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ESPN32's Chris Mortensen with the Big Show

Jan 25, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots post season plans with Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

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I'd back nearly a big show blood lured -- Michael -- time for our Internet final session. Of at least this football season hopefully you'll get -- talk two more in the offseason as well Chris mortenson NFL 32. On ESPN ESPN two when he joins us live report your request your music you -- more. Yeah yeah that's good. It's Brian. Us and you called it lastly you said that the ravens were going to win the game over the New England Patriots. And we spent a lot of time since the game talking about this last eight years. New England has been in the playoffs all but what -- and yet there's always that game. That gets them sometimes it's a wild card divisional game -- it's been an AFC championship game and it's been a couple of super balls. Is a pattern or a region specific windows of three and a half our games in which something happens. Well I think it's more the latter I mean -- and you move when you talk to players and coaches around the league they tell you how difficult it is. To get to the Super Bowl. And then what and it is obviously the ultimate and difficulty. So those affected gotten their five times you're in this would how many years is the ten year round 12112 earlier on this remarkable. And and yet you know Amin is the expectation and knowing that it probably could have another -- two on their fingers to with a per play here play their but that's the game. Currently there are played here there's a play there and you don't -- -- from Baltimore did you know I I really believed it. Patriots probably would have enjoyed -- on the delivered to play the brothels more than they would and the ravens at home. Because there's certain teams it just. You know they just have a number in on and and Baltimore's most teams. And there also Walsh seems and I mean that this classic that it felt like. They're gonna lock in your building and there's nothing is gonna dissolve intimidation factor for this as -- now I feel like loaded walk in the park brother down ten points before their kickoff. And then you know that this and that is too good ravens indicated that -- the momentum team. No big and they picked it up late but he picked it up and there operative line changes they -- would normally make pre operative line changes. And it doesn't work -- worked magnificently for them and and obviously a key to lead to injury you know that that was a big deal. Do we just seen the the Super Bowl team come through here. More this. Unless. You know what I do that 49ers are better team. Now that being said I'm sitting there on. You know. That the ravens offensive line is -- probably can have some success is that defense in front of the 49ers. We know it's great to be made in the secondary gets the 49ers did he do that. But to me offensively you know the 49ers have a lot of lot of people they they could really match these guys. Baltimore itself. It can be. Just if you look at it on paper. I get right to the 49ers whenever they complain and disappeared -- studio city. This year. But there's some by the ravens got some grown here and in those teams always hear you because we've seen in recent years that. Team to attract. It's about magic that many but it captures that little something that the right time of the year the ravens -- that feel. Two but I do believe the 49ers have a better team should win the game. It's interesting because you're looking at a young quarterback who in his first. Real start I know he's in his second year but can't predict who started -- six game seven game in areas he's going to be starting in a Super Bowl game. It's amazing you wonder how he is affected by all this I look at some plays last week. That where Brady needed to run with the football a few times that cabinet probably gets himself a good 3640 yards on that on the other hand. It could be one of those games where. He does feel a little bit of the pressure. Well you know why they -- -- and the oil at one run that meant anything last week lightly when you're addressing. But you -- I think we use that we'd see is that the 49ers roster and and there -- scheme is so good that you can take certain things away that you you're gonna give some -- and in this case it was a matter of we're taken can't predict the way on the run game that you know what. Is it got to where you Vernon Davis opened in -- -- was extremely accurate. Interpreted composer I mentioned this. You know he did a little bit rough on the road you know -- the he'd have some issues on the road game. And Atlanta in a -- home in the know expect is tremendous. I thought his composure took a step forward I don't need to game is gonna be too big form and I believe. It's up in the Jim Harbaugh. A number of and -- -- -- -- as a quarterback whisperer because what I solved without Smith. Announcement who's been no announcement was done and Jim Harbaugh came in and it signal I want to be my quarterback and out played very well last year. He played very well this year. But he's the only -- he's got a talent here on cap predict and I think there's something about him armada arouses got to relax and play football on the use those physical skills. Both these quarterback dropped the charge physical skills wise that we know they have lettuce is capped connect. But there are strengthened by the public to get that. Along with Keiko -- used and Aaron Rodgers is too strong arms and football. So. I think composure wise the game has not going to be too big for this kid because in part because Jamar bomb part because of it don't make up. -- ask -- about free agency because last year was a bit of an anomaly Mort I mean we had. Peyton Manning in that sweepstakes and it was crazy and and helicopters cars following all kinds of stuff. I don't have anything like that this year but. Are are there are there a couple of guys. We're gonna rise above the pack in terms of being heavily pursue in free agency and in -- that it is Wes Welker one of those guys. You know I don't know how heavily but I certainly we -- -- can be pursued there I don't use any question about that. You know it is does this -- is gonna remain flat so. That'd be interesting -- to the ball -- is going to be 35 years old that. I know other ravens handles things maybe it is great post covering this was going to be created a march 1 the patriarch in his -- put an offer on the table so they can compared. This shopping compare with there operation that make a decision made the patriot to do that Welker. Is -- in the -- will be pursued. -- the amount of money can be. Maybe -- to not willing to put down for him. So in -- he had I do think that. It is worse is gonna have his opportunities and it has to be a matter of with a patriots put down a competitive offer. What do they just do what Darrelle Revis is at the situation where they just need to free up some money right now because they've got. No maneuverability at all. It's that and it's probably a look at data roster well first of -- mean. How much do you play the pay a corner back -- him because this guy is going to want. No I'll also say between sixteen and eighteen million a year. He's gonna -- be paid as one of the top five to ten players in football which you may be. But he's still quarterbacks. And so these. -- the when he did his arrest still part of the agreement was that they would not franchise and after the 2013 season which is the last he -- on the contract. Calvin Raikkonen MBA Major League Baseball that the deal where. He would indeed -- people men and don't get anything forum. It's or do you go ahead and -- we've got a lot of things six here probably can't get three draft picks form. And you know Rex Ryan certainly we know he would vote keep because Rex is refinancing program governor prior this year and he studied. I need this guy but there any general manager John -- Rick and I I actually believe. Bigger actually gonna shop from and may get a pretty good -- form and I would put the chances of them being traded at fifty that you're about. A day what is going to be some guy who -- the leading team -- thing. -- I've always bleed really cute dumb offers job deputies will be somebody that that picks in the bottom third of the draft. So they couldn't afford give up the number one draft pick somebody whose roster. It is so deep that they feel like they can afford to do to -- the drugs are using -- for the 49ers. -- -- as you know they used they drafted AJ Jacobs to a wide receiver out of Indiana the first round no one. That he would basically be registered this year. That I mean you're pretty deep. Amid all all the teams who would what you just mentioned. I see the final four teams -- all candidates I can see the ravens doing the patriots that the niners falcons. Yet all the mean I don't liberated that would Darius wherever it is he's Andrews air to -- be careful how much -- -- -- -- mean. -- that -- -- is exceptional because even in here where the rules don't help you much you know -- the receivers in the passing game a lot. He's still very special player but. I mean are you are you willing to pay a separate -- it's somewhere -- the draft picks is. It's eighteen million bucks a year or 69 where it's going to be a lot of money is needed in a flat salary cap. You know a year that now. It's going to be problematic but that there are supposed to be Smart guys working in front offices and figures of this stuff out. NFL thirty to 5 PM eastern time on ESPN two at -- report. If you wanna work rate Mort -- but a fun season rivers really enjoyed it and a lot of stuff for the offseason hopefully we'll have the opportunity to talk future. It really good I guess I -- ever -- I'm more or stimulants have a good Super Bowl week usually aren't there lowlands or we'll enjoy it anyway -- is sitting right -- of the original.

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