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Tom E Curran: Where were these Brady critics after the Houston game?

Jan 25, 2013|

We talk Patriots post-mortems and where Tom Brady and the team go from here with Tom E Curran of CSNNE's Quick Slants.

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I've we tried apparently Brady's lines busy. Downtown during now it is expects that we've atomic are better here too. It's all you -- -- to Wes Welker shared doctor doctor Robert blood call 1800. Get here harvest come out here today. -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad I would go on. The much people just beat the crap out of Tom Brady here just the you know get a lot of that. Our socks and soccer early signs. You do the -- All right there's -- decline heavily used -- -- That that people -- right to know is that why why -- people writing -- -- -- was an outline a lot of you wanted to wait one more week they can't get any indication these things in that he wasn't that good. But that it really came to to their minds that this thing is it is disastrous. -- -- system quarterback you know. Yeah. After after your film study here Tom. And and if you -- are you -- that was if you ever -- speaker -- -- for you tomorrow without written major problems. Can't beat it wanna know a growing. Well growing market for Bubba burgers strip and in the consultant who gunfire in the fireplace and a young girl. You can grill with a lot of the tickets off speaker hadn't been you know about it you're here between Michael Gerber products from -- so sweet. We're not -- but after he'll have to you watch the film. Or watched the game again loses came -- -- -- the key sequence in your opinion that. It -- gamer. -- -- seaport was built in a hurry. Certain to play with Stephen Ripley. Almost second drive the twelve yard line try to -- -- -- and up in the -- and that was a critical. Well it should have been you know you should have been in a position to triangle they didn't get seven that you're getting three. That was. Pivotal. Additionally. There was a screening complete to Hernandez. Well I don't know what we'll go to great it would look a little bit trafficking between them Belichick he offensive play I picked it. Go to a lot of (%expletive) up will be important to the key to leave and I think it would have been better than Adam. It has been bitten. But this was almost. -- week and offensive. Let out there as opposed to defense I mean. It's nine minutes eight minutes left in the third quarter. And Baltimore still had certain point the patriots probably should have been at twenty anywhere between Korean police ever in the game -- been docked at that point. Now when you watch it again you look at the first Japanese cities of -- pitchers can play that they were they were pretty good except. There of the red zone and I'm not coming out of the year with seven that you watched the second half and you say oh yeah they beat Baltimore did. Control they were different the second -- my Alter or -- there. I think it was the matter of time that you can't sit there and continue to boost the opportunities not that came out of actually. Lately been gone on him Koppel -- that -- -- really ago and he's not coming back maybe we should -- -- -- It stop burning re right. It to the people the Patriots defense Linux swallowed up we they have not only did -- at every opportunity on their own to score points. Jim Caldwell -- completely. It's helping the patriots -- position. Could you throw the ball where it worked out so it was so I ain't even a second that he's throwing the ball when they've got that big fifteen point lead. And they had like a one minute. Possession it was it was -- -- -- go to the offseason now we do this every offseason. Because over the last eight they have had their opportunities. And then we spent the entire offseason like revamping the entire team dated and outsiders they need more -- and he -- And yet you change the team you add elements to it and the results of the -- correct. So so what is it is up is that a pattern year. Or is it just a matter of when you get the big game the big players are not playing day. I think it's I think it's it's intricate because they are so tough to beat if you look at what this team did during the regular season. They lost its forward in the last supported -- oil imports. Each of those games against Seattle Baltimore San Francisco. And Arizona was an aberration but the real fourteen. The great last which we call and bookings were global scene there or control. The weight -- this last thing with different. And I can say -- they've -- effect there perhaps time possession against Seattle. And -- listeners our position here this past week but overall what the Patriot Act out there on Sunday it was so far different from what we've seen. In Iraq collapses in -- wonder. If that acting. Was at that program. And that fuel further into it again it's sort of question that welcomes the trying to make sense that if you look further into what you look at the patriots. Thirteen points this year. What -- seventeenth last year in the suitable. However many they scored against the giants -- yet it eleven. And it's quite accurate -- twenties against that the jets. Instead of seven and one -- -- about right and then and then against the giants in 07 was fourteen. Right and I actually -- some some numbers yesterday what nine. Overall since 2009. Games which excludes two important points and people you know exactly sit well. Most it was -- he has all the acoustic thing is that's that's correct for the patriots they are most teams. And secondly from 2001 to 2008. There were sixteen importing foreign vehicle they score less important still not near 500 it's certainly not nearly as bad as one night. Sort of regrettable we produce -- patients have to get better. -- -- prepared to continue to you ball with the ball control offense. -- -- Tom I wonder if you remember this before. It must've been march. Of 2010. Are there we were talking about how we're -- -- Comcast talking about what the patriots needed for the draft and he's durable what you said in an everybody left that you would you -- The I should they absolutely need parents to pick you up well earned and dumb and -- Everything to -- -- more tight ends this team is more tight ends and they went out they drafted Gradkowski. And they drafted Hernandez so maybe got lucky or maybe you actually know what it's Osceola I think it was a lot. So I ominous Segway into this. What and it shouldn't go to Purdue. What are they need if anything to get them. To improve in the draft. Well it was the equalizer for the other best teams in the NFL right now. Top fifteen. Draft -- receivers with a unique ability. Did you find with those guys is present that is not present. You know thirty to 45. And the optimal Crabtree. And -- as bright and fortunately I'm talking about Torrey Smith unique speed. Implacable and horrible hour. I'm talking about a guy who can go down turn on the slant and you see quarter. Which is not the case with a lot of guys to Julio Jones HA green. Or not because the top ten guys who went. So what we've dismissed here in New England because Bill Belichick has dismissed. The notion of spending -- the first thirty picks -- receiver and I remember part of Belichick in 2001 in the locker room and say why it should not take a wide receiver. The Catholic we -- he won't play well. So what news -- receiver. When it was so clear Drew Bledsoe needed more weapons around them wider -- people. And exit while. The best receiver in football right now -- I didn't come to mute immediately exit Chris Chambers. That you don't want Chris Chambers were trapped the that -- 45. Could you don't need to spend it. There. To get a good receiver. Which you but you have that lessen the chance of of. But the game has changed quite that well this day I think the danger of being able to get somebody couldn't look at him and he's guarded because now it's such a gross disadvantage. In non contact secondary to trying to cover a piece back there. I -- -- treat -- right -- that he believes -- got to go to Michael's book about about Julio Jones prime example of it. You know the I'm much of the bill wanted to go up didn't think it was Smart to go up right right. If people want to mention like I say -- well okay Leo -- -- -- falcons are -- at all. That's true. It but it's not quite -- to have. Having broken off sense it's just a little sometime to get doubt that just believe the stuff crumbles and I don't think it's -- I think -- sensibly they have to become more -- -- And I just I don't think there's -- -- on defense -- to -- Carolina neither side I think there's a couple breaks late but. -- let's start with let's start with welcome franchise tag ten point 357. Franchise tag. Or did they give them that three year deal with probably somewhere up to. I don't know eighteen to twenty million guaranteed -- and a bonus structure. We've heard about. Stay west of Portugal and Sharpton and he would get out there you Brian Murphy and David. So we get to Denver gives it to. Indianapolis gives its own do you make it do you fight for a or do you I know your big fan of passed down in Miami and I know that Amendola and Saint Louis. Is that we go. If you think about those options you look at it Denard Robinson you look at guys might be able to bring him. But you probably most likely sickly Julian element in the slot. And working with the settlement. Gronkowski Hernandez group Brandon Lloyd. And continue to department which I think that people com. When it gets to the point where 5985. Pound guy Michael -- -- -- written that are quite empathize but. We get the point -- 5985. Pound guy that is the hub around which the offense revolves. If you can come here for the he came here to be a component not the entire machine. He's become a machine and in their gains like we -- Sunday. And last February there are things that he can not do it shouldn't be expected to. Yeah what that you better be right about him because he's been so productive he's been such a bigger tartan jackets -- -- gonna you better be right if you're not here and Natalie can't stay up there in the field and examined all you bring him -- He can't stay out in the field. Then you really have some. Probably we're talking about it earlier job I could see him going to do -- being a good fit if you're going to the colts. With Andrew Luck in being a good prepared to I think he's gonna have a pretty robust market when he hits and if he has. Thanks so true. Give us give us like all bode well I give us quickly what is -- about to leave franchise tag would be ten point 668. You're not given him a long term deal are. Not given them long term deal think about the franchise tag not giving him a long term deal may be giving him one of the shall we type contracts they gave Corey Dylan. Back in the day and Randy must back in the day go ahead give -- -- contract that he's not gonna find the open market because he's a bit of problem child and see -- they -- if not. I think he'll take it eventually but I think that he will frog but -- does he -- yet. Can be fun offseason Tommy use the -- thanks for a -- we appreciate it. Over -- -- -- we will call you will will call you what -- we call you that because I don't think you'll be on the cellphone -- just pop up program appropriate it important. That's got to let us out of that I've seen you would action in New Orleans and I don't remember all of you have New Orleans is known for its great gem gem baby -- -- -- Jim -- Saying it's not our topic covered right near the village.

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