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Doc Rivers double overtime post-game press conference

Jan 25, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Hawks in double OT, 123-111.

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I thought I thought it change when we put started back and what about five minutes left in the second quarter. The garbage they should definitely get us up by 27 points. No more what's at that time Torre. Nineteen I thought that was huge. Turning point because it gave them a -- and then our starters came out beginning of the third and you know you know wanted to cut it is organize you he can't live without the ability. In this team. We we we played well in that the first quarter in the first quarter of clinical how to -- -- probably defense. In the weeks elaborate ruse that should break when -- grades to our transition that he was -- You know we went -- -- which kept standing in that give them credit they attacked us on the north game. Became an eight point game there was a -- arc -- they didn't play last night we boys and one of the things I said before. Going out and have kept my coaches say that this Davis calls were at work it's tough for us government says that. We came back and it is extended it to but yeah. But I think they score like nine different times in five seconds four seconds. And it did it was our transition in -- -- You know which it got back consider it you know. That particular talents and did a great job -- it was just brutally honest the guys and to their credit and make shots. There was or there are approach on one of the things that's what I don't think we -- we're we're we're on the farm and and we -- as we start acting like we're the 2008 today when we haven't earned that right. So this -- Yeah that's why we are what we are there really is I mean I still see it in the locker room watching our talent -- -- Displays a quarter and have almost perfect basketball and in. -- good enough alone you know. -- we start playing different golf ball the movement. On offense on defense we are making several -- neck and back on defense -- Religious war. It is that I got to figure out but keeps. All right I -- just push. LLC today and -- But whatever we all know. Don't know mountain home. Com. Met that I can remember. In the -- we did complete confidence tough stretch but we've gotten out of -- but you know like I say yes that some parts of stretches. But since we've had this this group has been self inflicted almost you know. You know the stretch where George devils have a sick guys and we're gonna products for two hours and you know we're losing -- we knew that. The district isn't that that stretches where you know. Ready to play every night just not rated player -- I don't know all right let's let's make charges but keeps and I got to figure out a way to figure out. But with each individual you know you know right now we're trying to coach group maybe we got a coach each individual. But I'm just -- search actually that. Tell my coaches and I tell myself we got the right group. But we got that right. All the time. Would it also. Results and citizen thing. He. Of one of -- makes -- different that we did pretty fresh. No one of the guys that talk to the most. Who's in college now at first the -- is our hearts and should have to go to our. But I am and I do. But you know again I got to do different things I don't know what they are quarterly. But I just keep. You know search and we're just saying you know last night we'd like effort lost the game tonight we'd like a quarter and a half and we lost that day so. You know you've seen the flashes. But we just can't sustain and I don't know performance you know I don't know what it is but we get there. Yeah about why it is that rumor right you can earn back here every time I talked to approach. You guys do this all the time on that keeps it. That this group. You know from the groups in the past we have to do that we had there. You know that place that many minutes or you know rest she didn't Chapman and gradient call. We got -- -- guys they've never done this show him. -- maybe think about but at the arts and -- -- no I can we do you think about. We've got caught looking at scoreboard. My but I thought that doubled him -- -- objected but you know this. -- yet to please -- -- that I think -- Kevin had a point blank -- at a point blank so what upset at the execution of that Paul's shot maker. You know just long ago and so you probably have to attack. Jason Collins Stewart Versa and it went -- Good this team make shots you're comfortable. You know that's some sort of like says. Struggled ordered in our starters. Or deny that storm started from believable. Now it's the exact opposite you know -- -- -- -- well you know so give them that their their true but first six minutes. But they can -- I wish I knew that asked the question just keep. She preach the word now and that's all we can do.

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