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Vintage Boston Celtics Radio, Steve Holman and Grande & Max

Jan 26, 2013|

Grande & Max had the chance to catch up with Steve Holman, voice of the Atlanta Hawks. Steve delivered on his promise to the guys of providing audio from 70's era Celtics radio. This is a prime example of how a long and prosperous play-by-play radio career begins....by being thrown in to the fire!

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All right John thank you we always like to for so we were here to commemorate the very important anniversary. -- be broadcasting there was so much in those -- with milestone a couple of weeks ago Steve all the reporting longtime voice of the hawks. -- holding in my hand it's not great radio describe it anyway it became program from a couple of weeks ago and showing that accidentally pressed the Romans 2000 consecutive. Broadcast as was the hawks who recently removed from the we'll what we'll never make consecutive then talked before -- Massachusetts ties that we get a treat coming up for you shortly we told -- story last time we were down it seemed like yesterday and -- about three weeks ago. We promise to deliver on that we're going to very shortly but the consecutive part is kind of what gets me when you realize all the calamities and -- on you chick -- Had a story he had a long consecutive streak and he talked about you missed teams that you -- the game at some point. When this was to fly somewhere commercial and small plane I saw the pilot in you know. And a watering hole let's just say group and the -- pilots that yeah I'm not I'm not going in this weather Dixon OK I'm not going that either knows the end of very bright as the starter in the history. How on earth did you manage to beat to death consecutive game without spraining an ankle were getting the cold or taken a wrong turn on the highway was done all of those. I think it's still managed to get here it do it. You know it's easier -- the road that used to be because we have the charters so you know basically if they don't make -- I don't make it so. That's that's what probable emanated I guess the hardest part is to. To drive here from my house -- Atlanta every night so. But it other bits of times where I've probably been too sick to do it but I did it anyway -- levied -- -- -- to get to no it's easy from where I live at -- in Georgia colleges south of the City Hall up. Little south of the airport as the home of Alan Jackson let no one of your favorites Mexico they -- -- here your iPod and I absolutely on average probably -- doing you know Noonan Georgia and Allen Jackson right now when we were here on January 5. We said in the midst of as it was going on this the kind of game that could change not permanently but could Alter the cart path of both teams in the season and certainly give the Celtics and -- since we left here. Hawks were on top ten team playing very well and it. Between injuries and of things what's happened over the last week as well that game right there be that that's at the hawks often a tailspin and -- eighteen point lead in the first half of them. What happened was you guys gave just you know much of the -- of the second half but they didn't respond to that. And that's one of the things that you know this hawks team -- has got to overcome it. You know that. They haven't been able to do it so far. You know tonight. After you guys -- got here at 3:30 in the morning after play the next last night I mean. You know the hawks didn't play last night so. You know we'll see tonight -- Lou Williams being Al really hurts the hawks and he had been playing great. He's from here too he's from snow build Georgia. It was very happy to be holdings having great year in any tears as the up last week in Brooklyn so that's a big blow that they're gonna have to overcoat. One thing you look at the team though adjustment this kind of an up and down and a member a couple of years ago I think what Mike Woodson was here. Had a little we just knew we had to be suspended. A gain -- same thing would learn through. It's just fuel the growing process that they will let's move with school with a well you know I don't you know that that last one that he had here I don't know how. If it was as bad as the other one but you know it's his night -- you're right I mean. But he has gotten better about everything and he is having I would say you know and certainly biased about it but I I think he is having an all star year but I then I think he did last year to. But what happens is your reputation sometimes procedure especially with the coaches vote for those backups on the all star team. And I think he's gonna have to overcome that what he's done so much better. What is the tipping point when it comes to adjustment as we approach the annual heads trade deadline everybody's interest adjustment. What is the tipping point where this team won -- record where they would seriously consider making a major move her once -- has been coming for years well you know I don't know what's gonna happen -- I mean I think deep down he -- he wants to stay here he's from here he's from College Park Georgia he wants to be here I think maybe that's why you need to leave well I know I guess I understand that stupid. But I really don't know because everything changes you know any various command here to run everything and he's the GM team president so. These -- the decisions that are on his shoulders now so he's gonna have to make those so. Luckily for me he doesn't consult with the -- this stuff so. You know basically what what I know everybody also -- to I kind of like it that way that's the way you're able to do the game for 28 years by. He has been sergeant Schultz I don't. Nothing. Let's go back I fight -- excellent public. Definitely made it twenty years anywhere. Let's about who played with him and I know that it. Let's go back more than I've got any idea what they do we're about to break maximum on Twitter -- have a surgery back -- down. How about how about I've come out and throw it ever want to victims tell me that I have to be off when I can't do it anymore and making people. The order of the you know off like that fact wardrobe left. Yeah you get you more trouble on -- you remain all right now let's go back port twenty years talked before about you breaking into the business. From Massachusetts. The at the ankles so to speak of Johnny most of you referenced story we told last night. That one night. Johnny wasn't feeling well you were sitting there do -- that's for and he called joint action it's one of those things sounds like an urban legend that went I've got the tape -- can prove. That this happened and you had delivered walk us through what the moments before what we're about the year when was it what was situation well. You know he -- -- the event kind of sick for a few days few games. I think that night I have also done the scores at halftime. You know just to give them a little break because back then. We didn't have any max's or anybody you know it was an engineer he had a stick like him there was be keeping score forum to get -- -- ovals and his coffee and everything else but. And then -- late in the game it's when he lost his voice entirely. And and finally what what years of war in 1976 November that he's in Boston. In Boston -- Boston Garden November in 1976 and the Boston Celtics radio audience. Heard this. But I don't know -- Steve moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- I have seen. My -- that greatly but feel almost like I get my -- split up. Charlie Scott -- about two minutes five seconds left to go on the ball game. Got calling a play. He's only eleven dollars and I don't know what the city which he has not been led by Bobby Jones goes in colonial is an open and that's why don't let alone out there with a minute definitely seconds left to go on the bond gave Celtics only ahead by two points not go to wide on the right hold the ball. Get Saddam out of Charlie's got. It's gone down a little topic here on the right over the Boswell -- -- hold it back -- to Scott Scott on the left guard Mike Jones underneath the Pozzuoli labor. Wow. Well it inside and it was found by. Hi how old were you in the -- twenty to 22. -- so do you remember -- I've humor over the night you knew what you were feeling when that moment when you realize this is about that well you know -- you know -- prepared for my whole life but it's it's it's those eight years old and I do every tag line that went along with it you know this. Broadcast you know. Prohibited without the average restaurant it's a they had that memorize that those eight years old so I was ready for all of that and you know like it at all that after it was over as what I kind of you know realized only goodness never heard about school though I mean you had a meeting with the colts whom the future. Actually actively be involved he -- the next out of the same way and when I was whatever it was 2627. I got the call Howard David. Couldn't fly back from wherever he was them on this football game whenever it is 4 o'clock in the afternoon this again over the our taxes went over there. No it's a failure which he opens up about this that's what we do mean that we're kind of broadcast bird's existence that we. We were executed treason though he knows very well respected my eyes that it added that the wonderful story we used steroids hearing that in. Always say they really kids in the moment. Anything can happen when the moment comes you do it but after that moment it's over that's when you transition back at them with the right. He's that didn't -- that actually happened then and I do have that they. Did you go home and actually listen to your worth to you well I didn't have a that I had to wait for somebody you know back in those -- real the real everything else. And thank god they were able to you know they take that for me everything else that happened with that ultimately. And I've ever by Betsy it's not a pretty and I was -- well yes I don't remember you know but it was terrific -- is a great is a great memories. That I get to do some more you know as time went on. Every time. Would have something happened like that than you know they say that the PA. Rest is history and Margaret I don't know room what happened -- him after them with friends to vote or. It's the moment a voice the hawks saying analysis here in blood in Atlanta or have to -- -- right.

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