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Friday, January 25th Whiner Line

Jan 25, 2013|

Man oh Man'Ti Te'O.

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My -- excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox and this discretion -- box -- Morris. And now it's whiner line. With the title here. We'll be positive every day. You have people being negative and now Larry -- not walking through that door fans. -- on the skills not walk through that door rather Paris not walk a dog and it's expected to what we did northern going to be great old but WEEI. Whiner line as soon as they realize that those three guys and I'm coming to that dog the -- this -- will be for all of us. Because these young guys that room play in their asses off. -- wish we -- ninety million under the salary cap which would go by the world. We can't. Analysts negativity that's in this town son's 97793530. And when you're right. Booted it around which sort of reboot and it -- makes the greatest greatest city in the world who lousy the only thing that in turn this around as being upbeat and positive like we are an outline or so if you think that -- not come and play your -- whiner line win outcome of the play -- on the scale attack. Cousy Russell -- -- with the young guys wanna get better wanna play the game and win in the state. And now and if you think I'm able to succumb to negativity you're wrong you got the wrong guy. Lead this basketball team that WEEI whiny you're alive through hours like about -- -- -- positive guy that. Everything positive light Republican. On apologists -- professionals but that it stretched tees and maybe was right about this totally because concordia and activity in didn't even know the Tom Brady was going to be now -- 4%. Of the people that'll work for a living call no show let's talk about the depth of about people who. Haven't played -- were caught it likes. It was talking about a 47 cents on other words the people that are gainfully employed and work I. I'd light day and haven't -- sports talk it I -- when he was gone off Antoine Walker was in town Pedro Martinez. Drew Bledsoe. Had no idea. That there will be three championships and people will complain about the quarterback of -- That a decade ago was 4%. 9%. Or maybe it round. I just want you guys and totally side and aside this did you criticisms. That's why he -- stuff -- -- now it's meals at T. -- -- And white alike need to. Play not so much -- now there isn't there. They had some of -- -- that it. That beat right here if you're forced to force the parties to wipe them you talk to people don't wanna talk to the law on the conversation. Suspect that to -- Get people to move out of the dollar -- -- -- out of that situation go back home and think this stadium a sports -- in Waltham actual ticket locations. As well indirectly cleansing your destination for fun filled item out. They showed up today took care of the poised for a large packages -- voice. -- USQ. You you just updated delivery swings leaving the building was -- we gave more terrorized. More food prices are slightly our buddy actor to -- -- stuff you'll watch a little water was gone or -- looking for -- live music to enable -- -- covered about wraps it creative and African who's seen. Friendly service bruised and HDTV. Stable that your ultimate sports anyway. Law and did you decide. -- line of the week. Those -- -- the past umi call text your vote to. 37937. -- is comedy. Day. -- You can't avoid that. He couldn't help by the out of my -- -- and a one -- This is what I they'll tell you my and that cat. Walk up to accept puppetry. This is what I yelled out yeah I think I -- but I buoyed by big. I don't want them to -- And -- Eddie Harris nominee she. Hey guys let's be honest. Interview that that was part of the -- that -- I'm -- eat crow. And then -- -- that. Sheryl Crow was part of that Jimmy -- -- -- emotional as now office wrote. I've missed it it was brilliant Matt David game and it took over the shell and basically they kidnapped. And hide upward to take up Jimmy QQ violence and he's now married to Sarasota manatee -- she was on the short term for a couple phone. I -- still things Johnny Carson's -- He's not on anymore. I don't think he's alive he's -- I heard that Ed McMahon he's dead -- it. I had to vote for argue with female sex political aide to 37937. To vote for eating crawl. -- -- I just reading after an -- general 37937. Have -- -- the end of today's one -- that you vote in 237. 937 choose eight or -- -- is gonna receive. A 100 dollar American Express gift card also eligible for the -- the year grand prize. I don't want to -- with a one year of AT&T service included. -- the weakest powered by AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster three G-8 AT&T rethink possible line and it -- do it. Well I don't ones are. Are -- currently at work part of the -- All I -- on didn't get a bought all of golf balls are all right get back. And as we did we. Published them -- books. -- publisher said none they sent it to us after we did the interview. All we got it we got a book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't mind I thought it was a good ever contributed to the cars -- -- or. I thought about it began and that's -- I got married Betty back to pick -- ten I think -- tournament Adrian campaign. Ahead. We'll look at what you've been bitten but overall I'm I don't have my -- I'm not. -- I didn't didn't panic and then again can you investigators. And match I don't think anybody else was looking at Adrian wars in the -- keys cheering you package -- -- he was -- Michael. -- -- It. Yeah I thought what got -- for the big network supposed to be totally neutral. I'm in that argument that Marv Albert is totally neutral the guy worked for and then hand network for 35. Years. Compensating Knick game. It's ridiculous that lets us all the hype and -- really -- people of this stuff that they don't work for ESPN and then popped up again of course Infiniti pro pot than. -- gadget you know al-Qaeda actually hit it. Tyson did national games for CBS back in the eighties actually. That was spent last night because -- -- -- -- -- mark loves the knicks was the just it's over done and everybody knows that everything that group retirement but -- I know you guys were here. But if you lived apart and LA -- no other parts of it and -- tell us in middle America. Take -- and we got him flop. I'm sorry I know that Charles Barkley needs to do other things in this life. He is so much better in the studio show when he's gone. And you've got C Nguyen sitting in uniform it is -- it is -- And then I watched the game last -- did clippers and the suns on death and whose don't became part please don't get is the third -- end. And he's just wrong and are just wrong. Well I'll say this is -- Barkley just how good Barkley is in the studio pitch a game Celtics don't have to be involved TNT has a game three minutes left in the second quarter. I'll stay with that game no matter who's playing simply to watch. Barkley. And Kenny Smith I agree that -- and jacket you -- -- Jim Rice -- -- they're the best. The best best studio team out of out of anybody any sport. -- -- prices -- second. You know a lot of money you get out of material that had direct material. But -- -- greater. No no you can't have guys. While some have on the court it is overweight. But obviously you know he was want to get suspended. The legacy I'm just disappointment that I had frost athletes who remember him growing up I never had a lot of materials. All that was missing. All of -- reason brands him. And you check -- and jokes like this in detail left and a probably a lot of just -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coming that is coming into his own with those guys if if if they keep on together is Cummins Susan or didn't give into his own last night. Well I can't let me but Marv -- bad -- -- about the garden are but then they crowd noise I mean. But could probably be more annoying and irritating and as I've -- had a and then make -- knowing everything I did pick up where they've -- well. I don't know maybe. Actually the -- -- wearing -- and had an academic part of -- Maybe -- want it -- for the benefit then I think women. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And message but you don't want. He bounced back -- me he did -- back but I I never thought it would happen do you deal wonders every once in awhile when he's walking around into one of these organisms that comes up to yes. Raises the eyebrows -- Just have shown -- and yeah I equate what is worse hair curl route or Albert who's who has worst hair. On TV current or Albert -- Steve Kerr yeah or mark yet because they're just they're similar in collar sector we don't mark this morning -- is not really correct time right committees you know the overall it's -- Israel that's the problem all in my still better. Am I can't -- in the back. And that message notion. Of the market at any of that in his book as it Shaughnessy right now for no particular. And -- its argument that it was about that thing. This -- Yeah. That we hope they get stronger abandons it ain't gonna last too long and that's this case leads. -- can catch the all star mellow drama then but none of fellow -- trash talk treats. Got honey nut issue. Still in my income to blow. He knows will sell out. All. Then Cheerios. Sorry -- articles -- go there and never once thought sixty was anti -- small piece of crap off or what was the name of the song on it at honey I miss you edit articles brought that was piece of crap. Derek I got here little man with a -- court. Well I'd agree Cuba tried to live. -- my wife Barbara -- tied scaled back. And played it on the bar code that what and hey I was on the today. Terrorist. He's well not good for the -- so I don't know what it means. Our -- dragon known to be -- but. What do you think abroad there they had had apparently hit -- cool whip and and particular curb credit card and what. And that she we knew Kirk was a woman that was probably what we do three I told you guys that tail thing that's with -- mr. -- out. And I agree they don't -- and I don't tales that are just aren't still man I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In my he had been there and act. I'm sure you do. I think people didn't feel more land. But it might now kind of yeah. I have a cold. And hands me. These guys who feel the cold ground you -- you hate math. Why has the eyes. Thank god I can't go to the beautiful but Larry we haven't gotten -- yet. And that message. -- -- okay. Every. Didn't -- what we know. -- probably not a big part. Yeah good point. Do want my kids babies whenever you want. Yeah. Yeah. And now -- does prolong. And -- Wanted to hit. Do. -- -- -- -- I'm actually a good thing I'd still you can't beat you. It's. A lot of the when asked him back. And -- been doing. And she gets notes plus -- Els doesn't either frank from Gloucester mayor as. Now -- Eric hello welcome back real board. Little woman who called the -- demands by -- story. -- of the alleged voicemail while I walk on the Arab. But Morgan. Although I don't want to kind of a couple of problem they have to update to a point yes and not a good point organ. About politically what else are we -- Obama. Talked about public -- Can help or over the -- pretending that they're somebody they're not. And that probably it will -- individual -- I don't object I don't all of yeah pat apple you know Becky Morgan like -- we have. I'd get -- -- and cut Bangkok on. All I'm fine. Yeah I don't. Quite fit that I I think that cannot. Yeah I am quite a bit -- don't -- -- -- -- -- they are better but I quite. Except I'm having hail ballot by -- in what -- that some great I'm not. -- and a lot of other good point. Individuals doing it on a regular basis going from all the other point I think everybody there thought. It just makes you wonder what -- Good individual would be open like the battery out that top pass. Evidently thought beg -- the call will have more on the story. After the trial of incredible. And that Morgan Freeman of -- -- -- did you don't want this season. Not so easy Michael 56 to 44% but a 644. It's like the presidential elections from. I'll order receives a 100 dollar American Express gift card from AT&T eligible now won the grand prize to claim your prize. -- one of the week W dot count there's a wildlife brought few by AT&T four GL TTE with speeds up. To the GT. Rethink possible.

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