at the time Burke came back and obviously. Like all the ravens I got the revenge for that team from last year the 23 when he game. Obviously Billy Cundiff and Lee Evans contributed mightily to as well it's -- you're asking me. You try to remember this was way back in that Champ -- Denver game you're talking about a couple minutes ago you asked me if you bought that this is the first loss. That Brady ever suffered post season. And USB think the -- to ever win a Super Bowl again and I said no easy to say well okay they have their robbed of three Super Bowls in four years. They're losing all their veteran defensive players to retirement etc. They are going to fade like all diocese do give the patriots credit. I said no but I do think they're gonna be this close to a Super Bowl each and every year that's I think the most frustrating part about this team is. They are so tantalizing week -- because he didn't envision this season the division. And as a -- over it's like you give me your are pragmatically say OK they gonna win their division Randy. That you're -- it this year they have a talk of rebuilding they have won two and a three in the seventh draft pick they only have four. Draft picks -- 13 in the seventh. Columns salary cap while maneuvering at the gonna have to do there eighteen point six under the salary cap. Buffalo's when he under Miami's 35 undermine him he's going to be it's a greeted here with. Gases of buffalo now the deaths and ninety boring for all whether it's salary cap and they got every visit. Players didn't take long for Larry. Defied some consolation. Dolly got -- and just barely over the cap you know it is so funny because it is so screwed up with that because to me the obvious treatment that's right in and the salary cap in one sense it's good. But with baseball at least people could just don't want -- say what they trade this guy for this guy in this just not a whole lot of matching salaries or anything. 'cause to me I can see the 49ers trading Smith. To that two of the jets for Revis. You know because that I I think -- -- -- quarterback I don't I don't I I did but -- locked into Sanchez to two. To a -- of the question whether the question does it we need to with the Celtics and it's as well. Wendy you get to a point where you and I don't think the thought that the patriots are in Minnesota please don't if you'd think they need to blow up things that's ridiculous I mean there. There are by far obviously one of the top three or four teams in the -- so. Let's not talk about what we gotta talk about it what to do with -- Berkus is the guys are saying how weak your biggest fear is one of this guy goes to Denver. Well why we wanna go there and obviously he's. The quarterback that Larry Johnson basically. -- -- bust and I never I never question his ability you know like I don't like it played better get his grave -- played that game against the ravens mouton are -- POP3 touchdown passes yeah not presented at a major turn over at the end now by -- a couple -- I don't -- on -- you know that's one of the things that was also revealed illnesses. They gotta have I mean Brandon -- he have teasing game I think he has seminary catches but. All of us all meaningless -- really really well I don't know God's after the -- And he doesn't stretch the field they really need to retard about draft need and you way to market about the -- from a talking about names. In I don't know what you can get the position or invite. And -- of what they need as they need another pass rusher I think god Chandler's gonna be better if he gets a weight lifting program to opera build up his upper body. He's just not strong enough for appeared to hit a knock from often -- to our linemen off the remarks -- -- and knocked him off balance. And I think that damn cars they were and they need secondary help. We're -- if if they're not gonna keep him and they really need a bigger. Wide receiver who can get on the field. These careers -- vertical stretch the field as we well know was not obvious to yeah well it is obvious but you know that the difference is there was no past Russian Flacco. Flacco could sit back. All day long just wait for -- and decode the the end zone he's a man -- in amongst -- don't really I was shocked literally thought about it the Calvin Johnson's about six -- has that same -- believe he's always gonna come down the Pope mobile is only like about 61 -- does not have that he's that he's -- I would say. The side of Calvin Johnson best hands I've ever seen Smith does the closest I've ever seen it going back where it is because of them have a signal lamps were used -- to San Diego charges they call them Bambi but. This guy would run down the field and it is with a great is grace. Just -- in the here and just snatch balls the -- -- with -- did against Denver. And you know listen we're jackets sit here and say I'm mad is a bit at the patriots but that's ridiculous bit had a great season not great but. Disappointing job because you know I thought they had a chance to they should be -- New Orleans right now the difference is you can't go back like he did against the giants that are there is no. Miraculous catch. On on the 25 yard line like Super -- -- -- son of the outer disappointment -- and the same right because of people at fifteen points the you know he's ahead like this impossible catch that was made in mind. And you had to have caddies play in the excellent let's face it giants won in that there were lucky on a fashion about over so we've got to do that -- -- What do you do about the Celtics I don't know I total ordinary -- -- you have to go to MIT and on the come on here are disgusted trade. You'd have a matching salaries I do know this much. Here is lovely guy but of late Manny looks like Mel Gibson and dying I'm dying young -- you I would be making any Mel Gibson compares is let's try to keep it on the up and up here. What -- talking about is he just looks tied it in the just get through. Playing the other night then you have to -- -- into a winner at 3 o'clock in the morning. Though last thing they need it was a double overtime they're not getting scoring. From the Terry is just really challenge them and indicate these guys they're good guys but the these they tell them an active in his glory from him. Of our dark right now I would stop playing people who really are producing for me in in them without that many -- They got Jeff Green Courtney Lee and Jason Terry get a double -- people around all right we're gonna take a quick break ninety seconds worth 61777979837. The text machine up and running all ready with all kinds of accommodations congratulations kudos. You know you're a man or woman when you call -- -- -- -- are for whatever you suggest you -- Arab digit -- say where he scored on Dr. Phil after you know just quickly on that Couric interview. It you know I'm a Christian Meehan -- -- they just -- -- Christian you can get angry or upset about something of course -- -- People get angry does anything make anybody angry anymore or slightly angry when Katie asked him a question about when your friend came Hewitt said it was a hoax and well yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- editor -- feelings -- give me a break. Talk about apartment NFL exact and I'm -- a draft somebody does the guy ever get ticked off. Isn't that it isn't that what you want a lot of guys that play with a little passion well. Apparently according to us some insight sources there might -- surprised yeah collateral one area. Who may be interested in the services of -- anti tail and I don't know why we why are just what they need another linebacker.

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