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Courtney Lee double overtime post-game press conference

Jan 25, 2013|

Courtney Lee spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Hawks in double OT, 123-111.

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You know one that would you bet you're stuffed in the first that -- away from. Weather's please call our our effort. They had a couple Ito's. Courtroom got to go on. We played a couple rotations and get a lot of victories. -- once once they get more metal. They get confidence and heart to stop. It's. About the way you can. -- almost in the news. -- beautiful and I mean you can say and our situation we can't do that we work with with -- six game we lost. We know how important it is that we need cars on his -- win so we can't look at the scoreboard. Playoff that we. And it's executable but we came here to do. Seeing you guys. It by much. I would but it was going to go out there and expand what starters departing -- what is going. It was thought it was that we get -- run. Execute. And so we discuss sustainable 48 minutes. What was his game went over time so government more minutes that it would put it seven minutes of investment. So. It's. Dangerous. It. Do you use that we can't -- that. Put it took you took their first test for the season in place to play out second half of the season would be one of the to see so candid camera -- that yet. Things is right now. And so we got a few few weeks before. All star break and I think they have thought so we gotta go on the run right now.

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